The Energy

Written by: Ranitagoyle

Email: Disclaimers: Gargoyles are the property of Disney and Buena Vista. I am not making any profit off of this story. Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi/ DIC Productions. This is my first fanfiction so please go easy on me. On Gargoyles: Takes place after Hunter's Moon trilogy. On Sailor Moon: Before the healing of the Four Weird Sisters, but after their four-on-four battle with the Sailor Scouts.

Revision Note: Hi, guys! I hope these revisions are okay. I wrote this when I was fourteen and now that I'm older, all I can say is this: Dang! What a mess! So, I will try to work on these chapters. Let me know what you think as always.

Chapter 1: It Begins! The Sailor Scouts in New York!

Tokyo, Japan

"Rubeus, Come forth," shouted the Wiseman.

"Yes, Wiseman," said Rubeus.

"I have a new plan to take over the crystal points. We will gather the negative energy needed to overwhelm the crystal points from somewhere else. These creatures called gargoyles cause fear and hatred among the humans. This hatred is concentrated in a city in North America. It is called Manhattan in the state of New York," said the Wiseman.

"Yes, I see what you mean, Wiseman. We should put all that negative energy to good use. The girls and I will get right on it," said Rubeus.

"See that you do!" said the Wiseman. With that the Wiseman disappears back to the future.

'I will have the girls summon gargoyle-like creatures to gather all of that negative energy. This is perfect! The Sailor Scouts can't possibly follow us to New York,' Rubeus planned.

Two Weeks Later at Raye's Temple

"Have you heard on the news about those gargoyles in New York?" asked Amy.

"Yeah, but what was so important that you had to call a Scout meeting. It's not like they really exist!" said Serena.

"Well, if you give her a chance to explain you'll know that the gargoyles have been attacking people, Meatball Head!" said Raye.

"Raye, don't start! We need to investigate this as soon as possible," said Luna.

"Yeah, but how do you expect us to get there? Fly?" said Serena.

"Serena has a point. Does anyone know how to get us there?" questioned Lita.

"There is a summer exchange program to Manhattan sponsored by Xanatos Enterprises. The booklet said that the students will stay with the billionaire, David Xanatos, in the Eyrie Building for six weeks," said Artemis.

"I think I will do some research on the gargoyles and Mr. Xanatos. Just to be on the safe side," said Amy.

"Well, let's get packing!" said Mina.

"Wait! We are going to need to study on our English if plan to stay in Manhattan for six weeks," said Lita.

"We already have a solution to that problem," said Luna.

Luna does a back flip and there appear five rings each with the colors of: amethyst pink for the Moon, sapphire blue for Mercury, ruby red for Mars, emerald green for Jupiter, and golden topaz for Venus.

"Here, when you wear these rings the people will understand you and you will be able to understand them," said Artemis.

"Thanks, you two always think of everything," said Serena.

Meanwhile in Manhattan

It was their first week back at the castle. Elisa came to greet Goliath when he awakened and to give him the bad news. For since the battle on Hunter's Moon, she has greeted Goliath with a hug when he awakens. Goliath sensed that something was wrong.

"What is wrong, Elisa?" asked Goliath.

"I'm afraid I got some bad news, Big Guy," said Elisa.

Goliath stepped back to give Elisa room.

"There have been reports of gargoyles attacking the citizens. The weird thing is that after the attack the victims seem so drained of energy that we have to call an ambulance before we can get a report," explained Elisa.

Goliath growls. "It's bad enough that the people treat us like monsters, now someone is stealing our very identities and using them for their dark purposes. I will not allow it!" shouted Goliath.

"Goliath, please calm down and tell the others. They're going to need to know about this new threat," Elisa said.

"Yes, of course," said Goliath, as he tried to calm the rage within.

Goliath picked Elisa up and glided down to the parapets below. The clan greeted the couple with smiles, but they didn't last long judging by the look on Goliath and Elisa's faces. They knew something was up and it wasn't going to be good.

"What's up, Goliath?" asked Brooklyn.

"Well, it seems that there are some imposter gargoyles taking energy from the people," said Goliath.

"Do you think that it's Demona with her magic?" asked Angela.

"No, it's not her style. She wants to eliminate all humans, not steal their energy," stated Elisa.

"Excuse me, Goliath, Mr. Xanatos would like a word with you," said Xanatos' assistant Owen Burnett.

"Yes, tell him I am on my way. Meanwhile, you will travel in groups of three on patrol. Be on the lookout and be careful," said Goliath.

