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Gentle breathing was the only sound to be heard as a lone figure floated silently in the common room of Titan's tower. Her dark blue cloak hung around her small frame similar to the silence in the air. Her hood was down due the lack of people in the room, and her purple eyes were closed while she silently chanted her mantra.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos"

While Ravens body looked just as it did when she normally meditated, her mind was far from being in a meditative state. Usual meditation let her mind relax and further solidify control over her emotions. Today her emotions seemed restless, out of balance, whatever term she thought fit the description did not matter. There was something wrong, and her usual remedy wasn't working.

As Raven opened her eyes to end her meditation, the doors to the common room opened; revealing one particular titan she was hoping to avoid. She quickly closed her eyes and continued chanting; hoping BeastBoy would understand she was meditating and leave her be. She heard footsteps that lead toward the kitchen and gave an internal sigh of relief when she heard the changeling rummaging around the fridge for his vegetarian cuisine. This being her chance to escape to her room and avoid any potential encounter with the green titan; she quickly got up and started floating toward the door. As Raven was about to leave the room BeastBoy was alerted to her presence, due to the small rustling of her cloak.

"Hey Rae, up for some tofu sandwiches?" BeastBoy asked enthusiastically, holding up his sandwich which was filled with the white gelatinous mixture he loved. As appetizing as it was to him, to anyone else in the tower it was like being asked to partake in Starfire's Tameranean cuisine.

"I guess those ears aren't just for show" Raven thought. She turned around to see him waiting for her response.

"My name is Raven not Rae, and no I don't want any." Raven said curtly, hoping to end the conversation there with her short reply. As her luck would have it he didn't leave it there.

"C'mon Raven, at least have something to eat. I haven't seen you eat anything yet today, and it's almost time for lunch." BeastBoy said to Raven's surprise.

Usually he would try and get her and anyone else in the tower to eat his vegetarian delicacy, but instead he noticed that she hadn't eaten anything yet that day. The truth was she really hadn't eaten yet that day, but that wasn't what surprised her. It was strange he could notice her eating habits considering she woke up very early, and he had probably woken up thirty minutes ago. The thing that actually surprised her was the concern in his voice. Raven's curiosity got the better of her at that moment.

"How do you know I haven't eaten yet, didn't you just wake up?" Raven questioned. After saying this she slightly winced, realizing she was trying to get to her room. Not to have a conversation with BeastBoy.

"Well, usually your teakettle and dishes are in the sink from when you eat breakfast, but when I was making lunch I noticed your stuff was still put away. I figured you hadn't eaten yet because you never eat without your tea." BeastBoy said while scratching the back of his head.

"I'm fine BeastBoy, I can take care of myself. I don't need you to keep track of when I decide to skip breakfast." Raven said with a light hint of irritation. She really needed to get to her room. The longer she sat here talking to BeastBoy the more her emotions were beginning to rise to the surface.

BeastBoy walked over and suddenly grabbed Raven's hand. He started walking toward the kitchen with a startled Raven in tow. The contact made Raven's face turn bright red under her hood. Dark tendrils of power were sparking from random places around the room unbeknownst to BeastBoy.

"C'mon Rae, everyone else is busy. Cyborgs working on the T-Car, Robins training in the gym, and Starfires probably watching Robin train in the gym." He said the last part with a laugh, and then he continued. "I don't want to eat lunch all by myself, and what kind of friend would I be if I let you walk out of here without eating anything." BeastBoy said with a goofy grin.

"A Friend or something more."

The voice Raven heard clear as day. It was her own voice, but it sounded darker than her normal monotone. She looked at BeastBoy blankly as he led her to the table. As she sat down without a word BeastBoy left to make her something taking her silence as an agreement to eat lunch with him. In her mind she wondered why he hadn't heard the voice.

"Because I am inside you."

Then it clicked. It was one of her emotions, only she didn't recognize which emotion this voice represented.

"How are you able to talk to me directly? You should be in Nevermore with the others." Raven would have panicked if she had been anyone else. Raven had never been in direct contact with an emotion outside of Nevermore. She had to figure out what was going on before she lost control over her emotions, this one in particular.

