'Not Listening, Just Hallucinating': after reading some of the reviews, I decided, it was quite unresolved. So I've decided to fix that. Tell me if you thought it was a good ending.

He couldn't open his eyes. Not that I don't want to.

TK couldn't believe that he was still there, in a world he'd sought release from. He could feel others' eyes upon him, gazes crawling under him skin, searching for signs of consciousness. He wanted to satisfy their yearning to see him better, but he didn't feel like it; not right now. Instead he poorly feigned sleep, breathing steadily in rhythms reflecting that of the throbbing of his back, which had been seen to and was rested against the lightest of pillows. He smiled in his 'sleep', in realization that his mind was in less pain (both figurative and literal) than it had been for the last week. I'll blame the drugs. I'll brush it over. After all, I have a reputation to maintain. Mulling over his option, TK felt the cool air of an open window, no doubt, brush against his body, through the thin sheets of the bed. TK struggled to not react as a warm hand gently held his cheek, and then brushed the hair out of his face. He recognised the scent of burnt chocolate anywhere. Kari's here, something must be wrong. Wondering whether she was upset at having ruined yet another attempt at cookies he'd force himself to eat regardless, he let his face 'unconsciously' submit to her hold, if not goading her to continue. It was to his surprise that she spoke. 'I'm sorry, TK.'

'I must be dreaming.' TK thought, his throat to dry to speak, even if he wanted to. He removed his face from her touch and let it fall back, long with his shoulders, into the bed. His back was sore, but he dismissed the pain. I deserve this, if I've upset her.

'I shouldn't have left you alone. If I'd have known you were feeling that way I'd have- oh, Hi Ken. Davis.'

In his bed, TK felt an unexpected giddiness build up inside him. Though his head was a blur - ignorance really is bliss - he distinctly remembered thinking 'Now everyone would see'. Admittedly, he had spent a while trying to decipher what he'd meant, but the thought process was lost. Content with the moderate darkness of his shut eyelids, TK lay vigil to the group. Now I'm going to get what I want.

'How's he been?' asked Ken tensely, standing by Kari as Davis took a seat closer to TK.

'I'm not sure. Better. Still hasn't got up.' Kari informed quietly. TK could tell in her words how disappointed she was, with me. Ken sighed and walked over the window, pulling it shut with excessive force. Sadly, Davis joked 'I know you feel, Ken.'

Kari chuckled weakly, and said 'You don't know the half of it.'

Neither do you. Davis shifted uncomfortably in his chair, his denim rubbing noisily against the canvas of the chair. 'Did he say why h-'

'No.' Kari answered quickly, keen to avoid the details.

Much to her displeasure, Ken added 'Matt mentioned something about old pills, but I doubted he'd do anything like that on his own.'

TK's surprise was hard to conceal, when an unexpected voice joined the conversation from the doorway. 'Apparently,' his father said hoarsely 'we don't know him as well as we think.' Why am I at Dad's? The older man's heavy footsteps were identifiable as he paced over to the bed, checking TK's 'limp' arms and feeling his forehead. 'He'll be ok. I still can't believe his mother had the audacity to continue on her business trip. She's dumped him on me and…'

I'm a burden. '... if he's unhappy, I can't even tell. What kind of father am I?' Maybe this is why I've got to put on a face. Ken put a hand on the man's shoulder, as Davis stated 'We all feel responsible.' It makes up for the upset I cause.

After a moment of mournful silence, Davis piped up 'Kari, when was the last time you ate?'

There was a meek reply of 'Can't remember.'

'C'mon. It's not like he'll wake up this second. You need to eat.' Davis persisted.

Ken studied the worry on Kari's face, and then added 'I know you feel responsible, but you weren't.'

'What would you know? You don't know what it was like!' Kari yelled, in irritation. TK stirred and his eyes flickered. Don't fight, please. Kari immediately became silent, carefully lulling her boyfriend into a more peaceful state. Ken said, a soreness evident in his voice, 'Ok. I'll bring you something, you just... stay put.'

TK relaxed as the two guys left, and heard heavier footsteps follow to show them out. He was alone with Kari. He could feel her watching him as he breathed unevenly. Kari saw him shift in the heat of the covers and got up to open the window. Once open, TK breathed deeply in relief as the cool outside air refreshed his lungs. I wonder if I look vulnerable yet? TK hoped that he did; at least, his 'friends' would treat him as an equal and help him when he needed it too. Kari got up and slowly walked out of the room, taking a glance at her best friend before leaving. TK waited to hear a door shut in the distance, before yawning exasperatedly.

