Buffy rushed to her mom's car, she didn't drive often but this was an emergency. If anything happened to Spike it would be her fault. She had entrusted him to the clinic, truth be known she was a big reason why he had needed the clinic, needed Dr. Lavery. She shook her head to clear it, she would make sure he was okay and then she would leave him alone, maybe Dana could make him happy. I'm much to messed up to make anyone happy she thought as she squealed into the parking lot of the clinic,

Dana was waiting outside for Buffy when the squealing Jeep stopped a few feet from the back door.
She ran to the car and opened the passenger door, "Thanks for coming, Spike really needs your help."

Buffy nodded at her curtly, "Which way?"

"This way , it's on Hobson." Dana pointed left as they left the driveway, "Buffy, I'm sorry about earlier,
I wanted to explain.."

Buffy cut her off abruptly, "You don't have to expain, when we get there, your job is to help Spike, I'll take care of the doctor." Buffy's voice hardened when she said the last word.

"I just want to tell you." Dana started again.

"Dr. Lavery, I really don't want to hear it right now. I know how lousy I am with expressing myself, he deserves better." Buffy replied quietly her hands clinching the wheel, "I owe him this much...letting him be with someone that makes him happy."

"But I don't make him happy, Buffy. You do. I told you I could love Spike, but you didn't let me finish, he couldn't love me. He's a one woman man and you're the woman." Dana smiled at Buffy as the young woman turned to look at her.

"But I hurt him, even when I don't try." Buffy made the next right on to Hobson.

"And he hurt you, but its time for that to stop...now." Dana told her softly, "There it is, lets park at the back."

Buffy parked the jeep next to Dr. Dawson's car. Dana turned to her, "Okay, whats the plan?"

"You follow me in, you take care of Spike, I'll take out the bad guys." Buffy slowly opened the door to the building.

"I have to warn you that George is a big guy." Dana told her worriedly.

"The bigger they are the harder they fall." Buffy smiled, "Come on. Lets go save Spike."


Dr.Dawson lay the scalpel down again, "Hmm....better give you something to at least make you woozy, don't want you moving your head when I'm cutting." He pulled a syringe from the table and injected Spike.
"We'll give this a minute to work and we'll be ready."

Spike fought to stay lucid but soon his eyes were heavy, he wasn't asleep but he didn't have the focus to struggle as he watched Dr. Dawson pick up the scalpel once again.

"Theres a light in that room." Buffy cautiously walked down the dark hallway. She peeped around the door jam and saw Spike secured to a table. A man with a scalpel stood beside him and a large man stood in the corner, that must be George. She stepped into the doorway, "I'd put that scalpel down if I were you."

Dr. Dawson turned to face her, "As soon as I'm finished, I will. George." He nodded towards Buffy.

The sight of Spike lying vulnerably on the table angered Buffy, but it also brought another feeling to the surface full force, what if she hadn't got there in time, what if she had lost him? All thoughts of saving Spike and nobly leaving him fled her mind.

George moved menacingly towards Buffy as Spike watched bleary eyed from the table. Buffy? Buffy was here. He sighed softly, if this was a dream then he wanted to keep dreaming and if it wasn't.....well, he was quite sure that Buffy would take care of the problem....his eyes drifted closed again.

When George was close enough to grab Buffy's arm she let loose with a punch to his nose so hard he hit the wall behind him. Dr. Dawson moved towards her brandishing the scalpel as she pummeled Georges
face until he passed out she let him drop to the floor and turned quickly at the sound of Dr. Dawson's advancing steps.

Dana entered the room then. "Go help Spike!" Buffy called to her as the other Doctor swiped at her with the scalpel making a long cut from her shoulder to elbow, blood flowed freely as she kicked him square in the stomach, the scalpel flying across the floor.

Joseph Dawson experienced true fear as he watched the petite blonde ball of fury advance on him. George was rousing now, but made no effort to help the Doctor, he left the room as quickly as his bruised body would allow.

Dana rushed to Spike's side, she quickly unfastened the restraints and helped him sit up. He was still groggy but awake enough to watch and listen to Buffy as she dealt with Dawson. "You okay? I should go help Buffy."

Spike put his hand on her arm, "Buffy can handle this all on her own, just watch my girl in action."

Dana stood and watched as Buffy allowed the man to partially stand before she pulled him the rest of the way up by the lapels of his jacket. "You have messed with the wrong person." She threw him against the wall, "You don't hurt "my people", any of them. Especially the man I love." She grinned as she said the words, suddenly she felt empowered by those long unsaid words.

