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'Stay for the night,

if you want to,

I can show you,

What my dreams are made of'

-If I'm James Dean,You're Audrey Hepburn

Sleeping with Sirens

"Isn't it just lovely how Noah pursues Allie?" Caroline bitterly asked Klaus as they watched the movie, The Notebook. He only chuckled in response.

Caroline and Klaus are work friends from the same law agency in New York. Klaus had just got there since he transferred from England two weeks ago. Caroline was the one that put as the 'welcoming committee', so she was the one that he would go to if he had any question about anything. As a few days went by, they began to spend more time with each other, thus the movie night in Caroline's apartment

"Love is so over-rated." She added as she took a sip of her beer. Klaus turned to look at her with an amusing smile. She turned to him since she felt him stare at her. "What?" She questioned. "I mean that is not how real life is. They should make one that is a bit more realistic. Don't you think?"

"And what would you suggest?" He asked. She made a pensive look before shaking her head. She couldn't think of a proper love story without it ending with the woman killing the man for something horrible that he did. Or maybe they do fall in love, but at the end they break up because they never did really fell in love with each other.

"My suggestions wouldn't come out as love stories." She replied with a slight chuckle. "I just love this movie so much that I hate it." She complained.

"I don't quite understand." He stated looking at her carefully, trying to read her.

"I love the story of the movie, but since it's so unrealistic to life, I hate it." She explained. "No man will just start to like you and began to pursue you like a mad man until he gets you. He won't try to kill himself just to make you say yes to a date with him. He won't wait for you to have you, even though you haven't seen her for many years. He won't try to make you remember all those things when you are old and have Alzheimer." She ranted.

"Easy their love, don't want to swear off men and go lesbian." Klaus teased taking another sip of his beer before receiving a punch on his arm. He did an 'ouch' noise as he gently rubbed his arm.

"There is nothing wrong with being realistic." She added crossing her arms against her chest, putting all her attention back towards the movie. They stayed quiet throughout the movie as Caroline kept thinking about love. Just when the credits began to show, she turned to look at him.

"So what do you think of the movie?" She asked.

"It was alright— but it's not the kind of movie I would watch alone just for the fun of it." He replied.

"I just don't know—I think I really dislike love. It is too much drama, too much hard work to keep up a healthy relationship and stuff. Which is probably why I am alone...hence the lack of sex." She informed, letting out a sigh. Klaus just had to laugh at that. "Although I must admit that I do miss the sex." She then added and Klaus quickly stopped laughing as he began to cough. She just blurted it out, catching him of guard.

"I'd have to agree on that." He then stated with a nod before taking another gulp of his beer. Klaus wasn't the one night stand type, he was a pretty preserved guy.

Caroline then stood up, grabbing the empty bottles from the coffee table as she made her way towards the kitchen. Klaus tilted his head back, drinking the last of his beer before he turned to look at Caroline. He caught himself admiring her as she leaned down, giving him a full view of her ass. An idea then came to his mind as Caroline came back in to the living room.

"I would like to propose something." He said while sitting up. She turned to look at him just when she clicked the off switch from her TV.

"Of what?" She questioned opening a beer can.

"What if we have—and let me explain—sex?" He asked. Caroline made a confused look as she walked towards the couch, taking a seat. "We can use each other's bodies just to release all that tension from the lack of it. No strings attached, just sex. It's better than having one night stands with a bunch of strangers, right?"

Caroline took sometime to think about his suggestion. "Just sex? No strings attached?" She questioned raising an eyebrow. He gave her a firm nod.

"Just sex, no strings attached." He restated while shaking his head. She leaned back as she thought about it thoroughly. With this little adjustment, she won't have to feel the need for a man's touch. She can just call Klaus up and have him do it. On the other hand, this could turn out into a whole new different thing, she has seen movies about this. One of them is bound to fall in love with one another.

"If we do this, we have to swear that this is only sex and if either one of us breaks that promise and begins to feel something for the other we get to slap them." She proposed. "This will be a slap bet."

