Author's note: So I know it's been a while, but I've been running a special project on my Tumblr to revisit some of my completed AUs. I am STILL going to do the sequel to this story in the future, but I decided to do some prompts for it anyway. Think of this as a future fic for this universe. I hope you enjoy Emma celebrating Killian's birthday!

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Celebrating the Pirate

Emma flicked her wrist, lighting the hearth. Their bedroom was lit softly with candles, the sidebar filled with food. She wasn't sure how much eating they would do, but she wanted to be prepared. She wanted Killian's birthday to be memorable.

She looked in the mirror opposite their bed, rechecking her appearance. It had been more than six months since she'd given birth to her little Liam; through hard work she'd shed almost all the weight she'd gained during her pregnancy. Killian said she was imagining it, but Emma swore there was a stubborn slight roundness to her stomach that she couldn't get rid of. She'd never really considered herself to be a vain person, but that was before she was married to the sexiest man in all the realms. She wanted him to want her as much as she wanted him.

Her wrap was sheer black, edged with fur. It covered a patterned black corset with thigh high stockings and garters. Her legs were set off by the heels on her feet, making them look long and lean. It was the most she'd felt like the adventurous princess who'd run away with a pirate since Liam was born.

Emma rechecked her makeup and hair, finally deciding there wasn't anything else she could do. Liam was with his grandparents, his nurse not far away. Emma had done all she could to ensure they could have the evening alone, including setting aside milk to feed her son. Her breasts still ached a bit but she needed to spend some alone time with her husband.

There was a light rap on the door; Emma smiled. "Come in!"

The door swung open; Killian was on the other side of it. He stepped confidently inside, dressed as she requested in his signature pirate captain ensemble. "Hello, love." He stopped and really looked, jaw dropping slightly. "Bloody hell, you are a vision."

She flushed, curtsying. "Happy birthday."

He stepped into her space, hand and hook resting on her hips. "Are you my present?"

She nodded. "I am completely yours for the night."


She laid her hands on his chest, fingers curling into his necklace. "Tonight we are simply the pirate and his princess. I am yours to do with as you will, Captain."

His blue eyes darkened, fingers tightening on her hip. "Anything I wish?"

"Anything. My body is entirely yours."

His eyes flickered over the rest of the room. "You did all this?"

"I did."

"My lovely princess." He ghosted his lips over hers, barely a kiss. The he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder; Emma yelped. He lightly smacked her ass and carried her to the feast she'd laid out. Instead of setting her down, he put her in his lap, essentially straddling his thigh. The leather of his pants rubbed the delicate skin of her inner thighs, making her sigh. Already, her body was responding to him; the assertive pirate captain never failed to turn her on. He chuckled low in her ear, his hook parting the sheer fabric of her wrap to further expose her to his hungry gaze. She shivered as the cool metal skimmed over her skin.

"What tasty treats have you gotten for me, princess?" He leaned in and nibbled on the long column of her throat. "Aside from this delectable body."

Emma moaned, eyes fluttering shut. Desire coursed through her; his teasing demeanor was going to devastate her before the night was done, but she relished it. She'd known he was hers and she was his from the night she'd smuggled him into her room and begged him to bed her.

Killian chuckled, plucking a piece of fruit from the sideboard. He skimmed the strawberry over the straining swells of her breasts, squeezing some of the juice onto her skin. "Are you fond of this corset?" he growled in her ear.


"You're not sure? Tsk, tsk, princess. Perhaps I should tear it to shreds if you're so indifferent." He caught his hook in the space between her breasts, lightly pulling.

Emma mewled, her back arching. "Killian..."

He smacked her covered cunt, which made her cry out. "The princess forgets her place."

"Captain!" she cried. "Captain!"

"That's better." He turned her so he could lick the strawberry juice off her skin. "Hmm."

Emma had one hand braced on the sideboard another on Killian's thigh, trying to maintain her balance. Killian buried his face in her cleavage, licking and biting at her skin. His fingers slipped between her legs, where she was trying to grind herself against his leather clad thigh. He stroked the satin, groaning at how damp and hot she was. He roughly pushed his fingers under the fabric, shoving it aside. Emma made a strangled noise that went straight to his hardening cock. "So fucking wet for me, princess," he breathed. "Let's see how you taste." He found another strawberry, spearing it on his hook. He held her panties aside, letting her slide a little down his leg. He drew the succulent fruit through her sopping flesh and brought it to his lips. Emma watched as he bit down, moaning at the intoxicating taste of her mixed with the fruit. "Delicious."

