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Desperate Decisions Part 1

Archeological dig on Dozaria III

Luna Class Explorer

USS Triton

"Captains Log, Stardate 43254.7. USS Triton, Captain Jack O'Neill commanding. We are nearing the end of our five year mission and have nearly completed mapping the vast expanse beyond the Tholian Assembly and the Cardassian Union. Things have been quiet since the supernova destroyed Romulus and Remus. The Klingons expanded their territory deep into what used to be the Romulan Star Empire. Solidifying their hold on the newly annexed territory has kept them busy and off of everyone's radar for the moment."

"There has been no word from the Dominion since the war. With the reinforced fleet now at Bajor, we should have plenty of warning should they decide to try another push into the Alpha Quadrant. Bajor has officially joined the Federation and with assistance from other Federation worlds, the Bajorans have erased all evidence of the Cardassian Occupation other than memory and history."

"We have returned to Dozaria III to continue excavating and cataloging some interesting artifacts from a long dead civilization that Dr. Daniel Jackson began a couple of months ago. Dr. Jackson, our resident archeologist, has determined that most of the more interesting finds did not originate in this galaxy. How they came to be here and what their purpose was, we can only guess at."

"Daniel will be staying on to assist the full team of experts that the USS Titan will be bringing in next week. Myself and the crew of the Triton, will be returning to Earth for a much needed rest and refit on key systems. Captain Riker assures me he will take care of Dr. Jackson and keep him out of trouble while his crew sets up the outpost and laboratory to further study the artifacts. I think tomorrow I'll beam down and see for myself some of the artifacts that Daniel has been telling me about."

Captain O'Neill sat back and rubbed his face with both hands before ending the log for the day. "Computer, end and save log."

Captain O'Neill got up and walked out of his ready room and onto the bridge. The turbolift doors opened to allow the night bridge officer onto the bridge as well. Lt. Commander Louis Ferretti walked through the doors and approached the command chair.

O'Neill wasn't on duty but he stopped to talk to Ferretti before heading to his quarters. "Another boring day in orbit huh Captain?"

Captain O'Neill nodded his head. "Yes, yes it was. But I like quiet and boring for now. The war was hell. I'm just glad we came through it in one piece. Well, have a good shift and I hope it's slow and boring for you."

The Captain said as he entered the turbolift to allow Ferretti and his Executive Officer, Commander Charles Kawalsky to do their shift hand over.

Once Jack made it to his quarters, it didn't take him long to fall asleep. He had told Ferretti he liked the quiet and boring days. In reality they were wearing him out and he was longing for some action of some kind. He had never been one for sitting around and doing nothing which is why he had decided to beam down to the planet and see what Dr. Jackson was doing.

The next morning after a hard workout on the holodeck and breakfast, Captain O'Neill beamed down to the dig site. He had called Dr. Jackson before leaving the ship so Daniel was waiting for him at the beam down site.

"Well hello Jack, what do I owe this visit to?" Jack smiled "I was bored Daniel and wanted to see what cool toys you might have found." Daniel frowned a bit. "Nothing cool yet, at least not what you would think is cool, here I'll show you."

He said as he walked toward a table with several different artifacts lying on it. "Most of what we have found so far appears to have been subjected to a massive explosion of some kind. This for example," he pointed at a large piece of rock with a carved symbol on it,

"Is made of an element that has never been recorded anywhere that we know of in the galaxy. There are several other similar pieces that may have formed a large ring about five meters in diameter but not all have been found yet." He moved down to another table.

"This table contains several smooth stones that seem to be nothing more than pretty paper weights. Most of them have large chips out of them or are broken in half completely. They do seem to emit a very low subspace signature but we aren't quite sure what they do."

Jack picked up one that was completely smooth and rolled it in his hand. It felt like a polished stone as he rubbed his thumb across the surface gently. "You said it emits a very low type of subspace energy. Is it dangerous?" Daniel shook his head confidently.

"No sir, they are not harmful in any way that we can find." Jack shrugged when he heard that. "Mind if I take it back to my ready room? I think it would look cool on my desk." Daniel just shrugged. "I don't think it would hurt anything. That seems to be about the only one not damaged other than these two." He pointed to the other two undamaged stones.

Jack thanked Daniel and beamed back to the ship. He activated the captain's log and placed the smooth stone on the right front of his desk. The rest of the week went by just as uneventful as the last week had. Daniel had found more artifacts that could not be explained. They seemed to have built by a highly advanced race.

Daniel had a theory that it might have been an outpost of the race the Federation knew as the Preservers but nothing had been proven yet. The only thing of consequence during the week was Jack had been having some very weird dreams.

Sometimes they showed what looked like a large, heavily secured base deep under a mountain. In others he saw a large ring like Daniel had described with glowing symbols on it. Sometimes he saw what looked like the surface of water inside the ring.

The dreams seemed so real to Jack that they seemed like he was in the dream doing all these things personally. One dream had a funny looking little man that kept calling O'Neill young? It also had a floating city with what looked like a giant dragonfly buzzing close to it. Another dream has Jack falling for a beautiful woman that hugs him and causes a weird looking cut to appear on his stomach. The dreams disturb him so bad he actually finds himself heading to the ship counselor's office one morning after a particularly bad one. He had woken up screaming and looking at his chest.

In the dream he was seeing himself as a leader of a team in a secret government project that some crazy Senator had shut down. While Congress (or at least the committee that knew of its existence) was debating on the program, a large ship of some kind attacked Earth.

There were two of them actually and they looked like huge golden pyramids with some type of lattice work around their base. One of the bad parts of the dream and the part that really bothered him was there were no starships or orbital defenses to fight off the invading ships.

The few defenders he did see in the dream were using old style percussion weapons or missiles. The fighter planes that tried to defend Earth were old aerial jets using projectile cannons and missiles. The attacking fighters destroyed them easily with a type of energy cannon.

It was like something out of an old holonovel about an alien invasion in the 20th century or something. The worst part of all was the reason he woke himself screaming. He had been crouched down behind a makeshift barricade firing at men in metal armor that were shooting back at him with what looked like a staff.

