Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy

A sequel to Harry Potter and the Return of Heritage

Part Two of the Harry Potter Heritage Series

By Jayan-Phoenix


Chapter One

The Black Lodge

A teenage boy of fifteen years of age was sitting with his back against a hard tree trunk. Seven hours ago he had been left in the forest of the Black Lodge, the hunting lodge in Bulgaria. He sat holding his hands under his armpits for warmth. The warming charms that he had applied had worn out quickly and he didn't know any advanced ones that would last longer. He wanted to light up a fire but he was certain that he would be discovered, however, a fire would keep him warm and his mind and will was starting to crack.

He had half-limped, half-jogged away from Sirius when he had begun to send spells at him, and it was with shock and pain that he realised that Sirius had hit him with a curse in his calf. After forty-five minutes, he had managed to either lose Sirius or he had stopped following him. He had finally been able to get his first look at the wound. An arrow was lodged in his calf, and Harry knew the spell that had been used, it was infamous to many Quidditch fans.

He used a vanishing spell to remove the arrow from the wound to prevent further damage to his calf, but at the same moment the underbrush suddenly rustled loudly and a great creature jumped out with its teeth bared. Harry didn't think twice and fired a stunning spell straight at its belly.

The creature fell with a flump and Harry got a good look at it: it had the head of a wolf, but had no eyes. It had the body of a rat, with its long worm like tail twice the creature's length. Harry didn't know the name of the creature, and it was not in his books from Care of Magical Creatures. He looked around wondering how the creature had known where he was.

Not wanting to stay in the area in case there were more of these odd creatures, he pointing his wand at his calf, he cast a spell that he had learnt in the DA. It sealed the wound into a puckered red scar that was healed over. The wound was still liable to infection and if he strained it too much he knew that it would open again so he muttered "Fasciaturarire".

A bandage wrapped itself round his calf and the spell added some antiseptic properties to the bandage. He then left the area and began to make his way through the dense forest for somewhere safe to rest.

After a few hours he was exhausted and he was forced to rest at the base of a large tree, he needed to sleep but he wasn't sure it was safe in this forest, there were creatures everywhere and they were all predators.

He limped around a wide area of the tree creating a perimeter of proximity charms; it would alert the caster when triggered to any life forms that entered the specified area. Once done he sagged down at the base of the tree and he snuggled up to the tree and on himself for warmth and closed his eyes.

A deafening crack awoke Harry from his sleep and the charm alerted him of a presence to his left. As he turned he trained his wand on the thick plant life, but he felt relief flow through him when Sirius pushed through the bush.

Harry couldn't help but smile, knowing that Sirius would start to train him now. "Sirius, you startled me, are we going up to the Lodge?" he asked.

"Defend yourself!" Sirius shouted loudly and Harry noticed that his wand was in his hand. A bright white spell shot from it at his face.

Having not expected the spell, Harry didn't have a chance to raise his wand in defence so he dived out of the way and crumbled into a ball on the floor. Sirius did not allow him a respite to get back on his feet; he continued to shoot spells at him. Harry only fired blocks and shields, but after ten minutes he realised he had to flee, as in his current state he was no match for Sirius and couldn't think of a way to hit him back.

Harry sent a banishing spell with a wave of his wand and an almost silent incantation. The very ground beneath their feet, and the earth itself was thrown at Sirius, blocking his view. Harry managed to run out of his line of sight, but he remained cautious, forced to watch for Sirius who was still chasing after him while also avoiding the many creatures that he encountered.

That game of cat and mouse had lasted five hours and by the end Harry had managed to drive Sirius away by setting a nest of magical bee-like creatures that were a foot in length on fire. They had huge wings and two sharp needles like arms. They had swarmed Sirius and allowed Harry to escape him.

Two days later, Harry had only accumulated a precious few hours of sleep each day and had been forced to defend himself further from Sirius, but Sirius had become more cunning in his attacks. Harry had found a number of wild berry bushes but when he was about to finally fill his rumbling belly, the bush would burn. Sirius would then disappear before Harry could retaliate.

Starving hungry after three days without food other than a handful of berries and boring bland green stems, Harry was desperate. He was getting ready to curse Sirius into the next life but as he walked through a large bramble bush, a Rabbit dashed out in front of him in fright. Acting on instinct only, Harry dived and managed to grab hold of the back of the creature just before it was out of his reach.

"Stupefy" he said and the Rabbit when limp in arms. He looked at it carefully. He couldn't kill a rabbit, no matter how hungry he felt. He had killed one in the forest at Hogwarts, but he wasn't sure that he could do it now, that had been to save Tonks' life but this was a selfish need.

He placed the rabbit back on the forest floor but he didn't leave. He sat looking at it with his wand tapping his leg as he had a battled his own mind. After what had felt like days; his resolve hardened and he hit the animal with a bone breaking hex at the neck. He felt bile rise up in his throat at the thought of what he had done and he almost threw the dead rabbit into the forest, but his hunger was too great.