"That shouldn't matter now when the green one is showing such interest in our wellbeing. It makes me want to come out and thank him personally." The dark mockery of Ravens normal monotone sounded dead serious, which actually frightened Raven.

"I don't know what you want with BeastBoy, but I won't let you hurt him." Raven hissed to the mystery emotion. It seemed since BeastBoy was the only other person in the room, he would be the one to receive this emotions wrath.

"Why would I harm something so precious? You know our feelings for him run deeper than mere friendship." The dark voice actually laughed at the Idea of harming BeastBoy, though the last part she said irked Raven slightly.

"So if you know my feelings for BeastBoy, then you also know why we would never work in a relationship." Raven didn't feel like she had to hide anything from a part of herself. She just had to set the record straight.

Raven had started developing strong feelings for BeastBoy. Their current friendship may have seemed strange to people on the outside, but to the two people participating, they just interacted as two polar opposites normally would. BeastBoy would always try to include Raven, even if he knew she would say no. When she did refuse he would normally whine and argue leading to a first class flight to the ocean outside the tower. Lately the two had somehow reached a silent understanding. BeastBoy still tried to include her in his daily activates, jokes, etc. Now the difference was the annoying pestering was gone. This must have been what kept Raven from seeing him as the kind person he really was. No one else on the team would try and include Raven in their activities, knowing she would refuse anyway.

Raven knew they could never be together due to the nature of her powers. With these feelings started to emerge, unbeknownst to her, meditation took much longer than normal to take effect. She knew she would never be able to show BeastBoy how much she cared for him. He deserved to be in a relationship with someone who could love him back, not give him the cold shoulder every time they were together. So she counted herself lucky to have such a great friend, and carried on with their friendship as the two normally would.

"You are wrong. You don't give BeastBoy enough credit. He knows you, and he knows the nature of our powers. Even if he didn't he would understand. We can love him and we will." Just as the dark voice finished, Raven started feeling light headed. She saw her vision start to tunnel. Finally all she could see was darkness.

BeastBoy was just walking over with their lunch. He sat down next to Raven who had her hood on which covered her face. He hated when she wore her hood around him and her friends. It made him feel as if she was trying to hide from the world. She didn't need to hide around him, or her friends. He thought about reaching over and taking it off for her. That would probably make her angry, but he just wanted to see her face. Maybe he would be able to see if she was actually enjoying his company.

BeastBoy looked and saw that Raven was still. Her hands were under the table so he couldn't see her hands tightly gripping her thighs in desperation. Her hood hid the dark smile she had on her face, and the four glowing red eyes that looked all too happy to be seeing outside their usual prison.

BeastBoy decided that maybe he could ask her to take her hood off, rather than risk her wrath if he lowered it himself. It was worth it to him if he got to see her enjoying his company.

"Raven, you know were in the tower so you can put your hood down. I mean if you want to, that is, it's your choice, but it would be nice to see your face once and awhile. Not that wearing your hood is a bad thing it's just…" Raven reached up and put a single finger to his lips hushing him from his rambling. She took his offered food and ate in silence.

BeastBoy's face flushed red when she placed her finger on his lips. Just like it had when he grabbed her hand and led her to the table, only she hadn't noticed because he was facing away from her.

"I hope my face isn't too red or she will totally figure me out!" BeastBoy screamed in his mind. Thinking if he ate his sandwich quickly she wouldn't notice his flushed face he started cramming the tofu sandwich down his throat.

BeastBoy had come to terms with his feelings for Raven and wanted to be with her. The only problem was trying to change the volatile nature of their current friendship. He was slowly realizing he could still be himself around her, while also being less annoying. Maybe he was growing up, or maybe he realized that he wanted Raven to be happy no matter what. No, he had known that he wanted Raven happy since the day he first met her. His goal to make Raven smile at his jokes was just his juvenile way of trying to make Raven happy. That is before he realized he had stronger feelings than friendship towards Raven. Though he could never tell her that now, he had started taking steps toward what he thought would make Raven happy. Annoying her with his jokes less often, offering to make food like today, or just leaving her to meditate in peace. He wanted to take small steps toward winning her favor.

