Brother, I Think I Love You:

Alright, I'm going to try a story that's more than a one-shot... So here's what I got. I'd like to thank all of those who view my stories and Rainb0wNinja for reviewing all of my stories and favoriting them! This will be 3rd person onto the story~!

Amaimon wasn't exactly sure when it started, maybe it was with all the free time he had, and all the time of being restricted to his brother's office all day... But it happened, and it bothered the demon. It started with the staring, he would stare all day at the other. Then it became staring while biting his nail, and licking his lips at the other, which then made him blush and become self-conscious.

He couldn't tell what was worse, the fact that he liked him, or the fact of who it was. After all, if he was stuck in his brother's office, it could only be Mephisto Pheles. They were related, but the way they interacted wasn't in anyway brotherly, and they hadn't been raised as siblings either. That only made Amaimon feel less guilty, but at the same time the attraction stayed, and if anything, it only seem to grow each day.

Amaimon glanced over at his brother, it was another day with nothing to do. "Hey, can we go out today?" Mephisto looked up from his desk.

"Why? You have all you need right here." Amaimon sighed and groaned,

"But it's boring! I played the same game for four hours yesterday! And I've played them all already!" Mephisto smirked,

"Oh, so because your bored, I have to go and spend money on gas. I have to spend money on a restaurant and a place to have fun at!" Amaimon glared at him,

"I didn't say I was hungry. But now that you mention it, I am." Mephisto sighed, getting up from the chair behind the desk and holding his car keys.

"Fine, we'll go out to eat." The younger demon smiled,

"Really?" The purple haired man closed his eyes thoughtfully.

"I suppose. Where should we eat though..." Amaimon got up from the couch,

"Can we go someplace good?" Mephisto scoffed,

"Ah, Amaimon! You think I'd go someplace that wasn't good!" The green haired boy frowned.

"Well, I guess you could." Mephisto chuckled and pulled his top hat from a shelf by the door.

"That's just not like me, Amaimon. Now let's go." The other demon got up and went by his brother.

"Alright, but where are we going?" The purple haired demon rubbed his goatee in thought,

"Well, that's a surprise, my boy." The younger demon frowned.

"Why can't you ever tell me straight where we're going...?" Mephisto laughed, amused by his little brother's slight irritation. Amaimon titled his head,

"Was what I said funny?" The demon nodded and flicked out his car keys,

"Now let us leave!" He called and stuck out his finger heroically at the door, with Amaimon clapping in a comical manor in the background.

The two arrived at the fancy restaurant, which was really a supper club. Amaimon found the delicious smell of steak invading his nose as well as the faintest smell of fish, which made him cringe his nose. Mephisto, who was thoroughly distracted by the atmosphere, was talking off the ears of the waiters and other customers. Amaimon glanced around the darkly lit, crimson dinning room.

"Uh, brother?" He finally spoke up, and timidly pulled at his brother's white sleeve.

"What is it, Amaimon! I'm in the middle of explaining something!" Amaimon impatiently held up the menu,

"What do I get? There's so many things on it!" Mephisto scowled and flicked his hand dismissively.

"Whatever you'd like. Just keep it under fifty bucks." The green haired boy raised an eyebrow questionably,

"But what do you suggest I get?" Mephisto frowned,

"We have different tastes. But I highly approve the steak here." The elder shifted his hat and turned back to the audience, "But I also highly approve the salmon here! The taste is perfectly balanced with warm melted butter, spicy seasonings, light brown breading and garlic!" Amaimon sweatdropped,

"Uh..." He looked down and bit his lip. What was with his brother and all these people, they didn't even looked amused. The looks on the people's faces were spread with slight annoyance and faint traces of sweat. The demon glared at his brother, who was still blabbing to the people.

"...And that's how I stopped seven Naberius with one weapon! Impressive, aye?" The people gave hesitant and nervous answers, trying to make their escape before Mephisto could start another tale.

As the crowd fell down to nothing, Mephisto glared at his menu while biting his lip and muttering. Amaimon sat with his elbows on the table, curiously staring at Mephisto. Here he was again, staring at him. Each strand of dark violet hair drew his attention, his blue eyes tracing his whole face. The teenage boy was so distracted that he didn't hear the voice.

