Did you guys see the latest Teen Titans Go! Episode? I thought it was funny. It wasn't kid-appropriate though. But then again, Teen Titans never really was, was it?

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It started at breakfast. Starfire decided to start with little lies, then work her way up. She sat at the table eating a nice breakfast Cyborg made for every titan (except Beastboy), thinking about what clever lies she could come up with, all the while chanting in the back of her mind all the stuff that can give you away. Stay in character. Always stay in character.

"Hey Starfire! Is Jinx up yet?" This was her chance. She drew in her eyebrows and pursed her lips as if she was trying to remember, not think. Jinx would most likely be in her own bedroom, still snoozing away, she didn't come to breakfast this morning.

"She is actually in the training room with Raven, I think. I don't know for sure-my mind's still a little of the hazy from having sleep." Starfire couldn't help in feeling so clever... like a genius. Yes, only a genius would come up with that. And she followed the rules. Who knows- maybe Jinx skipped breakfast and headed down for training. And her mind was still a little groggy from sleep. So it's not technically lying.

"Great." Kid flash grinned at her all the while snapping his fingers together and pointing at her before dashing off into the direction of the training room. Starfire watched him go, then went back to focusing on her breakfast. Something hard and scaly, yet gentle slapped against her ankle. She scooted her chair out from under the table and peered down, her gaze landed on Silkie. She smiled and snatched him up, giving the silkworm a big hug.

"Oh Hello, my little bumgorf. Are you the hungry?" She walked over to the refrigerator with Silkie resting in her right hand, as if she was carrying a three-month old baby. She opened the door and peered into the contents of the refrigerator, looking for zorka berries. There wasn't any on the top shelf, so she tried the bottom shelf, but ended up getting the same results.

Starfire thought for a moment. There wasn't any more of the zorka berries. So what should she feed him- she snapped her fingers as an idea popped in her head like a balloon.

"I could make the pudding of sadness!" Silkie gurgled happily at this. He's probably the only living thing in the world who actually likes the pudding of sadness, though with an appetite as large as Silkie's you probably wouldn't care what kind of food it was. Starfire grabbed Silkie by the face and touched noses with him, her eyes burning in all their glory. "A zorka berry substitute! Would you like that Silkie? Would my little bumgorf like that?" Starfire continued to baby-talk Silkie while she flew around the kitchen, gathering the ingredients for a incredibly revolting pudding.

Once she did all that, she proceeded to make the pudding for her little bumgorf.


It was still baking by the time Robin arrived, but the pudding of sadness was very close to being finished. All the titans were already comfortably seated in the living room. Beastboy, and Cyborg was playing the gamestation. Kidflash called dibs on loser's controller for the next game, so he sat with them, watching the Tv intently. Starfire sat on the edge of their semi-circle couch, reading a magazine with Silkie perched on her lap. Raven sat next to her, in the middle of reading one of her latin-based books that had about 700 pages or higher in it. Jinx laid down on the floor next to Kidflash, watching them play their video games, occasionally shouting at them for playing the game wrong and directing them into the right path.

Robin plopped down next to Star, Raven gave him just enough room to. Starfire, out of instinct, put down her magazine and smiled at her boyfriend, in which he delivered back. They sat there for a while, just doing their own thing, until Robin shifted in his seat. He was waiting for the right time to ask the question, knowing that they'd all flee anyway. But he could try. Starfire had made her way into the kitchen, Silkie following behind her. You could hear his feet tapping along the hard floor. Starfire opened the oven and quickly covered her nose with one hand, picking up the bowl of pudding with the other and placing it on the counter. Beastboy's nose tingled at the scent.

This was one of the many cons of having heightened senses. He could smell everything. And I mean everything. Everything. But by now Beastboy had become an expert in blocking out the most potent smells and focusing on the sweet smelling ones. Robin, sometimes smells of sweat by working out a lot, or hair products. Starfire smelled of a mixture of perfume, fruity, or just like her food. Raven smelled of lavender or sometimes perfume if Starfire made her wear it, Cyborg smelled like if you were to buy a new car of motor oil. The only good smelling scents were Starfire and Raven, but Starfire smelled of her food right now- and Silkie. Ew. He chose to focus on Raven's scent.

"So, I think I finally have a lead on Slade- anyone want to help me sort it out?" Cyborg automatically took out his car keys and left the room, murmering about how he needs to change something of his car.

"Naw man, I'm going to try cleaning my room, or laundry." Beastboy sighed and waltzed out of the room, stretching his hands.

"It's time to go meditate. Maybe next time, Robin."

