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It is said that the Grimm had no souls.

That they were dark stalkers in the night, cruel killers in the dark, that to fall to their claws and their teeth and their talons was to have your very spirit torn screaming from your body and cast into the eternal darkness beyond time and space.

It was said they were the void to the light of man. That they were His antithesis, in all but name and word.

If only such were true.

There are darker things than maddened beasts,

And in dark times, even demons may know death.


Cardin Winchester was having a great time.

Contrary to most beliefs, Cardin Winchester was not a complete, bloody idiot. If he was, he wouldn't have gotten into Beacon into the first place. In fact, he was the richest kid in all of Beacon, beating out even Pyrrha "I'm on Cereal Boxes!" Nikos. Why?

Cardin ran the school's black market. You needed something, you floated in by one of Cardin's cronies, dropped them a bag of cash (no, his business didn't accept lien, those damned things were too traceable), and three days later, when you opened your lockers, presto! Your order was delivered. No questions asked.

No one dumb enough to try to double cross the Big Man himself. No one wanted to die that badly.

Well, except for this dumb little pipsqueak in front of him. Cardin smiled. Rarely, business overlapped with pleasure.

The first warning Jaune had was when a mountain suddenly appeared behind him. The poor boy was still trying to figure out the change in light when a massive fist cuffed him on the side of his head.


The blonde boy landed heavily on the floor, his eyes wild.

"Jaune, Jaune, Jaune, I thought you knew better. I know we've never had the best boss-servant relationship, but I thought you'd have a higher sense of corporate responsibility. Man, we've been the most loyal of partners after you confessed to me the truth about your admissions! But running to Ozpin after the crackheads were caught?"

Cardin's face grew serious, and he snarled.

"You're going to hurt for that."

It is said that when forced into "death-ground", even the most timid of beasts will fight like a demon. Jaune was in such a situation. Unfortunately, a million years of snakes eating mice have proved that well, it didn't always work. Cardin didn't even blink at Jaune's first blow, simply grabbing his hand and twisting it so hard that an audible crack reverberated through the room. Instantly Jaune began weeping, howling in pain and begging for mercy.

"Cardin oh god please what have I done please no!" he babbled.

Cardin's lip curled in disgust. His teammates, though no great saints themselves, drew the line at business and didn't particularly enjoy beating people. After Cardin had finally been caught flushing a faunus's head down a toilet bowl, Dove had (tentatively, of course) asked him about his "anger issues."

Well, the simple fact was that Cardin absolutely detested Jaune and his merry little band. The rest of the Faunus could burn too, as far as he cared. Weaklings. They were all pathetic in his eyes.

When he first saw Jaune, Cardin could swear that he could actually smell milk off of his breath. Not that milk was bad, mind you, but any man with a decent amount of combat experience could tell that Jaune did not belong. He couldn't swing his sword correctly, he slept in class, he whined all the time. If Jaune had kept that to himself, Cardin would have been absolutely content to videotape the moment he really fought against a Forsaken One and got killed.

The worst thing though, was that he didn't even keep it to himself. He held back everyone in classes (though, here, Cardin had to admit he wasn't perfect either) and sat around, getting lollycuddled by everyone around him. People said that the school was fucked up because it didn't stop people like Cardin? Tough, the school didn't even have the decency to expel an idiot like Jaune who would most probably get his team killed on their very first mission.

Cardin was no saint. He was never going to get a best man of the year award, he fucking knew it. He didn't care. He didn't join to be a hero, but to earn the diploma that came with graduation to gain some legitimacy so that his future would be secured and he would have a job, and damn, if it required fighting demon beasts spawned from beyond sanity's end, Cardin wasn't going to back down. He'd earned everything he had, every step of the way, like a damned true Human. Not like those idiot Faunus, who had been gifted with such physical prowess that there was actually a word for restful procrastination in their vocabulary. The fuck? They were in tune with nature? Well, tough. In the end, humanity crushed nature and took with blood what the Faunus took for granted.

Humanity worked hard, and earned it's just reward. People like Jaune were fucking parasites that ruined everybody's shit.

Cardin sneered.

"You're weak, Jaune. There really is no reason, except I can."

He clenched his fist, and readied to plant it into the blonde babbler's face, just taking a short second to admire his work. Tears were streaking down Jaune's face as he cradled his broken arm. The big baby was finally crying. Beautiful.

Ironically, it was this pause that damned him.

"Red…like rose-s, fills my dreams…"

A singsong voice echoed through the empty locker room. A female voice. A young, girly, female voice.

Cardin roared. As a rule, he didn't really have qualms about beating women, but there was no need to go around finding trouble when he didn't need (or want) to and the last things he needed was witnesses. Because generally, that meant he had to resort to dealing out concussions, and that was actually life threatening in certain cases. He wasn't going to jail again.

"Bitch, the girl's room's next door!"

Whoever it was, it didn't seem like she had heard. The singing voice continued, and even Cardin had to admit it was getting a little creepy. A disembodied girl voice in a deserted locker room at midnight? This was prime horror material.

"…and brings me to the place you rest."

The door opened. Cardin kicked the weeping Jaune behind a wall and turned to face the intruder.

"I told you—"

The last thing Jaune heard before he blacked out was Cardin's drawn out scream.