She flashed Spike a big beautiful smile, "You heard right." She told him sassily.

Spike's face lit up with a smile, she said it, she loved him. Please, please don't let this be a dream.

Buffy turned back to her foe. She punched Dawson in the face, "I suggest you leave town as soon as possible and if I ever see you anywhere near me or 'mine' " She turned to flash Spike a smile as she emphasized 'mine', "I will make you sorry you ever laid eyes on him."

"You can't get away with this." Dawson spit out as the blood ran from his nose.

"Oh, yes she can. Who are you going to complain to?" Dana asked stepping forward.

"I'll have your license." He retorted.

"Really? How? Think the medical board is ready to listen to your story about a vampire? Or maybe you prefer them to think that you were going to do experimental surgery on a human without permission?"
Dana shook her head, "Of course I'm game to talk to them if you are."

"I...I....fine, I've wanted to get out of this town for a long time now. But mark my words, Dana, being a do gooder for monsters will backfire eventually." He glared at the young woman.

"I'll take my chances, Joseph." Dana replied as Buffy let go of the man and he stomped out the door.

Buffy rushed to Spike's side, "Are you okay?" She asked as she gently ran her hand over the shaved spot on the back of his head.

"I'm fine, Buffy." He leaned his head against her forehead, "Did you mean it?" He asked softly afraid that she would take back the profession now that the danger was over.

"Yes, I meant it, every word." Tears rolled down her cheeks, "I'm just sorry it took me so long."

"It's okay, it's okay, luv." He ran his hands down her arms, pulling his hand back he cringed when he saw the blood from the scalpel wound, "You're hurt!"

"It's not as bad as it looks. I'm fine." She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him closely to her, "We're both going to be fine, now."

Dana watched the couple for a moment before interrupting, "I think we should get out of here, Buffy, I'll take a look at that arm for you at my clinic."

"Thanks, Dana." Buffy smiled, "For everything."

"Yeah, thanks. We owe you one." Spike carefully climbed down from the table, Buffy placed her arm around his waist and helped him to the car.

"It was my pleasure." Dana took the keys from Buffy and drove back to the clinic.

Buffy and Spike sat together in the back seat, Spike leaning against Buffy as she held tightly to his hand.
"We still have things to talk about." Buffy whispered to him.

"I know." He replied with a worried sigh.

"But we can do this." She reassured him placing a kiss on the top of his head.

"Yeah, I think we can." He told her truthfully as he rested against her.

Dana helped Buffy to her office where she cleaned the wound and neatly bandaged it . "I guess you'll have to find another doctor to help around here now." Buffy told her as she stood.

"Actually, I've been thinking that I need to find a couple of doctors, I think I'm going to be leaving Sunnydale for awhile."

"You're leaving?" Spike asked as he pulled Buffy closer to him.

"Yes, I think I'm going to keep you here a bit longer make sure your nightmares are gone, and when I release you I'm going to Seattle."

"Seattle?" Buffy asked curiously.

"Yes, Matthew is there. My boyfriend from LA. We went through a bad time....but I realized tonight that if the two of you - who by the way are the most messed up couple I've ever had the pleasure of treating." She laughed softly.

"Hey!" Buffy and Spike answered in unison.

She rolled her eyes, "If you two can work it out then Matthew and I can hopefully work it out too."

"Good on you, Dana." Spike reached for Dana's hand and squeezed it.

"Thanks. Now Buffy, I think you and Spike both need some rest." Dana led them out of her office and walked to Spike's room.

Buffy helped Spike into his bed and kissed his forehead. Dana could tell that Buffy was hesitant to leave him. She sat beside the bed his hand tight in hers. "Tell you what, we don't usually allow visitors to stay the night....but I think I can make an exception. Buffy, since your sister is gone for the night, why don't you stay here?"

"I'd like that." Buffy answered softly her gaze resting on Spike.

"I'll leave you two then, get some rest." Dana smiled as she left the room.

"Well, come on," Spike grinned as he scooted over in the small bed.

Buffy grinned back as she climbed under the covers with him, "I love you, you know." The words were soft and sincere.

"I know.." He kissed her softly, "I love you too."

Buffy lay on her side with her good arm under her, nestled against Spike's chest. His arm lying gently over her bandaged one. They fell asleep that way, safe and secure in each others arms and thats how Dana found them when she peeked into the room on her way out. Standing at the doorway, she marvelled at the couple in front of her, so badly hurt, two broken hearts that once kept them from happiness. Love was great medicine though and as they lay there she could see two people very obviously in love........their hearts already healing.

The end