When the boy woke up, he was confused. He'd never seen a forest like what he was currently in before. He couldn't name most of the trees of the world, but even he could recognise a coconut or a silver birch. And know those two trees don't grow next to each other. He blinked a few times, pushing his blond locks out of his eyes, hoping that he'd wake up back home but he didn't. This wasn't a dream; it was reality.

The boy was startled by a voice, "Hey! Is there anyone there?" He looked around for the source but all he could see was the strange collection of trees.

"Sis, stop shouting. You're hurting my ears..."


"Seriously, stop it. I don't think there's anyone here but us."

"Shush, I think I see someone!"

The boy looked around as he heard someone coming towards him, nervous. He heard someone trip.

"Watch out for roots."

"A little late for that warning, Ry," the girl complained, groaning.

"My sister is an idiot. Let it be known!" He gave an 'oomph' noise, but continued chuckling regardless.

"Look, there's someone there."

"Hello." An older girl walked into his line of sight, brushing her wavy chestnut hair out of her eyes. She smiled as she saw him, her dark green eyes lighting up. Waving to someone further back, she jumped up and down, probably calling him over.

He shrunk back into where he was sitting, moving away from the lightly tanned girl. Although she wasn't particularly tall, and her long pink skirt and low cut white tshirt weren't threatening either, he still felt afraid.

"Come on, I'm not that scary really, am I?"

"I don't know. It's arguable." Someone who looked fairly similar walked into the clearing, grinning. His hair and skin colour were the same as hers, but his locks was a little shorter, only reaching his, remarkably broad, shoulders.

"You know you're an idiot, right, Ry?" she yelled, her voice subtly displaying her hidden affection towards him. "Anyway..." The girl turned back to the young boy, smiling slightly. "We're trying to figure out where we are. Do you have any idea?"

"It's a specially constructed biodome." Another brown haired girl walked into sight, she was a little shorter and more slender but her tan was darker. She leaned against a tree nonchalantly, seemingly unafraid of the sudden change in environment. "Part of a government conspiracy to keep the planet alive after the sun explodes, which will happen sooner than everyone thinks - it will. They've already grown all of the species of trees here, and they've chosen the best of humanity to live here as the founding members of the new human race." Her hair, longer than the first girls, was tied up in a pink bobble and looked a little less soft.

"What are you talking about?" Ryan asked, his deep green eyes training on her.

"That's what my brother would probably say." The girl shrugged, taking her grey jacket off and tying it around her waist to reveal the small white vest top beneath, which showed off her chest. "My name's Georgia O'Connor," she added, her irish accent coming through clearly as she said her last name and stood up straight. Her small bright orange shorts were a little off puttingly bright and the mucky white trainers showed signs of use.

"Have you seen anyone else?" The brunette girl asked.

"Not yet. Who's this?" the other girl replied quickly, wasting no time to glare at the boy with her wide hazel eyes.

"He's not talked yet," Ryan replied, withdrawing a white cap from the back pocket of his brown shorts and placing it on his head. "It's so warm…"

"Hello there." Georgia ducked down, smiling next to the young boy. She reached to touch his head but he moved back, his small frame looking like it might break if she was too rough. "Don't be afraid," she said warmly, ruffling the dirty blond neck length hair. He looked uncomfortable so she stopped. "Your skin's kinda pale so maybe you aren't British?" she suggested. He shook his head in response so she sighed. "You're shy, that's for sure," she said, smiling.

The small blond boy retreated further into where he was sitting, not saying a word. His dark blue eyes flitted between each person in front of him nervously, scanning them in hopes of working out their intentions.

"Is someone there?" A mature female voice came from just out of sight.

"There's a group of us over here!" Georgia called, and a few moments later an older woman came into view.

Her long platinum blonde hair was kept smart underneath the white summer hat but that was the only piece of attire she had which seemed to suit the warm climate. She wore a brown knitted scarf, green cardigan and baggy cream trousers, all of which seemed to be making little difference to her temperature. "I don't suppose any of you know what's going on?" The woman asked, taking off her face obscuring sunglasses to reveal her sky blue eyes. Her height wasn't as intimidating to the boy as the others, and her motherly smile made him feel a little less afraid.

"I ain't got a clue." Another guy, this one with short black hair, walked into sight, his muscular arms swinging slightly. His skin looked rough but tanned and his muscles were hard to miss due to his impressive stature and the loose white vest top. "But you, are cute," he said winking and pointing his fingers at Georgia, his dark brown eyes twinkling in the sun.

She scoffed. "As if."

"Is there anyone else?" The younger brunette girl asked, turning to look around them.

"I KNOW YOU!" Georgia suddenly screamed in delight, pointing at the older woman. "You're Julia Annaliese! The model!"

"I'm not that special..." Julia rubbed the back of her head, kicking the ground with her plain black shoes, embarrassed. "I just want to help women gain confidence..."

"You're brilliant!" Georgia squealed in delight. "Can I get your autograph?"

"I'm afraid I didn't bring a pen..." Julia smiled gently.

"Hey! Anyone know who did this? I wanna deck the guy who did." The black haired male tensed his arm, almost involuntarily, causing the muscles to bulge through his navy blue jacket.

"Sorry. No idea," the first girl replied. "And what's your name, by the way?"

"Keiran." He looked her up and down but she brushed it off.

"Hey, what are you two called anyway?" Georgia asked, looking at the two siblings.

The girl laughed. "Oh, didn't we introduce ourselves?"

"I'm Ryan." He pointed his thumb at the glossy logo emblazoned on his white t-shirt. "And this is my twin, Izzy."

"And you?" Julia smiled gently at the boy, walking towards him. The boy looked up at her, pulling his knees up to his chest silently.

