The Energy
By Ranitagoyle
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This is the epilogue. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my story as much as I have enjoy writing. For those that don't want the story to end. I have some good news, I'm in the process of writing a sequel to the Gargoyles side of this story. If I get more requests, I might write one for the Sailor Moon side. But, let me stop blabbing! On with the story!

Chapter 7: Time to Go Home! The Blossom Wilts?

The weeks passed quickly for the gargoyles and their guests. Everything was at last at peace for the clan and the scouts. At least for the moment, as they all slept the night before their return to Tokyo. They all dreamt sweet dreams except for one, whose dreams were troubled.

Mina looked all around her, but there was nothing except mist.

"Hello! Is there anybody there?" Mina called out.

"Hell, Sailor Venus," said a voice in the mist.

"Who are you and where have you brought me?" Mina questioned the voice.

"There is not time for introductions. Sailor Venus, you must end your relationship with Brooklyn," said the voice. Mina couldn't believe what this voice had commanded. 'I finally find someone who has an interest in me and some strange voice wants me to give him up?' she thought.

"I won't give Brooklyn up! Also, I would like to know who I'm dealing with and why you want me to do it!" shouted Mina.

"Very will. Mirai is my name. The reason behind what I said is that Brooklyn has a special destiny ahead of him. One that you can't be a part of in the way you'd like," said Mirai. At that, the only thing Mina could do was sigh. If there was one she understood, it was the importance of destiny.

"I'll do it," she said. 'But is it my destiny to be alone?' Mina asked herself, sadly.

"No, not forever," whispered Mirai, answering Mina's unspoken question.

"What?" asked Mina. There was no reply. "What did you say?" Mina repeated.

"Goodbye..." whispered Mirai. With Mirai's last words, the mist surrounding Mina evaporated. Mina's dreamscape was interrupted again, but this time by voices she knew.

"Mina, WAKE UP!" shrieked the voices.

Mina opened her eyes and found herself face to face with Lita, Raye, Amy, Serena, and Rini.

"AAAhhhh!" screamed Mina, startled.

"Come on, Mina. Hurry up!" said Raye.

"What's up, girls?" asked Mina, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Mina, did you forget that we are leaving tonight?" asked Amy, "And that we need to pack?"

Mina's eyes widened. "Oh, no! Why didn't you guys wake me up sooner!" The other five girls watched Mina run around the room throwing things into her suitcase.

The sun was close to setting when the girls had finished packing all their things. The girls along with Darien's sisters, Rubin, and Elisa waited for the gargoyles' awakening.

Then, the familiar cracking of stone skin began. The clan burst forth from their sleep. Their voices sounding more like jungle cats on the hunt rather than yawns. Goliath quickly glided down to the lower turrets to say goodbye to the departing Scouts. As soon as he landed, he was tackled by a blur of pink. He looked down at Rini, while she hugged her favorite 'uncle.' Though, he barely knew the little girl, he felt a very strong urge to protect her like she was his daughter.

"I'm going to miss you, Uncle 'Liath," said Rini.

"What about me, short stuff?" asked Elisa. The words were no sooner out of her mouth before Rini was in her arms.

"I'm going to miss you too, Auntie 'Lisa!"

"I think we're all going to miss them and you, Rini," said Serena, taking Rini from Elisa's arms.

"Well, look at it this way. We're in the future, right?" asked Lexington. Rini nodded. "Then, I'm sure that you'll see us when you arrive," he finished.

"How right you are, Lexington," a voice jumped in. The group turned to see Sailor Pluto.

"Pluto, one day you're going to give someone heart failure," said Brooklyn.

"Sorry, Brook. Old habits die hard," said Sailor Pluto, smiling. 'Some things never change,' she thought. She looks to the little girl that was in Serena's arms. "Ready to go, Small Lady?" she asked.

With a nod, Rini slid down Serena's body to the floor. Though, she tried to hide it, there were tears shining bright in her eyes. Then, she composed herself and straightened her body. Head held high, she walked over to Pluto. Soon as she reached Pluto's side, she turned on her heel to face her family from the past. She then curtsied with her head bowed. The clan and girls just smiled at how lady-like their Small Lady had become. Just as quickly as Sailor Pluto had appeared, they both disappeared.

'I'm going to miss that little spore,' thought Serena, as she burrowed deeper into Darien's embrace and looked into his eyes and smiled 'That's alright. We'll see her again in the future. I'll make sure of that.'

"Well, girls. It seems that time has slipped from us. Your plane leaves in an hour and we had better be leaving," said Xanatos. Nodding their heads, everyone began walking to the interior of the castle. That is, everyone, but Mina. Brooklyn was the only one who noticed his love's behavior. Walking back to her, he noticed the slightly solemn look on her face.

"What's wrong, Mina? Why the long face? Uh, no pun intended," grinned Brooklyn. The grin left his face when he saw that she didn't even crack a smile.

"Mina?" asked Brooklyn, concerned. He stood in front of her and looked at her.

"Brooklyn, we can't continue what's been going on between us," said Mina, solemnly. Brooklyn stepped away from Mina as if she had just slapped.

"W-what?" Brooklyn stuttered.

"I don't think that this relationship is going anywhere," said Mina.

"Why? I thought that this," he waved his talons at her and himself, "was what we always wanted. Someone who would understand each other."

'Well, time for the final nail in the coffin,' thought Mina. "Can't we just be friends?" she asked. With those words, Brooklyn's eyes blazed.

"Friends? FRIENDS! I can't believe you said that to ME!" he hissed at her. After he said that, he spread his wings and took off into the night.

Just then, Broadway and Lexington walked out into the turrets.

"Hey, Mina, where is Brook off to?" asked Broadway.

"I don't know," she said. Broadway was just about to go after him when Mina laid a hand on his one. "Leave him alone. He needs the time to think. Now, what's up?" she asked, putting on a weak smile.

"The girls sent us out here to get you. They're about to leave," said Lexington.

"Thanks, Lex and tell Brooklyn when he gets back that I said goodbye." 'Goodbye, Brooklyn, and please forgive me. One day you'll understand,' she thought. And with that Mina walked out of the castle with her friends and out of Brooklyn's romantic life.

Brooklyn glided through the city's skies, hoping to vent out his anger. He landed on a building not too far from the castle. It was here that he took his rage out on. With his talons he slashed at concrete walls as if they were made of paper. After a few gashes had been put on the wall, Brooklyn calmed down and sat slumped against the now damaged wall.

'Why is this always happening to me? Why can't I just find a girl that loves me for me,' he thought, gazing up to the stars above him.

"What is so wrong with me, huh?" he questioned them, but they remained silent. It was at this moment that he came to a decision. That night, as Brooklyn looked at the moon, silence found him in mind and in heart.

That is the conclusion of "The Energy." I know what a crappy ending. Sorry! The sequel is coming soon. I hope that it turns out right.