Raven deserved happiness after all she had been through. BeastBoy knew she could feel emotions just like anyone else; she just couldn't outwardly express them. After her heartbreak with Malchior he could almost see the tears in her eyes, and when she hugged him he could feel her trembling in his arms. He couldn't believe how fast she recovered her control when cyborg hit him with that stank ball. BeastBoy also wondered what she must have gone through when she was a child. He didn't know, but he could speculate she had it rough not being able to express emotions as a child. There was also her father Trigon who used her as a portal, and was a constant torment to her in her short life. Even after defeating him her powers still required her to meditate daily, and constantly worry over what could go wrong if she lost control. For all that she had been through; most people would expect her to turn to evil. Most people didn't know Raven. Despite her heritage and what people would expect of that heritage, Raven worked to save the world multiple times while dealing with the volatile nature of her powers. Raven deserved happiness more than anyone, and BeastBoy wanted to provide it.

The Emotion controlling Raven could feel the strong emotions coming from BeastBoy before he suddenly started scarfing down his sandwich. Mixtures of embarrassment, happiness, and love!? He felt love for Raven! This further strengthened her resolve to pursue him.

When he finished his sandwich he looked in her direction wondering if she remembered what he was trying to say while he was rambling. She finished eating as well, and slowly started to reach for her hood. She pulled it back revealing four burning red eyes, and a smile that looked too wicked to be on Ravens face.

BeastBoy was shocked to see Raven in her demonic state. Did she think he slipped some tofu in her lunch? Or was she mad at what he said about her hood? Thoughts raced around his head until he realized that the demonic Raven was just sitting there watching him patiently. Her predatory gaze never left him and it made him wonder if she was waiting for him to do something.

"Ra-Ra-Raven sorry to keep y-you from… uh… whatever it is that made you angry I'm… no wait it's just…" BeastBoy tried desperately to think of what was causing this transformation, but whatever it was he didn't want to be on the receiving end of an angry demon. Especially considering what happened to Doctor Light the last time she took this form.

She sensed his confusion easily and actually expected it. After all he had only ever seen this side of Raven as Rage. She would quell his worries soon enough.

"Thanks for the food BeastBoy, it was delicious, but my appetite is far from sated." The demon said while looking at BeastBoy with a completely different hunger than what BeastBoy would have thought.

BeastBoy took Raven's statement for face value, and he started to panic. Was she going to kill and eat him? Why? What did he do wrong? His thoughts left him when he noticed a feeling of weightlessness then darkness consumed him. In his panicked state he thought Raven had sent him to another dimension, but in fact he was sitting on Ravens bed.

"Raven would never let me in her room if she was angry, so why would her four-eyed-demon-self want me in here? Ugh… note to self, try not to think so hard. All these thoughts are going to overload my brain." BeastBoy had been thinking too hard and he was starting to get a headache. That was the least of his concerns. He spotted Raven slowly crawling on the bed towards him. BeastBoy then realized that DUH he could use his powers escape and try to get help from the others!

BeastBoy quickly changed into a fly and started buzzing towards the door. Raven saw this and chanted her mantra. A small spark of her magic flew and hit the little green fly changing it back into the green changeling she was after. BeastBoy was about to hit the floor when the same magic ensnared him and whisked him towards Raven's bed.

"Stay still for me. This will only hurt for a second." The demon said sensually, while laying his restrained form on the bed. She crawled on top of him after releasing him from her magic. She held his arms down at his sides to keep him still.

BeastBoy squirmed underneath her and realized she was a lot stronger than she looked physically, probably due to her recent transformation. He knew changing would be pointless. She would just change him back just as quickly as he could change. He stopped struggling when he realized he was powerless against her.

When he stopped struggling she took it as a show of his submission. She leaned down and licked down the side of his neck, where his pulse was, and her tongue could feel the rapid heartbeat underneath which made her smile in satisfaction. She leaned back and opened her mouth wide.

BeastBoy, out of the corner of his eye, could see her new fangs growing as she was preparing to do the unthinkable. He knew this was the end. Even thinking he was about to die by the hand (or bite) of his secret crush,he couldn't help but think that this wasn't her fault. He knew she was inside her mind fighting for control, so he would never blame her for what was going to happen next.

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