"Deal." Klaus replied stretching his hand out. Caroline looked down at his hand and then she looked up, meeting his eyes.

"If one of us break this promise, one of us gets to slap the other 5 times from here to the end of time. We can get to slap that person when we want, up until 5 slaps. Just like Marshall did with Barney in How I Met Your Mother." She explained thoroughly. Klaus nodded as he moved his hand so that she would notice it,but Caroline still didn't feel that convinced. She raised one finger up as she stood up and she raced towards her bedroom. A minute later she came out with an Ipad in hand.


"We will promise this under my Ipad bible app." She interrupted, tapping on the screen to find that app. Klaus rolled his eyes.

"Do we really have to promise under oath?" He questioned.

"You don't have to...the only thing you have to do is die and pay taxes." She responded with an evil grin. Klaus sighed, letting his head fall to the back. "I'm just playing with you." She laughed. "But we are going to promise under oath because I just want to make sure nothing more than sex will happen."

"Did something happen with your past boyfriends that I need to know about?" He asked, standing up and going towards her. She looked down at her Ipad before stretching it.

"So, are you in?" She quickly changed the subject. Klaus decided not to press on the matter anymore, but he will surely bring it up later.

"Alright." He sighed with a small smile. She smirked.

"Ok, so just put your hand on top of the Ipad and we will just say our promise." She instructed while placing her hand on top. When Klaus placed his hand on top, the bible started to go crazy as it moved from Caroline to him. Caroline tried to fix it by moving the tablet as well to see until when it would get into one place. But it didn't work until she tapped the tablet on the coffee table. She smiled triumphantly, placing her hand on top of the tablet. Klaus chuckled as he followed her movements.

Caroline looked at his eyes as she began to speak. "I promise that this will only be sex and nothing else."

"I promise the same." He quickly stated. Caroline gave him a pointed look. "What?" He asked.

"Seriously?... 'I promise the same.'" She mocked with a fake British man accent. "Try again Mikaelson." He softly chuckled with a shake of his head. He placed his hand on top of the tablet bible app once again.

"I promise that this will only be sexual intercourse and nothing more." He stated. "Is that good?"

"Even better." She responded placing the tablet down. They stayed in awkward silence for a long minute before Klaus interrupted the quiet.

"So when do we start?" He questioned. Caroline thought about it and she couldn't really think of any excuse for them to not just start at that moment.

"If you want we can start now?" She suggested with a shrug.

"Yeah, that's fine with me." He stated. He then moved a little closer towards her making the attempt to start to kiss her but she moved away.

"Not here." She stated. "Let's go to the guest room." She added while she began to walk in the direction of a room.

"Why? Isn't it less romantic on the couch?" He asked. Caroline turned to look at him.

"No, the bedroom has better lighting and I wouldn't want someone who I would like to impress to eye me perfectly. I am kind of insecure of my body. That's why when I am going to have sex with a guy that I am really into, I like for it to happen on the couch or in my bedroom where I won't have any lights. Well, good lights." She replied.

"Then we should just undress here in front of one another to see what we are working with." He advised.

"Good point." She added with a firm nod. "Alright." She began to take her tank top of as Klaus took off his shirt. In less than a minute they were both nude in front of one another. They both eyed each other carefully, looking at their intimate parts.

"I can work with that." She said while eying his member, with a slight shrug. Klaus smirked.

"I can work with that." He added looking at her boobs before walking towards her. He just attacked her lips, deepening the kiss in one second. Caroline placed her hands on his neck before she wrapped her legs around his waist, giving him the signal to just walk them towards the bedroom. When they entered they broke apart and she hopped off from him. She then turned on the lights and she walked towards the bed, placing herself on it. Klaus sauntered to the bed, getting on it as well.

"It could also be better if we tell one another what is it that we like while we have sex." He suggested.

"That is true." She acknowledged. "So what do you like?"

