Brother, I Think I Love You (10):

Sorry guys, busy with newest obsession, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion o Lelouch, (hot) and Suzaku, (cute) are awesome! No.6, as well as Elsword! :/ Forgive me? So... No one told me they wanted me to kill of Jack. So I guess that means I'll have the final say. This is PART 2, go back and read the chapter before to get the whole deal.

As for Rin and Amaimon... I'll do 1 between them since it'll be inevitable, but, Rin is more seme and Amaimon is more uke. That's just how I roll. ;) In case ya'll were wonderin'!

Mephisto took a seat on his floating chair. "My, my, this'll be a battle for the ages!" He grinned, then pulled out his phone. The demon dialed Yukio's number...

"Dear Yukio, there's a situation I'll need EVERYONE to help with." Yukio coughed on the other line,

"What exactly could be so important that you need everyone, Sir Pheles?" Mephisto smiled and tapped his fingers on the arm chair,

"You see, it's all one word. Satan. Let's just say, 'it's begun'." Yukio gave a shout on the other line,

"You can't be serious? Satan is in Assiah!" Mephisto sighed,

"No. I'm just playing shit on you." The other line was silent, "Just get Rin, yourself, and Shura here!" Mephisto snapped and hung up. "So impatient..." He muttered, turning when he felt someone jump up on the arm of the chair.

"Brother, what's the plan?" Amaimon asked, looking at the other with curious eyes. Mephisto smirked,

"I'm glad someone cares about my plan..." He pointed out towards the hoard of anime people. "Look closely, I'm waiting for a few certain people. The rest are to hold off the oncoming forces." The green haired demon slumped onto the chair,

"This isn't really my kind of thing..." He muttered, gaining a bored expression. Mephisto laughed and ruffled Amaimon's hair.

"I suppose. I always did have the bigger brain. I like to plan, you like to jump in and get whatever it is done." The younger nodded, it was true. "Ah, the guest I've been waiting for has arrived." As Mephisto said this, Lelouch (OMG, I'm so sorry guys, but there's a reason he'll be in this!) appeared from the portal. He looked quite bewildered, and was dressed in his black school clothes.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt your busy schedule." The purple haired man said as he brought his chair to a minor hover, floating barely off the ground. Lelouch gave a confused look,

"Right... Who are you? What exactly is going on here?" Mephisto grinned, sitting forward and resting his chin on his hands.

"My name is Mephisto Pheles. You're Lelouch Lamperouge, a genius behind strategy on war." Lelouch looked impressed,

"I'm not familiar with the name, but you seem to respect me." Mephisto nodded,

"At the moment, as you can see, I'm in a bind with Satan. If you can offer me some assistance, perhaps I could assist you." Lelouch took a look at the hordes of anime people and demons meeting at the battlefield, which had once been a restaurant, (Insurance people! ;)) then looked back at Mephisto, his expression turning rather devious.

"I'll help you. But in return, what can you offer me?" The demon grinned,

"Anything you desire. Whether you want victory or destruction, with a snap of my fingers it's yours." Lelouch's face became darker,

"Excellent. What do you need me to do?" Mephisto smiled and pointed at the blob of fire that had once been Helljack, and was now Satan.

"Use your Geass on Satan. Make him destroy his portals and leave, easy enough?" Lelouch laughed hysterically,

"That's it?! Very well." His left eye turned a dark pink and a symbol appeared in his eye. (I would describe it more than a symbol, but if you Google it you'll know what I'm talking about.) He took a few steps forward, Satan took obvious notice.

"What's this son! A weakling human from a different dimension is going to try to scare your daddy, eh?!" Satan shrieked and burst into more flames, but suddenly his face went straight. "Not going to happen! You'll die!" Lelouch stood firm.

"Satan, please, look at me." Satan looked at the left eye, now glowing, "Follow my orders, very carefully." (-Those crazy pictures of shit happening when Lelouch uses his Geass-) "You will close your portals and leave this place, never return." Satan's eyes, now surrounded by a different red than his own, turned to his demons...

"You heard the stupid human! Close the portals!" The demons looked at each other in confusion, "You imbeciles! Close the portals, now!" Lucifer turned to Satan,

"But you wanted to kill Mephisto..." Satan punched Lucifer, he was sent though and straight out the wall of the restaurant. He turned back and started to burn the portals,

"I said I wanted these portals gone!" He turned to the other demons, "Help me or die!" The demons hesitantly began destroying their own portals, including Lucifer's 'man'-made portal. Once it was done he turned back, "Now I'll leave! Goodbye!" Satan called out, and was gone in another surge of blue flames. The remaining demons looked baffled, obviously they didn't know what to do now. Lelouch laughed again,

"See? Without a leader they fall!" Mephisto nodded,

"Very well. It's done, so... What would you like?" Lelouch smiled, his expression much like the demon who was offering.

