Lettys POV

The best feeling in the world is being able to hold someone you truly love even if it Is for just a few hours, but it's even better to wake up still holding that person.

My eyes fluttered open, my head still lay on Doms bare chest, arm dropped over his toned abs while he pulls me closer. This is it, this is the happiness that everyone talks about.


"what the hell was that!?" I thought to myself suddenly becoming scared.

"shit!" I heard someone say. someone is definitely in this house. I hear them coming up the stairs getting closer and closer. I try and search for a weapon anything I can use and All I can find is a remote.

"oh god." I said quietly

then suddenly the door bursts open.

"I'm here!" The beautiful brunette says with so much excitement. That dom finally woke up.

"mia!" I squealed. as she run up to give me a hug.

"ugh I missed you so much Let!"

"not as much as I missed you!"

"hey mi." Dom said tiredly.

"oh hey brother, is letty tiring you out yet"

"ugh mia really don't ask me about that. you shouldn't even be thinking of me having sex." he said disgusted.

"uhm actually brother, I wasn't and I don't I'm saying you're old, but thanks for the mental image, now letty, let go downstairs we have so much to talk about"

"so much! I'll meet you down there after I get dressed."

"okay, waai, ew no you didn't in this bed! the bed that I'm sitting on! ?"

"well A bed is used for that." I snickered

"and besides it wasn't just the bed it was the counter, the table, the couch, the floor..." Dom said proudly

"okay, okay ew enough." mia said while sitting in the large chair in our room.

"oh that chair too." Dom laughed

"EW! what the fuck you guys ! letty I'll be downstairs.

"you've scarred her for life you know." I said while kissing him.

"mm, goodmorning." he said the kiss getting more heated.

"baby, we can't. you know she'll come back in if we're not down in 5 minutes."

"ugh I begged my parents for a brother for this reason exactly."

Dom complained

"haha get over it you big baby,and get up and get dressed."

"yes mami."

5 minutes later dom and letty were dressed and sitting at the table with mia.

"so, what's the plan today!" mia asked excitedly.

"beach!" we both said with excitement.

Mia went to get a case of corona that she knew would be stocked in our fridge.

"Only 6 coronas left? what's up with that Dom."

"ah let and I are just too busy to drink as much as we used to."

mia shrugged at his answer and went to get her bikini out of her suitcase.

we made our way down to the beach dom wearing those white beach shorts and his chest on display for everyone but I know it's all mine. these hormones are getting the best of me...HORMONES! MIA, I almost forgot to tell mia about me being pregnant.

"Let, come tan with me!"

"In a sec Mi, I'm going to cool off first."

I swam out to where Dom was and he pulled me in by my waist.

"is it bad that I want to make you scream my name right now?"

"not as bad as how badly I want you to take me so hard I can't walk straight." I said while running a finger down his abs to his clothed member.

"you're playing with fire letty."

"well good thing were in the water then, right papi?"

I stroked his hard shaft through his swim shorts while he sucked on my neck. He made his way to my bikini bottoms and pushed them aside as he stuck a finger inside of me.

"oh god baby, that feels so good." Dom moaned against my neck.

"fuck, fuck, fuck, don't stop Dom."

"uhnn, fuck."

"uhn shit Dom, harder baby, harder!" I moaned into his neck.

"letty, I'm gunna cum."

"more Dom, I need more!" as soon as I said that he shoved 2 more fingers inside of my tight pussy.

"ah shit Dom, oh god babe."

I removed his fingers from wet pussy and unwrapped my small hands from his hard dick before he had a chance to cum. I slid his shorts down to his knees before lowering my head underwater and taking him into my mouth. After 30 seconds of sucking my man he came, I usually don't swallow but for him I would do anything..anything.

"Jesus Christ letty."

"what baby?" I asked innocently

I kissed him again before mia called for us.

"you guys are really boring you know." mia said clearly annoyed.

"haha sorry mi."

"whatever, you want a beer let?"

"uh, uhm..."

"I'll take it." Dom stepped in. "lets on some weird type of cleanse."

"a cleanse letty? since when are you healthy?" she joked.

"well, I'm not 15 anymore I'm trying to take care of myself." I said hoping she would believe me, but I know my bestfriend and I know she knows something is up.

after a few more hours on the beach I suggested we eat dinner and finally tell mia.

"mia you want steak or burgers?"

"you chose Dom, it's ends up good anyways.

we all sat on the patio looking out at the ocean, I was so nervous and excited to tell my bestfriend she would be an auntie.

"hey mi I got something for you"

"oooh a present for me!"

"yeah, haha here."

she opened the bag and pulled out a onesie that said "my aunties prettier than yours!"

"thanks let but what am I going to do with a bab...OH MY GOD! A BABY! YOURE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT! YOURE PREGNANT! OH MY GOD! LETTY! DOM! AH! you guys this is the best thing ever!" she said while hugging us both.

"thanks mi, I still can't believe it."

"so that's why there isn't as much beer in the fridge! and a cleanse haha come on letty, I know you."

"yeah wasn't one of your best ones to come up with Dom."

"haha, well there is no other explanation why letty wouldn't be drinking."

"congratulations brother, you're going to be a daddy, you excited?"

"I never thought I would have so much love for someone I haven't even met yet."

"do you know the sex yet?"

"yep." we both said in unison.

"well! tell me!"

Dom and I looked at each other and said. " boy!"

"awww I'm going to have a nephew, we're going baby shopping tomorrow!"

"sounds perfect !"