Carter had already been hit with one of the blasts and was lying on the floor with her eyes closed. He didn't know if she was alive or dead but the burnt flesh on her side didn't look good. Some large, heavily muscled man with a gold symbol on his forehead was crouched beside him shooting a staff weapon back at the armored attackers.

The part that had Jack looking at his chest was when one of the armored attackers appeared in an adjacent hallway and shot O'Neill at an oblique angle directly in the chest. The last thing he saw before he woke himself screaming was the large man looking over his shoulder as he retreated from the now untenable position.

"Captain, this is an unusual pleasure. It's not every day that I get a visit from you." The counselor stated as Captain O'Neill walked through the door of her office.

"Well Counselor, I wasn't going to bother you but I've been having some very disturbing dreams lately. Last night was the worst so far. I saw myself defending against some alien invasion on Earth. I didn't do so well either. The last thing I saw before I woke myself screaming was me getting blasted in the chest with some sort of energy weapon. The weird thing about it was I could actually feel the burning from the blast and I thought I could smell a faint odor of charred flesh."

The ship's counselor pushed a small button on her desk that locked her door and showed a sign above the door that said do not disturb. "Captain, start from the beginning and tell me everything."

So Jack started from the time he beamed down to check on the dig site until the moment he walked through her door.

"That is a bit strange. I have plenty of patients that have dreams but none that are as vivid and life like as yours. You said the dreams didn't start until after you came back from the dig. Do you think you were affected by being around the ruins of a long dead civilization?"

Jack thought about that for a bit. "I don't think so. It's not the first time I've stood in the ruins of some long dead and forgotten race." The counselor sat quiet for a minute.

"But it is the first time you've brought an artifact back from one of those long dead races. You did say Daniel told you it was emitting a low subspace signal. You might want to have Lieutenant Carter take a look at that stone, just to be safe. In the meantime I can prescribe a neural inhibitor that will suppress your dreams for awhile and see how you feel in a week or so if you like."

O'Neill thought about it too for a bit. "Yeah Doc, I think you're right about the stone, I'll get Carter on it immediately. The neural inhibiter will be nice as well. I need to get some sleep and hopefully straighten out before we get back to Earth."

Jack left the counselor's office as soon as she handed him the neural inhibiters and headed to his ready room. Once he reached there, he picked up the stone and tapped his combadge. "Captain O'Neill to Lieutenant Carter, report to my ready room please." He heard a click and then Carter's voice, "On my way Captain."Carter said before the comline went silent.

When Carter arrived he explained the situation and what he wanted her to do. After a week of scans and tests, Lt. Carter asked the Captain to meet her in the Astrometrics lab.

Sam greeted him as the doors to the Astrometrics lab opened with a slight swoosh. "Hello Captain, I think I've discovered what happened with the stone and why you started having those dreams. I had to go back through the ships sensor logs from the time you first touched it until the time you went to the Counselor."

O'Neill kept quiet as she continued to explain her findings. "The day you picked up the stone, the ships sensors registered a slight increase in subspace energy." She pointed to the screen in the front of the lab.

"As you can see, it was literally a subspace beam aimed directly at Earth. The strange thing is, it didn't reach Earth." She tapped a control on the interface in front of her that zoomed in at the point the beam disappeared.

"Right here, it completely disappears. But if you remember your quantum physics studies in the Academy, that is physically impossible so I ran a couple of different tests. From what I have found, it didn't disappear; it cut through the dimensional barrier and passed into a completely different universe."

Jack's jaw dropped and it took him a minute or so to recover. "Are you telling me that I was dreaming what was happening to another me in another universe?" He asked still a bit dumbstruck. "That's exactly what I'm saying Sir." She let this sink in before finishing.

"Since you said you saw him, "yourself", being shot and dying, I looked a little deeper. The day you went to see the counselor, the subspace connection for lack of a better word was severed. The stone has some small residual trace of the subspace link but that's all."

She tapped in a couple of more commands on the console and the screen changed. "Here are the current sensor readings around the ship. The link you saw on the previous image is gone. I don't think you will be having any more dreams. Well at least not like the ones you have been having."

O'Neill sat quietly for a few moments. "So if the link is severed, does that mean the other me is dead?" Carter nodded slightly. "I'm sorry, but I believe so Sir." Jack sighed slightly. "Ok Lieutenant, thank you for helping me figure this out. Please send me a complete copy of your entire investigation. Starfleet Command will want to look into this further I'm sure."

Carter was right again he thought as he headed toward the turbolift. Captain O'Neill had stopped taking the neural inhibiters and had experienced no more dreams. He would move on with his life and try not to let it bother him too much.

The turbolift doors opened to allow him onto the bridge. Kawalsky started to get up from the Command Chair. O'Neill held his hand up to motion his second in command to stay seated. "That's alright Charlie. I have a report to send off to Starfleet. I'll be in my ready room if you need me."

Once he sat down at his desk he pulled up the report Carter had compiled for him. He added his own insights and thoughts then sent the entire report to Starfleet Command in a priority one message. He just had a nasty feeling something was wrong and he had always listened to his gut feelings.

Six months later and Captain O'Neill was beginning to think he was just getting old and paranoid. He still had that gut feeling that something wasn't right but nothing had happened at all in the last six months.

Daniel had returned to the Triton after he had finished his part of the dig on Dozaria III. Jack had sent Daniel a copy of Sam's report and Dr. Jackson had confirmed that all the artifacts of interest had a quantum signature not of their universe. Little did Captain O'Neill realize that things were much worse than he could ever imagine.

Stargate Universe

Six months after Apophis has conquered Earth

Ba'al had made a deal with Apophis to trade for an artifact found in Area 51 on Earth. Apophis had no scientific interest in most of the things he acquired during the conquest. He felt Earth artifacts were insignificant if he had only needed two Ha'tak Motherships to completely subjugate the entire planet.

He really thought Ba'al was an idiot to trade a year's worth of Naquadah from his highest producing mines for a silly mirror. But then again, among the male hosts of the Goa'uld, Ba'al was probably the most vain.

What had enraged Apophis the most about the entire attack was that he had failed to capture the Shol'va (traitor) Teal'c. Teal'c had escaped in a stolen cargo ship along with Bra'tac who had also turned Shol'va.