Slowly, TK opened his well-rested eyes. Immediately, blurs of summery yellows and oranges came into view. The room was homely and peaceful; his bed was situated opposite a table no longer surrounded by chairs. The seats had been moved over towards him. Since Ken had shut the window, the heater had quickly radiated the room. The fresh flowers - Sora must've stopped by to comfort Kari - on the bedside table had begun to wilt besides a few 'get well soon' cards. The throbbing of his arms stopped him from picking them up, but he appreciated the gesture. People are noticing me. He yawned again, and noticed the numbness of his legs. I'm so weak. He tried to sit up, but groaned as a sharp stinging pulled him back down towards the comfort of the pillows.
'Is someone watching- Hey there.' Kari greeted softly, having heard his painful sigh. She smiled contently. TK smiled too, and coughed. Dryly, he croaked 'Hi.' before a cool glass of water had been pressed to his cracking lips. I don't deserve relief. 'How're you feeling?' Kari asked slowly, gently combing his hair with her fingers. 'Ok, I guess. My back's killing me.' he said, chuckling to lighten the mood. 'You?'

'Of course I'm ok. Now that you're awake.' Kari replied. She's not sharing her anxiety anymore.
'Good.' TK assessed, closing his eyes again and lying back.

'But we need to talk.' she continued sternly.

'It was an accident, honest.' TK lied, in regards to his break down.

'Of all people, you don't just ingest a bazillion stale anti-depressants, TK!' she spoke irritably. She still has expectations of me. 'And, you were bleeding out, y-you - you said you didn't want to be an angel anymore.'

After a moment, TK brushed it off with a small wave of his weak hands. 'Do you remember things that you did when you were drunk, or high?' Kari huffed as he continued casually 'I was probably out of it, what did I know?'

'But you were losing your mind... I was scared TK.'

'I'm sorry I scared you Kari. It- it won't happen again.'

'But that's not what I want.' It's always about what you've wanted to me 'If you're feeling something, you can tell me, ok?'

Rather than argue, TK nodded and let her begin a new conversation. 'I tried to make some cookies, but they were abysmal.'

TK would've laughed. 'I'm sure they weren't bad.' I've got to be her rock again.

Later that day, the others had come to see TK.

Matt was the first to arrive, panicking over whether TK had eaten, or need painkillers, or wanted to rest. TK felt bad for feeling so good, having a person fuss over him like that. He even smiled when Sora replaced the dying flowers with fresh ones, and when Yolei and Davis bickered over the right to a chair by his side. It took a while of settling before the room became tense. The older ones looked to Tai, who began nonchalantly 'So... Hallucinogenics, huh?'

TK tried to smile aloofly. 'I remember having a headache, must have picked up the wrong bottle, y'know?'

'This is serious.' scolded Yolei, snatching the words out of Joe's mouth. 'And I know,' Do you now?'that you're not stupid enough to take a huge amount of the wrong medication.'

'Did you overdose, on purpose?' asked Matt sadly.

'No, I-'

'Tell us, please.' pleaded Ken.

'It was nothing, I swear-'

Davis frowned. 'Why were you really taking pills? You could've died!'

'I was sick, ok?' TK yelled, silencing the room.

'I don't understand.' said Mimi anxiously.

'I was sick, of everyone using me and whining to me and seeking comfort so much I had none left for me!'

'But we want to help you now, TK. You're really hurt.' stated Kari apologetically. 'We're sorry. We haven't been fair to you.'

TK began to laugh, in denial, shocking Kari to the core. Her eyes widened as she felt the sudden animosity become washed over with almost tangible sadness and guilt.

'So now people care!' He gasped between laughs, holding his sides in pain. I was depressed.

'I just- picked up - the wrong bottle!' I had no one.

'Look at me! The world's b-biggest d-disappointment!' I didn't want to be responsible.

Suddenly, tears were flowing, digressing his wet smile into a pained mien of despair. You didn't care about me. His sobs were drowned out as Kari enveloped him in a protective hug, soaking up his tears. The others looked on in guilt as the boy they took for granted broke down, crying for his parents to stop fighting, for his friends to not ignore him, for his dismal life to finish. But his friends were here now, and his perfectibility proven misguided. That's all I wanted.