Snape finished his lunch while carrying on a conversation with Pardus.

After a few more awkward moments, Snape began to remember him as student and assistant to Poppy. Pardus had never known of his spying status until the Headmaster explained it to him upon his last visit a few weeks earlier. He completely understood the need for Snape to hide.

Pardus was the nephew of Lucius Malfoy and was disowned upon his declaration of loyalty to the order. Since that time eight years ago, he'd had to hide from the family. They thought him a disgrace to the name 'Malfoy' and only kept it to annoy said family.

As a student, Pardus was sorted into Ravenclaw, and had achieved outstanding grades in Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions. He held a passion for many subjects, but always was fascinated by Poppy Pomfrey. He caught her attention and was able to get private instruction, hands on experience, and an apprenticeship.

Finally achieving the title of mediwizard, he worked at St Mungos until his abrupt departure. Since than, he'd been the healer at this place called 'Cathedral'.

After finishing his lunch, Pardus began to take Snape to his apartments.

"So, why did Albus send us here? I believe we would be better off helping in the impending war." Snape said.

"Yes. I believe you answered your own question, Professor." Pardus replied. "And you will be aiding in the war. Just not directly at the moment."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, with Miss Granger as your assistant," Snape paled slightly at this. Intelligent person? Yes. Tolerable? Maybe if her mouth is taped shut. Pardus continued. "You can do some research on possible defense spells, potions, and so on. Also, all three students will need practical instruction in defense."

They turned down another corridor, and Snape noticed the paintings covering the walls. It looked just as Hermione had described. They came to a large oak door, and Snape noticed the painting beside it - an Elvan battle!

Pardus - not knowing of Hermione's dream - reached for the door handle and opened it. Apparently the door she was so afraid to open was the door to his quarters. He'd have to let her know - there WAS something scary behind it.

'Wait a minute. Was that a joke?' He thought to himself. He walked through the door and was greeted with a set of rooms - not elaborate - but large and simply decorated. The stone floors were covered in the occasional rug in a simple rich blue. There was a sofa and two easy chairs in the same blue in front of the fireplace decorated in Runes, which also ran along the wall. An oak desk was placed by a window and was surrounded by texts. There were two more doors, which led to the bathroom and bedroom.

"Your clothes and books have been brought in as well as additional books you may find useful for your research." Pardus said. "I'll show you the library during the tour as well as the courtyard that you may use to teach the students."

Snape decided to ask the questions on his mind, but was stopped by a wave of Pardus' hand. "All your questions will be answered when I return. I will return in one hour. I believe you can mostly settle yourself by than."

Snape nodded and Pardus left the room.


An hour later, Snape had familiarized himself with his chambers and was sitting at the desk reading a few of the books he had never even heard of before.

So engrossed in them, he barely heard the knock on the door. Glancing at the clock, he marked his page and stalked to the entrance. When he opened the door, it was to find Harry, Hermione, and Pardus waiting.

"Shall we, Professor?" Pardus asked.

The three continued on their way, Pardus showing them the many sights and wonders of Cathedral.

The place itself had been built over 2000 years ago. It was a place originally dedicated to study in the magical arts, but took up a religious look for many centuries to cover itself from the surrounding muggles. About 1400 years ago, many of the most powerful witches and wizards had placed wards that had been unbreakable thus far. The written history of the place outside the grounds had been erased, there was no visual evidence unless you had been invited by a resident of the property or a descendant of the original castors of the wards (which Albus Dumbledore had been), and somehow, despite all the energy used, the magic of the place remained untraceable.

Only one of the remaining founders descendants remained. This witch or wizard kept the wards protecting Cathedral strong by calling on the powers of the castors descendants. Every year, they gathered in the northern courtyard to perform the ceremony.

There were many historical sites including the burial sites of many past witches and wizards. Pardus mentioned a muggle was buried there as well.

"Muggle?" Hermione asked.

"Yes. Acutally, you'd be interested to know that it is a member of your own family, Miss Granger." Pardus responded.

He than escorted a very wide-eyed Hermione to the resting place of Theodore Granger.

"My great grandfather." She whispered as she reached out for the stone.

"He was well known by many residents here at the time. During one of the wars, he escorted many of our own to the safety of the perimeter. He discovered what they were, but allowed them to continue deceiving the others until they arrived here. With a promise to keep their secret, he returned to defend in the war as it escalated. A member of an old wizarding family felt the residual magic on him and questioned him mercilessly." Pardus' eyes began to sadden. "He helped protect many, understood the need for secrecy, and the reason for their lack of interference. When he needed help, they were unable to provide it in time. They found his body, and brought him here."

Hermione looked up to Pardus with tears forming in her eyes. "Thank you."

Pardus nodded, and returned to Harry and Snape. "I'll catch her up later. For now, Marcin will complete the tour." Another young man appeared behind them, and the trio continued on their way.


Pardus continued to watch Hermione while she sat in awe over the headstone of her relative. A few moments passed, and she reached her hand out. Upon touching the stone, however, she was suddenly deathly still. Pardus approached her to make sure that she was all right.

"Miss Granger?" He called. He received no response.

"Hermione?" Nothing.

Reaching out towards the girl, he felt that her skin was very cold. Her eyes remained wide open as if in a state of shock. She began to mumble incoherently as sweat built up on her face. He could feel her pulse pick up, nearly doubling in only a few moments. A few minutes passed, and she slumped. Checking her vitals, he noted that her pulse had returned to normal as well as her body temperature. He reached out and grabbed her shoulder and gave her a gentle shake. She did not awaken.

Gently, Pardus bent over and picked her up, bringing her to the hospital corridor.


Professor Snape had been sitting in his quarters going over books and notes with which he would begin the experiments. He decided to get Hermione to start some research on her own in the library. About to leave the rooms to find her, there was a knock on the door. He opened it to find an unknown woman standing there.

"Are you Professor Snape?" The woman asked. Snape nodded.

"Come with me please. Miss Granger is in the hospital corridor and wishes to speak with you."

Without waiting to be shown, Snape quickly retraced his steps from earlier when he'd been escorted to his rooms.