Authors Note: Hello! It's been ages since I've written anything but I just got the urge with this show. This is un beta read, so I'll apologize in advance for any mistakes. I've never read the book, so this is strictly show verse. Comments welcome! Title is a Benjamin Franklin quote. There will likely be more of this but no promises.

Love Your Enemies (for they tell you your faults)

Bellamy resisted the urge to begin kicking the wall as he watched Octavia storm away. They'd never fought like that. Hell, before landing on earth they'd never really fought at all. Fighting was noisy, for one, and he'd always done whatever he could to make Octavia happy and as comfortable as possible while on the Ark. Even now, when he was furious at her, he checked to make sure she got into the drop ship. The kid that got speared hovered, ready to help her on her still unsteady leg. He was irritated at the boy (at any boy), but he knew better than anyone (guard training included a rotation through the juvenile holding cells) that there were worse people down here that she could have latched on to. Spacewalker, his girlfriend, a couple of hallucinogenic plant thieves and Clarke were far better companions for Octavia than any of the 12 or so violent criminals still found in the camp.

He watched the darkening sky for a moment more before he turned to a small group huddled near him and started barking orders.

He gave the order to pull in as many of the gathered supplies as possible. Most of their meagre cache of medical equipment was already housed in the drop ship but he made sure that everything that could possibly be of use to Clarke that was outside: various plants Monty and Clarke had gathered and were experimenting with, the supply of bandages that had been boiled and hung to dry, a supply of firewood and all of the clean water was brought in. They pulled in the food and the weapons, various pieces of fabric that they'd been using as bedding and then began to secure what they could outside. When that was done most of the group headed inside. Bellamy instructed the remaining people outside to set up the rain collecting equipment they'd cobbled together, and then he headed in.

It wasn't going to be a comfortable night for anyone with 90 or so teens crammed into the ship, especially with the upper deck being monopolized by the group tending to Finn, and working on the comms. Bellamy took a moment to think about that number. He wasn't even sure anymore what the exact count was and made a note to do a thorough headcount when the storm passed, and to set up some kind of check in system. Losing Octavia for 12 hours was unacceptable and a too small group could quickly become a problem. They needed numbers to sustain them and to fight off the threat of the Grounders.

Clarke would be happy with that at least. She'd made it clear that 'whatever the hell we want' didn't work for her and Bellamy could now see that, if they were going to survive in the long term, they'd need to make a few more suggestions to the group. Brute force hadn't solved everything and his pack of enforcers was rapidly dwindling because of the grounder attacks and infighting.

Those in the ship were settling in. There was some grumbling about the space but Bellamy fixed a hard glare on a few of the perpetrators and it died down. He checked on the younger kids, there were 5 kids around 13 that he made a point to keep track of, and found them huddled together in a corner. Bellamy glared around the room, "It's one storm people. Anyone who has a problem with the accommodations can feel free to sleep outside."

He found Monroe, told her to keep an eye on things, to make sure everyone was in when the rain started, and to come get him if she needed him, before he ascended the ladder.

He took a quick survey of the room. The usual suspects were all present. Raven was focused intently on a tangle of wires spilling out of a monitor and did not even glance up when he came up the ladder. Finn was laid out on the makeshift table, pale but seemingly still breathing. The knife was still sticking up out of his side but brownish paste had been spread around the wound. Jasper was boiling water and grinding up something purple under Monty's direction. Monty was flitting back and forth, alternating between helping Raven and directing Jasper in preparing the plants.

Octavia and Clarke were together, out of the way, and Clarke was checking out Octavia's head wound. He made his way over to them. Octavia glared and turned slightly away. He debated trying to talk her down but he didn't want to have that conversation with an audience. Clarke glanced up at him then thrust a small, carved wooden bowl and a stick at him, "Stir that. I need to be able to spread it over a wound."

"Aye, aye, Princess."

She spared him an irritated glance but did not reply. He stirred, watching as the amber coloured goop became more liquid. "What is this stuff?"

It was Monty who answered him, coming up with a cup of that seaweed tea for Octavia. "It's tree sap and a little water. It'll work for closing wounds and preventing infection."

"Huh," he went to poke it but Clarke slapped his hand away. He raised an eyebrow at her in a look that would have sent most of the others running. Not Clarke though.

"Don't touch it! When was the last time you washed your hands? Actually, I don't want to know. If you're staying up here go with Monty. He'll show you what to do. Octavia, drink this. I know it's gross, but it's good for you."

