Chapter Two: Different Place, Familiar Face

Standing silently in the middle of a trashed gorge, the group of digidestined were silent, for neither side could think of any current words to process just what was going on. Nothing that had happened that day made any sense whatsoever to either side, and now things were getting even more confusing.

Taking a gulp of air, it was Ken who broke the silence with a well placed question. "What...was that." He gasped, staring at the empty space above the boy, where the large, red armored warrior once stood. His brain was struggling to process what had happened. Did the warrior happen to have a human form just like Arukenimon and Mummymon?

"What was what?" The mysterious boy asked, looking at him as if he'd grown two heads. He turned around to look behind him, as if there was something behind him and turning back when there wasn't. He moved to scratch at his face.

"Is there something on my face?" He rubbed at his cheeks in an attempt to get the invisible dirt off, causing the tension between them to fade a bit, and Kari to giggle lightly at his silly actions. She was still stunned at what the boy had just done to himself, but he seemed pretty harmless now.

Kinda cute too...She shook her head slightly, as if to knock the thought right out of her mind. She can't be getting hormonal now! There were things to do!

Davis, still confused at what happened, looked around for the warrior, as if he had just vanished from thin air. "Hey! Where'd that red guy go!?" He exclaimed, moving as if to look for him behind the rocks. The boy in front of him gave him a strange look, as if wondering how idiotic a person could be.

Then again,Takuya thought to himself. I'm not really one to judge...

"Your looking at him." Takuya stated, pointing at himself as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Davis's eyes went as wide as saucers, and glared at the boy. "Ha ha, very funny. Where did he really go? That jerk said we weren't digidestined!" The redhead continued, trying to see if it was a trick of the light at let the red warrior get away. There's no way he could just disappear like that!

The boy looked at him funny again, like he'd grown a second head. "It's me. I am Agunimon, in a way, I guess." He said, trying to think of a way explain it that didn't make him sound crazy. Unable to think of one, he continued with his previous state. "Besides, I really don't believe your digidestined. It just doesn't make sense for you to be." He said, crossing his arms in confirmation.

"What do you mean your Agunimon? Is this your human form, like Arukenimon and Mummymon have?" Cody asked, looking intently at him now. Armadillomon stayed coiled around his feet, ready to protect his human partner if the need arises. This boy looked trusting, but he just became a human from a digimon form, just like the two enemies they have been facing for the better most of two months now. It would take a bit of reassuring to make sure he wasn't on the enemies side.

"And what do you mean, it doesn't make sense for us to be digidestined?" Kari added her own input. Salamon was glaring at the boy from her arms, not trusting him from the moment he showed up. Something about this stank to her, and not just the burning smell from the surrounding area.

Takuya cocked his head to the side, raising an eyebrow in confusion. "Human form? I am 100% human, I assure you...I think..." He said, pinching at his own skin, as if it would peel off and reveal scales or something. The action made the group chuckle a bit, now seeing the familiar tendencies this boy shared with Kari's older brother Tai.

"Also," He continued, "Who and who? I've never heard of those digimon before. Are they bad?" He this, the group relaxed ever so slightly, knowing he wasn't in junction with those two meddlers. "Anyway, the reason I don't think your digidestined is that Ophanimon would have lead you guys to Forest Terminal to meet up with the rest of us long before now." The brunette said, shrugging his arms. "If you guys were digidestined, your names would have popped up a lot more around the digital world."

Now the partnered digidestined was at a complete loss. Forest Terminal? Ophanimon? Was there another part of the digital world with different rulers or some sort?

Davis, in his blind anger at being accused of being called a fake, reached into his pocket and pulled out his D-3, waving it in front of the stranger. "Oh yeah, what do you call this then? A fake digivice?" He snarled, wielding it like it was a badge or some sort. The boy seemed confused again at his actions, as if he just waved around a shiny coin.

"That's your digivice?" he said, confused. Turned around, he patted for something in his back pockets before pulling out a sleek, black device with a red grip, made as if to especially fit into his palm. He held it out in front of him in a similar manner to Davis. "It looks nothing like mine!" Takuya stated, now confused at the preceding events. What was going on?

"A new model digivice?!" T.K. exclaimed, previously only watching with keen interest. Now though, things were taking a strange turn. Reaching over, he lowered Davis's poised arm, giving him a look that said to drop it. Smiling lightly to the boy, he scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner. "Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot here. Obviously something isn't adding up here so lets try to figure out what that is. Then if you still want to, you can have a fight about whose digivice is cooler." He reasoned.

