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Italics = French

Harry groaned as he realized exactly who the culprit, or shall we say, culprits were.

Dumbledore's twinkle took on a whole new level as he turned to the Weasley twins "I assure you, I am not joking."

"Harry my man-" Fred, or maybe George started.

"Why didn't you-"

"Tell us-"

"That you were a-"

"Ladies' man?"

"I didn't know myself." Harry defended himself.

The twins suddenly dropped down on their knees, "Teach us your ways, oh Great One!" They said together.

"It can't exactly be taught-" Harry started only to be interrupted by a loud bang as the doors to the Great Hall slammed shut behind a venomous Ronald Weasley.

"We apologize, oh-"

"Great One, for-"

"Whatever our pig-"

"Headed brother-"

"Did, and whatever-"

"He's bound to do-"

"For his sad-"

"Attempt at-"


"Don't worry. I know that it's not your, or any of your family's, faults that Ron is a-"

"Pompous prat?"

"Gullible git?"

"Wanking wanna-be?"

"Bigoted bug?"

"Well, I was going to say git, but that works as well." He suddenly realized that the others had no idea who they were, so he introduced them "Fleur, Marie, Cecile, Gabrielle, these are the Weasley twins, Fred and George. Don't ask me who's who, I have no idea. And don't worry, they aren't anything like their little brother."

"We are sorry-"

"For that. Hey!"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Gred?"

"Why yes, I do believe that I am, Forge." They turned to Fleur

"You wouldn't-"

"Happen to know-"

"Any French twins-"

"Would you?"

Fleur started giggling "I do not zink zat you could keep up wiz zem!"

"Please, just-"

"Give us an-"

"Introduction, Milady?"

"Oui, but you weel have to come to France to meet zem!"

"Done!" Twin #1 said happily.

"Well, now-"

"That our business-"

"Here is done, I-"

"Do believe-"

"That we have-"

"Business elsewhere!"

"Pranks to pull-"

"People to see!"

"Don't you two have classes this afternoon?" Hermione asked.

"Honestly, Hermione!" Twin #2 started, mimicking her.

"Didn't you hear-

"Dumbledore? He said at-"

"The beginning of lunch-"

"That afternoon classes were canceled-"

"For everyone, so that-"

"The older students-"

"Would have a good-"

"Window of time to-"

"Enter their name in-"

"The Goblet of Fire!"

"Honestly, Hermione-"

"You're setting such a bad-"

"Example to the ickle firsties!" And with that, the twins were off, going to who knows where to create mischief.

"Le gasp!" Harry said jokingly "Who are you, and what have you done with Hermione Granger?"

"Oh, come off it! I was just a little bit distracted by the fact that my best friend in the world is suddenly being forced to choose his wife in the next year or so!"

That afternoon, the girls convinced Harry and the others to give them the complete tour of Hogwarts, during which Harry found that Marie had a streak of mischief. He came across this outside of Dumbledore's office, when after he had told them the Headmaster's obsession with muggle sweets, lemon drops in particular, she suggested that they ask Peeves to switch out his supply of lemon drops with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. Her plan was to partially transfigure them, so that while they would look like Lemon Drops, they would retain the taste of the beans. The others had immediately agreed, except for Hermione, but after a bit of convincing she was in on it too. All in all, it had very pleasurable evening, so Harry shouldn't have been surprised when it all fell apart.

Dinner had been fantastic, even more so that usual as they were still attempting to impress their foreign guests. But now that dessert was over, everyone was waiting with baited breath for the champions to be announced.

"And now, the champion for Durmstrang…" Dumbledore started "Viktor Krum!" A huge round of aplaus came from the Durmstrang sector while everyone else clapped politely. "The champion for Beauxbatons… Fleur Delacour!" Fleur was ecstatic, and in her excitement, gave Harry a kiss on the cheek before getting up and walking to the anti-chamber behind the Great Hall. Harry felt an inexplicable sense of joy as Fleur kissed him, and then an almost overwhelming sense of loss as she walked away. He shook himself out of it just in time to hear Dumbledore say "And our final champion, representing Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory!" The Great Hall exploded with applause as the Hogwarts sector cheered on their champion. "Now that that's settled-" Dumbledore started before he was interrupted by the Goblet. The flames impossibly turned blue once more, and spit out one final name. The entire Hall watched with baited breath to see who had managed to trick the Goblet

"Harry Potter!" He said gravely.

Harry, who had been taking a sip of pumpkin juice at the time, did a spit take. A scourgify and a few mumbled apologies later, he started protesting. "But that's impossible! I didn't enter my name in the Goblet, I even have a full alibi for the last 24 hours!"

"Mr. Potter, if you would please come into the back room." Dumbledore stated.

As Harry started to get up, he was pulled back down by Hermione, who started whispering furiously in his ear. He nodded, before getting up and saying clearly "I, Harry James Potter, hereby swear on my life and magic that I did not enter my name in the Goblet of Fire, nor did I ask anyone to put my name in for me. I also would like to state that I do not wish to compete in this Tournament at all. So mote it be." A glow surrounded him as the Oath took effect.

To show that he hadn't lost his magic, he cast his favorite spell. "Expecto Patronum," To his surprise, instead of a silver stag, a magnificent silvery bird came out of his wand and landed on his shoulder. Marie, Cecile, Hermione, and Gabrielle were openly gaping at him. "I'll tell you later!" Marie whispered in French. Harry just shrugged as he walked up to the front of the hall. He had bigger things to deal with than his Patronus changing.

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