"I have a daughter around your age, actually. I wonder how she's doing..." Julia toyed with the chunky necklace of brown jewels around her neck nervously.

"Wait, weren't you doing some shows in Europe?" Georgia asked.

"Yes, but my daughter fell ill and I couldn't cancel." Julia smiled sadly. "I can't wait to see her and my husband again. I've missed them so much..."

"I want to go home..." Everyone looked as the boy talked, his face buried, firstly in the black bandanna around his neck, and then into his pale skinned knees.

Izzy was sitting next to him seconds later, one arm around his bare shoulders. "There there," she whispered. "We all want to know where we are. And that's why we're all going to try and find out. So will you help us?" she asked, smiling lightly.

The boy turned slightly, looking at her with one dark blue eye. He nodded slightly, and Izzy nodded back in response.

"So what's your name?" Ryan asked, crouching down next to the two of them.

The boy hid his head again, pulling his knees even closer.

"Ry, you idiot." Izzy sighed, glaring at her brother.

"Why don't we call you Mark for now?" Georgia asked. "You look like a Mark."

The boy looked over his knees at the rest of the group, nervous.

"I think I like Mike," Keiran said.

"What do you want us to call you?" Izzy asked, ignoring the others and making sure to place her head in between him and them.

He thought about it for a while. "... Birdie..." he whispered, the girl almost not hearing.

Julia said, "Well then, there are six of us."

"If we are meant to start a new civilisation, I'm not helping." Georgia looked at Keiran with disgust.

"Why not, Georgie?" Keiran asked, smirking slightly. "There's a reason I'm called-" He turned around, pointing with both thumbs at the white writing on the back of his jacket. "Playboy." He looked over his shoulder and winked.

"There's no way I'm ever going to give you a shot," Georgia retorted, glaring.

"And what's wrong with me?"

"You're almost bald; you can barely speak; your teeth are horrible; you call me 'Georgie' and you have no dress sense." Georgia smiled pleasantly. "Would you like me to continue?"

"... No." Keiran looked down at his scuffed white trainers, as stunned by the torrent of insults, as was everyone.

"Good." Georgia turned away from Keiran to face the others. "There's a river over there. We might be able to find something if we follow it."

The group agreed on Georgia's plan, the outspoken teen leading the group through the trees. Birdie was as close to Izzy as he could get, gripping onto her t-shirt tightly, Ryan on her other side and trying to get Birdie to talk again. Izzy occasionally gave a retort, and jabbed her elbow into his ribs a couple of times.

"So where do you think we are?" Izzy asked.

"I have no idea," Julia replied, pulling at her loose white shirt to relieve some of the heat she was feeling. "But I don't think that we are in Europe."

"Did we get taken somewhere in America?" Georgia asked, noticing the climate was a lot warmer than their shared homeland.

"Nowhere I recognise," Julia commented. "Maybe somewhere in Asia, but I doubt it."

Georgia pondered it for a while before an idea sparked into her mind. "What about Africa? There's a rainforest in the middle isn't there?"

"Too cool and too quiet. My husband told me a lot about his trip to Africa."

Georgia laughed. "At this point my brother would be talking about aliens and foreign planets."

"You've mentioned your brother a lot." Izzy observed.

"He's odd. He loves his conspiracy theories. And he rants about them all the time."

"So, how old are you, Birdie?" Ryan asked, ruffling the boy's messy blond head.

"Ry..." Izzy muttered warningly, pulling the little boy a little closer to her, creasing his red t-shirt as he pressed against her.

Birdie looked up at Izzy briefly, then looked back down shyly.

"What do you like doing?" Ryan asked, trying to get something out of the young boy.

"Mum told me not to talk to strangers..." Birdie said quietly, making Izzy laugh briefly.

"See, Ry. I told you." Izzy looked down at Birdie and then back at Ryan. "This isn't working," she said, laughing a little.

"Shut up, Izzy," he grumbled. "He's probably just shy because I'm taller than you, shortie."

"I'm not short," Izzy retorted, puffing out air.

"I don't think I could hear you from down there."

"Shh, I can hear something!" Georgia hissed.

"Is it the sound of you heart when you look at me?" Keiran flirted, moving to touch her.

"Shut up!" she thumped him in the leg, feeling the cheap black shorts underneath her fist.

"I like it when you play rough."

"I think it's someone, or something else," Julia announced quietly, and everyone became silent. Her age gave her obvious superiority over the others but it made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Birdie shuffled a little closer to Izzy, hiding behind her.

"Al'right! Who's there!" Keiran shouted suddenly, moving into a boxing stance.

"Sloppy form," Ryan commented idly.

"Wha'd you say?" Keiran asked, turning to face the teen.

"Your feet are too close together, your fists are all wrong and your knees are at the wrong angle," Izzy said, walking forwards.

Birdie stayed still, watching.

"I know how to fight!" Keiran shouted, hurling a fist at Izzy in a rage.

Seconds later, Keiran was on the floor behind Izzy, stunned and looking in pain. "What was that?" Georgia asked, surprised.

"Judo," Izzy replied, dusting off her hands. "My dad is huge on sport. He got us to try a bunch of different sports and pick a favourite. Ry there swims, and sometimes does some diving. He's basically a fish."

"I admit it. Izzy can beat me up." Ryan spoke, raising his hands. "I'm the softie, our dad is a semi-professional boxer. Mum's a hockey coach."

"That's an interesting combination," Julia commented. "But violence is never something to brag about."

"I wasn't bragging, it's just-" Ryan stammered.

"It's okay, it's just a little creature," Georgia called from up ahead. Georgia walked back to the group, the others not having noticed she had gone, holding a small creature in her arms. "I just want to know. It's really cool but any of you have any clue what it is?"

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