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Two days had passed since Inuyasha had used the Wind Scar and injured Sesshomaru. For two days they waited. It was awkward at first - Inuyasha and his group were wary of Nohime, even though she was well guarded by Sesshomaru's soldiers. Totosai and Myoga luckily quickly bonded with the others, and while shy at first, Sesshomaru's pups also warmed up to their uncle and his friends.

But the waiting was starting to get old.

Everyone was seated around the fire they had started and kept going. Miroku was playing a card game (courtesy of Kagome) with Totosai and Myoga (or trying to - the two youkai were struggling to grasp the rules). Sango and Kirara sat by the three children who were keeping themselves entertained with drawing. Inuyasha simply sat crosslegged and stared at the fire. Nohime sat secluded from the rest, her demeanor chilly. Her guards did not leave her side.

Inuyasha, who was already frustrated, finally relented and jumped up. "That's it, I'm going to look for them."

All eyes belonging to those sitting around the fire turned to him.

"That's not a good idea, Inuyasha," Miroku stated. "They are probably already on the way. We don't want to get separated."

Inuyasha huffed. "I'll smell them! It's fine."

Sango shook her head. "Be patient, Inuyasha. I'm sure they are fine."

Inuyasha opened his mouth to argue further, but stopped when he heard a noise in the distance. His ears perked, and with a sniff he picked up three scents coming towards them.

"Finally!" he bellowed just as Sesshomaru and Kagome emerged from the forest, followed by a young human girl. Inuyasha trotted up to them, and much to the shock of everyone present, held out his hand towards his brother. Sesshomaru looked down at it and frowned. Kagome was also confused, but then she saw the determined look on Inuyasha's face and it clicked. She smiled and nudged her mate-to-be with her elbow.

Sesshomaru blinked, glanced at Kagome, then turned back to his brother. Inuyasha's gaze was intense, a strong emotion burning behind his golden eyes. Determination. Acceptance. An apology. Sesshomaru had never thought a day like this would arrive. But here it was. So, with a small smirk, he reached out and grasped his half-brother's hand.

"Brothers," Inuyasha hummed. "Might not like you much, but Kagome chose you. And she's my sister. Always have been, always will be."

Sesshomaru gave a slight nod of his head, while Kagome wiped some tears from her eyes.

Shippo and the pups scurried over and all gave Kagome a tight hug. Mayu, however, separated after a few seconds and moved to her father to embrace him as well. He patted her head in return.

Shippo was the first to notice Rin behind them, nervously digging her toes into the dirt. "Who is she?"

Kagome glanced behind her at Rin and smiled. She motioned for the girl to come over and knelt down so she was level with all the children. "This is Rin. She just lost her whole village, so she will be staying with us."

Rin blushed at all the attention that was now on her.

"Rin," Kagome continued, "these are my children: Shippo, Mamoru and Mayu. Your siblings from now on."

"Hi!" Shippo greeted excitedly. Mamoru mumbled a small 'hello', while Mayu just waved quickly and then returned to clinging to Sesshomaru's leg.

"I hope you three will look out for her," Kagome said.

"Of course!" Shippo exclaimed. He skipped forward and grasped Rin's hand. "Come on, I'll show you the crayons Kagome got us."

Rin allowed the young youkai to drag her towards the fire, her face very red and some wetness in the corners of her eyes. The pups followed. Kagome smiled at the sight.

"What happened to her village?" Inuyasha asked once the children were back by Sango's side.

"Wolves," was the curt reply from Sesshomaru. "Youkai most likely. A pack is settled near here - this is their territory."

Kagome frowned while Inuyasha pursed his lips.

"This is technically still the West," Kagome stated. "You allow your vassals to terrorize humans?"

The two inu-youkai brothers stared at Kagome wide-eyed.

Sesshomaru sighed. "This is the West, yes, but my father made an agreement with the wolves. We leave each other alone mostly."

Kagome huffed. "Not good enough. They killed innocents! Massacred a whole village! With children!"

"Kagome," Inuyasha began, hoping to calm her, but she simply glared at him. He gulped and backed down.

"We are going back to that village," Kagome demanded. "We will bury those poor souls the wolves murdered. They deserve a proper burial."

Sesshomaru looked annoyed, but he knew arguing with Kagome would be pointless. So he relented. "Very well. But then we must make haste. I don't want to see Nohime's face longer than I already have to."

"Agreed," Kagome hummed. "But once we deliver Nohime to her mother, I want an audience with whoever leads the pack of wolves."

"What for?" Inuyasha asked, flabbergasted.

Kagome crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. "To give him a piece of my mind!"