I was twelve years old when I first met Edward Cullen.

I had been walking home from school that day. The sky was partly cloudy which was better than the everyday dreary weather of Forks. Dad was working till late and Renee…

Well, I haven't spoken to Renee in years so I wouldn't know what she does.

It was nice to walk for a change. The teenagers of today have become so lazy and I wouldn't allow it to happen to me. Sure it smelled like moss balls and rain 24/7 but it was good to be outdoor. Seth doesn't like the outdoors, so we spent our lunch time in the cafeteria.

Seth is my one and only best friend. We met in kindergarten, he was the only one to talk to the new girl from Arizona, me. Renee couldn't handle being tied down with a child so she dropped me off at Charlie's took a trip with my step dad Phil to Europe and never looked back.

No calls on my birthday, Christmas or on New Year's. It was like I never existed to her. The other kids knew I existed, but they weren't exactly happy with it. The first day I showed up, Mike Newton had made it very clear that he doesn't like me. Calling me things that no 6 year old should know and his 'girlfriend' Jessica Stanely didn't make my life any easier. I had come home with bubblegum in my hair so many times, it would take more than the fingers on my hands to count, but Seth was different.

Seth suffers from anxiety attacks and found me calming to be around. We had been inseparable ever since. His older sister Leah hung out with us from time to time but it was only to get into Charlie's good books for the future.

I heard thumping not too far away from me. I turned around and came face to chest with Jacob Black.

Jacob Black, the son of my father's best friend and my number one tormentor. His tormenting though was more severe than the rest though. I've had bruises shaped like his fingers, dents in my skin in the shape of his fingernails and the worst thing was that I couldn't tell my dad. Like myself, Charlie didn't have many friends and Billy was his closest companion. Telling him about Jacob's abuse would lead to the end of their friendship and I couldn't do that to him. So like a big girl, I kept my mouth shut.

"Hey ugly duckling. Why you walking alone? You know your daddy wouldn't like it knowing that you put yourself in danger." He said with a gravelly voice that made me shiver with all sorts of bad feelings. "What do you want Jacob." I said, my voice as meek as a lamb.

"Well if you must know. I'm going through a phase, any girl gets me as stiff as a rock."

"What do you mean?" I keep my eyes to the floor as I feel his body uncomfortably close to mine. "I forgot that you're still a kid. It means I'm horny duck. And seeing you in that school uniform is making me so horny." He says thrusting his hips against me. I feel his erection against my school shirt.

I feel my stomach churn. In all the years that I've known Jacob has he never gone this far. "But don't flatter yourself. I'm sixteen and a guy, anything turns me on." He says his lips on my ear. His lips move lower, down to my jaw where he starts sucking and biting.

I try to keep the tears from reaching the surface, but it pours out when he moves from my jaw to my lips. This wasn't how my first kiss was meant to be.

I was supposed to be in love, not molested on the sidewalk where anyone can drive past. His large hands come up to cup my small breast. He's thrusting his erection against me, grunting. "Fuck Duckling." He moans while I groan, his hands have moved from my breast to my hips, gripping them too tight.

Suddenly he's pulled off me and I finally can sigh in relief that it didn't go further, but I feel completely disgusted. I look up at my hero and gasp.

My hero is none other than Edward Cullen, Forks' own bad boy. He's the same age as Jacob, yet slightly taller and with skin of porcelain and hair the same shade of a penny. He's been a pain in my dad's ass since him and his family moved here. It if wasn't underage drinking, it was trespassing or even being caught in questionable positions with the young girls of Forks. He also hated Jacob with a passion.

Currently he was gripping Jacob's shirt, grunting something too low for me to hear. Jacob nods quickly before scurrying away. He turned to me and wiped he last of the tears away. "Are you okay?" his velvet voice leaves me speechless, so all I do is nod. He takes my small hand and places it into his large one. He tugs me towards to his Volvo. "Let's get you home."

Once he turns the car on, a song starts playing. It's music that I've never heard, but it fascinates me. "Who is this?"

He smiles, showing off those pearly white teeth. "Foreigner, Juke Box Hero. I'm not really a fan of heavy metal but it captured my attention. I nod and stare at my hands in my lap.

"What Jacob did to you… you didn't want him to do it right?" he asks wearily.

"No, he stole my first kiss and made me feel disgusted in myself for letting him touch me." My voice starts to quiver. His hand comes to my lap, cradling my hand. "Hey, it's not your fault that Jacob is a sick fuck. You did nothing wrong." He kisses my temple and it's a feeling I can't describe, but it's a good feeling.

"Jacob said that that he was…horny. That's why he did it." I look to see Edward gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles turn white. "Like I said, he's a sick fuck." He says turning into my driveway. "How did you know where I live?" he smirks. "Me and the chief are so close, it would be wrong for me not to know where he lives and besides, Forks is a small town. Everyone knows where everyone lives." He climbs out to open my door and walks me to the door. "Thank you Edward."

"Anytime Isabella." He looks deeply into my eyes. "Isabella, can I try something?" I feel my cheeks heating up. "only if you call me Bella." I say softly. He smiles, soft and sweet. Not in a cocky way, bt in a genuine way. "Bella. Beautiful." His hand comes to cup my jaw. His nose nudges mine playfully, just to relax my nerves. He lowers his lips to mine and oh!

How magical and sweet this kiss is.

"That should've been my first kiss." I whisper. He kisses the apples of my cheeks before reluctantly releasing me. "If that dickhead ever hurts you again, you tell someone." He says suddenly cold and harsh. He turns away before I can ask him anything. A feeling settles in my stomach for the third time today.

The feeling of self-pity.

Edward Cullen kissed me

Seth stares at the note in shock before laughing. He continued till Mrs. Cope shushed him. He mumbles an apology before scribbling on the piece of paper.

Yeah right Bell.