Emma gnawed on her lip, wondering what else he would do to her. She had meant it when she gave him free reign with her body; she trusted him to make it pleasurable for both of them. After polishing off the strawberry, Killian got another, working it partially inside her hole. Emma's breathing hitched, as his fingers danced over throbbing clit. "I'm going to make you come," he informed her. "See how well you obey."

"Oh fuck."

"All in due time. You'll be thoroughly ravished, princess, I promise you."

Emma nodded, following as Killian urged her to hang on to him. Her hand curled around the back of his neck, the solid weight of him anchoring her. He circled and rubbed, whispered filthy things as she writhed in his lap. The pressure built low in her belly, her walls beginning to flutter. "Such a wanton thing," he murmured, pinching her clit. "My wanton dirty princess."

"Yes, Captain, yes!" she cried, shaking with the need to come. "Yours!"

"Then come for your captain, princess. Now." Emma screamed as she fell, body bucking in his hold. Strawberry juice coated Killian's thigh and he groaned. His cock was rock hard, he wanted nothing more than to be buried in that wet sheath. But he had plans for his gift.

He plucked the strawberry from between her thighs and popped it into his mouth. He groaned lowly; it tasted even better than the first. Emma sagged against him, panting, but he couldn't have that. "Get on your knees, lass. And remove that wrap so I can see you."

Emma sucked in a breath, her body still tingling from her orgasm. But she did as he bid, his rough captain's voice doing wicked things to her. She was thrilled their intense desire for one another hadn't been lost after they became parents. She shrugged the thin wrap off and shucked it, the heels of her shoes cradled against her ass where she knelt. She waited obediently for her next order.

Killian cupped her chin, his thumb tracing her soft lips. "I want these pretty lips wrapped around my cock, princess." He pressed his thumb on the seam and she opened, sucking eagerly on the digit, licking and swirling the way she would his cock. She still remembered the first time he'd begged her to do that, in their cabin on the Jolly Roger.

He groaned, cock twitching. He roughly unlaced his pants and splayed his thighs, pulling her closer by the hair. They hadn't played like this in a while and he'd missed it. Emma inched forward, bringing her hands to his thighs as she licked him from root to tip with the flat of her tongue. He let out a long sigh, relieved to be getting some attention. She worked him thoroughly, lips and tongue dancing along his shaft and he let her, mesmerized by this sight of his beautiful Emma on her knees for him.

When she took him in, he moaned, hips bucking a little, instantly needing more of her wet mouth. Emma relished all the sounds he made, her own arousal building again as she sucked him. She took him deeper on every drive until he brushed the back of her throat. Killian gasped and pulled sharply on her hair, just the right side of pain. "Fuck, just like that, princess. Take me down that pretty throat."

Emma hummed around him, relaxing her throat to take him deeper. Her nose brushed the wiry hair at the base of his cock but she kept going, licking him, swallowing around him. Killian came with a sharp cry, taking them both by surprise, shooting his seed down her throat. She swallowed everything he had to give, licking him clean before releasing him.

"Fucking hell," Killian panted, sagging to his chair. "You' for that"

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked innocently.

"Wasn't come," he said, trying to sound stern. It was difficult when she'd made him breathless. But she'd been doing that since they met. "Very naughty, princess."

She just grinned, proud that she could make Captain Hook into a needy mess. And she was certain she would enjoy whatever punishment he chose.

"Up on the bed," he said, standing up. He started to strip off his clothes, heavy coat, vest and linen shirt all finding the floor. Emma wet her lips as she drank him in, messy dark hair, strong frame, glinting hook. She lay in the middle of their bed, propped up on her elbows, waiting for him. He paused only long enough to shuck his boots before joining her, covering her with his body and kissing her deeply. Emma mewled into the kiss; he'd denied her too long. She skimmed her hands over his bare back, feeling the muscles play under her fingertips. Killian couldn't stop kissing her; his princess was a beauty, a firebrand, his everything. He rolled them over so she was on top, straddling his hips. He brought his hook up to the top of her corset, randomly loosing the laces so he could get it off.

Emma broke their kiss long enough to unhook the corset and toss it aside; she keened as his lips wrapped around one of her nipples. She braced herself above him, rocking a little as he feasted on her skin. She was extra sensitive and despite their roles, Killian was careful, knowing if he sucked too hard he would hurt her. A little milk escaped but he didn't care; it was a symbol of how much this woman had given him, their son hopefully sleeping on the other side of the castle.