Ba'al had been studying what he knew to be a Quantum Mirror. He had seen references to its function in the databanks of one of the worlds he had helped conquer. The System Lords were always fighting amongst each other for power and prestige but every now and then, they would join forces to deal with a threat that was too large for any one System Lord to defeat.

After the war, Ba'al had scoured the ruins in search of anything he could use to his advantage against the other System Lords. Ba'al was just as arrogant as the other System Lords, he just considered himself to be much smarter than any of them.

The humans they had fought on the planet he found the data were relatively advanced compared even to the humans of Earth. They had developed Starships that had given Kali all she could handle alone so she had called for the System Lords to unite and assist her in putting them down.

The destruction of their world and colonies had been so complete, it had take Ba'al months of searching to find anything useful. The references to the Quantum Mirror were useless until he heard through some of his spies that Apophis had found one when he conquered Earth.

Now Ba'al had the mirror in his position and he planned to use it to become the Supreme System Lord as Ra had been.

Ba'al was cycling through different views in the mirror with the control device when he noticed a strange looking being staring at him intently. He moved closer to better see this very strange looking creature. It was humanoid, average height, pasty white skin, black hair, deep Blue eyes, and some strange looking ridges that ran up from the chin to the ears on each side of his face.

The being turned toward someone Ba'al could not see to the side of the mirror, another being stepped in front of the mirror carrying some type of rifle. The second being was also pasty white with spikes all over his face.

There was some kind of tube running from his chest to the side of his neck, this being stepped toward the mirror. Ba'al never took his eyes off of the advancing Soldier. "Jaffa, Kree."

Four Jaffa that were standing to either side of the doorway turned toward the mirror with their staff weapons leveled at the mirror. The instant the spike faced Soldier stepped through the mirror and into the room, four staff blasts slammed into his chest, killing him instantly.

Ba'al smiled at the other being looking through the mirror in utter shock. "Jaffa, Kree Tal shak!" Three of the four Jaffa jumped through the mirror and took the startled being on the other side prisoner.

Ba'al smiled in satisfaction before turning to a table at his side and picking up a container with a cloned Goa'uld symbiont of himself floating inside. He then gave the remaining Jaffa orders to bring more Jaffa to the lab before stepping through the mirror.

Star Trek Universe

Research Lab in Dominion Space

One of the three Jaffa held the pale man down while the other two guarded the door. The little man was whining about someone called the Founders and how they were going to make him regret ever invading their territory.

Ba'al smiled before replying. "I don't think so my pale friend. Once you are properly introduced to my friend here, I think you will be singing a different tune as the people of the Tauri used to say." With that he opened the container to allow the symbiont out.

The snake like creature jumped out of the container and dove into the mouth of the pale little man. "Normally we enter through the back of the neck but I don't want any visual scars that might give away our presence before I am ready."

The pale man screamed as the symbiont tore through the lining at the back of his throat and began integrating itself into his spinal column and brain stem.

A short time later the pale man's eyes flashed yellow and he relaxed. "Release me Jaffa."

Once the Jaffa released the now Ba'al controlled Weyoun, he stood up and brushed himself off and turns to the other Ba'al.

"Well Brother, this is an interesting development. This species is called Vorta and that," he points to the dead spike faced Soldier, "is what is called a Jem'Hadar. It seems both species are genetically designed and cloned by a race called Founders. We won't be able to take the Founders as hosts as they are shape shifters and their natural state is a sort of liquid. They will have to be destroyed for our plan to succeed. This is a most opportune development. Their technology is far superior to that of the Goa'uld except their means of star travel. It seems to be much slower than our hyperdrive. We won't need more Jaffa, the Jem'Hadar are basically their version of Jaffa. They will follow my orders to the letter and will never know that Weyoun no longer has control. Go back home Brother, I have work to do."

Over the next few months, Ba'al/Weyoun worked to progress his goals of destroying the Founders and acquiring the technology to become the Supreme System Lord. He had cloned hundreds of Ba'al symbionts and implanted them in Vorta and Jem'Hadar alike. He had traveled to the original homeworld of the Founders to search through the ruins of the destroyed Obsidian Order and Tal Shiar ships.

He had recovered enough pieces from the wreckage to build a working cloaking device that was much more efficient than the cloaks the Goa'uld used. It didn't take him long to begin building and modifying Dominion warships with the cloaking device.

He then began building hyperspace engines for the same ships. Soon, not even the vaunted Asgard would be able to stop him. He would discover a way to take whole fleets back to his universe.

He would first subjugate the Goa'uld, and then turn his attention to the cursed Asgard. But he had to solidify his hold on this universe before anything else. Ba'al/Weyoun turned toward the First of the Jem'Hadar running his ship.

"First, plot a course for Romulan space, drop out of hyperspace at the edge of their system, cloak the ship and proceed at warp. They have something the Founders think they should not have. It is our mission to take it from them and make sure they are never able to produce it again."

First bowed low and crossed his closed fist across his chest. "Yes Weyoun. It is my honor to serve the Founders. With that, the Jem'Hadar Battleship turned and opened a window into hyperspace.

Ba'al/Weyoun had pieced together enough data from several Tal Shiar ships to know they were working on something called Red Matter. It was a VERY volatile substance that he just had to control.

The Romulan defenses around their most secret facility didn't stand a chance when a massive Jem'Hadar Battleship seemed to appear out of nowhere and launch an attack with its Phased Polaron Cannons.

The beams sliced through the Romulan ships like their shields weren't even there. Soon the research facility was crawling with Jem'Hadar Soldiers. First and his squad found the Red Matter storage vault as instructed.

They had a specially modified gravity sled to haul the container out to an awaiting shuttle. They loaded the Red Matter and within minutes of the attack, the Battleship turned back toward Dominion space and entered hyperspace.

Ba'al/Weyoun's first target was the Founders new homeworld. He lured the guarding fleet into leaving the system at warp (he hadn't modified those ships yet) with a false sensor contact showing multiple Federation and Klingon fleets about to attack the system. There was no one left to beam the Founders to safety when the Red Matter was launched into the sun.