Later inside Xanatos' office, Goliath explained what is happening with these imposter gargoyles and their attacks on humans.

"Hmm, interesting. I will see if I can find some more information about these 'gargoyle impostors.' Now, back to the reason I asked you here. I've set up a summer exchange program, which will bring teens from Japan to stay here in the Aerie building. There will be five teenage girls in five of the rooms in the castle. The reason for this program is to throw off the suspicion that I have your clan living in the castle. All I ask of you is to try and keep the roars down when you awaken," said Xanatos.

"Yes, I like this plan, Xanatos. It may help protect your family and my clan from attacks. I agree to this," said Goliath.

"Good. They will be here in a week," said Xanatos.

A Week Later

"Whoa, I can't believe that we will be living here for six weeks!" Serena stated.

"Yeah this is so cool!" exclaimed Mina.

As they exited the elevator, they are greeted by none other than David Xanatos and family. He was a handsome man with copper tone skin, black hair held together in a ponytail. Beside him was a woman about 5'7 with long red hair. She held a red-haired baby boy in her arms. Also beside them was a pale man with blond hair and strangely a stone hand!

"Konnichiwa, I am very glad to see you all made it here safely. I am David Xanatos," he indicated the woman to his side, "This is my wife Fox and my son Alexander. This is my executive assistant Owen Burnett. Did you enjoy your flight?" asked Mr. Xanatos.

Mina was the first to speak. "Thank you Mr. Xanatos. We enjoyed our flight. I am Mina. This is Amy, Lita, Raye, and Serena."

Why I am getting such strange feeling that baby and this Owen Burnett? Could they be the cause for these attacks on the people? I had better keep an eye on those two,' Raye thought as she looked from Owen to the child in Fox's arms.

'I sense that there is something strange about these girls. I can't put my finger on it, but for Alexander's safety I will keep an eye on them,' Owen thought.

"Mr. Xanatos, I believe we have some manners to resolve," said Owen.

"Of course, if you ladies will excuse me. My wife will show you around," said Mr. Xanatos.

"Well, ladies before we begin our tour, let me take you to your rooms," said Fox.

"Thank you very much, Ma'am," said Serena.

"You girls speak very good English to be from Japan," said Fox suspiciously.

"Uh, yes, well, we've made sure to study on our English," said Amy.

"Of course, these are your rooms. Each room is adjoined to the next, so you'll be able to talk to each other in person," said Fox.

"Wow, each room is like a medieval-style apartment. I still can't believe that we will be living here for the next six weeks!" said Serena.

"Yes, well, I will pick you up here in about an hour to take you on your tour of the castle," said Fox.

"We'll be here, Ma'am," said Lita.

"No need to call me 'Ma'am' just Fox will do," said Fox.

As the five girls each entered their rooms, the size and style of each room astonished them. As soon as they had put their things away and got dressed for the tour that Fox was giving them, they all decided to meet in Serena's room.

"Hey, you guys I want you to keep an eye on Owen and the baby. I got a strange feeling from them. They might be from the Negaverse," said Raye.

"Come on Raye! How can that helpless baby be from the Negaverse! He's barely a six months old," said Serena.

"Well, from my research there have been some strange things happening here in this very building, like stones with claw marks falling out of the sky and lasers being fired. In fact, there is a rumor that the gargoyles actually live up here," said Amy.

"So, while Fox gives us the tour we should keep an eye out for the gargoyles, right?" stated Lita.

"Oh guys, come on can't we relax before we get down to business," said Serena as she start to lie back on the sofa.

"Serena, that's all you do is relax. You need to get off your lazy butt and help!" shouted Raye.

"Waaaaaaaa! Why are you always so mean, Raye?" whined Serena.

"Serena! Can you ever be serious for once!" scolded Luna. The girls had been allowed to bring the cats along.

"Luna's right, can you guys get back to the discussion at hand? Also from my research it says that the gargoyles turn to stone during the day and are flesh and body at night, so if you see any gargoyle statutes alert the others," said Amy.

"Looks like we got a plan, people. Let's hurry and get back to our rooms before Fox gets back," said Mina.

Meanwhile in Xanatos' Office

"What is it you wanted to discuss, Owen?" asked Xanatos.

"Well, sir, I sense a magical presence around these girls unlike any I've seen before. They may prove to be dangerous," Owen said calmly.

"So, you think we should keep an eye on them, right?" said Xanatos.

"Yes, sir, that is correct," said Owen.

