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Summary: Jinx and Starfire are huge BeastboyxRaven fans. When Jinx comes and spends a month with the Teen Titans, she confides in Starfire that they need to hook Raven and Beastboy up, because she can't take it any longer. So now, the both of them are making a plan, following it, to hook up these two titans. Beware of:Fangirling, Fans, an awkward Sleepover, learning how to lie, etc. Mainly centered around BbxRae, but has Robstar and Flinx too. Hints of Cybee. Better than it sounds.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans.

"So, Rae...Wanna taste some tofu?" Beastboy leaned against the counter, a smirk playing on his face as he raised an eyebrow. Raven shot him an un-amused glare as she raised her head from her book momentarily.

"No Beastboy. I do not eat fake meat. You keep the tofu to yourself." Raven said monotone, sighing. Hasn't he caught on by now? He should know that she doesn't like tofu anymore than Cyborg does. Beastboy frowned at her, before nodding to Robin and Starfire, who was sitting at the couch at the time, discussing their favorite movie.

"You guys want some?" Robin and Starfire smiled, pausing from their conversation briefly.

"Sure. I haven't had some tofu in a while." Robin agreed. Starfire clapped her hands together and nodded excitedly.

"Yes, friend Beastboy. I would love some of your fake meat!" Cyborg swiveled his head with a disgusted look on his face, his metallic hand still frozen in place where it was holding the remote up to the TV from channel surfing. He stared at the couple before shaking his head in disapproval.


"I thought you hated tofu! Ugh, Traitors never learn."

"Cyborg, I have never said once in my life I hated tofu. It's not exactly my favorite type of food to eat everyday, all day, but I do happen to like it. It's okay." Robin snapped back, and Starfire agreed with him by a curt nod of her head. Cyborg rolled his eyes and continued to channel surf. Beastboy stuck his tongue out and hummed Na-Na-Na-Na-Naa teasingly at Cyborg, in which he ignored. Raven's kettle whistled and screamed, signifying that the Water is ready. Raven contorted the page at the top left corner, keeping her spot before getting up and making her way towards the kitchen, but Beastboy stepped into her path, blocking her.

He had a winning smile on his face as he placed his hands onto her shoulders, slowly moving her out of the kitchen. Raven glared at him and tried to move away but Beastboy kept her in place.

"I'll go get your tea. You just stand right there and look pretty." He said, reaching a hand to grab her cheek and pull it as a mother would with her son, telling him how cute he is in a baby sort-of voice. Raven slapped his hand away, and he slowly walked backwards away from her, grinning at his attempt. He went over to the stove and grabbed the cup that was waiting for the tea that Raven had set out earlier, then poured the hot boiling water into it. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out one of the Lipton boxes, grabbing a random packet and ripping the paper off, then placing it into her tea. He snuck a quick glance at Raven, who had her left foot tapping impatiently for her tea, but her gaze was fixed on the TV, briefly captivated by its influence.

He quickly snatched a tofu bar that was sitting on the counter, before slicing a tofu square and then grabbing a wooden cylinder and crushing it into a millions of tiny pieces. He put one-third of the crushed tofu into the tea, hoping she wouldn't notice the taste of it. He picked up the cup and walked towards Raven, shoving it into her hands. Raven narrowed her eyes before going over to the couch, taking a seat next to Cyborg and sipping her tea. He watched, waiting for a reaction. When a reaction didn't come, he passed it off, thinking Raven didn't sense something about her tea was in it, and went back to cooking his meal.

"Beastboy, did you spike my tea?" Raven asked, fixing her gaze on Beastboy, who froze and frowned. He sighed and turned around, a calm expression on his face.

"No. Why?" He questioned. She pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows.

"It tastes different."

"You must be paranoid."

"Paranoid about what? I'm not paranoid."

"Last time you denied your emotions, this tower turned into a haunted house, Rae."

"I'm not denying anything. What are you implying?"

"I'm implying that I did not put tofu in your tea."

"..What! I didn't say anything about tofu- YOU DID WHAT?"

"What did I do?"

"You put tofu in my tea."

"I never said that."

"Your lying."

"No I'm not."