"Foreplay." He replied. She made a thoughtful face as she looked down at his cock.

"Alright then let's begin with that." She added with a seductive grin before moving towards him, straddling his lap. She pushed him down, his back laying flat on the bed, as she kissed him hard. Her hand slowly moved down, caressing his chest before grabbing his member. She broke the kiss as she began to stroke his length. "Like that?" She asked with an innocent look. Klaus groaned making a slow nod.

"Just like that, sweetheart." He replied. She smirked before pulling herself down; she stopped her movements as she kissed the tip of his head before slightly opening her mouth and letting her tongue touch him. He grunted as his hand went towards her head, burying his hand in her hair. He slowly pushed her head down, urging her to swallow him, but Caroline didn't oblige. She lowered her head to the end of his cock as she started to sensually lick him all the way up. She kept licking him like a small child would do with a lollipop. She hummed in satisfaction, like if she was tasting the most delicious thing ever.

She then started to move her hand once again, working her way on his member. His length was already rock hard, full of arousal when she began to suck on it. She bobbed her head, up and down, pulling him in and out of her mouth. Klaus was feeling at heaven with her mouth kissing him; now that was the best feeling he could ever feel.

Caroline kept sucking him off, slowing her movements before quickening them. She then pulled his dick out of her mouth and she went straight towards his balls, sucking at them as well. She messaged them both with her hands, giving both balls the same amount of attention. She felt so dirty, she had never done this, not even with her ex-boyfriend of 4 years. But with Klaus she felt confident, she knew this was just sex, with no emotions in between so it was ok, right?

"Have you been sucking dicks your whole life?" Klaus asked just as she stopped her ministration and pulled her head to look at him. He sounded out of breath which would give her a good sign.

"Actually, this is my first time." She replied while she went to lay down next to him.

"So I took your virginity of the mouth?" He questioned with a teasing smirk. Caroline giggled as she made the attempt to playfully hit him, but he grabbed her hand, stopping her from touching him. He gave her a playful smirk as he moved to lay on top of her.

"Your turn." He whispered going down to her womanhood. His voice was hoarse and full of lust, making her feel tingles. He grabbed on to her thighs, trailing wet kisses along them, up until he came to her wet core.

"Klaus!" She moaned out in pleasure, grabbing the blankets with her hands. He had begun to slowly lick her clit while rubbing it with his fingers. He stroked her with his tongue, tasting her sweet juices. Caroline kept moaning feeling like she was going to explode at any minute. If she knew that this was how this type of foreplay felt like, she would have demanded her past boyfriends to do this to her as well.

"Do you like that?" Klaus questioned, looking at her. He smirked as he saw her face expression. She had her eyes closed as she bit down on her bottom lip, trying to stop a scream that was about to come out. When she felt that he had stopped, she quickly opened her eyes just to spot him looking at her.

"Why did you stop?" She asked a little frustrated. To be honest she really didn't want him to stop, ever.

"I was asking if you liked it just how I was doing it, but I'm guessing you—do?" He stated in a cocky way. Caroline rolled her eyes as she scoffed.

"Yeah, yeah—just keep going." She urged. She honestly couldn't remember the last time a guy could make her feel this way in bed. She was actually happy for picking him as her fuck buddy.

"Your wish is my command, my queen." He teased before he started to do his ministration all over again. Before Caroline could process what he was doing with his fingers, he had stuck in two inside her. Caroline cried out in pleasure as she let her head drop on the pillow.

"Oh god!" She exclaimed. Klaus began to move his fingers inside her as he pulled them out, just to stuck them in again. "Fuck, why are you so good at this?!" She stated more to herself. He smiled before he duck his head closer to her folds, giving them more attention. He deliciously sucked on them.

"I'm so close." She cried out while she roughly grabbed his hair, urging him to quicken his movements. Sadly for her, Klaus had other plans. He suddenly stopped as he pulled his fingers out of her.

