Dear Mr. Darcy,

Thank you for the dinner invitation. I am writing to assure you of our acceptance, as well as my gratitude that I came to Pemberley as well. I look forward to seeing more of your grounds tomorrow as we dine together, as I mentioned during our brief meeting in your rose garden, I could not get very far into your home today. I am forever more revealing to you in print as opposed to real life, so I will tell you this, and you are free to think poorly of me, as I do of have given up the opportunity to be mistress of such a home is saddening to me. Please do not think me mercenary, I only think that Pemberley may in fact be the most beautiful place on earth and I would happily live there for the rest of my life.

I should wrap this letter up now, for my aunt and uncle are much more attentive to the length of my letters than my dear mama, and they believe I am simply accepting your dinner invitation.



P.S. I was short of breath, as well.

A/N: So maybe some of you didn't get all the references in this letter. KNOW WHY? Because they are allusions to THE MERE SUGGESTION OF A BREEZE, the prose version of this story, which I posted like fifteen minutes ago! Go check it out, and review, and follow, and then come back, and read this again.

I want to know what everyone's prediction for dinner will be. Maybe Georgiana and Elizabeth will set each other off poorly? Or maybe Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner will see through Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy? Idk, you tell me.

Review, I love you all :) xxxxxx-M