Chapter One: The Reason Why You Don't Cross The Streams.

Back where his adventure started, four months older than he was before, Takuya Kanbara stood. Currently stuck in the rookie form of Agunimon which he had dubbed Flamemon, Takuya was looking at his own past selves back, running out of the elevator to catch a leaving train, not knowing what a long and amazing ride it would take him for. Here it was. The moment that make it or broke it. He could stop himself long enough for all the trains to leave, or he could just let him go.

His hand reached towards his own back, wondering in the awe of it all, before pulling his hand back. He couldn't do this...not to his friends. They needed him, and him not going wouldn't solve any of his or their problems.

Groaning at the unfairness of it all, he screamed.

"TAKUYA!" He yelled at himself. The past him probably didn't understand what he was hearing, but looked around in confusion anyway. "Run! Get on that train!" He yelled, giving his own self a pep-talk. "Move it! Go, Takuya!"

Finally, the boy seemed to understand and ran off, chasing after the one train he really needed to be on.

"Go follow your destiny...Takuya." He mumbled to himself.

"and..good luck." He whispered even quieter. It was a strange thought, to say good luck to yourself from the past. Then again, He thought. I really needed some luck, didn't I? It was through sheer luck and power alone that he and his friends had even gotten this far; to the dark continent, facing off Cherubimon and his warriors in his own home.

Suddenly, the stations walls became a misty black color, seeping along the area like thick fog as the Duskmon wraith strolled inside it, breathing in the creepy way he did when they saw him, like he was constantly out of breath. Flamemon froze, taking a step back as the cold darkness crept closer, before a determined look etched across his tattooed face.

"No..I won't run away!" He said, taking another step forward. "My friends are waiting, they need me..."He said, clench his fists in determination. "And I won't let you get in the way." He said, taking a battle pose.

"I'm not afraid.." he said, as if trying to convince himself. "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!" His voice echoed, the roaring fires of Agunimon dancing around his form. Summoning them towards his right arm, he screamed the words leaving his mouth as he shot his right fist forward with a mighty wall of flames. "NOBLE HEART!" He punched Duskmons shadowy visage in the center of its face, sending its misty form casting away from the impact, dissolving and returning the station to the way it was before.

Blinking twice,Takuya no longer found himself in the elevator, but standing once again in front of the odd Trailmon. He stared at the dark-colored Trailmon, confused at why he was seeing it again.

"Well," DarkTrailmon's monotone voice rang out. "I didn't think I would see you again. I thought you wanted to go home." He said, his voice just barely dripping with confusion. Flamemon looked down, realizing finally, how much of a coward he was. Running away from ones problems never solved them, not once. The only way to fix to face them head-on.

"I did," He told the digimon. "I went home. It was the same, but... I wasn't." He said, looking down at now his brown skinned, tattooed arms. "I turned into this...freakshow, because I couldn't figure out who I was...and I still don't think I really do." He stated, clenching his fist at his own realization. "But that doesn't matter. Kouji was right, I didn't know why I was there, and I still don't. But I do know that they need me. They're my friends...and I abandoned them. " Flamemon continued, clenching his fist in rage at himself so tightly if he was still human, blood would have surely been drawn by now.

I may not be sure why I was chosen, why I had to be the one Agunimon picked...but my friends need me. Takuya thought.

"Trailmon, you have to take me back!" He exclaimed.

"...Are you sure?" Trailmon questioned him. "It seems to be that's what got you here in the first place. Uncertainty." Takuya nodded, walking towards the first car of the Trailmon. "This is a one way ticket kid, I can't turn around if you get any second thoughts." Takuya froze for a second, before shaking his head and taking another step forward. "That's not going to happen. I've made my decision." He declared, his voice strong and unwavering.

"It seems you have." The digimon said. There was an empty silence, before the digimon released a small puff of smoke. "All right. All aboard..." He opened the doors, and Flamemon all but just jumped in, had Trailmon not continued his sentence.

"But be warned; I will not take you where you want to go..." DarkTrailmon added. "Only where you need to be." Flamemon thought about it for a second, before jumping aboard anyway. They are the same place to me...Takuya thought.

DarkTrailmon's engines roared to life as it began to move, heading back towards the pitch black tunnel from whence he came. The digimon heard a loud yell resonate from inside one of its cars, feeling the wave of power that came with evolution swept over it, signaling Flamemon regaining his will as Agunimon.