"Yeah, yeah. Good thing I've never been picky," Octavia grumbled and chugged the liquid, "Ugh. Ick."

Bellamy turned to Monty, who shrank back a little from the look that was still on his face but nonetheless, he gestured for Bellamy to follow him across the space.

"Hold out your hands," Bellamy did not. Just intensified his glare so Monty started to talk, more nervously than before. "Uh, so Clarke said we need to be careful about infections, since we don't have much to treat them, so we..."

"...made a paste with a couple of plants that Monty remembers are antibacterial. And if you want to help, use it." Clark's snapped, coming up from behind Bellamy.

He opened his mouth to retort but stopped himself. Clarke was pale, her jaw was set, and her posture was so rigid she looked ready to snap. So he reigned himself in and turned back to Monty. "What's in it?"

Monty looked nervously between him and Clarke but then Raven called for him and he edged away in relief. "Lemon grass, mint and some kind of tree bark that I can't think of the name of right now. Monty will know, if you need to wait for him, oh fearless leader."

He eyed her. Was she trying to bait him? He held out his hand and she scooped out a chunk of the paste into his palm. "Rub it in for a couple of minutes then rinse."

He did as she asked. It was rough, probably the chunks of bark, but it smelled good. "You two have been busy."

"Yeah well. Maybe you'd accomplish more if you quit hosting orgies in your tent." Her tone was sharp, and from the corner of his eye he saw Octavia, who had joined Jasper, glance over at them and then away.

And that, right there, was the limit of his patience with her. He straightened to his full height, ready to rip into her, only to see she had her hand out, palm facing him, and her eyes squeezed shut. He paused and waited for her to open her eyes. She locked a hand around the back of her neck, knotted it in her already tangled hair and tugged. When her eyes opened and she looked up at him they were glassy. "I'm sorry. That was awful. I'm awful. I just..."

She trailed off, closed her eyes again and took a couple of deep breaths. "I don't know if I can do this."

Bellamy's anger deflated. Hadn't he always been a sucker for a crying girl? He held out his hands, and she startled before she grabbed the clean water and poured it for him. He rinsed, and shook his hands dry before speaking, "How is Spacewalker?"

She glanced over at Finn, "Stable, for now. Leaving the knife in seems to be keeping the bleeding to a minimum. We're keeping an eye on his pulse, temp and respiratory rate," she gestured to an open crate Bellamy had never seen before that contained various medical instruments, "my mom packed a kit into the shuttle that Raven came down in so we're in better shape than we would have been a few days ago. I can even manage a blood transfusion but unless he wakes up enough to tell us his type..." She trailed off.

"You can do that?"

"Mmm. You learn how to draw blood pretty early on as an apprentice."

Bellamy digested that. He assumed her skills were second hand, learned from tagging along with her mom, because he had assumed that she was the same age as Octavia. Kids on the Ark began half-day apprenticeships at 16 and then full time at 17. "How long were you an apprentice for?"

"Almost a year."

She seemed to calm down the more she talked. Bellamy recalled something from the mandatory biological sciences classes he'd taken, "Isn't there a universal blood donor? O, or something."

She looked surprised (which was a little offensive) but replied, "O negative. It's incredibly rare, and even if someone down here has it, there are still risks."

"Raven doesn't know his blood type?"

"Nope. Already asked."

"What's your blood type? Just in case."

She quirked a small smile, "Look at you, thinking ahead."

He rolled his eyes, but her tone lacked bite so he just nudged her with his elbow, "You should be thrilled, Doc."

"A positive. It's pretty common. You?"

"B positive. Octavia too."

"Hopefully I don't need to use that information in the near future."

"For once, I will not argue with you."

She smiled again, a little wider this time, "I'll take it."

She turned so she was beside him, leaning against the wall. They watched as Monty, who had joined Jasper and Octavia again, began gesturing with a stalk of leaves. Octavia listened attentively as he talked about the different uses of the plants they were preparing.

"She's good at this stuff you know."

"Yeah?" He'd noticed but he wasn't surprised. Octavia had never been squeamish and she soaked up knowledge like a sponge. Probably due to how limited her world had been on the arc. She'd devoured books and movies and anything she could get her hands on to fill the hours in their quarters.

"Yeah. I taught her how do sutures a few days ago and she might even be better than me. She said your mom was a seamstress."

