Tome of the Mages- To the Asari, The Tome of the Mages is the second most important thing to the Republic besides the hidden Prothean Archive. The Tome was originally created to document the interaction and similarities between the Asari people and the mages that had traveled to Thessia. After the portal that bridged the two worlds disappeared the Asari who had taken human bond mates started writing stories about the exploits and lives that whey shared in their short time together. Other portions of the Tome document the experimentation and development of new rotes that combined the Asari's biotic mastery and the Mages ability to manipulate the forces around them.

As the years passed by after the portal vanished the Asari realized that they would need to start to search out their lost lies. Knowing that neither of their species had the potential for space travel yet the Asari of the time made copies and stored them away so future generations could fill in new parts for the Tomes when they rediscovered their lost half.