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The tall building began to crumble from the sheer power of the battle raging on above it.

"Maou, don't overdo it! You'll destroy the whole city!"

Emi fumed at her enemy, who was now currently her battle partner, as he noticed the damage he caused and frantically tried to fix it with his demonic powers.

"It's not my fault! Besides, I don't see you making any progress either!"

Maou was highly irritated as he finished repairing the last piece of the building he nearly desolated.

Maou and Emi had been trying to defeat the angel for a while now and both were frustrated because this fight seemed like it would never end. The angel they were battling was named Chronos and he had the power to manipulate time so whenever Maou or Emi would close in for an attack, Chronos would make a portal to move between the past and the present so he wouldn't get hit, thus leaving the buildings around them to take the lethal blows instead.

Typically, Maou wouldn't have the power to use this amount of strength since Earth had no magic for him to retain his demonic abilities, but due to all of the chaos, there was enough fear for him to take on his true demon form and strength.

Seeing that the building was stable again, Maou quickly scanned the area to look for his opponent again.

"Maou, we need to make a strategy. Trying to hit him with constant attacks isn't working."

"Don't you think I know that? We have to finish this battle quickly or I will be late for work!"

Emi sighed at his response. How could the Demon Lord, whose very name could strike fear in the hearts of the residents of Ente Isla, stoop so low as to only caring about working at a fast food restaurant?

"For once, could you stop thinking about work!? Never mind, we need to focus on our target."

As soon as Emi had just finished saying the words out of her mouth, Chronos appeared in a portal right behind her.

"Emi, watch out!"


Before the Hero realized what was going on, Maou had already rushed to her side and pushed her out of the way just as Chronos struck.

Emi stared with shock and confusion as she watched Maou be engulfed in a bright light, then vanish before her eyes.

Chronos cackled as he looked on the expression of her face.


Maou felt no pain as he drifted through his own consciousness.

All he remembered was being surrounded by so much light and he thought he may have heard a voice calling his name, but he wouldn't know because everything around him had faded.

His physical body seemed to as if it was being pulled along, as if his mind was no longer in control, and all he could do was just push forward.

This continued for a while until finally the sensation stopped. Having regained control of his body, Maou slowly opened his eyes to find the light that was around him had disappeared, but something wasn't right.

Maou looked at his surroundings in awe. There were no more buildings, crowds of people, or cars. Instead, there were a lot of trees and a beautiful meadow that seemed to extend far beyond what he could see. He had seen this place before, but this was impossible. How did he end up here?

Maou looked at his hands and noticed that they still had claws. He was still in his demon form. That was all he needed to reaffirm his assumption.

"How did I get back to Ente Isla?"

Emi kept slashing with her sword as Chronos dodged at every move, laughing at her failed attempts.

"What did you do with Maou!?"

"Why should you care what happens to him? Aren't the Hero and Demon Lord supposed to be sworn enemies anyway? I just helped you a little, that's all."

Chronos snickered as Emi's face became more enraged.

"That may be so, but he is my enemy. If I needed any help, I would have asked!"

Emi tightened her grip on her sword and moved so fast that it nearly grazed some of Chronos hair before he could move through a portal.

"Hmm...By the look on your face, I think it's impossible to fool anyone with that excuse."

Chronos laughed as Emi gained more momentum.

"I'm back."

Maou couldn't help from thinking that this was all a dream. He first thought that Chronos might have put him under an illusion, but if that were the case, Maou could of easily detected it and break it, but he knew this was the real deal.

He analyzed the nature around him one more time and realized it was an island he had sent his army to ravage and desolate back when he had lost himself to his power hungry ways, but that all changed when he came to Earth.

If this island was ruined back when he was in control before being trapped on Earth, then this must mean that Chronos had sent him to the past. It would be the only thing Maou could think of that would fit, but he didn't know how far back in the past Chronos had sent him.

Now that he was aware of the situation, Maou knew he couldn't waste any time. He had to get back to Emi. If Chronos was difficult for both of them to handle at once, it would be nearly impossible for Emi to do defeat him on her own.

Maou tried to focus his energy to create a portal, but nothing happened. He used up too much of his strength with Chronos, it would take more time for him to refuel his energy to send himself back.

Having no other options, Maou decided to walk around and wait for his strength to return. The weather was so nice here, perfect weather for a nap. Though demons did not require sleep, he did require it while he was he had to take human form on Earth. He enjoyed it so why not take the opportunity now while he could?

Finding a shady tree, Maou sat down and began to doze off until finally he was asleep.


Maou squirmed as felt a slight stroke on his single horn.

*touch* *touch* *touch*

Okay, that was enough!

Maou, annoyed that his sleep was disturbed, groggily began to open his eyes. Who would dare try to wake up the Demon Lord while he slumbered?

Moving his eyes downward, he found the source standing on his lap.

The culprit had long red hair, green eyes, and a long bit of hair that curved and stuck out at the top of her head.

Maou was familiar with this face. It was the only person who was not afraid of his power. The only person who had been brave enough to challenge him head on and almost win the fight. The one who made him run and end up on Earth and even chased him there.


His eyes opened wider as he realized that it was not only Emi, there was also something else different about her. She was a child.

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