The pain was excoriating.

I was currently placed on the wooden floor of my living room. The tiny splints of the floor were digging into my back. Jacob had basically ripped my clothes off my body and forced me onto the ground, knocking my head against the ground. I could feel the warm liquid seeping through my hair, onto the floor while a similar liquid was flowing out of my sex. Jacob had pulled his pants down and roughly entered me. While he was grunting out in pleasure, I was screaming out in pain. The tears were burning the apples of my cheeks. My voice was hoarse from screaming.

"Shut the fuck up." Jacob growled and shoved three fingers deep into my mouth, causing me to gag over and over. He pulled his fingers out and placed it on my clit, but there was no way I could orgasm. There was too much pain and I didn't want to be with him.

Where is Charlie?

Jacob was quickly approaching his peak; he started moving faster and rougher. His nails were piercing my skin, drawing blood. I knew that not only was there going to be bruising, but there would also be scars, reminding me of this day.

The best and worst day of my life.

"Fuck Belly!" Jacob exclaimed as he came. He has roughly pulled himself out on my and came all over me, on my legs, my abdomen, my breasts and my pubis. He then collapsed on me, blocking my airway, but at this point I was too numb to fight.

The next action that shocked me was when Jacob wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a hug, and began sobbing. His tears were falling into my hair and the nape where my shoulder and neck met. "I'm s-so sorry B-Bella. I never met to…" he trailed off and quickly let go of me and quickly clothed himself and practically bolted for the door.

I'm not sure how long I stayed on the floor. To me it felt like a nightmare that I'm struggling to wake up from. Eventually I got up, put the clothes that had been ripped back onto my back and called Edward. It rang three times before he picked up.

"Bella?" his voice was disorientated and groggy, meaning that I had woken him up. "I'm sorry that I woke you up. I'll just hang up-"

"Bella what's wrong?"

And that's when it just poured out.

"Jacob! He… and I… hurts so much!" I knew I was blabbing to him, not making sense to him. I eventually just broke. I was sobbing, screaming and injuring myself in ways that no sane person could ever do.

"Bella calm down! I can't help you if you don't calm down. What happened?"

I took a deep breath before trying to calmly tell him, but I just ended up more hysterical than before. "He raped me!"

They took samples.

Shoved things into me.

They did various test to make sure I was okay.

Physically I was fine, battered and bruised but fine. Mentally and emotionally, I was a wreck. I was either crying hysterically, cursing at anyone who tried to calm me down or I was numb. I wouldn't speak to anyone or look at anyone. I was there but at the same I wasn't there.

Once all the tests were done I was escorted to a private room, courtesy of Dr. Carlisle Cullen himself. Edward has stayed with me all the time. He was my shoulder to cry on, my comforter and once again my hero, even if he didn't stop what happened.

It was close to seven when Charlie arrived. His eyes were red rimmed, like he had been crying. Odd because he's the one who took Jacob side. "Edward can you give me and my daughter a bit of privacy please?"

"I don't know chief." Edward spat bitterly at my dad, "You haven't acted much like a father to her in two weeks so why do you even bother now? You chose that dick's side, she needed you and you didn't believe her. Why should I give you the privilege of being here with her? You've hurt her more than that fucker did and do you know how I know this? Because I was there for her, whenever she needed me I made sure I was there. I loved her more than you did and I won't let you hurt the woman I love." Instead of Charlie ranting about how I was too young for him or how he would never let us be together because of his past, he just hung his head in embarrassment and disappointment in himself.

"Please just let me talk to her." Edward looked at me for an answer and I gave a simple nod. He huffed but walked out the room, adhering to my request. Charlie silently walked to the chair and sat himself down. He cleared his throat, "I spoke to your mother…"

I gave out a very rude sounding snort. "Really? I was just raped by the one you see as a golden child and you are more interested in getting me out of your hair?"

"No Belly, I-"

"Don't call me that." I say, not wanting to remember anymore. He sighed but continued. "Bella I want you to go to your mom because it's not healthy for you to be here. There's a constant reminder of Jacob here and I think it's best if you and Edward get some separation."

"Oh my god. This isn't about me, this is about you protecting Jacob, you can't stand that it was Jacob that hurt me and not Edward. I know you; I know that you won't press charges on Jacob. I know that you'll just try to blame this all on me or Edward. You don't care about how I feel; you treat Jacob more like your child than me." I could see the guilt in his eyes but he still tried to deny it. "That's not true Bella; I'm trying to protect you from that scum."

"I LOVE THAT SCUM AND I HATE YOU!" I scream. "You were never there for me when I needed you, you always took his side. I felt like an outsider in my own home. I didn't tell you because I was afraid of this. That I might either destroy your relationship with Billy or that you wouldn't believe me, and proved my thoughts right. I can't talk to you about anything, you were so ignorant to what was happening…and I hate you because of that. You never acted like my father, you acted like my housemate." The tears were flowing and I just felt tired. "Can you please go?"I closed my eyes and turn my head away to dose off. I heard Charlie get up from the chair and walk to the door. The last things I heard before I blacked out were: "For the record, I hate myself too."

I was discharged from hospital two days later and had my bags packed the day after that. Charlie was taking me to the airport and was busy packing my bags into the trunk. Seth gave me his favourite t-shirt with the phrase: Don't you forget about me. Leah cried her eyes out, Sue tried not to cry too hard while hugging me goodbye and of course I saved the best for last. I wrapped my arms around Edward's waist and sobbed into his chest. "Promise me something. In ten years time no matter if we're married or not we'll meet at the meadow, changed but still the same. You are my love Bella and no matter what happens, you'll always be in my heart. And I'm sorry that I corrupted you."

I looked up at him and smiled, "You didn't corrupt me, you saved me and taught me and…loved me."I kissed him on the cheek before walking over to the car.

I knew that we were driving away from all I ever knew, but one thing was certain.

I would come back for my hero.

This is not the end.