Abit fragile, though..The train thought. It would do anyone no good if the boy's will and purpose weren't found by the boy himself. A will to help his friends was good, but it wasn't strong enough for what was heading his friends way. He needed a will of his own. It seemed as if he would have to take a detour for the last time. A pity, he really liked this one. So much fire in his veins... Seeing as they where approaching the barriers between worlds, the Trailmon charged up energy to the spike on its front, adding a lot more power to it than needed to break the barrier between worlds.

They were going to the digital world...

...just not the one the boy is used to.

In the very moment that DarkTrailmon and Takuya Kanbara crossed the barrier between the human world and the digital world, in a completely different earth and digital world, the barrier between the two of them wavered immensely, stretching out to nearby worlds. The cause of this was a digimon with dark origins, BlackWarGreymon. The one-hundred control spire formed monstrosity, longing for a purpose in this world other than destruction had been going around, shattering one of the only things keeping to two worlds separate; the destiny stones. Seeking an enemy that appeared whenever he destroyed one, calling it his 'nemesis'; a way for him to validate his own existence.

Despite the best attempts of others to stop him and make him think differently, the barrier regulating stones continued to be utterly destroyed, and the barriers between worlds kept getting weaker and weaker until BlackWarGreymon himself, along with a few dark digimon had appeared in the real world city of Kyoto for a short time.

Now, once again BlackWarGreymon had smashed another Destiny Stone that the digidestined of that world attempted their best and failed to protect, due to the maniacal duo of Arukenimon and Mummymon interfering, wanting the stones smashed to a diabolical end plot of their own. But unfortunately, or fortunately in a way you could look at it, did it at the very same moment that DarkTrailmon had entered the rift between worlds.

Of course, this small action caused the train-digimon to steer at the wavering barriers, not going into the directed world, but breaking into a non-familiar digital one...

If BlackWarGreymon actually had emotions beyond loneliness, anger and bloodlust, he would be feeling quite satisfied right now. Another destiny stone was finally destroyed, he had a decent fight against MagnaAngemon, which once again he triumphed over, and he had seen his nemesis again. He could feel his opponent getting closer, getting nearer to the day he could finally fight him, and prove to himself his own reason of existence.

As he watched the giant, diamond shaped stone shatter into a million tiny pebbles, the mega digimon noticed a slight...distortion in the middle of the stones. A small swirl of the world around it was the only sign it was there, like it was a trick of the eyes. The distortion slowly got bigger, larger in size as the fallen rocks around began spinning around it, spinning at such a speed that the whole rift could be seen, creating the outline of the large portal. Nearby dust and dirt began being pulled into it as the vortex continued to get bigger and becoming a dark grey color, a vacuum effect beginning to stir due to how unstable the vortex itself was.

"What's going on!? Did BlackWarGreymon open a digigate or something?!" Davis yelled, clinging to the nearest large rock. The fellow digidestined were doing the same, while their DNA-digivolved partner digimon, minus Patamon and Armadillomon, did their best and leaped far away from it, wondering why a sudden strange portal appeared like this at the destiny stones destruction. This was something new, even Arukenimon was interested by it, watching the scene as it unfolded from a safe distance.

Interested as it got bigger still, BlackWarGreymon took a step closer, standing in front of it, like the vacuuming winds around him didn't faze the warrior in the slightest. The mega digimon was curious. What was this strange phenomenon? Was it his nemesis's way of trying to get rid of him? If so, its a foolish attempt. "If this is your best, then I will be very disappointed when we finally face off!" The dark digimon exclaimed, looking into the blackness of the portal as a small red light appeared in the center of it.

"Is it just me... or does anyone else hear a train whistle?" Kari said, wondering if she was just imagining it or there really WAS a train nearby. But why would there be a train in the digital world? Besides, they scouted this place earlier and there was no sign of anything resembling train tracks.

The red light in the vortex got bigger, brighter as if it was slowly coming closer and closer before BlackWarGreymon roared, as if the light was challenging him. "FIGHT ME, MY NEMESIS!" he screamed. As if responding, a loud, resounding train-whistle rang out through the area, making the digidestined look around, finally turning back to the portal as the crimson red light finally enveloped the darkness.