"Tell the surveillance crew to watch what those girls do and where they go. We wouldn't want them discovering this castle's other residents," said Xanatos.

Owen quickly leaves to carry out Xanatos' orders. Though, he was still thinking about the trouble these girls might cause.

During the Tour

Fox had taken the girls to the courtyard.

"This is so beautiful!" said Raye.

The girls spread out into different sections of the courtyard, each astounded by the beauty of the gardens.

"Are those gargoyle statues up there?" said Lita, trying to get the attention of her friends.

"Why, yes, David has always been a collector of gothic art. I would take you up there but David's doing a special project up there," lied Fox, easily.

"We understand, we'll try to stay out of the way," said Mina.

"Shall we continue on our tour?" said Fox. For the remainder of the tour Fox showed the girls the Great Hall, the dining rooms, and the kitchens.

"Well, ladies, I hope you enjoyed your tour. I'm afraid I have some business to attend to. Can you find your way back?"

"Yes, Fox, we will be all right," said Raye. With that, Fox leaves the girls to attend to her business and to let David know how the tour went.

After making sure that Fox was no longer in earshot the girls start up a conversion. "Well, you guys, feel up to a little exploring," Serena said with a sly grin.

"I'm game!" said Lita.

"Me too," said Raye.

"Me three," said Mina.

"I suppose there's no harm in going up there for a few minutes to check it out," said Amy.

The girls quietly sneaked into the tower Fox said that her husband was doing his 'special project' in. To their surprise, there were no chemicals or weapons, but a sofa and lounge chair in front of a large television. Seeing nothing important, they moved outside toward the gargoyle statues.

"They are very detailed to be just statues, don't you think?" asked Lita.

"Yes, even the best gothic sculptors could create works of art this good," said Amy, studying the statue of Goliath.

"Girls, I hear someone coming," said Mina.

Everyone decided to hide on each side of the stone entrance. What they saw was a copper-toned woman with long raven hair. She wore a red jacket and jeans. She just stood there behind the big statue as if waiting for something. A few minutes later, they found out what she was waiting for. They heard the statues cracking and soon, roars as loud thunder could be heard coming from where the statues once stood. As soon as they saw the statues have come alive, they decided it was time to make themselves known.

"You will not get a chance to steal the energy of these innocent humans tonight, negaslime," said Serena.

"Moon Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

The clan stared with totally amazement as the girls transformed.

"By the Great Fire of Mars, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, I am Sailor Mars."

"By Jupiter's thunder, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, I am Sailor Jupiter."

"In the name of the planet of Ice and Knowledge, I fight for justice, I am Sailor Mercury."

"In the name of the planet of Love and Beauty, I will punish all evil doers, I am Sailor Venus."

"I am Sailor Moon, the Champion of Justice, And on behalf of the Moon, I will right all wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you!"

"Ok, Negascum, let's rumble!" said Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter charged Brooklyn with the intention of landing a punch to the jaw. Brooklyn ducked and tail swept Jupiter to the ground. While Jupiter and Brooklyn fought, Mercury was fighting Broadway. Broadway was about to leap onto Mercury when...

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

Suddenly, a freezing fog came up in front of Broadway. "Huh? Where'd she go?" While he was distracted, Mercury threw a few punches.

Meanwhile Goliath and Elisa were tackling with Sailor Moon and Venus.

"Why are you attacking us? We have not done anything to you," said Goliath.

'I wonder why he's acting as if he doesn't know what's going on. He's just trying to trick me into lowering my defense,' Sailor Moon thought.

Looking at Elisa, "You better get out of the way, lady," said Sailor Moon.

Elisa draws her gun on Sailor Moon, "I don't know what you want with my friends, but I think you better call off your buddies before somebody gets hurt,"

Sailor Mars seeing Elisa pull her gun on Sailor Moon decides to attack.

"Mars... Celestial... Fire... Surround!"

Goliath upon seeing the rings of fire coming toward Elisa, he runs to pick her up and jumps off the edge of the parapet with one of the fire rings catching his tail.

"Are you all right, Goliath?"

"I will be once you are safe."

"Goliath, you know you don't need to protect me. Just set me down right there." Goliath did as his beloved asked and went after the one that fired upon her, literally.

"I don't know who you are or why you're attacking us, but this will be your last mistake."

Goliath leapt into the air, landed on top of Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars was barely able to get her foot underneath Goliath to throw him off. As Goliath went flying backward, he fell right into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon went falling over the edge.

"Help me! Somebody please! Help me!"


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