You wanted an epilogue, you got an epilogue. You wanted a wedding, you got the wedding. Plus one last dream!

Caroline's POV

"Okay, one more time. The hair stylist will be here at 10, I'll do your make up when she's over. The flowers arrive at 12, Elena and Sarah will make sure they're placed in the right places and then they'll change. I'll change first so I can help you with your dress... Hey! Hey! Stop pulling your hair like that! Oh and finally, the wedding starts at 15." Rebekah said while looking at the folder in her hands, where she put everything related to the wedding.

If people thought Caroline was over controlling while planning events, they never had to deal with Rebekah. She took her part as maid of honor very seriously.

Caroline had just come out of the bathtub and she was stressing all over again. Her wedding was the next day and she was nervous as hell. This wedding was a commitment for life, which in her and Klaus' case, would be pretty long. It had to be perfect.

There was a soft knock on the door and Rebekah placed her hand on it to stop the person behind it from just walking in.

"What's the password?" She asked.

There was a silence and then a soft sigh.

"Rebekah is the prettiest and she's always right." A voice said. Rebekah smiled and Caroline laughed.

"You may come in." Rebekah said while opening the door.

Stefan Salvatore stood there shaking his head.

"That's not funny. And why do I need a password to come in?"

"Because I have to make sure Klaus doesn't come in, the groom can't see the bride." Rebekah explained. Stefan nodded his head and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm well aware... Klaus has been pacing around the room wanting to see Caroline for two hours now." he said making a face.

"Whatever you say, I'm not letting him in." Rebekah said while crossing her arms on her chest. Caroline just rolled her eyes and sat on the bed.

"Well I'm here to talk to Caroline." Stefan said. Seeing Rebekah wasn't moving he sighed. "By the way, Damon didn't buy a black tux, he bought a baby blue one, just to piss you off."

Rebekah gasped and rushed out of the bedroom to yell at Damon.

Stefan quickly locked the door and turned to Caroline, who was now laughing hard.

"Thank you." She said. "I love her, but sometimes she can be... UGH!"

Stefan laughed and nodded. He knew very well how Rebekah could be. After Caroline came back from the death, Stefan moved to New Orleans to spend time with her and Damon. Now that all the Elena related drama was in the past, he could enjoy his brother's company without so much hurting. What he wasn't expecting was to pick things up with Rebekah. And now he was whipped. Not that he would complain, he loved her.

Caroline was relieved to see her friend being his old self and move on. Of course she would always love Elena, but she didn't appreciate what she had done to the Salvatore. Things were working better than fine now and that's all Caroline wanted.

"How's the blushing bride feeling tonight?" Stefan asked while sitting down on the bed next to Caroline.

"I'm okay, a little nervous. How's Klaus?" She asked curiously.

"Impatient. This thing about not seeing you before the wedding is really testing him." he replied. The thought of Klaus being so impatient to see her made her smile. "He asked me to come and give you this." Stefan added while taking a paper from his pocket and handing it to her. She took it and smiled.

"Thanks. Not just for this but for coming here, for giving me away at the altar, for everything." She said softly and gave him a hug.

"What are friends for, right?" he said while hugging her back.

Suddenly the door flew open. Both vampires turned to see a very angry Damon.

"Stefan, why is your crazy girlfriend attacking me?" He asked. Stefan and Caroline looked at each other and started laughing hard. "It's not funny!"

Once Caroline was alone, she opened the note Stefan gave her and smiled. It had Klaus' hand writing.

"I'll be dreaming of you tonight. See you in Paris?"

Klaus' POV

The sheets were cool and silky. The room was dark except for the light coming from outside. He got up and walked out to the balcony, where he knew he would find her. She was leaning on the rail, wearing nothing but one of his shirts, looking out at the city she loved the most.

Klaus leaned on the door frame and watched her for a moment. There was some sort of dejavu feeling there. He dreamed about this before, back when he was trapped in the Garden. The only difference was that this time he would wake up and marry the woman of his dreams.