The subspace shockwave from the collapsing star hit the Founders Homeworld in less than fifteen minutes from the time the Supernova occurred. He would claim the Federation and Klingons destroyed the fleet and the founders while being destroyed by the supernova they created and underestimated.

It was the perfect plan to further his plans of dominating this galaxy as well as his own. What he didn't count on was missing the warp trail of another cloaked ship that had been tracking the abnormal sensor readings from the Red Matter.

Captain Benjamin Sisko sat in the command chair of the USS Defiant trying to figure out what the hell Weyoun was up to. The Defiant was cloaked and had been tracking the Red Matter since the Jem'Hadar Battleship had torn open the very fabric of space and emerged seemingly from nowhere. Commander Jadzia Dax was wrinkling her nose in a way that Sisko could tell she was confused. "What's wrong Old Man? You look confused about something."

The lovely young woman looked up at her old friend. "I guess you could say I am Benjamin. I'm getting readings telling me that Weyoun is carrying a Symbiont but it definitely isn't a Trill Symbiont. I can't make heads or tails as to what it actually is."

Captain Sisko got up and walked over to her console. "Show me." Was all he said. As Dax started to bring up her sensor readings she got a frightened look on her face. "Oh hell, Benjamin, the Battleship just launched something into the sun then jumped to warp."

Sisko turned and looked toward the main viewscreen where he could see the star begin to collapse. "Helm, get us out of here, maximum warp. Dax, you record everything you can on that supernova." He barely made it back to the command chair before the lithe little ship spun on its side and jumped to warp just in time to escape the subspace shockwave that destroyed everything else in the system.

Captain Sisko had Dax compile all of her sensor readings then added his thoughts to the report before sending it off to Starfleet Command. He was extremely disturbed by what he had witnessed and deeply afraid the Federation would soon be under attack. The Defiant was nearing the entrance to the wormhole when Dax looked up.

"Captain, we are receiving a priority one message from Starfleet Command." Captain Sisko stood up. "I'll take it in the ready Room. Dax you have the Bridge."

He entered the Ready Room and took a seat at his desk. As the message was routed to his console he set back a bit in surprise as Admiral Janeway's face appeared on the screen. "Hello Admiral, what can I do for you?"

He could tell by the look of the Admiral's face that he wasn't going to like the answer to that question.

"Ben. I need you to find that Battleship and scan it as close as you can. I have sent you an encrypted file for your eyes only. The only thing you are allowed to tell any of your crew is the Quantum Resonance Frequency we need you to scan for. Do not, I repeat do not attempt to engage the ship in any way. If you locate that frequency, you are to send a databurst back to us with all of the scans you have then delete the record of them from your databanks."

As Captain Sisko tried to protest, Admiral Janeway cut him off. "I know you don't like it Ben, but we have no choice. If our suspicions are correct, this involves the security of not only the Federation but the entire galaxy. You have your orders, Janeway out."

Ben Sisko rubbed his face with both hands before downloading the frequency into the computer. He then took a deep breath and made his way back onto the Bridge. "Dax, can you locate that Battleship and track it still?" Dax looked up. "Yes I can Benjamin; as long as they continue to carry the Red Matter I can track them from across the quadrant."

Sisko sat down in the command chair with a deep sigh. "You'll find a Quantum Resonance Frequency that I just loaded to the computer. We need to get close enough to scan for that frequency and if we find it we are to immediately send a databurst of the entire sensor log back to Starfleet Command." With that, the chase was on.

It took the crew of the Defiant almost a week to finally catch up to the Battleship they had been tracking. They would be closing in on it and then it would just disappear and not long afterward, would appear again at an impossible distance.

Dax had been able to get some long range scans of the ship but could not detect the frequency they were looking for at that distance. She was able to determine something else though. "Benjamin, I think you need to take a look at this."

Captain Sisko walked up to see the screen she was indicating. "What have you found Dax?" She pulled up sensor readings from the first encounter with the Battleship. "Do you remember the way the ship just seemed to emerge from a tear in space?"

She asked as she looked at her oldest living friend. "Yes, it was like it just tore a hole in space and flew through it." He stated. "Well I think that's exactly what it did. Years ago, Trill and Vulcan scientists toyed with the idea of a different type of Faster Than Light travel to replace warp drive. They called it hyperspace travel. But they were never able to get it to work. I think Weyoun has figured out what the brightest minds of two ancient races could not."

She let the ramifications of that sink in. "Captain, if he has perfected hyperspace travel, there isn't a race in this galaxy that can counter it."

Ba'al/Weyoun had been working to solidify his control of the forces of the Dominion. He had spread the word of the combined "Federation and Klingon" attack that had destroyed the Founders and the fleet guarding them.

His plan was almost finished. He had ordered two Jem'Hadar attack ships be refitted with cloaking devices and hyperspace engines. He had installed a launch tube that would launch the newly finished micro-torpedo. The new torpedo had a special containment chamber designed to hold Red Matter and release it upon entering a star or planetary crust.

The two attack ships had just jumped into hyperspace when he noticed something odd on his sensor interface. When he focused the full sensor array of the Battleship (which included special tachyon sensors) he realized he was looking at a cloaked ship. He refined the sensitivity until he could see it was his (Weyoun's) old friend Benjamin Sisko. He laughed as he activated his companel.

"Oh Benjamin, I can see you. Now why would you be skulking around in Dominion Space spying on me?" He waited for a minute to see if he would receive and response. "Oh come now Captain. Don't be rude, you know the Dominion has always been able to see through your cloaking device. I have refined the sensors even more. He looked over to his Jem'Hadar First.

"Fire two torpedoes on either side of the Defiant and the main cannons on the other two sides." The First growled and challenged the Vorta. "Why do you want me to waste energy? Why not simply destroy them?"

Ba'al/Weyoun turned hard and cold. "Where would be the fun it that?" And shot the First in the face with a Polaron pistol. "Second," he yelled to the Jem'Hadar Second, "you are now First. Do not make the mistakes your predecessor did and question my orders."

