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Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark walked smoothly up the steps to stand next to the podium, his brightest, most fake, smile plastered onto his face, just another mask to wear over the other as he danced to the ridiculous tune that the finicky public and media wanted to hear.

Below him stood all the reporters, news crews, and the crowd of fans; everyone here to see the famous Iron Man and hear about his latest spectacular accomplishments as a superhero. Cameras flashed brightly, blinding him, while voices rose in a clamor for attention, questions asked and comments thrown, the sound nearly deafening him.

God, he hated this. All the people in the crowd, pushing, shoving and shouting at him with praises and questions. He hated the never ending string of questions. They never left him alone, everyone wanted to know what he was up to, why Pep- Ms. Potts left Stark Industries, and how he was doing so well as CEO. He hated the mindless praises from the crowd. He didn't want to keep masquerading as the superhero that he knew he wasn't. Why couldn't they just thank him by staying out of his way and out of trouble?

The billionaire knew exactly what they were going to do. They were going to give him a nice, big, shiny medal and tell him "good job", but he didn't want that. He didn't care about the medals or the congratulations that he received; the world in Tony's mind had shifted and now everything had changed.

Nothing had been the same since Thor decided he was retiring to marry Jane Foster. The god had return to Earth with the news that his brother, Loki, had died saving his life. Apparently Loki, Thor and Jane had been very much involved in the phenomena in London. They had successfully captured the Ether substance and taken it to another realm where it would be safe. Another all powerful substance that had almost destroyed the Earth.

Nothing had been the same since Captain America had found his long lost friend Bucky. He had decided they needed some time to catch up and help Bucky remember the past he had had with Steve Rogers. The winter soldier had been found standing in the Captain America section of the museum, staring at the description of a past that he should remember but could only catch tantalizing glimpses of, after he had dragged Steve out of the river where he had fallen as the helicarriers had destroyed themselves in the sunny sky above the pair.

Yes, Tony had helped upgrade the helicarriers because they caused less damage and showed SHIELD just a tiny piece of his genius. Yes, the billionaire had known that they were going to become scraps before they actually did anything because he knew that Captain America would never let people die without a proper trial.

The ships themselves destroyed each other quicker and more efficiently than they would have originally, fewer civilians were hurt and only an unfortunate few were killed. He had also made sure that when Natasha had put all of SHIELD's files online nothing of his would be found.

Nothing had been the same since SHIELD had been revealed as having a hidden HYDRA and all their dirty secrets had been exhumed. The Black Widow had retreated with Fury, Hill, and Coulson (Tony had known that Coulson was not dead a few weeks after what happened at New York. Regularly hacking SHIELD's mainframe for fun had so many benefits) to wait out the catastrophe and deal with the press' and world's reactions to the news.

The future was changing and he was changing with it.

Just after the Battle of Manhattan, whilst absentmidendly hacking into SHIELD, Tony had discovered SHIELD's plans for the future. He had immediately recognized the new helicarriers for what they were: massive killing machines. It was not all that surprising because, after all, the council had tried to nuke a city containing 8 million people. The "upgrades" he had designed had tiny flaws that no one but a genius of his caliber would recognize, specifically designed to leave doors for Captain America and his merry crew to open and gain control of the helicarriers that much easier.

But the helicarriers were not the only things of importance that Tony had found. SHIELD wanted him out and they had plans to take everything from him, his suits (which he had rebuilt when Ms. Potts left him for another), JARVIS, his houses, and his company (he had become CEO after Ms. Potts had left and was doing a damn good job).

He would never let SHIELD or any other corporation take away what was his.

He was tired of being the perfect little hero to clean up all the messes of other people, namely SHIELD. He had known that Natasha was going to put all of SHIELD's secrets onto the internet so it would destroy both HYDRA and SHIELD and he was completely unconcerned. He had censored, deleted, and altered all of his information long ago to keep him and his safe. He was surprised that Natasha actually followed through with putting everything out there for everyone to see instead of just bits and pieces.

Just because SHIELD was in shambles didn't mean that they were the only ones that wanted Iron Man or Tony Stark out of the picture.

Cheering jerked him out of his contemplations and he noticed the small weight of a medal that was pinned to his suit. Yay, another medal and congratulations for something that he doesn't really care about.

Waving politely at the crowd of fans before walking over to his latest suit, Mark 54, he plastered on his best smile. The suit surrounded him quicker than all of the earlier models, encasing him in its cushioned interior. His favorite part about this suit was how it was lighter and stronger than previous models due to a new metal that he had found and combined with his gold-titanium alloy from Mark 2.

Soon, he was blasting over the river, skimming the waves and generally enjoying the wonders of flight. It was only JARVIS's announcement of a new arrival in the penthouse that shortened the joy ride.

Iron Man's feet hit the the landing platform hard and, rims spinning, he walked forward as JARVIS removed and stored his latest creation. As he strode forward, schematics and upgrades for the Mark 55 flittered through his mind.

Tony Stark walked casually through the glass doors to find a man with sparkling green eyes slouching on a stool by the bar, face hidden by shadows, ghostly pale skin pallid in the harsh sunlight, a bottle of scotch sitting unopened in front of him.

"I believe you owe me a drink."

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