"Hmm. Yeah. Fastest on the Ark. O did a bunch of her work but of course no one knew that."

He saw her start to say something from the corner of his eye but stopped herself, "You want to know why, don't you? Why Octavia was born?"

"It's really none of my business."

He snorted, genuinely amused.

She eyed him curiously, "Why is that funny?"

"No reason."


"I wouldn't want to ruin this semi pleasant conversation by making you mad."

"I'm pretty sure that's an inevitability, so go right ahead."

"Alright. I just thought about how willing you usually are to stick your nose in everyone else's business so..."

Her jaw dropped, but he could tell the outrage was at least partially feigned, "Only when I have a good reason!"

"If you say so."

She glared at him one last time, before leaning forward to check on Raven's progress, and then glance at the watch she always wore. "I gave Raven two hours. And then I'll have to go ahead and remove the knife and hope I can save him."

"How much longer?"

"Fifteen minutes."

They lapsed into silence. Clarke began to fidget, "I should say thanks."

"To me? Shocking."

She elbowed him, "Shut up. You got Octavia back, carried Finn through the jungle, and got everyone in camp organized and inside. What did I do? I found a couple spare parts and told Raven I had sex with her boyfriend." Clarke grimaced, "Please forget I just said that."

Bellamy glanced at her, "For now. No promises about later. I had you pegged for a good girl, Princess."

"Shut up."

"No really. I think I might like you more now that I know you're not a robot."


"Fine. Shutting up. Until you've saved Finn's life, at least. And had a nap."


They lapsed into silence again, but it was more comfortable than any they'd shared before.

"My dad died," Bellamy said, before she could start overthinking again.

She gave him an odd look, "Uh, mine too?"

"Just before my mom found out she was pregnant with Octavia. That's why she kept it a secret. She knew they'd make her end it and she couldn't bear that with him being gone."

He watched her study her watch again. "I guess I understand that." She held up her wrist to him, "My dad's. He gave it to me just before they floated him. The guards tried to take it from me to put on the tracking bracelet and I kind of lost it. What happened to your dad?"


"Sorry." He looked at her and could tell that she meant it. Major illnesses quickly used up the max medical supplies allotted so generally the patient chose to say goodbye to their families and then end it. "I remember him at least. Octavia only had a few pictures and the stories my mother told."

Before she could reply Raven jumped up and let out a shrill whistle, "I think I almost have it! Monty, get your ass over here. Clarke, get ready. You're almost up."

Clarke straightened up from the wall and he watched her as she closed her eyes again and took a deep breath. As much as this girl pissed him off he couldn't help but respect her at times like these. For as soft as she appeared on the outside she was all fire and steel at her core. She looked him in the eye, "I'm going to need you to stay. We're going to tie him down but we might need you to help hold him still."

He nodded and she turned away from him. "Octavia, are you okay to assist?"

"I'll be fine."

"Come wash up again then, just to be safe."

She pulled a box out of the crate of new medical supplies and began laying instruments out. She talked to Octavia, naming each shiny silver object. Octavia listened closely and nodded when she was done, "Okay. Got it."

"Jasper, wash up. You're Octavia's backup. We shouldn't need you but, well, never say never."

"If earth has taught us anything it's that," Jasper said as he started scrubbing his hand with the paste, "Two headed Deer? Check. Man eating snake monsters? Seen one of those. Grounders..."

"We get it, Jasper," Octavia scolded. Jasper made a stupid face at her and she laughed.

"We're connected!" Raven exclaimed. "Hello? Ark this is earth calling, please come in."

Everyone was tense, waiting for a reply. For a long minute there was nothing but static in the air and on the monitor.

"Earth... Ark... Gregory in... tions. What's your... are alive?"

"Shit! Hold on. Come on. Come on!" They watched as Raven and Monty frantically made adjustments until the picture became clearer. Bellamy turned away from the screen and backed away slightly. No need for the fugitive to be front and centre.

"Earth? This is the Ark. Cadet Gregory in communications, speaking. What's your status? How many of you are alive?"

"Ha! We did it." Raven slapped Monty an enthusiastic high five while Clarke stepped up to the screen.

"I need to be patched to my mother, Dr. Abby Griffin, immediately. I have a medical emergency."

"But protocol..."

"We're on earth. You sent us here like lab rats to possibly die. Do you really think I care about your protocol?"

