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Kel walked calmly into the camp, determined not to look as though she had just seen something that wrenched her heart. Of course it worked on the men, acts like that always had and probably always would. Men were so easy to fool that it was almost pitiful. But not two minutes after she had walked back in Alanna dragged her into her tent for a talk.

Daine and Buri were sitting in the tent as well, both with expecting looks on their faces. "What did you see?" Alanna demanded.

"Something that was very sad," Kel told them. "If any of you three had seen it then you would agree with me. And if you expect me to tell Jacob or Numair or Roald then forget it because I will not."

Alanna nodded her head, amethyst eyes sad. "I know it was sad Kel," she said. "I saw the looks they were giving each other before I left. And the reason that giant Zilkan picked me up was because I refused to tell him where Corin was. I thought he was going to hurt her."

Kel gave a short laugh. "The last thing on his mind would be hurting Corin, Alanna," she said. "He loves her very much." She hesitated and bit her lip before saying slowly and quietly, "And she loves him right back."

Daine and Buri both gasped. "But she is married!" Daine said. "How can she love a man who she is not married too?"

Alanna took a deep breath. "Nobles sometimes end up marrying nobles so that their bloodlines will stay pure. Some noble children are promised to other noble children at birth. Like Kari was betrothed to Roald for her entire life. Corin was promised to a noble boy just the same, and she married him when she was supposed to. I am guessing that Corin loved this Zilkan when she was forced to marry her betrothed."

Kel nodded. "She loved him very much," she said. "But she was forced to come to Corus and marry the Count Terran two years ago. They exchanged rings and promised to love each other forever. They were still kissing when I left." The tent flap suddenly flew open behind them and Kel turned slowly to see who had come in.

All four women in the tent gulped when they saw Jacob standing there, his face bright red. "My sister is kissing some man in the woods?" he demanded. "Where?" When none of them replied he let the flap fall shut and stalked off.

"He's a good tracker," Daine said. "He will be able to follow Corin's footprints and Kel's."

"Warn her," Alanna said to Kel. The younger woman nodded and darted out of the tent. She ran as fast as she could to where she had left Corin and Zilkan.

Looking up Kel gasped, Corin and Zilkan hadn't even heard her arrive. Zilkan was holding Corin off of her feet while he kissed her and she had her arms around his neck, looking like she never wanted to let go. "Corin!" Kel shouted.

Corin pulled away from Zilkan quickly, but he did not let her drop. "Kel!" she said, her face turning bright red. "What are you doing here?"

"Never mind me," Kel said as she felt her face turn hot. "Your brother knows what you are doing and he was not happy when he found out. In short he is on his way here and I do not think you should look like that when he arrives!"

Zilkan frowned slightly at the mention of Corin's brother and let her slide to the ground as she straightened her hair. Her cheeks were tinged pink and she looked extremely nervous. When she saw Jacob enter the clearing her eyes went wide and she tried very hard not to look guilty of anything.

Jacob walked right up to Zilkan and glared at him. "What do you think you are doing with my sister, Shang?" he demanded. "I thought I told you to stay away from her. She's married now and pregnant, has she told you that?"

Corin was slowly turning bright red as Zilkan looked from her to him. "Leave him alone Jacob," she told him simply. "He has not done anything wrong."

"He kissed you!" Jacob said. "You're married Corin and you are not supposed to kiss anyone like that except for your husband!"

Zilkan looked at Jacob and his emerald eyes hardened. "Be quiet," he said to him. "Your sister was forced to marry a man she did not love, she loves me."

Jacob's fist suddenly shot at Zilkan's face. The bigger man didn't even flinch. He simply grabbed Jacob's hand and turned it over so that Jacob knelt on the ground, his face full of pain. "Let go of me," Jacob gasped. "I am a Knight of Tortall and a noble, release me at once!"

Zilkan looked over at Corin, who nodded slightly. He opened his fist and Jacob hugged his fist to his hand. Kel was amazed; she had always looked up to Jacob as a mild-mannered and good knight. Now he seemed to be irrational and rash. "Jacob," she said and the man looked over at her. "What has gotten into you? They have not done anything that is truly wrong!"

"They were kissing," Jacob said through clenched teeth. "My pregnant and married sister is kissing a man who is not her husband. This is a very dishonorable thing."

"Oh hang honor!" Kel told him, surprising herself. Normally she kept strictly to the Code and the Code tended to make honor a very important thing. "As her brother you should know full well that she did not want to marry that man, you knew that she loved someone else." A thought struck her then. "Did you know Jacob?"

Jacob glared at her and then looked at Corin, a slight tinge of pink staining his cheeks. "You didn't Jacob," Corin said. "No one could have done something like that, not even mother would have."

Jacob reached out for her hand but she yanked it away, her teal eyes teary. "Corin," he said in the tone someone would use for a toddler. "It was a good marriage and mother agreed with me that you needed to get settled down. When I went to fetch you from Shang I saw you with him, and I sent a messenger to tell you instead."

Kel was shocked at the way Jacob was acting. Not to mention what he had done to his sister. Goddess what would he have done if Kari had not loved Roald and refused to even look at him? "Leave her be Jacob," Kel told him, stepping to block her from his sight. "She's done nothing wrong while you've done everything wrong. I am disappointed in you."

Jacob looked ready to explode but all he did was turn and walk away, words trailing behind him that surprised Kel even more. After he was gone Kel turned back to see Corin and Zilkan standing near each other again, holding hands. Blushing faintly Kel stuttered something and turned to go. "Wait Kel," Corin said. She turned to Zilkan and whispered something in his ear before kissing him lightly and running to walk with Kel. "I'm coming back with you," she told the knight as they began to walk back. "Zilkan will come in a moment."

"Okay Corin," Kel said. She felt uncomfortable around Corin now.

Suddenly Corin stopped walking and grabbed Kel's arm to make her as well. "Kel," she said. "I am sorry that you saw that. It obviously pains you somehow. Probably because you are a knight."

"Don't talk about it Corin," Kel said. "Please just don't talk about it."

"I have to Kel," Corin said, sounding sorry. "I'm sorry but I have to tell you. I love Zilkan, I have for a long time even though I married another man. I had to marry the other one, mother and father forced me into it. I only hope that Kari will marry Roald for the right reason, not the same reason that I married. If my husband ever dies then I will marry Zilkan, within the week. It sounds wrong but it isn't to us. Please do not judge me for this, don't break our friendship for something that I had no control over."

"I won't," Kel promised. "Now let's go back to the camp."

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