The mysterious boy gave him another look over, deciding his words were the truth, and then slowly lowered his arm. "Right. I suppose I was being kind of a jerk, wasn't I?" He stated, scratching at invisible dust on his cheek. "Sorry." He apologized, bowing slightly as he did so.

T.K smiled, and waved it off. "It's fine. I probably would have acted the same way, had I ended up being dropped off in a random place by some giant train."

At this, Takuya's eyes widened, as if forgetting that important detail. "That's right! DarkTrailmon dropped me off here when he was supposed to take me back to my friends!" He exclaimed, smacking the front of his forehead for being so easily distracted. "...Where am I, anyway? This place looks like Flame Continent, but we traveled all around there and I don't remember finding a gorge this big..."He asked, still looking for some sort of familiar landmark.

At this, T.K gave the boy a confused look. "Flame Continent? I don't think I've ever heard of that place. Your on the Folder Continent. The only other continent besides that one is Server." The blond had never seen someones head snap right to him so fast before. How did he not get whiplash?

"...where?" Takuya said, his face now etched with slight worry. "C'mon, you cannot have not even heard of the Flame Continent." He said, treating this like some lame joke.

On the inside of his body, he was inwardly sweating. Something had about the digital world since he had gotten back, with these other digidestined-the proof of them being so in their strange digivices, they gave off something that was the same in his own D-Tector-and weird enemies, but...

No, I couldn't have just ended up in another digital just doesn't work like that... Takuya thoughts trailed off....Right?

"It's in the middle, right next to Rain Continent and Light Continent..." He added. Were these guys playing a joke on him? Its not funny at all if they are! The group gave each other similar looks, before the blonde boy turned back to him and spoke quietly.

"Sorry, but I've been coming here for almost a year..and I've never heard of any of those places..." T.K replied, seeing the boy pale considerably and start to pace back and forth.

The panicking boy inhaled a shaky breath, doing his best to calm himself down. It would do him no good if he panicked like crazy. "No, no that can't be right..." He mumbled. "If that's right then I'm screwed, aren't I?" He stated, pulling out his D-Tector and rubbing his thumb over the buttons, a soothing motion. Maybe he could contact them somehow with this. "I have to get back and try to make things well as to stop Cherubimon."

His story struck a cord with Ken, seeing as it was his own fault he let the digimon emperor side of him do what it pleased. Then the lavender haired boy raised his eyebrow in confusion. "Cherubimon?"

"Yeah, Cherubimon." Takuya stated, as if it was common knowledge who this guy was. "Y'know, corrupted celestial digimon, taking the fractal code of the world, corrupting helpless digimon into dark soldiers..." He explained, seeing their blank stares at his description of what was happening around the digital world. Their stares just grew larger as he used more strange words. Fractal code? Celestial digimon? "Right. Forgot you guys apparently don't know anything about where I'm from." He mumbled.

"Okay, something is very clearly not right here." Yolei said, massaging her temple with one hand, and holding an exhausted Poromon in the other. "You sound like you came from an entire other digital world!" She stated, frowning at him. "Either that train of yours took you to a whole other universe, or you were hit on the head really hard." She concluded, giving him a quick look over. "You don't look like you've taken any recent injuries though..." She mumbled.

"Maybe he did come from another digital world, it would explain a lot." Salamon stated, now staring at him with keen group turned to look at the rookie level, honesty not believing the rookie for a second. "What? It makes sense; the different digivice, his weird digital world concepts, and then with that weird gate he came through, it's either that or hes a demon that came in from the dark ocean."

The group of digidestined turned back to look at the boy, who was pacing now in place, walking back and worth while his hands gripped the sides of his head. "If that's true, then I am really screwed, aren't I?" He laughed dryly, trying to make some light humor from this.

A wave of silence fell off the group, unsure what to do now. They just found out that this boy, a new digidestined for another digital world, unable to return and continue his adventure with his friends. This was bad.

The depressing silence stood for a minute, leaving the boy to wallow in his own pity before one of the digidestined of this world made an action that would forever change both of their paths.

"Come with us." Kari suddenly said, moving to stand in front of the boy. He turned to look at her, his dark brown eyes meeting her own light brown. "What-" he began, unable to finish his sentence as she continued.