The newly promoted First bowed deeply at the waist and crossed his fist on his chest. "Yes Weyoun, I understand." First then turned and fired the torpedoes and main cannons as he was ordered. As the Polaron weapons passed on all sides of the ship, Captain Sisko jumped into action.

"Launch stealth probes, send the databurst, drop the cloak, raise shields, and power weapons. We need to keep that Battleship occupied long enough for one of the probes to make it out of the system and transmit the databurst. He's jamming our transmissions from here just like I thought he would. Dax, are we close enough to scan for that frequency?"

Dax's hands flew over her console complying with her Captains orders. "Yes Benjamin. The frequency is a match, downloading all sensor data into the probes, launching probes and decoys."

The small but powerful warship decloaked and prepared for battle. Once all the probes were away, Sisko gave the attack order. "Attack pattern Omega 3, let's see how much time we can buy those probes." With that order the Defiant shot forward and rolled hard to the port side and under the Battleship firing quantum torpedoes and pulse cannon as fast as it could.

Ba'al/Weyoun shook his head sadly. "Ah Benjamin, you disappoint me. You are no match for this ship even before I added the modifications. Destroy him First."

First obeyed his orders and opened fire with the newer weapons on the Battleship. The newly installed plasma cannon opened fire with terrifying power slamming into the much smaller warship and swatting it across space like a fly.

Inside the Defiant consoles exploded, sparks, and bodies flew around the bridge. "Shields down to twelve percent, warp engines offline, impulse engines offline, phasers offline, hell the only thing left are the torpedo tubes and guidance thrusters!"

Chief O'Brien yelled over the sound of battle. Sisko didn't hesitate. "Evasive pattern Epsilon 5, fire all torpedoes! We have to buy more time!" The battered starship continued to spew torpedoes as fast as the tubes would reload. It danced across the stars like a wild bronco on guidance thrusters trying to avoid the deadly touch of the Battleships weapons.

Just as the Battleships shields began to fail, a spread of Polaron torpedoes shot out of the launch tubes of the Battleship and struck the Defiant on its already weakened shields. The tough little warship couldn't take any more and exploded in a bright fireball as one of the torpedoes breached the warp core. But the brave crew had done their jobs. One probe managed to get outside the jamming field and transmit the databurst to Starfleet Command.

Three days later, every ship Starfleet and the Klingon Empire could rally were in orbit around their respective homeworlds. They were hoping to be able to stop the attack ships before they could launch their deadly cargo. It was to no avail.

Their fleets were able to destroy the ships but not before they launched their modified, warp capable torpedoes. Neither fleet had fully understood the capability of hyperspace travel. So neither fleet was prepared to stop a ship exiting hyperspace almost in the star's corona. The only thing the amassed fleets could do was beam as many people as they could handle onto the ships then jump to warp before both the Sol and Qo'noS stars went supernova.

The Federation and the mighty Klingon Empire were no more. Sure there were survivors, but they were a broken people now, at least for the most part. There were those that the destruction of their home systems just enraged. One such person was Captain Jack O'Neill.

The Triton had been in Earth orbit when the attack came. As it turned out, the Triton had been the closest to the exit point of the Jem'Hadar attack ship. Even as fast as Jack had ordered the firing of all weapons that could lock onto the ship, it wasn't fast enough.

He had been totally shocked by the ship coming in that close to the sun. Because of the gravity well of the sun, a ship equipped with warpdrive could have never pulled off a successful attack. But the Jem'Hadar fighter had not been equipped with a warpdrive and it had succeeded in destroying Sol, just as its twin had succeeded in destroying the Qo'noS sun.

Over the course of the next two weeks, several more attacks by Jem'Hadar attack ships had been carried out. Cardassia Prime was destroyed by a Red Matter torpedo, as were the Breen homeworld, Vulcan, Andoria, and the Tholian homeworld. Any major world that might serve as a rallying point for the Alpha and Beta quadrant was destroyed. Even deep into the Delta quadrant, the hyperspace equipped ships struck.

The mighty Borg didn't even stand a chance against the power of a supernova. Within weeks the galaxy as a whole was defeated. There had been minor losses of clones, but what were the lives of a few clones to True Godhood? He could always clone more if needed.

All that remained now was for Ba'al/Weyoun to assert control and establish his Godhood. He had implanted his clones in as many scientists as he could to work on a way to transfer fleets to his home universe.

There were some promising theories but no solid breakthroughs as of yet. Ba'al/Weyoun knew it was just a matter of time before he discovered a way. After all, was he not the most brilliant Goa'uld to ever live? Not only that but was he not a God? He had faith the way would be discovered soon and he would become the rightful ruler of two galaxies.

USS Triton

Just inside the former Romulan/Federation Neutral Zone

"Captains Log, Stardate 43354.5. USS Triton, Captain Jack O'Neill commanding. It's been several weeks since the Dominion launched its surprise attack on Earth. Jem'Hadar warships have been hunting through the quadrant and destroying anyone unlucky enough to be detected by them.

The Triton has been lucky and has managed to avoid anything larger than an attack ship. We've sustained heavy damage but have managed to stay alive for the moment. We have managed to make it to the Bassen Rift hoping that the subspace instability caused by the thalaron explosion of Shinzon's ship would help hide us from the Dominion.

We have been conducting as many repairs as we can in hopes of surviving long enough for a counter to the Dominion can be found. I have never felt so helpless in all of my life. Not even facing the Borg has caused a feeling as bad and hopeless as now. Computer, save and end log."

Just then the intercom chirped. "Captain O'Neill to the bridge, repeat, Captain O'Neill to the bridge." Jack frowned hoping they hadn't been discovered and stood up from his desk. He walked onto bridge to see what Carter had called him for.

"What's up Lieutenant?" He said as he neared her station. "Well Sir, I'm not really sure. I was running a diagnostic on the sensors after we repaired them and found this." She pointed to what looked like a jumble of wavy lines and static.

He looked at it for a second before it hit him that it was a repeating pattern. "Is that what I think it is Carter?" Carter pressed her lips together. "I think it is Sir. I think it's a signal from someone, I just don't know from whom or what it says yet. I just wanted a second opinion to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me after all these hours of repair."