"What are you doing here all by yourself, love?" He asked while walking towards her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Just thinking." She said softly while leaning her back against his chest. "Rebekah would kill us if she finds out we're sneaking behind her back to see each other." She added with a chuckle. Klaus smirked.

"Well this is a dream and technically we're not breaking any rule." He replied. Caroline turned around and looked at him, lifting a hand to place it on his cheek.

"I love you Klaus."

Klaus smiled widely. Those three words weren't product of his imagination. This time they were real.

"I love you too."

They kissed each other slow and passionately, and what started on the balcony ended later between the sheets.

The next morning

Caroline walked out of the walk-in closet wearing her big fluffy white dress. Rebekah and Liz gasped.

"Oh Caroline..." Rebekah started. "You look so beautiful."

Caroline smiled and looked at her mom.

"Mom? What do you think?"

Liz was too busy blowing her nose to give her an answer right away.

"My little girl is getting married and she's the most beautiful bride." Liz said after a moment.

"Awe mom..." Caroline felt the tears coming.

"No no no.. remember the make up!" Rebekah suddenly said. It changed the mood and made the other two women laugh.

Liz was helping Caroline to put the veil on when Elena and Sarah walked in with a bottle of champagne. They toasted and hugged before walking out of the room.

The wedding was taking place at the Manor's back yard, which was a beautiful garden. There were white chairs for the guests and an arch with flowers where Klaus and Caroline would stand. The priest was Father Kieran's successor, who was well aware of the fractions and the vampires in the city.

The seats were all taken by the guests at that moment and Klaus stood next to the priest under the arch.

"Alright it's almost time. You know your positions, but lets go over it one more time." Rebekah said, ignoring the eyes rolling and the groans. "First Elena, then Sarah. Then I follow with Elijah and finally Caroline. Caroline, you wait until the music changes."

"Yes, Captain!" Caroline said with a salute.

Stefan appeared next to Caroline on her right and offered her his arm, which she took gladly.

"You look great, Caroline." He said and Caroline smiled.

"Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself."

"Hey, don't forget about me." Damon said standing at Caroline's left. She took his arm as well. Both Salvatore brothers would be giving her away that day. Even though she was grateful for having Stefan in her life and teaching her so much, she now knew another side of Damon and she couldn't bring herself to pick one of them.

"You look very handsome as well, Damon." Caroline said with a chuckle.

"Okay, we're ready to go." Rebekah said taking her phone from her little purse and dialing. "The eagle is in the nest. I repeat, the eagle is in the nest. Start music." She said, which made everyone laugh.

The music started and Elena walked down the aisle, then Sarah and then Rebekah holding Elijah's arm.

When the music changed, Caroline walked with Stefan and Damon. In that moment she was glad she had not one but two vampires holding her because she wanted to run to Klaus.

He looked so handsome in his black and white tux, his hair was styled and his face was shaved. Caroline would never forget the big beautiful smile he had on his face when he saw her.

Damon and Stefan let her arms go once they reached Klaus and took their places behind Elijah, who stood behind Klaus. Meanwhile Rebekah, Sarah and Elena stood behind Caroline.

Klaus and Caroline held hands. Klaus looked like he had been thunderstruck.

"You look so beautiful." He whispered. Every girl dreams with having the perfect wedding with the perfect groom. So far her dream was coming true.

The priest started talking, making a little speech about how love could conquer it all, change lives and save souls. Klaus had asked him to say that, since he felt Caroline was his salvation.

When they had to say their vows, the priest made a little change, as Klaus and Caroline requested. Instead of saying "until death do you apart" he said "until the end of times."

Elijah kept the rings until the priest asked for them.

When the ceremony was reaching its end, the priest told Klaus he could kiss his bride. Caroline couldn't help but laugh when she heard Klaus mumble "Finally!" But her laugh were quickly silenced by Klaus' lips.

Everyone cheered and the priest lifted his hands.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present you now Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson."

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