"We can travel from the real world to the digital one with our digivices. You can come back with us and we can try to figure out what to do. We know another digidestined named Izzy at home, and if anyone can figure out where your digital world is, it's him." She explained, watching with slight amusement as his eyes widened in awe at the fact that they could come back and forth as they pleased, and as well at the fact that there were MORE of them who knew about the digital world.

"A..are you sure I can come? I mean, it is my problem-" Takuya stuttered, before being waved off by the smaller girl almost immediately. "Nonsense! Any problem of a digidestined is a problem of ours. We'd be more than happy to help you out." Truthfully, Kari supposed she should have learned a bit more about the boy before making such a declaration, but there was something about him; something that made her feel like she could trust him.

With a soft smile, Takuya nodded dumbly at her statement. "Well then, I'll be in your care..." He trailed off, suddenly realizing that during all the sudden commotion he hadn't gotten any of the groups names.

"Kari Kamiya." She finished for him, giggling when she realized he was trying to figure out her name. With a small jolt, he grinned again with a small blush, the grin oddly reminiscent of Tai's own smile, and held his hand out for a handshake. "Takuya Kanbara." He introduced himself. The young Kamiya took his gloved hand in her own and shook it slightly, feeling the surprising warmth of Takuya's own before a cough broke the two of them from their trance and turned to see the rest of them.

"Welp!" Yolei said, clapping her hands together. "Now that you two are done flirting, I think it's time to introduce the rest of us." She teased, watched as the matching blushes rose to their faces and they turned their heads away from one another, trying to hide it. With a shake of her head, she marched over to Takuya, holding out her own hand in introduction.

"I'm Yolei Inoue, Nice to meet you, hotstuff." She teased, seeing his blush rise as he shook her hand, mumbling some out as a greeting in response. Oh, the fun she is going to have with this one...

Letting him eventually escape her gaze, the other digidestined walked up to him, seeing as they really had nothing to fear. "I'm Takeru Takaishi, but everyone just calls me T.K." He greeted, pointing to the glaring gogglehead next to him, still silently fuming about a previous statement of Takuya's. "That grouch is Davis Motomiya. Don't let him fool ya though, he's harmless." The blonde joked.

Davis jerked his head towards T.K., giving him a small glare as well before huffing and turning his head away. In his arms, the bubbly form of Chibomon squirmed, bobbing up and down ever so slightly. "I'm Chibomon!" The baby level introduced itself, seeing as his partner wasn't going to.

"Nice to meetcha Chibomon!" Takuya replied, grinning at the innocence the digimon held. The brunette chuckled when Davis continued to fume, ignoring him as the last two digidestined introduced themselves.

"My names Ken Ichijoui, and this little guy is Leafmon." He exchanged a small handshake with Takuya as well, smiling lightly as he did so. The whole concept surrounding Takuya was amazing, and Ken wanted to hear all about it on a later date. He seemed like a nice fellow as well, so there was no reason to not be polite.

"I'm Cody Hida." The youngest said, giving a small formal bow as he did so. "An' I'm Armadillomon!" The rookie exclaimed, grinning up at the older boy.

"Well, its nice to meet you all!" Takuya said, grinning as he did so. "I guess I'll be working with you for a while." He continued. Seeing the group nod in unison. The silence that fell over the group was broken almost instantly by the sounds of rumbling stomachs.

"T.K..." Patamon whined, sitting atop T.K.'s hat. "I'm hungry." The other digimon nodded in agreement, feeling the affects of the battle. T.K. chuckled, finding it amusing how childish his partner often was. "Right, shall we head back? I don't think we can do anything else here. What we came here for in pebbles." He said, his tone taking a depressing twist as he realized another destiny stone was destroyed. With a sigh, he began walking towards the nearest digital gate, the group following him.

Takuya raised an eyebrow at his strange actions, looking over his shoulder at the wrecked terrain, suddenly realized his entrance must have come at an important part of whatever they were doing here.

"Hey," The boy said, turning to the brunette next to him."Why are you guys in the digital world anyway? With that weird black digimon attacking me, something tells me he wasn't here as a companion." Takuya asked as they exited the gorge. It had to be something quite big if they were all here with highly evolved digimon.

"That's...sort of a long story." Kari replied, not sure where to really start. Takuya shrugged. "I've got the time." He joked.

Seeing as if he was staying for while, Takuya probably needed a backstory of how and why they could do what they did.

