The night was warm, but shivers were sent up the spine of one of the occupants of the pickup. Upon leaving the cathedral, there was something amiss to Severus. Hermoine picked up on it quickly, and asked before realizing that she felt it too. None of the 3 could put their fingers on it, but some well-known danger was lurking, and its power could be felt by all their senses.

Hermoine knew that something was terribly wrong, not only by the way she was feeling, but also by the way the Severus was acting. She could almost literally see his ears perk up, his eyes go into high surveillance, and he seemed to just stop breathing as to be able to better hear everything.

The pickup was about to go onto a road, but something made Severus drive over the curb, and into a field. The only light that they could use was the light provided by the moon, near concealed by the clouds above.

It felt like a heavy weight was being pushed into her ears, almost as if the fog around them was dense enough to start blocking them, as she herself tried to listen, to hear anything, hoping against everything that this was extreme paranoia on their parts. The last thing that Hermoine could sense was silence, and the panic that Severus spoke with, but could not sense any other activity going on around her. She couldn't even sense the third occupant of the vehicle, although there was a very strong presence near by. Her vision blurred, and finally, she blacked out.