O'Neill looked at the pattern on the screen for a bit longer. "When's the last time you slept Lieutenant?" Carter sighed and rubbed her eyes. "I honestly can't remember when the last time I slept was Sir. With all the running, fighting, and repairs, I really haven't had a chance to."

Jack placed his hand on his chief engineer's shoulder. "Carter, get that message or whatever it is deciphered and then get some sleep. No wait, strike that. Get some sleep NOW and then work on deciphering it."

When Lieutenant Carter didn't move, he got a little more forceful. "That means right now Lieutenant, that's an order." He watched as Carter's shoulders sagged in acceptance. "Yes Sir, right now Sir." The Captain decided to take his own advice as he had no clue when the last time he had slept either. So he turned over the bridge to the duty officer and retired to his quarters.

The next morning Carter was up early after a much needed nights rest. She had only been working on the message for a few minutes before she had it deciphered and called the captain. Once the captain arrived in the science lab she explained.

"Thanks for ordering me to get some sleep Sir. I didn't realize how bad I was sleep deprived or how bad it was affecting my mind. It only took a few minutes to decipher the message this morning."

She pointed to the screen before continuing. "It's Starfleet encryption but it is in a language that hasn't been spoken on Earth much in nearly 500 years. Remember Starfleet history at the Academy, the "Code Talkers" during WWII? The message is in Navajo. It only says one thing, Vodrey Nebula." Jack looked up and headed to Astrometrics with Carter right on his tail.

They entered Astrometrics and Carter immediately pulled up a star map of the sector of space that the Vodrey Nebula was in. Captain O'Neill looked back at Carter. "That's on the border of Klingon/Federation space. Why would get only that phrase? You're sure there was nothing else in that message?" Carter shook her head.

"That's all that the message states. It repeats it three times, pauses for 15 seconds then repeats it again three times. It does this every 15 seconds. I checked the message three different times to make sure I hadn't missed something." Jack accepted the explanation and headed to the bridge.

As soon as the turbolift doors opened onto the bridge Captain O'Neill began issuing orders. "Helm, bring us out of the Rift and set a course for the Vodrey Nebula, maximum warp. Tactical, stay on the weapons and keep them in stand-by. I want to be able to fire the instant anything out of the ordinary is detected. Coms use the file Carter uploaded into the computer to encrypt and send one word to the Nebula. One word and one word only. That word is "Understood"."

Within seconds the word was translated into Navajo, encrypted, and sent. Captain O'Neill sat in the command chair with his elbow on one arm and his chin resting on a closed fist. "Now we wait."

As the USS Triton neared the Nebula a single Negh'Var warship decloaked in their path. "Halt! State your business or be destroyed." The Klingon warrior on screen said.

"Captain O'Neill recognized the warrior immediately and would have even had he not seen the face. "Qaleghqa'mo' jIQuch Chancellor Martok. We come in answer to the signal."

The Chancellor laughed deeply. "Ah it is good to see you again too my friend. I knew if anyone was able to survive the treachery of the cowardly Dominion it would be you. Follow the Sword of Kahless closely. Do not stray as there are cloaked anti matter mines laid throughout the nebula."

With that Chancellor Martok cut communications and the Klingon flagship spun on its axis and proceeded into the nebula.

The helmsman of the Triton skillfully kept the ship on the exact course that the Sword of Kahless followed. The forward viewscreen showed the impulse engines of the Klingon ship close up.

The Triton was close enough to see the vectoring thrusters fire to keep the massive Klingon warship snaking through the cloaked minefield. After an hour and a half of following the Negh'Var through the maze, the Triton emerged into an opening near the center of the Nebula.

The view brought a surprised gasp from everyone on the bridge as a massive spacedock and starbase came into view. The area around the starbase was swarming with dozens of Klingon and Federation ships of all designs. Here you saw a Klingon Vor'cha Battlecruiser.

Over there you saw a small formation of Saber Class Scout ships. Over in the other direction you could see a cluster of Norway and Intrepid Cruisers.

But the most impressive sight was the enormous starship in the spacedock. It was easily over a thousand meters long. The ship was also bristling with phaser arrays and torpedo turrets. The name across the saucer section read USS Ascension. The registry number was NX-89347. It was the largest ship that Starfleet had ever built and it was sitting right in front of them in all its majesty.

The Sword of Kahless turned and headed back out of the nebula to resume its position guarding the only clear entrance to the hidden base. What the crew of the Triton didn't notice or know about was the other ships also guarding alongside the Klingon flagship.

There were more than one-hundred cloaked ships ranging from dozens of B'rel Bird of Preys, to dozens of Vor'cha Battlecruisers and Negh'Var class Battleships. All of which were using a newly modified cloak that they hoped the Jem'Hadar could not detect.

The com Officer on the Triton looked up at Captain O'Neill. "Captain, we're being hailed. It's Admiral Janeway." O'Neill nodded in acknowledgement. "Put it on screen." When the Admiral's face appeared on the main viewscreen she began to speak.

"Captain O'Neill. You're just the person I was hoping would still be alive out there someplace. We need your help and that of your crews to try to fix this mess we are in. I want you and your senior staff in the starbase conference room in thirty minutes. We don't know how much time we have left so don't be late, Janeway out."

The captain looked around at his senior staff a bit confused. "Ok, does that seem weird to anyone else? Why would they specifically want us? What about Captain Picard or Captain Sisko?" No one had much if an answer. Commander Kawalsky just shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess we'll find out in thirty minutes." The Triton received permission to dock in the starbase and as soon as she was docked, engineer crews flooded the ship and started much needed repairs.

Captain O'Neill and his senior staff were seated in the conference room within twenty minutes of docking. Captain Tuvok walked in the room with Admiral Janeway directly behind him.

"Room Attention!" Tuvok called as he stepped to the side to allow the Admiral in the room. Admiral Janeway made a dismissive gesture with her hand as she made her way to the center of the room and picked up a small remote from the table.

"As you were. This is a highly classified and vital briefing that could very well mean the continued survival of the Federation, her Allies, and the Klingon Empire or the extinction of all of them." She paused to point the remote at the screen.