"Well," Kari started, adjusting her grip on Salamon as they trudged up a hill. "It started for me on August 1st, about four years ago..."

Takuya stared at the small T.V a good distance away, about half a mile out from the gorge he was previously in. His mind was working in overdrive, trying to process the entire story Kari had just told him.

To be honest though, he should have expected something like this from the very moment he entered this digital world and was attacked by the now identified BlackWarGreymon, things didn't seem like they were all that peaceful when a giant digimon comes charging at you as first thing you see.

...But nothing else makes sense!

Digimon partners? Dark masters? Control spires that can stop evolution and eggs and crests that can cause evolution? Dark rings and gears that when put on a digimon can control them, and the control spires can be made into digimon!? BlackWarGreymon is a hundred of those spires things in one being!?

"And I thought my adventure was strange..." Takuya mumbled, scratching the back of his head as Kari laughed at his slight expense. "It is a very strange adventure, but at least we never got so lost we ended up in another digital world." She teased, seeing the boy flinch slightly at the jab, but nod in acceptance as well. "Fair point." Takuya replied.

"Well,I can try to help you guys while I'm here." He suddenly added. "I mean, I am a digidestined as well, even if it is to another digital world..." He trailed off. "How does this even work? If I go out there, will it be the same world I'm from?" He suddenly wondered out loud, bringing another assault of questions into his head.

"Ahhh...dimensional travel is so confusing!" He exclaimed, both hands on either side of his head. The group chuckled a bit at his actions, but understood his dilemma. If it was a whole other earth on top of things though, the poor boy's mind might just break.

"Don't worry about it." T.K. said, walking over at patting the distressed boy on the back. "Even if it is another Earth, we'll find your own world soon enough. I mean, who has more experience with other worlds as the digidiestined do?" The blonde added. Takuya seemed to deflate slightly as this, giving T.K another one of his grins.

"Right. It won't do me any good to worry myself sick, will it?" The hat-wearing boy said. The two kids to his sides nodded in unison, their partners making a similar motion. Takuya sighed. "Got it. Don't overthink things to bad or else I'll just give myself a stroke." He mumbled.

"Hey!" Chibomon exclaimed, squirming again in Davis's arms. "Where didcha partner go, anyway?" The baby-level asked. "Did ya hide him in your digivice or somethin'?" He peered at the device sticking out of Takuya's pocket, as if the large red warrior would suddenly appear again.

"I'm curious as well." Ken stated, turning to the mysterious boy. "You said you were Agunimon, 'in a way'. What did you mean by that?" The lavender haired boy asked. Ken had done his best to be polite, and not just blurt out the question again immediately after Takuya not understanding what he had meant when he said it.

The brunette's eyes widened slightly, realizing that these guys were pouring out their entire stories to him and Takuya had yet to even explain a piece of his journey.

"Ah, right." He pulled out his D-Tector, the screen flashing Agunimon's symbol for a second before he showed it to them. "My D-Tector works different then your digivice."He explained, trying to think of the easiest way to explain it.

"In my digital world, everything's built using a kind of data called Fractal Code. Think of it kinda like a bar code, but digimon could absorb it." He said, flicking his wrist and watching with slight relief that his fractal code blared to life, sparks dancing around it for a moment. The group seemed mesmerized by it, unable to fully understand what it meant.

"This is my own fractal code. If I were seriously injured in the digital world, it would appear around my body, and if my enemy decided to take it, he could completely unravel me, and I'd probably turn into data." He said, watching as their expressions go wide with shock. Even Davis, who had been picking up pieces of his story, heard that part and exploded.

"Huh?!" The gogglehead exclaimed. Takyua nodded in affirmation, understanding the boys surprise. He knew the feeling having watched a lot of innocent digimon get their very life drained away from them..not a pretty sight.

"Digimon who lose their code end up back at the village of beginnings though, so really only my group had to be really careful." Takuya added. "Anyway, with our fractal code, we can temporarily override our own 'human' code and add 'digimon' to it, which is were Agunimon comes in." The brunette continued.

"You can override your human code?" Ken blurted out, interrupting his explanation. It didn't seem possible, much less a good idea, but here Takuya was, living proof that it worked!

"...Does it hurt?" Kari asked. To be honest, a lot of this was strange and hard to take in, but nevertheless, she was still worried slightly for the boy. Takuya smiled and her, waving it off. "Only a little bit; its more of a tingling feeling, to be honest. Like your whole body fell asleep then suddenly woke back up." The legendary warrior explained.