"A more powerful Geass." Mephisto shrugged and snapped his fingers,

"Very well, it's done." He turned back to the bunches of anime people. "NOW! ALL WHO REMAIN, THESE ARE THE LAST DEMONS! DESTROY THEM!" There were cheers from the more upbeat characters, shouts of fury from the often pissed characters, and silence from the more remorseful characters. Either way, they all began tearing though the army of winged, fanged and clawed demons. Amaimon got up,

"May I have the honors of destroying Lucifer?" Mephisto grinned,

"Of course, little brother." He turned and shook Lelouch's hand, "I'm thankful for your he-" Suddenly there was a loud crash though the other wall,

"WHERE IS HE?!" Rin Okumura stood at the front of the Blue Exorcist cast, his sword ablaze and his own body on fire. Mephisto sweatdropped,

"Oh dear... Well, again, I thank you for your help. Please, feel free to leave." Lelouch nodded, and walked quickly back though the portal. The purple haired demon turned and waved his hands. "Rin, dear god, don't burn the place down! Satan's gone, but we need your help with these remaining demons!" Yukio walked past Rin,

"Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it was to keep him from wanting to explode as soon as I told him! And now Satan isn't even here!" Mephisto shrugged,

"I'm sorry, I just thought of a better way." As he spoke, Amaimon came flying into view and landed at Mephisto's feet, blood running from his mouth, he sat up.

"Hello, Mephisto!" He turned, "Hello, Rin!" Rin got a disgusted look.

"Why is HE here?!" The boy gestured to Amaimon. Mephisto scowled,

"He's helping save your ass! Now help him kill Lucifer." Rin's eyes widened,

"KILL, Lucifer?" Mephisto nodded,

"Yeah, do it. Yukio, help everyone else kill the stragglers." He spoke, giving orders out plain and simple. With a bit of 'encouragement' Rin and Amaimon went to deal with Lucifer, and the disorganized demons were quickly gone. Rin and Amaimon were kept busy with Lucifer, but of course, he managed to run off. (Because the bad guys always get away) At the end of it all, the Blue Exorcist gang got to meet the cast of many, many animes. They formed alliances, and went against Black Butler because they didn't like how stuck up Ciel was. But, for the most part it was all good! The fight was over! It was probably like, three in the morning, but hey, they won! Believe it!


Amaimon sat up, he still ached all over from the fight, and something else... But it was OVER! He looked at his side, where his brother was lying. There was some form of 'partying' that happened, which led to a 'celebration' in bed... (In short, they had S-E-X to celebrate their victory! Lol, sounds kinda funny...) The demon tilted his head, and poked his brother's face.

"Mephisto?" He spoke quietly. The elder blinked lazily,

"Mmm... Amaimon?" Mephisto sat up and yawned, "We shouldn't have done it last night. I'm dead tired." Amaimon snickered,

"I'm not tired..." The older brother narrowed his eyes at him.

"Don't even start." Amaimon looked up,

"Anyway, about last night, what were you thinking about?" Mephisto looked confused,

"What do you mean?" Amaimon blushed slightly,

"When you 'died' and when you were fighting... What were you thinking about?" The demon grinned,

"Isn't that easy? I was thinking about you and thinking about what was best for you. I was a little worried at first, but you proved that you still had the fight inside of you." Amaimon's eyes got big,

"Really? The whole time?" Mephisto smiled, moving closer and put his hands on either side of Amaimon's face.

"Of course, everything I do is for you." The green haired boy was blushing hard, he couldn't really say anything. Mephisto continued to hold his face, and kissed him on the head.

"I guess, we can't really say anything except what matters. I tell you, this author is giving me the corniest way to end this as possible." He was invisibly pushed into Amaimon. The younger's face was bright red,

"O-Okay fine! I love you! Does that work? At least... I think I do..." Mephisto sat up,

"Amaimon! The title of this fanfiction is, Brother, I Think I Love You, you did it wrong!" Amaimon sweatdropped,

"What does it matter?" Mephisto gave an offended look,

"This is the end of the ten chapter fanfic! Is this how you want to end it?!" Amaimon shrugged,

"Does it matter?" Mephisto grabbed his shoulders.

"Yes it does! Now say it right!" The demon boy frowned, but upon seeing the furious look he would receive, he made an uke face and said it right...

"Brother... I think I love you..." Mephisto gained sparkles in his eyes,

"Wonderful! That's wonderful, because I think I love you too!" He shrieked and glomped his little brother.


The catch, I didn't end it with them saying, 'I love you', I ended with, 'I think I love you'! :D See? Anyway, it was a good run. I liked doing the whole thing, but I'm gonna have to start some other fanfics, and this one already had nine chapters, it had to go... :'( But it had a good run!


Mephisto: "An insane psycho. That's what I was told when I volunteered for this role, but as I continued on playing him, I realized that he was actually smart!"

Amaimon: "You know, doing a character like this was fun. Having little emotion, but then being very emotional is an interesting thing to play. I would do this role again!"


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