"Wha-" BlackWarGreymon was cut off as a giant gold and black train suddenly burst forth from the vortex, crushing him and continuing to go as all of its cars exited the portal, snapping shut behind it with a sound similar to a gunshot. The humans of the team were currently gaping, surprised at how a train could just jump out of a portal and crush a mega level digimon with surprising ease. Davis was inbetween laughing at BlackWarGreymons despair, and complete utter shock at what had just happened, and Ken was just looking at it wondering how that was even possible. A train...just knocked out a enemy they've been struggling against for days.

The black and gold train released a large puff of smoke, shrouding itself with it and opening all of its doors with a solid click. "End of the line..." It huffed, talking to a lone passenger in its front car as they exited, looking around. "Good luck.." The train mumbled as the newly evolved Agunimon stepped out of the car.

The warrior of flame was beyond confused. Wasn't he supposed to be back at the dark terminal? Why did he end up here? It was the digital world all right, with with its familiar colored ground and sky, the same unnatural feeling he got here- but it wasn't the right place. The coloring was all wrong, nothing dark nor moody like the rest of the dark continent. It was somewhere he had never even seen before During his travels around the world. "Uh, Trailmon, I think you've got the wrong place-" The train released another large amount of smoke, blinding the boy-turned digimon as he coughed and closed his eyes, waving it away from him as he did so.

As the dust began to clear, Takuya heard the fading voice of DarkTrailmon. "I hope you find what your looking for here..." With that, the dust finally vanished, leaving nothing but the marks in the dirt where the train digimon had been.

"Wha...hey!" He yelled, looking around in slight panic now. "This isn't where you said you would take me!" He yelled, running forward to try to look around the rocks, as if the large digimon could hide itself behind them.

"DARKTRAILMON!" He yelled in anger. A groan responded to him, turning and seeing the fallen from of a black digimon. The digimon growled, propping itself up on one dusty gauntlet before snarling at the legendary warrior.

"Who...who are you?" BlackWarGreymon growled. He felt insulted; his nemesis must have left him with this pathetic looking digimon as a way to distract or even get rid of him...and it pissed him off.

Takuya turned to the digimon, giving him a look of utter confusion. He knew that he wasn't famous around the digital world yet, but the marks on his armor should have answered that question for him quite clearly...

Deciding to give his actual name or not, he just stood taller, giving his best attempt at an imposing figure. "I am Agunimon, Legendary warrior of flame." he introduced himself, fire dancing in the cracks of his armor.

"Agunimon..." BlackWarGreymon stated, his tone dripping with distaste for the legendary warrior. "Were you ordered by my nemesis to come and kill me?" The control-spire formed mega asked him.

The newcomer was confused. Nemesis? "Who? Unless that stupid train was your nemesis I have no idea who your talking about...where am I, anyway?" He said, looking at the strange gorge he was currently in, seeing as well the small river that ran behind him. Looking up, he saw two other digimon, looking tired and weary, as if battling the now mad looking digimon across from him. "Hello..?" he waved awkwardly. They didn't reply, as if paralyzed by his very presence.

Now BlackWarGreymon wasn't even mad, just irritated. This supposed legendary warrior just showed up and got his hopes up. He was very disappointed; was he not worth even a thought to by his nemesis?

"Legendary warrior huh..." he suddenly said, ignoring Agunimon's last question. "That means your strong, correct?" He continued, seeing the look of confusion upon Agunimon's face.

"Well yeah, I guess I am pretty strong, but what does that have to do with where we ar-" Takuya never got a chance to finish his sentence as BlackWarGreymon leaped at him with surprising speed, gauntlets poised and ready to attack. Agunimon barely dodged the first swipe, eyes wide as the mega began another attack, which he had to jump back to avoid.

"OI, what the hell are you doing!?" Agunimon said, arms now raised in a battle position."All I asked was where we were-"

"Dramon Destroyer!" Agunimon gaped as he was charged at again, struggling to dodge the attacks as one blindsided him, sending him reeling backwards into the stony walls of the crevasse. The warrior groaned, shaking off the cobwebs that sprung up in his head. "Okay, I get it now..Bring it on!" He said, charging the larger opponent.

Suddenly dashing to the side upon closing in on the mega, he rolled around him, fists flaring up with fire as he jabbed at his exposed backside. "Pyro Punch!" The encased fist seemed to slam into the dark mega, who groaned slightly in pain, but otherwise remain unfazed, and swung at the gaping Agunimon, who was thrown backwards. Sliding on the ground, he charged forward again, fire swirling around his form as he dashed forward.

