AN - So…. this is it. We're at the end. I really enjoyed writing this cliche'd cliche, and I hope everyone' has had fun reading it. Of course, there will always be another Snarry in my mind, so I'm sure it won't take long for the next one to take route and decide it wants to be a MC. Let's just hope I can finish up the ones incomplete before that happens.

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Made For Me

Waking was a slow process, and as Harry stretched out his limbs, the flash of pain brought back beautiful memories of the night before. Severus was wrapped around him, and when Harry looked up, it was to find dark eyes watching him with contentment.

"Good morning," Severus murmured, nudging his nose against the side of Harry's head.

"Merry Christmas," Harry replied, pressing impossibly closer.

"How are you feeling?" Severus asked, one of his hands stroking down Harry's back.

Harry grinned. "Never been better."

"What you did last night… Harry I have no words to tell you how much that meant," Severus whispered, shifting down the bed so they were face to face. "I love you."

His grin softening into a gentle smile, Harry pressed their lips together. "Come on, it's Christmas. You know Albus won't let us stay in hiding all day."

When Harry got up from the bed, Severus gasped. Harry turned to look at him, to find wide eyes staring at him. Raising his eyebrow at his stunned mate, Harry continued to the bathroom to check himself in the mirror.

The answer to Severus' look was found on Harry's back, where a trail of runes had appeared across his skin. He'd known it was a possibility, depending on the strength of the bond between them, but to see so many was indeed a shock.

"You really were made for me," Severus murmured into Harry's skin as he came up behind him, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

Harry smiled at him in the mirror. "I already knew that."

Severus nodded. "I know you did. You have a startling amount of faith in me."

"Perhaps now, you'll start having faith in yourself."



The words were quietly spoken as Harry leant back against the body behind him and a soft kiss was pressed to his neck.

"Thanks," he replied, his voice just as quiet. "Are you ready to go?"

"I've been ready to go for three weeks," Severus replied, making Harry chuckle. "Kreacher has collected the suitcases and delivered them to the hotel already."

Harry nodded. "Just let me tell Ron and Hermione we're leaving."

He moved away from the warm body and quickly found his friends, wrapping his arms around their shoulders.

"I'm off," he told them, accepting their hugs.

"Make sure you send lots of postcards," Hermione demanded, tears welling in her eyes. "And photos too."

Harry grinned. "I will, I promise. It's only two months, Hermione, we'll be back before you know it."

"I know," she replied. "It's just… different."

Harry nodded, hugging her again. "I love you," he whispered into her ear, squeezing her for a moment. Releasing her, he hugged Ron properly.

"Look after her. You're my best mate, and I'd really hate to have to hurt you," he said, nodding his head at Hermione, who giggled and blushed.

Ron nodded seriously. "I know mate. I will. Have a good time."

Winking, Harry nodded. "I intend to."

He left his best friends and returned to his bondmate's side, pressing his lips to Severus' cheek. "Ready when you are."

"Then let's go."

The hotel was beautiful and completely unimportant. As soon as they closed the door to their room, Severus pressed Harry up against the wall, laying butterfly kisses along his jaw.

"Mine," he murmured, pressing the word into Harry's skin.

Harry smiled. "Forever."