Ao Oni Chapter 2

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It previously started off when Hiroshi was searching the basement, he finds the phillps screwdriver and flat head, and then he mika in the basement standing there, he goes up to Mika. Hiroshi: "Mika, are you ok and by the way i thought you were dead". But then Mika turns into a oni and chases him. Hiroshi: "Ah!, Mika is so Fucking ugly!, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hiroshi said in a scared, terrifed tone. After Hiroshi outruns Mika the oni, he finds his way to the annex. In the annex Hiroshi later finds Takeshi hiding in dark room, Hiroshi laters asks Takeshi why he is hiding here in this room. Hiroshi: "Takeshi, why are you hiding in here"? Hiroshi asked. Takeshi: "Because i'm scared Hiroshi, There is a blue or purple demon or monster in this mansion and were stuck in here, maybe if i didn't decide to come here in first place, none of this would'nt be happening. Takeshi: "It's all my fault, goodbye Hiroshi". Takeshi leaves the room crying. Hiroshi: Takeshi!, come back here. Hiroshi said in a loud, angry tone. As hiroshi searches though the annex, he finds strange objects for a strange puzzle and finds Takeshi hang himself in a doll room. After solving the doll puzzle, he leaves the room and then Takeshi turns into an oni and chases him, after outrunning Takeshi the oni, he later goes the annex basement.

End of chapter 2

Stay tuned for chapter 3