He had never had to cook an animal before so he wasn't entirely sure how to proceed. He skinned it with magic, as he was certain you didn't cook it with its skin and fur still attached. Next, he used a cutting charm to slice open its belly and used a summoning charm to pull out the entrails. He cooked it on a magically revolving spit over a fire he started, and when it had browned he took his first bite.

It was one of the best things that he had ever eaten, he even thought to himself that the Hogwarts feats could not compare to the taste and flavour of this cooked rabbit. He felt very satisfied with himself as he had managed to cook and prepare a rabbit from scratch with no training. It had helped that he knew how to cook from his time at Privet Drive, and he had also seen his uncle once prepare a chicken from Aunt Petunia's free range chicken coop phase.

He extinguished the fire, not trusting the animals that stalked around him unseen. He had learnt that they stalked each other to steal their kills and many of the creatures were attracted to blood. Before he left, he picked up the rabbit skin.

As he walked he worked on the skin, using magic he managed to create a very crude satchel bag. He had transfigured long sticks into a rope for the straps. He put it to use as he picked up herbs he recognised and stored them for later use.

After seven hours of wandering - two of which he had been forced to climb a tree to escape group of bears that were fighting, matting and eating in the area he had wandered into - he came across a small area of forest, with a stream and a formation of boulders, which had formed a small cave.

He cautiously approached the cave knowing that an animal could possibly use this for a den as it would offer shelter and protection. He had found a few caves during his small amount of time in the forest but they had all been inhabited, he sent a number of spells inside in order to startle anything inside and to his surprise, there was no sound.

He edged into the cave slowly, with his wand lit and a curse on his lips. His heart was racing because he expected a bear or wolf to jump at him at any moment but it was to his surprise that the cave was empty. It would only fit one man and he was forced to hunch over but it was dry and the stone offered him protection.

He spent three more hours working on his new shelter: from another part of the forest, he managed to find a boulder which he levitated back to his cave and used as a door to seal him in. In the back of the cave he had carved out a rear exit, it would be a emergency exit in case he was trapped. He wished he could have been as thorough with the front entrance but he was exhausted after his efforts, so he settled down on the ground to rest.

The cave was dark, so instead of relying on his wand for light he created stone bowls, into which he cast a spell that Hermione had taught him: bluebell flames. They were smokeless, odourless, and waterproof. The flames gave some heat to the cave and, for the first time, he had a full belly of food, was warm, and the water from his wand kept him hydrated. With all of his needs fulfilled, Harry curled up on the stone floor and fell asleep.

After seven hours of peaceful sleep Harry awoke. He immediately picked up his wand, wary of an attack, but everything was quiet. He extinguished the flames in the dish and left the cave. Outside it was raining heavily. He was reluctant to leave the cave, but he didn't want Sirius to trace him to it as it would mean his new shelter was useless.

With that in mind he set out for the day and would not return until later, Once he had overcome the trials Sirius would set for that day. He spent the best part of two hours looking for any food, but had come up empty, as he crossed a small stream he lost his footing when a loud bang echoed around the forest. Three minutes later it sounded again. Not knowing if this was a trap, Harry ran as fast as he could to a path that he knew would give him higher ground.

What he saw when he arrived was green sparks periodically being sent up into the air. He could see the general location but nothing else through the trees. He knew that the sparks were being caused by Sirius, but he also knew that Sirius was signalling him for a reason.

He made his way down to the general area of the forest; the bang was still striking the air and it allowed Harry to narrow the area down, he cast a disillusionment charm on himself. He knew they were far from perfect but it would allow him time to assess his surroundings before he was noticed.

He walked carefully with his wand at the ready alert for any traps that Sirius had set but he couldn't find any so he pushed forward and arrived in a clearing. Sirius was standing there firing the sparks from his wand with a bored expression. On either side of him were two things on different rocks, one was a basket full of food and on another a cloak and a change of clothes.

Harry took a silent step into the clearing from behind Sirius, hoping to catch him unawares but the moment his foot stepped into the clearing, Sirius spun around, glared directly at him and smiled.

"Finally, I was wondering if you would come at all." he said and he put his wand behind his back as Harry pointed his own at him "You have a choice to make, and you only get one." He then spun on the spot and disapparated.

Harry was left standing there breathing fast. The clearing was clear and it didn't look like there was any danger, but Sirius had discovered him by some kind of proximity charm or ward not unlike the one he had used. He looked at the basket of food, bread, meat and fruit; it made his belly rumble longingly for proper food. The cloak and change of clothes were also needed, his current clothes were filthy, torn and worn and they did not offer him much warmth in the night. He attempted to use summoning charms but they didn't even move a banana.

Sirius had said that he only got one choice, so he thought about it carefully weighing up his needs. Food was important to him but the food wouldn't last him long and he was able to hunt for food and forage for edible plants. Warmth and clothing was something he couldn't get for himself so he made his choice and picked up the bundle of clothing. The moment his hand touched it the food erupted into fire and was gone in a moment.

"Well you didn't lie." Harry said, rolling his eyes and the dramatics, but he didn't mind. He changed out of his clothes and into the more comfortable newer ones. He shrunk his old ones down and placed them into his bag with the cloak. He was still hungry and he needed food, so he began his hunt for food again.


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