"Amaimon, are you ignoring me?" The sharp tone caught his attention. Amaimon lifted his head,

"Eh...?" Mephisto was scowling at him, his head resting on his right hand.

"I said, what are you getting? The waiter is standing right here." The Said waiter was none other than... Sebastian Michaelis. (For those who don't know who that is, it's a damn shame. For those who do, you now love me. There will be a new cameo every chapter! ;) Back to da story~)

"Can I take your order, sirs?" The black haired, attractive, tall man asked. His red-brown eyes staring intently to Mephisto's green.

"Yes, my little brother has just decided!" Sebby turned to Amaimon.

"What can I get you, boy?" Amaimon jerked slightly.

"I'll have steak. The largest amount you can give me." He answered, slamming the menu down and growling out the last part. The slam left a crack in the table.

"Would you like to purchase a new table for us, boy?" Amaimon and Sebastian went head to head with sparks flying, which Mephisto stuck his head in.

"Calm down! Amaimon, behave yourself! Waiter, give me some good champagne and some water for my little brother!" Sebastian bowed before taking off to fetch the refreshments. The youngest shot a look at Mephisto,

"What was that?! Water! I wanted something sweet!" Mephisto looked unamused and picked at his fingers,

"Maybe you'll get some lemonade, but only if you behave." Amaimon grit his teeth and made a fist,

"I didn't realize I was doing anything bad." Mephisto glanced at Amaimon with a deadly glare,

"Do I detect an attitude, boy?" The other flinched, his temper still sparked, but glancing down. "That's what I thought." Sebastian came back with the drinks and later with the food. There was an unsettling silence between the two demons as they ate, but no real tension. Amaimon was left annoyed, both at the waiter and at his arrogant and vain older brother.

"Amaimon, I'm sorry for not paying much attention to you at the restaurant..." Mephisto apologized as he closed the door when they came back. Amaimon was lying on the couch, shoulders behind his head and staring up at the ceiling.

"It doesn't matter." The younger said, his eyes shaded over. The elder was surprised by this, and walked over by him.

"But it does matter. I shouldn't have ignored you, I was the one to take you out to eat." The purple haired man mumbled as he glanced down at the other. Amaimon was biting his nail furiously...

"Don't apologize unless you mean it. It's pointless if your just doing it because you regret what you did." The green haired demon said coldly, almost rudely. The other raised his thin eyebrow, just what had gotten into him?

"But I mean this, it was wrong for me to treat you like that!" He shouted angrily, which surprised him. Amaimon looked with one eye,

"Why are you shouting?" Mephisto scowled,

"You know as well as me that I was in the wrong. Just accept my apology." Amaimon smirked, an almost red tint added to his eyes as he became devilish.

"Why should I? You might just do it again? Then what?" The older growled dangerously, he didn't like the amazing amount of confidence from the younger brother. Just to make sure Amaimon didn't get any funny ideas, he decided to be a little jerky.

"Amaimon, you better respect me." He went around and stood tall before the slender young demon, "You will accept my apology." The other looked down hesitantly.

"I accept your apology..." The boy mumbled and got up, Mephisto grabbed his arm.

"Is something bothering you? Your acting bothered." Amaimon stared at him, almost in a disgusted manor.

"Everything's fine, what's with you?" Mephisto scoffed,

"Oh, so if I act concerned that's weird." The younger raised an eyebrow.

"Well, yeah." Mephisto sighed,

"Just let me know if something is bothering you. Now it's late, I'm going to bed. You should get some sleep too." He let go of the other's arm and left for his mansion. Leaving Amaimon in the office.

"If only he knew the problem was him." Amaimon muttered, staring at his arm before turning toward the window. It was a nice night to go rooftop jumping... He opened the windows and felt a refreshing breeze hit him. The demon couldn't help but smile into the city lights, maybe he could make his brother take him to that downtown party tomorrow night. He would just have to behave, right?

Author's note: Here we go. Next chapter will happen sometime, but until then... WHAT WILL HAPPEN? WILL AMAIMON GO TO THE DOWNTOWN PARTY WITH OR WITHOUT MEPHISTO, FIND OUT NEXT CHAPTER!