"I'm gonna go help Beastboy." This left Robin with only Jinx and Starfire. Robin peered up at Starfire, his head angled up toward her in question. Jinx watched. Starfire looked around the nearly vacant room as of hoping someone would volunteer to go with Robin. She then looked at Robin and held her hand to her chest, as if saying 'Me?' And when Robin confirmed, she tried her best to hide her frown. She too wasn't a fan of these Slade researches. They went on for hours, and could become quite boring.

"Robin, I wish I could help you, but I am eating."

"The pudding of sadness. Star, is everything okay?" Robin asked. She visibly frowned and glanced at her pudding, before giving a dazzling smile Robin's way. The pudding of sadness is only willingly ate on occasions if one were to be sad, to overcome that sadness so it could be replaced with disgust. But in this case, it was Silkie's zorka berry substitute.

"I am fine Robin, I just, am one of the few people who like the pudding of sadness." She lied. No one liked the pudding of sadness. Except Silkie. Jinx raised an eyebrow. She stood a few feet behind Robin, staying quiet just in case Robin decided to whirl around and pick her for the research. Robin raised an eyebrow in question. He did not know this.

To prove her liking to her pudding, she scooped up a spoonful of the goop and placed it in her mouth. Automatically her tongue squirmed to the back of her mouth, not wanting to touch the goop that had just entered. She gulped and twitched, her hand found itself behind her leg, squeezing the back of her thigh, digging her nails into her skin as she forcefully smiled at the taste.

"It's so good...want some?" She offered to Robin.

"No thanks. I'm full."

"Oh. Okay. Silkie, would you like some?" Silkie's tail thumped against the hard floor as he marveled at the spoonfull of the goop. Starfire proceeded to pluck a small bowl out of the dish rack, her back to Robin. She knew Robin didn't believe her, but she had to make it work. She did not make eye contact with Robin, feeling Robin watch her as she made her way back to the pudding and poured Silkie a bowl and placed it on the floor.

She sat down back at the kitchen counter and began wolfing down the pudding forcefully. Maybe if she ate it fast enough, the smell would go away. Her theory proved to be wrong, as she felt a little sick. None of her nine stomaches agreed with the Tameranean delicacy. Tears threatened to run down her cheeks.

"Star, are you okay?"

"Oh yes Robin, I assure you I am the fine." She tried. Her eyes darted to Jinx who had her arms folded across her chest and her eyes slightly wide at the scene taking place before her. She took one more bite. That did it.

Tears trickled down her cheeks, but she merely wiped them away and continued to eat. A little time later, she was nearly done, but not quite. She was sniffling so bad her cheeks and eyes were a little puffy, and due to the fact she really didn't want to eat any more but she forced herself to, some goop had landed on her shirt and lap, some on her neck. She felt like she could vomit for hours. Deciding that just spooning the food to her would take to long, she dropped the spoon, picked up the the bowl, and dumped the rest into her mouth. The pudding poured down her, now covering her stomach, shirt, neck, and lap in a blanket of pudding, also a mouthful had successfully landed inside her mouth.

By this time Jinx and Starfire were frozen in the spots they stood on, wide-eyed and a bit weirded out. Silkie had finished his bowl and started licking Starfire's leg, where the goop started running down. Starfire set the bowl down and swallowed the mouthful, and fell on the floor.


She had begun to cry hysterically, sniffling so bad her nose turned red. She smiled. "It's okay Robin. This is merely one of the effects on the side." She assured. She weakly stood up and wiped her mouth. She has never felt this sick since she ate the ghubervanwesun when she was ten. Just when she thought she had collected herself, food made her way up her throat and into her mouth. Her hand went up to her lips as she tried her best to hold it in.

Jinx and Robin were beyond petrified and confused. When Jinx said to lie but not lie, she didn't mean she had to take it this far. Starfire frantically looked around for the nearest exit and dashed out the door.

At least Silkie was happy.


Starfire felt much better. After relieving herself of the disgusting pudding, she took a nice shower and was now wrapped in her fuzzy, pink robe, a matching pink towel wrapped around her head also. She flopped onto her round bed and soaked in the fact that she was clean. It felt good to be clean.

Her eyed slipped onto her door, she heard a knock. "Come in," she welcomed, and at once Jinx stood before her, her eyebrows raised and hands on her hips.

"What happened back there?" Jinx questioned. At least Starfire looked a lot better, but she needed answers. After Starfire had disappeared, Robin told Jinx to tell Starfire he'd see her in a minute, before going off to figure that 'lead' out of Slade.

"Oh." Starfire snatched the towel from her hair. "I was lying but not lying."

She called that lying but not lying?

"Starfire, that was too suspicious, and way overboard. I don't even wanna know how you came up with that. "

"It worked didn't it?"

"Yes, but, if you keep acting like that, they'll get suspicious and find us out. Just, tone it down a bit.."

Well, what a chapter huh?

Question of the chapter: If Robin asked you to help him research Slade, would you do it? And if not, what would be your excuse?

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