"This is the Jem'Hadar that destroyed Qo'noS. The Klingon Defenders around Qo'noS were able to beam him off his ship and into a stasis chamber when the shields of the attack ship failed. He was carrying a symbiont in him that is not from this universe. It actually came from an alternate reality and is how the Jem'Hadar have obtained this new technology they used to conquer the entire galaxy."

She paused to let that sink in. "The Klingons used their mind sifter to interrogate the captive and learn from where and how he came to our reality." She clicked the remote again and several familiar items showed up on the screen.

"These are the artifacts you discovered on Dozaria III. They have the same Quantum Resonance Frequency as the symbiont carried by the Jem'Hadar. From the Klingon's interrogation we have learned exactly what they are." The projector clicked as she changed to the next image.

"These pieces used to form a large ring that was used for creating an artificial wormhole between another identical ring on another planet. They are composed of a mineral called Naquadah that is not found naturally in this universe. It can't be replicated either, we tried."

O'Neill took this opportunity to speak. "Let's cut to the chase Admiral. Where do we come in?" He asked as he indicated his staff. Admiral Janeway looked at the Captain in mild annoyance.

"Fine Captain, you're going to take that big beautiful ship out there, go to the Bepi 113 system, use the acceleration rings around that star, go back in time then using the portal generator installed on the ship, open a portal into the universe he came from, arm the humans there, and prevent this from ever happening in the first place."

The room was completely silent for what seemed like an eternity before O'Neill broke the silence. "Well, ok, sounds simple enough. When do we leave?"

Carter had to speak up. "Sir, are you serious? That violates nearly everything the Federation stands for. What happened to the Prime Directive? What happened to not interfering with a society's natural progression?" Before Jack could answer, Admiral Janeway jumped in.

"What the hell is wrong with you Lieutenant? Look around you. There IS NO Federation! Someone from another reality has come in and turned that perfect little world upside down! We didn't make this decision lightly I assure you. This will be done to ensure the survival of all of the people in this reality. Not just the Federation or the Klingons, but everyone." She glared at Carter before continuing.

"We didn't start this but we damn sure will be the ones that finish it. The Klingons wanted to be the ones to do this but there ARE no Klingons in that reality so it's up to us to get this done. Matter of fact there are no Orions, no Bolians, no Vulcans, or none of most of the races we have in this reality."

"So you will only take a human crew with the exception of a few Betazoids, Trill, and Bajorans. At least the Betazoids look human, the Trill can be passed off as tattooed as long as no one scans them, and the Bajorans can be explained as a product of their environment. If all goes as we hope it will, none of us will be here to remember this and all we be returned to the way it should be."

"Get your crew prepped Captain; you have one hour to board and prepare for the mission. Further orders and instructions will be uploaded onto your ships computer. Good luck and God's speed Captain, dismissed." With that the Admiral stood and left the room.

Forty five minutes later Captain O'Neill was sitting in the ready room of his new starship. He had just finished going through the inventory and instructions for the mission. The USS Ascension was the largest ship Starfleet had ever produced. It was 1,400 meters long and used a unique three warpcore system. The first two warpcores were used for normal everyday operations while the third warpcore was kept in hot standby for use in a combat or emergency situation.

One cargo bay was filled with an industrial size replicator. Another cargo bay contained large computer storage banks and the dimensional projector. The gist of the mission was to take the Ascension back in time to about two years before the alien Symbiont acquired the dimensional mirror that brought him to their reality.

The original plan was to try to just send a small cloaked ship to beam the mirror up to stop Ba'al from using it. That plan was deemed to problematic as no one knew how many mirrors actually existed and relied on everything working out just right to work.

So it had been decided that Captain O'Neill would set up a ship yard and base in an isolated part of the alternate universe and start building ships to protect the Earth in that reality from invasion.

Since this was all taking place in an alternate reality, the Ascension and all ships built there would be equipped with cloaking devices and the new hyperspace engines the Klingons had stolen from the symbionts mind with the mind sifter.

Before anyone had been allowed to begin boarding, each crew member was subjected to a complete scan to make sure no one had been taken as a host. Likewise the entire ship was scanned to make sure none had been able to stow away too. Captain O'Neill stood from his desk and walked onto the bridge. He took a seat in the command chair then opened up ship wide coms.

"This is the Captain, we are about to embark on a mission where the very fate of this galaxy depends on our success. An alien parasite has come to our reality with knowledge of advanced propulsion and weapons. They have subjugated the Vorta and Jem'Hadar, stolen dangerous technology, and conquered the galaxy through subterfuge and acts of unspeakable horror."

"Our mission is to use an experimental ship with experimental technology to go not only back in time, but back in time to a totally alternate reality. We will be going to the reality that this parasite originated from and stop him before he can come to our reality and cause the chaos which he has currently achieved."

"We are to build a shipyard and starbase in an isolated sector of that reality and help the Earth of that reality gain the level of technology which we currently enjoy. I know this goes against the very foundation of what the Federation stands for. But we have seen what will happen if we do nothing."

"The Federation and this entire galaxy cannot be allowed to be destroyed and conquered the way it has. Nor can we sit idly by while another galaxy is enslaved and our human brothers destroyed. We will right this wrong and repair reality to where it should be without the outside interference of a parasite. That is all, continue your duties and may God have mercy on our souls."

Jack took a breath and paused to reflect on what he had just told his crew. He looked toward the young Lieutenant Commander at the helm. "Take us out Mr. Paris, one quarter impulse until we clear spacedock then take us to half impulse." Lieutenant Commander Tom Paris echoed the command and the big ship eased gracefully out of spacedock.

As the Ascension came near the exit out of the nebula, the remaining Starfleet ships that were equipped with hyperdrive engines took up escort positions around her. The ships that weren't equipped with the faster engine (and there were few) exploded in a massive fireball as their warpcores were set to overload. The starbase and everything around it vaporized as well.

Starfleet and the Klingons were throwing everything they had into this mission. If it succeeded, then none of this would ever happen. If it failed, then it was better to go out fighting then to live as slaves.