"Why can't you just admit it?"

"I can't admit it 'cause I didn't do it."

"Yes you did!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Starfire giggled as she watched the two bicker- Raven getting even more mad every time Beastboy denied having put tofu in her tea, Beastboy acting calm and collected, denying the fact that he spiked her tea, even though he did. She knew it, she saw him work while Raven's eyes were on the TV. They fight like an old married couple, She thought.

"Okay ya'll, Stop fighting. BB, we know you put tofu in her tea- we saw you. Raven, just make you another cup. We all good now?" Cyborg asked. The two glared at each other before mumbling 'Fine.'.


"You done yet?"

"Yes, now stop rushing me. I'm going as fast as I can."


"Whatever." Jinx snapped back, packing her clothes as Kid watched in agony. His suitcase was already packed and was waiting patiently next to him, and he willed himself not to tap his foot so Jinx wouldn't feel rushed. It wasn't her fault she wasn't born with the power to be abnormally fast. But if he did hurry her, all she had to do was send a pink hex to whatever to shut him up. Jinx finally zipped her duffel-bag and slung it over her shoulder.

"Now I'm ready. You jerkface." Jinx stuck her tongue out at him, in which he grinned and picked up his suitcase, walking as fast as he could out the door, Jinx following pursuit.

"Ready?" He asked her.

"Ready." She nodded, before hopping onto his back, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist and her eyes squeezed shut. She should be used to it by now, but she couldn't help herself of that feeling in the pit of her stomach when he was running, her on his back. It was like taking a roller-coaster- going straight down and have such sickening butterflies floating around in your stomach that you feel like screaming, in which most people tend to do on the most scary roller-coasters. She bit her bottom lip, and after a quick second of the wind and her hair slapping and hitting her across the face and a quick feeling of that sickening sense in the pit of her stomach, it was done. Her long, pink hair rested on her shoulders, held up in two pink ponytails. She cracked one eye open, only to see the tower standing before them, and slid off of Kid Flash. Kid let out a chuckle, amused at her slightly frightened expression, and shook his legs, ridding it of the salt water he had to run across to reach the tower.

Jinx walked over, duffel-bag in hand, and knocked with force on the Titan's door. She waited a few seconds, before raising her hand to knock again, but Robin answered the door before she could.

"Hey Jinx and Kid." Robin greeted, walking down the hall, expecting them to follow him. They followed pursuit, Kid Flash closing the door behind them.

When they took one step into the living room, Starfire zoomed up to them, holding a nice warm tray of dughelinvinshusk with a big grin on her face. She held the tray with one hand as she gave them side hugs. Gasping and hyperventilating was heard.

"Hello, friends! How pleasurable it is for you to be here! It is very nice to see you, I promise your stay here at the Tower of the Titans will be most glorious. Would you like some dughelinvinshusk?" She raved, all in one breath. She stood in front of them, holding out the tray so they could get a good view of the tameranian delicacy.

It oozed and squirmed, making squishy, mushy sounds. Octopus tentacles(?) slithered around, glowing and a little bit of hair.

"Starfire, I think some dangerous is in your-" Jinx's words died on her lips as something blinked back at her. Something cylindrical, something slimy, something with hair, something with one eye. "HOLY -"

"That food has parasites Star."

"Only the most yummiest, tastiest parasites!" She declared. KidFlash frowned and looked at the meal with disgust, before looking up with a forced smile on his face, and wrapped his arms around Starfire, hugging her tight.

"Star, thank you for this awesome meal! You don't know how tasty it looks!" KidFlash said, shaking her in his arms.

"Friend KidFlash, the plate is-"

"Oh my gosh, you have to be the most wonderful cook in the whole wide world!" He cut her off. The plate was slipping from Starfire's hands, and she struggled to keep it bay, despite the fact that Kidflash was shaking and hugging her at the same time.

"The plate-"

"Star, you should know you are one of my favorite titans, along with Jinx here. " He cooed, continuing to shake her.

"But-!" The plate slipped from Starfire's fingers and splattered onto the floor, and Kidflash released his hold on her. Following her eyes to the fallen plate. He put on a faux frown, rubbing the back of his neck and plastered on a guilty expression.