"Captain...gods," Emma breathed, a fire between her legs. Her satin underwear were soaked through, still slightly askew. He growled against her skin and rolled them again, sliding down between her legs.

"Look in the mirror, princess," he said, hand and hook sliding over the tops of her thighs. He fingered her garter as she looked; she was flushed, lips kiss bitten, pupils black. Her hair was a wreck. She looked debauched, sinful, thoroughly in the thrall this man. Killian locked eyes with her in the mirror as he untied her garters and moved to divest her of the last remaining barrier to her cunt. "We'll leave these on." He kissed the skin at the top of her stockings, rubbing his scruff over her pale skin.

Emma writhed, another wave of lust pooling in her gut. Killian peppered her skin with kisses as he spread her legs. She gasped, feeling his tongue on her, still watching in the mirror. She knew he liked when she watched. Killian lapped at her swollen flesh, , licking away the remnants of the strawberries. Emma fisted the sheet, desperate to hang onto something as he brought her to climax...once...twice...three times. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think; all she could do was feel the rush of pleasure every time she climaxed.

He brought her down after the third high; she was quivering in his arms, loose and pliant. Utterly relaxed. She moaned softly; Killian left a parting kiss to her clit. He whispered praise, kissing up her body, his painfully erect cock brushing her stomach. "You are exquisite when you come, princess," he said quietly. "Your Captain is pleased."

She hummed incoherently; the words registering but she was too tired to speak. She did smile weakly and he chuckled. "Roll over, lass. We'll take this slow." She did, curious about what he had in mind. Killian pushed her hair aside and started kissing down her back. She sighed and relaxed; his lips were warm and soft. Even in her sated state he made her skin tingle. He paid special attention to the dimples at the base of her spine, his hand kneading her ass. She shivered, secretly hoping. He'd only taken her there twice so far, but Emma really enjoyed it. How could she not when it was Killian?

Killian smiled against her skin; she smelled of sunflowers and sex. His hips rutted a little against the mattress, taking the edge off his need. He'd have to work for it but he knew it was worth it. He snatched up a pillow and tucked it under her, lifting her pelvis. Emma bit her lip as he kissed each ass cheek, his teeth scraping her skin. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you, princess?"

She looked over into the mirror, finding his eyes. "Yes."

"Do you know why?"

"Because I'm yours."

He grinned. "There's a girl. Knows her proper place." He smacked one cheek then the other; they colored briefly as Emma groaned. She did love to be spanked, his princess. Instead, he spread her cheeks with his hand and hook, licking her puckered hole. She jerked and mewled, suddenly no longer quite so boneless. Her body remembered this and craved it. Arousal pooled in her belly; Killian gathered some of her slickness on his finger and started to massage the tight ring of flesh. Emma inhaled sharply, but relaxed again quickly. She trusted him implicitly.

Killian looked around; there was a bottle of oil on the nightstand. He picked it up and poured a little on the crease of her ass, then more on his finger. Slowly, he pressed, increasing the pressure until his finger slid inside. Emma moaned, fingers once more tangled in the sheets. She could feel his finger sliding in and out slowly, working her open. Eventually, he added second and a third; he needed to stretch her as much as possible in order for her to accept his girth. He looked into the mirror himself, soaking in the erotic sight.

"So tight, princess," he whispered. "Gonna feel so good around me."

She moaned again, squirming. It didn't hurt; she just needed him to get on with it before she melted from want.

"Impatient again, lass," he chided.

"Please, Captain," she pleaded, pushing herself up. She was on her hands and knees, practically fucking his fingers as she rocked back. "Please."

"Bloody fuck." He eased his fingers out, ignoring her need so he could get his pants off. He kicked them away impatiently before moving to kneel behind her. He spanked her again, harder, relishing her cry of pleasure. His Emma had blossomed into a wanton siren in their time together; he loved her all the more for it. He found the oil once more, pouring a liberal amount on his cock. He stroked himself a few times, sucking in a deep breath. It would take all his willpower not to come the moment he was inside her. But he wanted to make it good for her.

Emma waited with bated breath, eyes locked with his in the mirror. He held her steady with his hook, then pressed the tip of his cock to her slightly distended hole. He went slow, leaning forward inch by excruciating inch. Her back arched as he stretched her, sinking deeper and deeper. She whimpered, muttering under her breath, nearly drowning in pleasure.