Caroline opened her eyes as anger began to fill her. How could he do that to her? It was not fair; she wasn't that cruel with him!

"What the fuck Klaus?!" She quickly sat up, ready to fight with him, but stopped when she saw him licking his fingers.

"Delicious." He hummed out. Caroline blushed a little at his statement as she looked away from him. Klaus shook his head with a small smile. He moved closer to her, grabbing her chin and moving it so she would look at him. He then closed their space with a kiss, bringing her down to lay flat on the bed once again. He pulled away to look at her. "Condom?" He asked.

"Of course! What type of question is-"

"Caroline.." He interrupted while chuckling. "I meant to ask if you have one." Caroline closed her eyes, feeling like the most stupid and retarded person alive. Of course he was asking for one and not asking if she wanted to use one.

"Oh, yeah, right." She mumbled pushing him away in a playful matter before stretching herself to open the night stands' drawer. She grabbed one condom from the filled cabinet and then she turned to look at him. He had a confused expression on his face. "What?" She questioned while shrugging.

"You have a box filled with condoms because you knew this would happen?" He asked pointing towards the night stand. Caroline shook her head as she giggled.

"No, what the fuck." She replied. "I keep boxes of condoms in every know for precautions." She explained. Klaus smirked with a malicious glint as he stared at her.

"Every cabinet?" He restated. "You must have had unusual boyfriends with different ways of having sex just to alter the mood, right?" She licked her lips while looking down.

"Actually...I was the creep." She responded. "I just wanted adventurous sex, not only plain old, bed sex." She added moving closer towards him.

"And did any of those guys fulfill your fantasy?" He had to ask. She moved her eyebrows, sighing, as she ripped the condom package open.

"Not really. They were all too..."

"Dull, clueless, idiotic-"

"Hey!" She chuckled. "They were just not in to that type of stuff." She added. Klaus took the condom away from her hand.

"Well, I can make that happen." He offered. "We are having pleasurable sex, why not make it adventurous." He placed the condom on before he straddle her. She felt his hard member near her sensitive area, making her become even more wet.

"That would be nice." She breathed. "Although, the pleasurable sex is still a mystery. So far it has been good...let's just see how really good you...ooh!" She moaned, closing her eyes as Klaus filled her in. 'Oh god!' She thought while grabbing on to his broad shoulders. He grabbed one of her legs, placing it on his waist as he kept going in deeper. "OH!" She cried out.

He then began to move out of her, painfully slow, before pushing in again. He began with a slow rhythmic movement, as he kept a hold on her hips, urging her to move. Caroline was at a total bliss, she couldn't think straight. This guy must have been a huge player back home, because no one was that good at sex without having practice. Once she regained her consciousness, she began to move along with him.

" it fast and hard." She whispered near his ear, sending shivers down his spine. He placed his hands on the sides of her head, to keep him up as Caroline wrapped her legs on his waist. He moved his cock out until it reached the tip before plunging himself in, hard. His movements weren't slow anymore, they were faster, a lot faster. Her moans and his groans were heard all throughout her apartment.

"Nibble on my neck." He stated in hoarse voice. She grabbed on to his neck, bringing him closer before she placed her lips on his neck. She licked his soft skin, giving it small kisses and sucking on it. "Yeah, that's the spot." He commented with a groan. The bed creaked under their activities, it almost sounded as if it were to break from the intensity.

"Go into the right." She ordered almost out of breath before she continued on her movements on his neck. Klaus did as he was told, making Caroline drop her head on the bed, yelling out in pleasure. His only thought on the matter was that he had found her g-spot. He kept moving in that same direction, letting her have her pleasure. She clawed her finger nails on to his back, trying to torture him for giving her such feeling. "Oh Klaus!" She moaned. "Keep goi...just kee-" She couldn't form coherent words. The only thing she could say out loud, clearly, was his name. Klaus felt her get tight, as hot liquid began to move around his cock. "Ah!" She whimpered as she had her orgasm.

