Ao oni ver. 6

Chapter 1

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It all began when four kids named Hiroshi, Mika, Takeshi, and Takuro entered a big mansion in the middle of the woods. Takuro: "The mansion looks pretter in the inside than the outside". Mika: "Is it just me or is it cold in here?" Takeshi: "okay, can all of us stop checking and get out of here?!" Takuro: "What's wrong Takeshi, you scared?" And then a sound is heard in the kitchen. Takeshi: "okay, I'm scared let's leave! Hiroshi: "Takeshi don't be stupid, I'll check out the sound, okay?" Takeshi: "Be careful, Hiroshi." As Hiroshi goes to the kitchen, he finds a broken plate in the ground and obtains a plate shard, he returns back but all his friends are gone. Hiroshi: "Where's everybody?" And he finds a shadow coming from the bathroom, he opens the door, but it's locked. He later finds his friend Takeshi, who is hiding in a closet upstairs. Hiroshi: "Takeshi there you are Takeshi, hey where's the others." Takeshi: "Shivering!" Hiroshi: "Takeshi!" Takeshi: "shivering!" Hiroshi: "…" Hiroshi later obtains the library key and goes to the library and obtains the bedroom key. Then the ao oni chases Hiroshi, after he outruns the monster, he finds the piano room and there is numbers written in it, After solving the piano puzzle, he later meets up with both mika and takuro. And finds a cell room behind a hidden room in the corridor and the ao oni appears behind the cell door, staring and trying to pry the bars open using force. And got mad and left the room obtaining the basement key. As Hiroshi opens the basement door using the key, he hears screaming coming from upstairs in the Kid's bedroom, finding the monster killing, eating, and humping her. Hiroshi: "Mika, noooooooooooooooooo!" Hiroshi said. After he outruns the monster, he goes to the basement and checks it out.

End of chapter 1

Stay tuned for chapter 2