intruder alert

one night lucy decides to catch natsu in the act of slipping into her bed.

dedicated to XxFairy-chanxX for being so nice ^^

{I like it when you're honest...?}

The blonde shifted her legs under the comforter quietly, her hands clenching at the warm blanket.

She was struggling to stay awake.

She really wanted to sleep—it was nearly two am and she had missions to do tomorrow.

But she had to stay up.

She had thought of a simple way to stop Natsu from hogging her bed at night or making her take the couch.

And that simple way was to simply catch him.

Being caught in the act—that was simply so embarrassing that no one would dare try again. She clung onto this known fact, lulling through half-consciousness.

Think of something...anything...nggg..

Lucy felt her perseverance fall to an all time low, her eyelids giving up their struggle to stay open. She was completely wiped.

"I wish she'd keep some kind of light on for me."

The sudden sound in the silence jolted her back awake, her eyes fluttering open with a new found strength.

The lightest of touches skimmed her covered feet, as if blindly reaching out. He felt the bed in front of him before carefully climbing on, his weight balanced so well she could barely tell where he was.

So that's how he never woke me. She thought sourly, tensing up as he moved around her. She prepared herself to jump out and scare the living crap out of him, a small grin shadowing her face.

For now she pretended to sleep, slowing her breathing and all. She wanted to really teach him a lesson.

And just as she was about to jump out, go "BAH!" and laugh her butt off at how scared he was, she heard a sudden noise.

A low, soft chuckle.

"She's so cute,"

The will to move flew out the window when those three words met her ears. She now struggled to stay as still as possible, though she was now on high alert.

"Goodnight, Luce." He murmured warmly, laying down beside her. His hands reached out and grabbed her, pulling her towards his own warm body.

Every time they woke up entangled in each other's arms, Natsu had always dismissed it and said that she was the one that moved over. Now she knew just how much of a lying bastard he was.

Even so, that didn't stop her heart from skipping a few beats. Her face was growing warm with a blush, but due to the pitch darkness Natsu wouldn't be able to tell.

She stayed as still as a corpse, only daring a peek when his breathing seemed to have slowed.

She slowly raised her head, staring down at the outline of her partner. A soft, loving smile dipped at her features, her chest now warm and fuzzy.

"Goodnight, Natsu." She whispered in return, lowering to peck him on the cheek. She giggled when he mumbled in his sleep and went back to her own position, the idiotic grin lasting throughout the night.

And the next day when they woke up and Natsu chided Lucy for 'coming over to his side', she only smiled and snuggled closer to him.

"Let's stay like this for a little bit longer." She pled, eyes shut tightly. Natsu froze in obvious shock, only to sink back down as well.

"O-Okay...:" He blushed and wrapped his arm around her, trying to fight off his cheek-splitting grin.

A little while longer seemed to last the rest of the day, for they didn't move an inch.

(guess those missions would have to wait?)