"Moving on," He said, letting his fractal code flicker away. "Agunimon was a legendary warrior a long time ago, who fought a great evil with nine others of his kind and sacrificed themselves to do it; it happened long before any of my friends got there. They were so powerful, that instead of being reborn into data upon their sacrifice, they split apart, becoming legendary spirits." He showed them his D-Tector, which now held a picture of Agunimon on its screen.

"Us digidestined were chosen to wield these spirits. So we searched for them, looking around the world before we found them." At this point, he sighed. "Unfortunately, there are only five digidestined, but ten spirits, so Cherubimon thought it would be a good idea to somehow give the spirits human form and cause a ruckus." Takuya finished, seeing the entire group was now completely involved in his tale.

"Thats...thats awesome!" Davis exclaimed, shaking Takuya's shoulder. "Becoming a digimon sounds so cool! Hey, you think I could do it do if I figure out how to make that code thing?" He said, staring at his hand, as if fractal code would suddenly burst into life on his hand. The group around the digidestined chuckled, Takuya included. "Maybe."

"And we're here!" Yolei exclaimed, spinning around the small, abused television. "Ready for a trip home?" She grinned, pulling out her D-3. Takuya walked up to it, kneeling down at it and giving it an investigative look.

" does it work? Is the human world on a certain channel or something, and we have to walk through the T.V?" He asked, poking at the screen. Kari laughed. Oh she was going to enjoy this. "C'mere, I'll show you how to use it." She said, watching as the boy confusingly walked over to her, who was standing a good five feet away.

"Take my hand." She said, blushing slightly now. He grabbed her hand as she pulled out her D-3, holding out in front of her like a badge. "Digigate open!"

The next thing Takuya knew was a bright blue light, a sucking feeling, then ground. Groaning, he tried to pullhimself up, only to find himself crushed by Davis and Cody, who were laying intertwined with him. Ken and Yolei lay a few feet away, somehow able to escape the clutter along with the digimon partners, who like always, were snickering at the humans misfortune.

Hearing a soft moan underneath him, he turned and then blushed darkly when he saw that not only was he laying on top of a redfaced Kari, but he was very close. "Ah.." He stuttered, unable to say a word in his embarrassment. Kari seemed to be experiencing the same problem, as she was trying to very kindly get out from underneath him.

Luckily for them, Cody and Davis managed to remove themselves from top him, giving him the ability to move again, which he did quite quickly and Kari followed short. "Does...does that happen everytime you go through the gate?" Seeing a unanimous nod, he chuckled a bit, trying to ease himself of some of the discomfort he felt. "Great."

Seeing as they had ended up in a computer lab of sorts, Takuya turned to Yolei, who was looking at him with a very knowing grin. "So...what now?"

"We could try to get your story sorted out-" Yolei never got to continue that thought as the once faded computer screen suddenly burst into life, sending a small orange light into Takuya's hands, where upon contact, it expanded, forming a very familiar silver colored device.

"Er...whats this?" Takuya asked, examining the D-Terminal in his hand. Why was he given a weird gadget? Was it a toy or something?

"That's a D-Terminal." Cody explained. He figured something like this would happen. Everyone who went to the digital world had one, so it was a guess that Takuya would get one too, and not a Digivice since he already had his own. "Its like a instant messaging device for digidestined."

"Oh. Cool." Takuya said, trying his best to not seem even more confused. This was the weirdest day of his life. "Ok, now what?" He added.

"You should probably come to my house." Kari managed, doing her best to keep her blush down. "My brother Tai is the leader of the older digidestined, so he'll want to meet you, and we'll contact Izzy as well." She added, trying to think if there was anything she missed. "It's a Friday, so the computer lab will be open tomorrow all day so we can come back here if needed.

"Great!" Takuya exclaimed, excited at the thought of meeting even more digidestined. "How many of you are there, anyway?" He asked. wanting to get a rough estimate at least.

"Oh, probably something in the thousands."

"...come again?"

Takuya's world just got a whole lot bigger, and a lot more confusing. Whats a legendary warrior to do?

Takuya struggles to figure out what has happened and where he really is, while dark shadows creep in the background. Meanwhile the Odaiba digidestined get some fire power for their upcoming game has been changed forever, but is the tune the same.

Find out next time, on Crossing the Data.