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It wasn't one of their good days. Hell, it wasn't even a good week, but somehow they were managing to get through it.

It all started with Sara coming back to Starling to take care of Laurel, which wasn't for long, since she couldn't really be there for her physically, what with people thinking she being dead, except for Team Arrow and Detective Lance of course, who also happens to be her father.

Sara wanted to leave as soon as possible but Oliver was adamant about her staying here in Starling. He said her family needed her here and so did he. His words were … it hurt. Knowing the person you love needs someone else is not a nice feeling, especially when that person is also the boyfriend, atleast that's what they have been for a few months now, after he came back from the island the second time.

Felicity wasn't even sure how it happened or when it started for them, but suddenly one night he was at her place, the very night The Count had taken her and Oliver had killed again, breaking his promise to Tommy.

At first she was confused, after all it was just a week or so back when he had fed her that bullshit about not being with someone he cared for after their return from Russia. But that night when he came to her house, saying he had to make sure she was okay after everything, she threw away the doubts she had outside her door as he entered.

They had slowly but surely entered a pattern of regularity where he started spending his nights at her place more often. After a month, she almost had a drawer filled with his clothes in her closet, a brush in her bathroom and small small stuff lying here and there.

When she had realized that they were practically living together, it took her two days to bring it up with him. They had taken a break from Arrow business for the night and Felicity and Oliver were at her place, eating pizza with a bottle of wine he had bought as they watched TV.

The domesticity of the situation was what finally led Felicity to ask him what she had been thinking for a few days now: What exactly were they doing?

He had smiled at her when she asked the question and had taken her hands in his. She wasn't uncomfortable with that since he had been very touchy since the Vertigo debacle and she was more than used to it.

Infact she loved how his rough and calloused hands would hold her soft ones in his. She could feel how strong they were and after being in love with him for almost more than 6 months now, or may be even more, she loved when he would touch her or say her name in a way only he could.

"Felicity ..." he had said her name like it was the answer to all the questions in the world and took a deep breath before trying again.

"I know this is not the right place or even the proper situation but since you have asked, I won't lie to you. I've never done that and I wont do it now." He had said and when she had rolled her eyes he had laughed and added "Well, obviously we have to omit those times when I was bringing you those laptops and syringes."

They both laughed as he said that but he had become serious again. He had looked into her eyes like he could see through her and wanted her to see him, completely bare in front of her.

"I love you, Felicity Smoak. I've been in love with you for months now but like a coward I never told you anything. I thought if I didn't admit it, the feelings would go away. That I wont have to put you in any more danger than what you already are. But that night" he took a deep breath and Felicity knew exactly which night he was referring to.

"That night when he had you and I saw you in the office, afraid but brave at the same time. When you told me not to shoot for you because you wanted me not to dishonor my memory just for you.

"When you were willing to sacrifice your life just so I didn't have a guilty conscious broke my resolve. That night when I came it wasn't just to make sure you were safe, I came because I couldn't be away from you after what happened. I had to see you, to make sure you were safe, that I hadn't lost you.

"I know this might come as a shock to you because of what I said after we got back from Russia, but I cant stay away anymore Felicity. I physically need you to be with me at all times. I cant breathe right when I cant see you, though I have done a pretty good job at hiding all this." He had chuckled to himself and then looked back at her.

Felicity, all this had her mouth agape like a fish. She hadn't even thought of this and she was sure she had come up with every possible scenario that might come up when she asked him that question.

She hadn't expected Oliver to profess his undying love for her but she was surely not complaining. After all she had been dreaming for this day for so long now she cant even remember, but she had never thought that this could actually happen, especially after Russia.

When Oliver had seen her like this he had laughed and squeezed her hand softly which had somehow bought her back to reality. And she definitely didn't realize it when she had thrown herself at him and kissed the shit out of him. He wasn't complaining either.

After that night the routine had continued and the only thing that had changed between them was that now they were not only partners, they were also lovers. And he, in his true self, had exactly shown her what it was to be loved by Oliver Queen that night and every other night from then on in their house,

She had been so happy after that, so confident about herself, about their relationship that she hadn't given any thought to what might happen when she had to face people from Oliver's past, especially people who knew him from his island days. And Sara knew all facets of Oliver; the Ollie before the island, the Oliver from the island and the Oliver he was now, who was back in Starling City fighting crime.

So when Dig looked at her as Oliver said those words to Sara, that he needed her to stay back in Starling, Felicity just shook her head and looked away. No need to draw attention.

And the way Sara looked at him, it wasn't ... well, it wasn't platonic. She would know, she was there once. And moreover, Sara didn't know about Felicity and Oliver. Felicity tried very hard to not let the insecurities seep in but she was failing miserably.

What Felicity knew is Oliver shouldn't have done the one thing he did. He made Sara a part of the Team without even discussing it with the rest of them, especially since they have had a similar situation in the not so distant past about Roy. Just like he got Roy involved in Team Arrow without discussing it with the team first, he did the same with Sara.

Felicity didn't mind Sara much, she was nice, had got some kick-ass moves even and you really want her on your side when things get ugly. But she was different from them, being a member of the Assassin League and all that. For her killing wasn't that big a deal and she had no qualms about it. But Felicity doesn't hold it against her.

Sara is her own person, her demons made her who she was today. Just like Oliver, Dig and Roy. And may be Felicity herself. Felicity may not be someone who kills or shoots arrows through people, she still had her demons.

Anyways, once the Sara situation was out on hold, Felicity had to go and figure out Moira's secret. That is one mystery she wished she hadn't tried to solve though. Coz when she did found out about Thea being Malcom Merlin's daughter, Felicity was devastated, coz she had no idea how to tell Oliver about it. Coz lets face it, she couldn't not tell him about a thing as such.

So Felicity tried to get Moira to tell him the truth, so that she had a chance with making things less messier than what it would be if someone else (pointing at herself) would have to tell Oliver the truth.

But then Moira had to mess it up and threaten her to not tell the truth to Oliver. And though Felicity knew it was just an empty threat, the possibility that she could loose Oliver over this ate her up the whole night. She couldn't sleep for most of it and when she did eventually fell asleep, she dreamt of how Oliver walked out on her once she told him about Thea.

Thank god Oliver wasn't in the apartment tonight. He had to take care of arrangements regarding Moira's campaign launch tomorrow. He said he would be back late but she was glad that he got caught up on work coz there was no way she could keep it from him if he were here.

She was falling asleep again when her phone rang. She looked at her screen to see it was Dig calling and that sure sped her heart-beat up. Given it was more that 2 in the night.

"Is everything okay? Where is Oliver? Did something happen to him?" Felicity asked as soon as she picked up the call.

"Not exactly. Nyssa, who is by the way Rash-al-Ghul's daughter, took Dinah. We are in the foundry and may be you should come over." He said.

"Who is Dinah?" she asked, now confused. No idea of who that person was and Dig chuckled.

"Its their mother, Laurel and Sara's I mean. Nyssa kidnapped her an hour or so back. Oliver and Sara were there in the hospital and they tried following her but she got away." He said.

"Shit! I'll be there in half an hour. I couldn't sleep as it is." she said, already pulling the covers off and moving towards the bathroom.

"Why couldn't you sleep?" he asked and she bit her lip. Brain to mouth filter: not working. Again!

"Its nothing! I was just reading a book, I haven't been able to finish it" she said, hoping he would buy it. Thankfully, he did.

"Okay! We'll see you then." He said before they both hung up the call.

Felicity started to get ready and within 5 minutes she was getting her keys from the bowl and heading out.

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