Summary: When Odin realizes that Thor won't be enough to stop Loki, he finally decides to send his ultimate weapon, his third son, Prince Hadrian, who had once upon a time been the human wizard Harry Potter. Slash. Pairings up for debate.

A/N: I had this idea in my head for a awhile so I thought I would write it down, see what people think and if I should continue. I'll be awaiting your feedback.

Chapter 1

"He's coming," said Thor, expression grave.

For a moment, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and turned to stare at the god. It wasn't in Thors personality to say cryptic comments such as this and one look at the other face made them realize that this "he" must be important.

Steve was about to open his mouth, to ask Thor who was coming when a loud sound made all of them jump.

"What was that?" Tony asked, already scanning the area for a potential threat.

"It's him," Thor replied simply, looking for the first time worried and agitated, "I didn't know the All-father would go this far to bring Loki back."

"Who's he?" Steve finally managed to ask, even as footsteps could be heard coming closer.

"Prince Hadrian,"Thor replied, just as the door flew open and the god in question walked in, cape flying behind him despite the lack of wind, "our brother."

"So this is the team tasked to stop Loki," prince Hadrians voice was a soft baritone, similar to Lokis in a way that made people want to listen and please him. He, like his brothers, was ethereally handsome; messy black hair, aristocratic features and a pair of gorgeous emerald orbs complete the image. He was clad in an armour similar to Thors and wore a sword belt around his waist. His expression was cold and calculating as he surveyed the Avengers, no emotions could be read. His back was held ramrod straight, his hands in front of him. It wasn't like the military stances Steve have grown used to but there was no doubt that this man was a soldier and an accomplished one at that.

Steve felt intimidated for the first time in a very long time. There was just something about this Prince Hadrian that not even Loki has, that made everyone else around him feel inadequate. Steve could see that even Tony had fallen back, choosing to observe instead of participate. The other Avengers have also followed his example, unconsciously realizing how outmatched they were.

"We are the Avengers," he acknowledged, stepping forward - he was the leader and should start acting like it, "however, I'm afraid we are at a disadvantage here since we do not know who you are except for what Thor had told us."

"The All father had sent me here to bring back our errant brother," Hadrian said, ignoring Steve's request, "he believes Loki's little games have gone too far. If Thor is unable to put an end to this, it has fallen upon me to complete the task with minimal collateral damage."

"I apologize for my failure," Thor said, uncharacteristically shy, "It is my taunts that have pushed Loki this far. I should be the one to clean up this mess."

Hadrians eagle gaze left Steve to land on his brother, his disapproval clear even with having not said a word.

"You are too old to be still up to your old tricks," Hadrian snapped, and Steve actually felt bad for Thor because being the target of that dark gaze would scare the hell out of anyone.

"I will do my best to assist you brother," Thor said softy, bowing his head, "I will apologize to Loki if it helps the current situation."

"No," Hadrian replied, gaze flicking over Thors shoulders to the world beyond the glass bay window of the helicarrier, "I do not believe it will."

His gaze snapped back to Thor.

"The tesseract is currently in Lokis possession I presume."

"Yes," Thor admitted and if anything he looked even more ashamed. "The Midgardians have found if first and have been studying it, unknowingly unleashing enough of its power to signal Loki it's location."

If Steve didn't know better, he would have thought that Thor was pushing blame on to them so that Hadrian would direct his disappointment else where. And since he knows better, Steve is sure that's what Thors doing.

Unfortunately it worked because Hadrian looked away and returned his attention to the human members of the Avengers.

"When will you humans finally understand that some things are not for you to touch?" He didn't yell nor did he become violent, but perhaps that would have been preferable to the cold fury colouring his tone.

Before Steve could reply though, what he didn't know, Fury entered the room, agent Hill on his heels.

"We detected a huge energy spike," he said, "what.."

He trailed off as his gaze landed on Hadrian. "Who are you?"

"The one who will clean up your messes," Hadrian snapped, Before turning back to his brother, "I'll be in touch Thor and do try to keep out of trouble until I contact you."

Without waiting for a response, Harry disappeared without a sound. One moment he was there, the next he was gone.

Fury spluttered in indignation at being swept aside in such a manner but for the moment Steve didn't even care, his mind still whirling with this new development.

"Wow," Tony finally spoke up, looking dazed, "Simply wow. That guy was bloody terrifying, 100 times more then Loki."

"Loki has always listened to Hadrian," Thor admitted, "his powers are no match for our brother's and he knows it."

"Why haven't your father sent him out earlier? Would have prevented a lot of problems."

Thor shook his head.

"Hadrian is Fathers favourite," he said, without no undertone of jalousie, "He has been given more responsibilities due to that position. He has his own empire to rule and has no time dealing with other trivial matters. For the All-Father to take him away from his duties and send him here means he's very angry with my brother. I fear what Hadrian will do to Loki once he finds him."