The crews from the starbase, spacedock, and non-hyperspace capable ships were divided among the remaining fleet. Three hundred and eighty-eight ships comprised the total sum of the remains of the once mighty Klingon Empire and Federation fleets.

The non-hyperspace capable Klingon ships had already warped to the Bepi 113 system under cloak. They were sitting in a defensive perimeter ready to protect the Ascension until it was able to utilize the acceleration network to travel back in time.

To avoid the same fate that had befallen many worlds and suns, hyperspace dampers had been set up outside the system that would prevent the modified Dominion ships from using hyperspace to destroy the sun in Bepi 113.

They would force any ship to drop out of hyperspace and utilize warp drive to enter the system. Ships traveling at warp were much easier to intercept than those traveling in hyperspace. Pulse phaser cannon turrets, photon torpedo turrets, disruptor turrets, and sensor arrays were set-up in layers in the empty void of space surrounding the system. Hopefully if Ba'al/Weyoun showed up, the fleet and the defensive turrets would be enough to buy the time the Ascension needed.

Chancellor Martok was in charge of the fleet already at Bepi 113. He was contemplating the situation they found themselves in when his tactical officer called for his attention.

"Chancellor, a large Jem'Hadar fleet has just been forced out of hyperspace and several of them are proceeding at warp. They will be here just minutes before the Ascension arrives." The Chancellor stood from his chair. "Give me fleet wide."

When his communications officer nodded at him he addressed the fleet. "Warriors of the Klingon Empire, the enemy is upon us and will arrive before our Federation Allies do. We will show these PetaQ what it means to fight a Klingon Warrior. Sto-vo-kor awaits! It is a good day to die! Attack!"

With that command, one-hundred and seventy-nine Klingon warships decloaked and charged the Dominion fleet. Disruptor blasts and photon torpedoes filled space with death and destruction. The larger Jem'Hadar ships tried to blast a hole in the defenses for the smaller attack ships to break through and destroy the sun with Red Matter torpedoes.

But the Klingon attack was ferocious and relentless. Every time a hole would open in their ranks, the fleet would shift and another ship would fill the empty void. Any attack ship that managed to make it through an opening in the lines, was set upon by squadrons of B'rel Birds of Prey roaming in wolfpacks behind the main defensive line.

If any of the attack ships were lucky enough to survive the B'rel's the multiple layers of defensive turrets finished them off before they could get close enough to launch their torpedoes. But the Klingons were slowly running out of ships to plug the holes with.

The Sword of Kahless had taken a severe beating holding the line. The bridge was a mess of twisted beams, smoke and sparking consoles. Chancellor Martok was looking around ordering the firing of disruptors and photon torpedoes while also trying to direct the actions of his dwindling fleet. His tactical officer began yelling. "Main power offline! Disruptors and torpedo tubes offline! Shields failing!"

Martok looked around at the massive Jem'Hadar Battleship that was bearing down on his flagship. "Divert all power to the engines! Ramming speed! Set a course for that Battleship!"

As his helm was attempting to follow those orders, his tactical officer yelled out again. "Multiple contacts exiting hyperspace! It's the Ascension and her escorts! They are tearing into the back of the Dominion ships!" Martok looked at the flashing and sparking view screen.

"By Kahless that is a beautiful ship!" Even on the partially working viewscreen he could see the dozens upon dozens of torpedoes spewing out of the many torpedo turrets as the Ascension surrounded by layers of protecting ships shot through the confused Dominion fleet and continued on into the system.

As the Ascension broke free of the cloud of warships and into the clear, it accelerated again into warp leaving a wide path of destruction in its wake. The escorting fleet did not go to warp but broke away to continue delaying the Dominion fleet. If this mission was to succeed, they needed to give the Ascension and her crew as much time as possible.

Ba'al/Weyoun saw the Ascension accelerate into warp and immediately ordered his Battleship to pursue. As the Battleship veered away from the battle and attempted to go to warp in pursuit of the Ascension, the Klingon flagship flanked my two Defiant class escorts cut in front of it.

The chief engineer on the Sword of Kahless had managed to restore power to the forward disruptors and photon tubes. The Klingon ship came in throwing everything it had at the Jem'Hadar Battleship with the Federation warships adding their pulse cannon and quantum torpedoes to the attack. The shields of the Battleship held but only barely. It was enough to cause one of the warp nacelles to be knocked offline.

As the Klingon flagship and the two Federation escorts finished their strafing run and were coming around for another attack, the Dominion Battleship surged forward at full impulse. Ba'al/Weyoun ordered the Jem'Hadar gunners to open fire with everything they had to blast the way clear for them.

"First! If you don't get that warp nacelle back online soon, I'll be in need of a new First!" He yelled over the noise of the battle. The Battleship continued on toward the system on full impulse spewing phased polaron blasts, plasma bursts, and polaron torpedoes in all directions.

One of the escorts with the Sword of Kahless was struck a direct blow from a phased polaron cannon and a plasma cannon at the same time. The shields buckled and collapsed and pieces of ablative armor vaporized while others were blown clean off.

The tough little warship shuddered violently and went dark. Ba'al/Weyoun didn't see the results as the Jem'Hadar First managed to get the warp nacelle back online and the Battleship jumped to warp.

The Dominion Battleship dropped out of warp just inside the orbit of the second planet. They immediately began scanning for the Ascension. Ba'al/Weyoun spotted the Federation Starship as it was accelerating around the sun, just passing through the third graviton accelerator.

"Open fire on that ship! I want it destroyed before it can accomplish whatever it is they are doing!" The Jem'Hadar gunners were trying to lock onto the fast moving ship. It was very hard to do as the ship was moving at impossible speeds thanks to the graviton accelerators. The Jem'Hadar First had taken over the phased polaron cannons and had just achieved a target lock on the Ascension.

"FOR STO-VO-KOR!" Blared through the speakers just as the Sword of Kahless slammed into the Jem'Hadar Battleship at warp speed. The resulting collision turned both ships into an expanding fireball in time to illuminate the Ascension as it passed though the last graviton accelerator and accelerated into the past.

I was planning on doing the entire story before I posted it. But I've decided to post this first half and finish the ending as I have time. Hope y'all enjoy!