"Pyro Tornado!"Agunimon spun kicked at BlackWarGreymon, who brought up his arms to block the attack. THe force of the damage did send him back a few feet, but not much as a scratch was visible on his shiny black gauntlets surfaces.

He leered at the warrior, swinging his undamaged gauntlet at the warrior, who jumped back and prepared his next attack. "This is the power of a legendary warrior? Pathetic." BlackWarGreymon shot forward once more, spinning his form in the direction of Agunimon.

"Black Tornado!" The attack slammed into Agunimon's middle, sending him flying backwards, his chest armor cracked slightly and damaged. He groaned as he was flung backwards.

Flying through the air, Agunimon expected to slam once again into the cliff side as a pair of claws caught him, keeping him from slamming into the wall. Looking upwards, he saw the masked visage of Paildramon above him. "It seemed like you could use a hand." The fused ultimate joked.

Agunimon nodded in thanks, watching his opponent with a keen eye as he was set back on the ground by Paildramon. "What's up with him? Does he have rocks in his armor or something?" Agunimon joked. The other digimon walked up to them, poised to attack BlackWarGreymon should he pursue the fight. "Still want to fight now?" Silphymon stated, standing on the other side of Agunimon, so themself and Paildramon were standing on either sides of Agunimon. He seemed like a pretty decent fellow, despite his strange entrance so they felt as if they could trust him.

Besides, the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend. Silphymon thought.

BlackWarGreymon seemed to ponder his next actions, before relaxing his stance. "This battle was completely pointless anyway. For a legendary are pathetic and a waste of my time. The next destiny stone awaits." With that, he turned and flew off, letting the group relax.

"Well.."Agunimon drawled. "That was...interesting." He stated dryly. The two digimon next to him nodded in agreement. "Thanks for that, by the way. He's way stronger than I thought in the first place...not that I wanted to fight him the first place." He added. The two ultimate's nodded in acceptance, before turning to see the children, hidden behind the rocks now coming out to see their partners.

"Are you guys alright?" Davis asked, looking up to see his DNA-fused digimon partner. "We're fine Davis." They stated, their unison voices sounding tired. The others slowly followed, rushing over to their exhausted digimon as they de-digivolved, landing tired as their baby level forms, or rookie level, in Gatomon's case.

After they had grabbed up their tired digimon, they all gather in front of a currently stunned Agunimon.

"Who are you? How did you come out of that weird portal?" Kari Kamiya asked the currently gaping digimon.

"Wha...why..." Agunimon stuttered, unable to process what was really going on here. Why was there other children in the digital world!? "Why are you here? Didn't you leave with the Trailmon to go back home?" He asked, looking at them all strangely. Confusion crossed all their faces. Trailmon? Go back?

"What are you talking about?" Davis said, confused at the supposed champion levels words. "We're the digidestined! Of course we wouldn't go back home!" He stated, looking pointedly at Agunimon now. It was one thing to suddenly appear from a broken destiny stone, but a whole other page to tell them to go home!

Now Agunimon was very confused. "What!? There's no way your digidestined!" The words left his mouth before he had a chance to stop them. It didn't make sense! Takuya and the others were the digidestined-Ophanimon said so. There were only ten warriors, and they had met all the spirits.

So..who were these guys?

"Oh yeah?!" T.K. exclaimed, glaring at the newcomer. "Why not?"

At that moment Agunimon let his evolution end, fractal code wrapping around his form as it shrunk down, getting smaller and smaller until it reached their height, revealing a boy their age with a brown cap and goggles.

They were left gaping as the boy jabbed his thumb towards his chest. "Because I am, and I've never seen you guys before!"

This is something that just came to mind really. I rather liked the idea, so I went with it and see what happened.

I have a bunch of things like this, ZeroTwo/Frontier crossovers like this because for some reason I really really like the idea of Takuya in ZeroTwo and NOT just because I ship him with Kari.

Okay, maybe a little.

Anyway, Tune in next time on Crossing the Data

Takuya's now trapped in a completely knew universe where nothing he knows is the same. Who are these digidestined people that keep popping up and whats wrong with their own digital world? And can Takuya get back to his own?