"Fuck, Emma," Killian hissed, in almost to the hilt. "Am I hurting you?"

"No," she breathed. "Fuck." It was different from when he usually fucked her, but it felt amazing.

"So fucking tight, lass. Gods." He pulled back a little then thrust back in, teasing them both. He watched them in the mirror, as he rocked into her over and over, her face a mask of pleasure. He could feel his climax building at the base of his spine, thoroughly undone by her. "Touch yourself," he ordered. "Want to feel it when you come."

Emma lowered herself to one elbow and reached back, her fingers brushing her clit. It felt good, better than she expected, a zing of want shooting up her spine. Killian felt it too, groaning as he increased his pace. He held her by the hips, trying to stave off his orgasm until she was there with him. She felt incredible.

Emma thumbed her clit a few times, more moans tumbling from her lips. Killian adjusted his hips and she cried out; he'd hit a spot she hadn't known existed. She pushed two fingers into her dripping cunt, making them both groan. Killian's control shattered and he took her with hard deep thrusts, almost wild in his need. Emma screamed, her walls fluttering as the world exploded behind her eyes. She dragged Killian with her; he roared his climax, pulsing wetly inside her.

They collapsed together on the bed. Emma was spent; her last climax exhausting her. Exhausting her in the best way; they hadn't been able to have a night like this in quite a while. She whimpered a little when Killian slipped out of her; he kissed her cheek lovingly. He found a cloth, dipping it in the wash basin. He tenderly cleaned her up; the poor lass was already sleepy. He smiled down at her, brushing a tendril of her golden hair away.

"I love you," he said quietly, bending down to kiss her cheek.

Emma stirred, her eyes fluttering open. "Love you."

"You're sapped, love. You should rest."


"You've given me a wonderful birthday, Emma."

She smiled. "Still...present. Just a few more minutes?"

He was helpless against those glittering green eyes. "Very well." He stoked the fire in the hearth, then went to bring one of their trays of fruit. If Emma insisted on staying awake, then they could eat. When he returned to the bed, she was propped up against the headboard, leaning back against a stack of pillows. Her long hair rested over her breasts; she looked like a some sort of sea goddess. His heart ached painfully. He didn't know what he'd done to earn her love but he prayed he could be worthy of it.

"Hey there, sailor."

Killian stripped off the top layer of bedding; it would need to be cleaned. Then he slipped under the remaining cool sheets. "How do you feel?"

She leaned her head on his shoulder. "Wonderful."

He leaned his cheek on the crown of her head. "Me too."

She found his hand under the blanket. "Happy birthday, Killian."

"It's been quite a while since my birthday's been happy." His last had been during the few days Emma had been missing, gone to confront the Imp. He hadn't celebrated his birth since his brother's death, so it had passed without him even knowing.

Emma frowned; she knew his past was painful. She was so tired, but she needed to do this for him. She reached over and found the wrapped box. "Here's to many more happy ones then."

Killian accepted the box; she hadn't needed to give him a gift. He had her, he had their sweet boy, he had his ship. That was all he needed. Still, he unwrapped it, peeling back the paper. "Emma...did you make this?"

She nodded. "I asked Maria for help; sewing's not my strong suit. I hope it fits. We used your measurements from the wedding."

He grinned. "There's only one way to find out." He leaped out of bed—he was still naked—and pulled the vest on. It was a deep blue, the same color as his old Navy uniform, but intricately embroidered. It must have taken her a long time. He did the buttons one handed; she'd made them the perfect size for it. "How do I look?"

She smiled. "We do have a mirror, you know."

He laughed and moved to stand in front of it. Emma came up behind him, gazing into the mirror. "Very handsome."

Killian swallowed, reaching up to cover her hand with his. "It's wonderful. Thank you, my love."

"I couldn't think of what to get you. I wanted it to be special." She cherished the necklace he'd given her for her birthday so many months ago.

"It's very special, Emma." He turned and cupped her cheeks, giving her a slow thank you kiss. "As are you."

She blushed. "Come back to bed, Captain."

"As Her Highness wishes." He smirked as she swatted at him. He carefully removed his new vest, placing it in his wardrobe. Then he returned to their bed, where they took turns feeding each other fruit and talking about their son until Emma fell asleep in his arms. A very happy birthday indeed.