It didn't take Klaus that long before he came as well, pushing into her hard and keeping it in for a while. He then moved out of her completely, pecking her one last time on her lips and collapsing next to her. "You were saying, sweetheart?" He cockily asked out of breath, eying her with a teasing look. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she tried to normalize her breathing.

"You are such a cocky asshole." She commented with a grin while pulling the covers over her. He chuckled moving out of the bed.

"Good night Caroline." He stated. "If you want to have some 'unpleasing sex', just give me a call." He ducked, dodging the pillow she had thrown.

"Keep being cocky about it, and I will have to find myself a new fuck buddy." She threatened while pointing a finger at him. He held his hands up in defeat.

"No! Please don't! What will I do without sex!?" He mocked. She glared at him with a raised eyebrow. "I am just joking around, love. I don't think any other women would compare to this."

"Watch out for falling for me Mikaelson. I am very charming, and I can sneak my way inside your heart." She teased with a goofy smile, but was actually speaking in double meaning.

"Same to you Forbes." He replied, pointing at her. "Now, rest and I'll see you at work tomorrow."

"Alright. Goodnight." She responded. Klaus turned the lights off as he walked out of the room. He placed himself inside his clothes once again before he left her apartment with a smile.

"Morning!" Caroline greeted as she passed every person in her law firm. She had a radiant smile on her face as she practically skipped along the hallway. Katherine, her best friend, quickly stood up, following her all the way into her office. She shut the door behind her, looking at Caroline with a knowing look.

"You had sex." She bluntly stated. Caroline's eyes widened as she looked at her.

"What?" She gasped. "No! No, no, no. no, no, no..." She shook her head while giggling.

"That small laugh, helps you with nothing Care!" She pointed out, running towards the desk. "Tell me, everything!"

"What is there to tell Kat?" She asked.

"Don't play coy missy!" She gave her a pointed look. "I know that look; that look is of a person who had mind-blowing sex!" She expressed, moving her hands away from her head like if it were an explosion. Caroline covered her mouth to suppress the laugh that was coming out of her.

"Oh god!" She cried out. "Why do you have to have such a perverted mind, Kat?"

"It's not perverted Care, it is just...different and more sexy." She replied, moving from behind the desk and going towards Caroline. "Now tell me everything about that hot session you had last night, and with who!" She urged until Caroline gave in. She slumped back on her chair, letting out a big huff.

"Yes, Katherine, I did have mind-blowing sex with someone!" She beamed as a high school girl who had just gotten her first kiss, with a sarcastic tone. She couldn't let anyone know about her agreement with Klaus. Katherine would instantly think that she is going to start to feel something for him and she really didn't want someone to tell her that. She knew that she wouldn't feel anything for Klaus, yes he was charming, but he wasn't the type she saw herself with.

Katherine smirked while she went to sit down on the desk. Her feet dangled as she placed her hands on the edge of the table. "Really?!" She questioned with so much interest. Caroline's smile faded while shaking her head.

"No of course not!" She replied. Katherine pouted, stepping off of the desk.

"You are such a cruel girl!" She sneered, walking around the desk. "Then why are you in such a good mood?!" Caroline looked down, not knowing what to answer. What could she possibly say to explain why she is in such great mood?

"Um-" She thought hard, until it finally came to her. How could she be so stupid to forget about the good news she had just found out this morning. "-my mom is out of the hospital. She is all healed from that horrible shot she got during work."

"Oh my gosh! This is good news!" Kat exclaimed. Ms. Forbes was like a mother to Katherine; she was also very worried about her. Once she heard that she was out of the hospital, she felt this great relief.

"I know, that is why I'm so happy!" She replied, scooting her chair closer to the desk. Katherine looked at her hesitantly.

"I am still looking into that." She said before she walked out of her office. Caroline let a loud breath come out as she grabbed the papers on her desk. She had a case to work on, and she had to clear her mind out of everything and just start working.

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