Bellamy found himself suppressing a smile. Really, Clarke had balls. He didn't even mind when she was telling off someone else.

"If you want a status report you will get my mother now, and I'll tell you everything you want to know after."


"Now Gregory!"

Cadet Gregory wavered visibly for a few long moments, "Fine. But I'm alerting Chancellor Jaha and Councilman Kane and sending them to your mother's location."

"Wonderful," Clarke bit out.

There was more static on the screen and a woman Bellamy recognized materialized on the screen. "Dr. Griffin..." she started and then glanced at the screen and stopped, stunned, "Clarke. Clarke you're..."

"Alive. Relatively safe and on earth."

"I thought..."

"I know. I have an emergency here and I need your help."

Bellamy studied Clarke, her tone was all business and kind of cold, not what he'd have expected considering how intent she'd been on saving the people who remained on the Ark, presumably her mother was on the top of the list of the reasons why.

Her mother paused for a moment, "Okay Clarke, what do you need?"

"I have a severe injury. A stab wound to the lower left abdomen."

Dr. Griffin was suddenly all business as well, "Patient name?"

"Finn Collins."

The doctor turned away, "Jackson, put Finn Collins' file on the main screen. Thanks." She turned back toward the screen, "Did... did a shuttle make it down to you?"

"Yes. I have your kit. Monty Green and I have also been able to find and utilize several native plants with medicinal purposes."

"And Raven..."

Raven popped her head next to Clarke's. "Made it in one piece!"

Dr. Griffin smiled, and for the first time Bellamy saw a resemblance between mother and daughter. "I'm glad. Has the knife been removed?"

"No," Clarke replied.

"Good. Smart. How big is it?"

"Uh..." Clarke turned towards him.

Bellamy thought back, "Small. Four, five inches? I think it was bone."

If Clarke's mother recognized him, she gave no indication. "Bone? How did..."

"Long story," Clarke cut in, "You need to talk me through the removal and how to patch him up."

Her mother was silent for a moment, "Clarke..." she started gently, "the odds... with the supplies on hand..."

"No. No. We've lost too many already, I have to try," she squared her shoulders and stared hard at the monitor, "I am going to try."

"Okay. I trust you Clarke, I believe in you."

Clarke nodded and they all looked up as the sound of rain beating against metal started up.

The screen flickered for a moment but came back and Clarke looked to Raven, "Will the connection hold?"

Raven shrugged helplessly, "Depends on how bad the storm is. Rain, some wind? It should be fine. A lot of wind? Lightening? We might lose it."

Clarke sighed, and turned back to her mother, "We've found that the best way to survive earth is to plan for the worst, so the sooner you tell me how to do this, the better. O, come here and listen with me, but don't touch anything."

Octavia walked closer to the screen and said, "Hello again, Dr. Griffin."

"Octavia Blake. Good to see you again, though you look a little banged up."

"Yeah. Turns out earth is way more dangerous than my hole in the floor."

If either the doctor or Clarke objected to Octavia's tone, neither gave any indication. Dr. Griffin proceeded to walk Clarke through what needed to be done and what the most likely outcomes of the steps were. She spoke calmly and clinically they all listened intently. She also supplied Finn's blood type and a list of several of The 100 who were a match. When she was done, Clarke stood still for a moment and then turned to the rest of them, "Okay. Let's do this. Jasper, Bellamy, tie him down. Then Bellamy, you're at his head. Jasper, at his legs. I'm going to be poking around in Finn's insides with sharp objects so he can not move, got it?" She received two nods in return. "Octavia, you're on the left, with me, keeping an eye on the vitals. Monty, you're on the plants, and if I tell you I need blood, you're going down to go and find one of the kids my mother named. Raven I'm going to need you to monitor the comms and relay any questions I have."

As they all took their positions, Jasper spoke up, "Hey, you've got this, Clarke. You saved my life with seaweed and a hot metal knife a week ago. You've got fancy tools and weird plants now, so this should be easy for you."

"Yep," Monty agreed, "if I could pick anyone on earth to dig around in my guts it would be you."

"Me too," Octavia said.

"Me three," Raven called from behind them

Bellamy rolled his eyes but quietly said, "Me four."

Clarke met his eyes and smiled, "High praise, indeed, you guys, considering the current inhabitants of this planet. But thanks."

She wrapped her hands carefully around the hilt of the knife, "Here we go. Step one, remove knife. Quick and clean. On three. One. Two. Three..."