"Gee Star. I'm sorry. I didn't mean too. I'm sure it would have tasted wonderful, but... as you can see, it's kind of ruined. And I don't eat off the floor." He apologized very clearly. Starfire sighed and gave a weak smile to Kidflash.

"It is okay. I understand it was merely an accident. Thank you for your glorious compliments, though." Starfire forgave him. He smiled back before making eye contact with Beastboy and Robin, who gave him smirks and nodded their heads with disapproval. Jinx piped up, clutching her duffel-bag to her chest.

"So…where are we gonna hang out?" She asked, wanting to put her luggage in their temporary bedroom so that her arms wouldn't fall off from carrying something so heavy. Raven got up and walked with purpose out into the hallway, her aura shouting 'Follow me.' While KidFlash was ready goofing off with Beastboy and Cyborg, and with Robin helping Starfire clean up the spilt mess, Jinx decided to carry his luggage which was also to her disgrace, and slipped down the hall after Raven.

Raven was standing next to a door that read Terra , Jinx noted that Terra was an ex-titan who had been a really bad girl and made some really bad decisions during her really bad time here, but Jinx chose not to comment on how they should take off that sign, because that really bad girl who made really bad decisions who was named Terra, was a very touchy subject, and every titan made an unspoken agreement not to ever say the word Terra or anything about her, especially in front of Beastboy. She gave a weak smile to Raven before proceeding in, taking in all the details of her guest room. Everything was cleared out, probably discarded in some alley next to bins of trash, or they probably burned it, but either way, if she said anything about the room or who had recently inhabited it, she wouldn't get a very sunny response back, though the room looked nice. So Jinx merely gave her a nod, and Raven left her there to get comfortable.

She placed the luggage next to the door in the corner, and looked around. There was a big window, showing the scene outside. A California King bed, two nightstands on each side of the bed, and a bathroom that was hooked to the room. The only thing she had to complain about was what was on the ceiling, a thousand of tiny little glowing stars that made it seem like a five-year old was living in here previously instead of a 16 year old girl. But then again, they found Terra outside, saying that everywhere was her home, so Jinx guessed she just liked being outside with the diseases and the wild animals, plus the dirt to, but then again Terra had rock powers and her name is foreign meaning 'earth' so...

She would have to take off those stupid little stars.



She stared at the photo longingly.

The high-tech computer displayed the image with intensity, the colors of the image glowing brightly at her.

But it wasn't the colors that had gotten her captivated by this image-it was the two people in it.

One of them was a teenage girl, smiling into the camera, arms wrapped around the boys neck who grinned down at her, teeth glinting. It seemed so real, yet it was not.

It should be.

The two people in the picture were two of her teammates, to be exact. Beastboy and Raven.

For some time now she had been secretly inquisitive about what these 'ships' were. Last time when they were bombarded by the news, one reporter bring up something about 'ships'. Her teammates showed human signs of being uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed. She wondered why her teammates did so, so she did the liberty of googling it while everyone else was asleep, and now she knows why.

This particular picture was from the ship called Bbrae, a ship that wants Beastboy and Raven to date, get married, get in bed together, have children, and die together badly.

She wouldn't object too those particular events. Matter fact, she would be screaming and jumping with joy. Starfire has gotten really into these ships, and now has ships of her own. First one: Robstar. She enjoys pictures of them online and the fanfiction and the support. Second one: Bbrae. While they are total opposites, is it not obvious that they are in love? She once supported Bbterra, but looking back on those events: Raven would be way better. Terra wasn't even the daughter of an intergalactic demon and still chose to betray them. Plus, they were painfully cute, and as Starfire stared at the picture, studying everything about it, She never have longed for them to get together as she was doing right now. It has gotten to the point of where Raven and Beastboy were talking to one another at a respectful distance, she would imagine herself flying over and shoving their faces together so that they kissed, but she knew it would be rude.

But now it was the middle of the night, so she exited the internet, erased her Bbrae findings from the history, shut it off, and went to bed.


So now we know that Starfire ships Bbrae.

Question of the chapter: Do you remember the moment you became a Bbrae fan? If so, how Did you?