Oh, what did they do to Pandaroo?

Kim comes home to find the unthinkable has happened to Pandaroo. Can she get to the bottom of it before someone gets hurt? KIGO

This story is not for profit. I was really bored one night and had a camera. This is the result. I'm just having a bit fun and bringing Disney along for the ride.

Chapter 2 – Hard Core

Kim was writing furiously in her diary. She knew was supposed to be sleeping as she had an early start, but her mind was frantically racing, trying to sort out her earlier conversation with Monique. Was she crushing on Shego? She didn't think so, but she did have to admit the green woman was often on her mind.

The young hero acknowledged she desperately wanted to be friends with Shego, and towards the end she thought they were well on the way to achieving that. They were so similar. Kim loved spending time with Ms Go. In that short time she had never felt as close to anyone as she did to Ms Go. As good as Ms Go was, so to speak, it was the wicked streak of Shego had the most appeal. She liked the banter and the passion Shego brought to their encounters. She wasn't able to match that with anyone else.

Kim put the diary away carefully, hidden within her battle suit. She did not want her devious brothers accessing this diary like they did her earlier online version. She could not bear to go through that again. Wade assured her the force field around the suit would ensure the diary would be protected within its hiding spot. Wade, thought Kim. She needed to call Wade. She reached for her Kimmunicator, grabbed Pandaroo and Otterfly, held them close and got comfortable. Kim knew the computer genius would be up to take her call.

"Hey Wade... I need your help..."


A week later Kim entered her room and knew right away that it wasn't her imagination. She had been right; she was being played. This time it was beyond obvious. Pandaroo was actually blindfolded and restrained to the bed with twine. Otterfly was somehow standing over the black plush toy holding a black 'whip'. Kim walked closer and notice the 'whip' was a strand of electrical wire fashioned in the shape of a whip caught in mid action. It was wire she had seen in the Possible's basement, the same basement that housed the twin's workshop. She finally had proof her evil brothers were involved.

"MOM!" bellowed Kim. She had enough. She wanted her brothers to pay for the violation and for her mom to dish out the relevant punishment. She was thinking capital punishment fitted the crime.

Anne Possible entered the bedroom, wiping her hands on a dishcloth. "What is it, Kimmie?"

Kim pointed to the bed. "Does that look like it's my imagination?"

Anne's blue eyes widened at the sight. "Oh dear. You weren't kidding. That's sooo ... wrong."

"Mom, I never kid about Pandaroo. Can you please do something about the Tweebs now? Like, ground them, for like, forever?"

"Hold on there Kimmie, we don't know if it was the boys just yet."

Kim faced her mother; arms crossed impatiently tapping her foot against the carpet. As far as she was concerned, there weren't any other culprits. Who else could have done this? It was electrical wire found in this very house.

Anne walked to the doorway and called out, "Boys, can you please come up here to your sister's room?"

After a few minutes, the Possible twins entered the room. From their worried expressions, and from the tone of their mother's voice, they knew that they were in trouble. "Yes, mom?" they asked in tandem.

"Is this your doing?" asked Anne sternly, pointing at the Cuddle Buddies staged suggestively on the bed.

"No!" The twins sniggered in response, speaking in tandem. There was no remorse in their facial expressions. In fact, they looked more surprised than anything at the scene before them.

"Now boys, I need you to be truthful here. Your sister's room and belongings are not to be tampered with, especially in this manner. Now, I'll ask you again, did you do this?" asked Anne sternly.

"We haven't ...," began Tim.

"TOUCHED Kim's toys," finished Jim.

Again with the finishing of each other's sentences and the weird emphasis on the 'touched', thought Kim. They didn't look guilty but she knew they were up to something. She was convinced they were definitely stretching the truth.

Anne turned her attention from the twins to her daughter, "Kim, the boys said they didn't touch your Pandaroo and I believe them."

The young hero could not let this go. She stared at her family and thought about her options. Kim then had a thought, "Hang on a second, mom." She activated her Kimmunicator and waited for Wade to appear on the screen.

"Hey Wade."

"Hey, Kim. What's up?" the teen genius asked cheerfully.

"My room have been violated again. I'm convinced it's the Tweebs. I need you to check the security logs to confirm who the culprits are so I can prove it to my mom that my brothers are up to their eyeballs in this. Please and thank you."

"Just give me a sec." Kim could hear a keyboard being tapped in the background and then minutes of silence. "Oh dear," said Wade eventually.

"What?" asked Kim. She was concerned by the tone of the computer genius' voice.

"Kim, do you want the good or bad news first?"

"Just spill it Wade, I'll deal," snapped Kim.

"Okay, it wasn't the twins rearranging your Cuddle Buddies but it appears they did manage to disable my security safeguards protecting your diary and did read your diary to the real culprit," admitted Wade sheepishly.

Kim could feel her embarrassment levels rise exponentially. "I knew those two had something to do with this. So who was it?" She tried to think of people who the Tweebs would work along side with. Bonnie? Nah, this was too much work for the brunette. She was so into instant gratification, which suited her brand of bitchiness. Ron? He wouldn't dare now. Who could it be? Kim had nothing.

"Mmmm... Its Shego," announced Wade. He continued, "Well, on the upside Kim, at least you know Shego is alive. I know you've been looking for her."

Kim's legs felt like they were going to collapse beneath her. She sat down on the bed. The woman whom she spent years looking for had been in her room; at least four times now. Maybe it meant Shego was closer than she thought. The Tweebs had to know where. She looked up at her family. They were staring down at her, her mother concerned for her, her brother were waiting for her response to their actions.

"Kimmie are you okay?" said the healer.

"Yeah, I think so." The redhead was trying to work out how to proceed with her dignity intact. This was epic.

She turned to her brothers and addressed them, "How did this happen? You better tell me everything or else, Tweebs!"

Tim looked at his brother before proceeding, "Shego approached us..."

"... And offered to help fund us if we could help her get access to your diary and to your room."

"She said it wasn't..."

"... The same since you took your diary offline."

"And what about my Cuddle Buddies? Did you help her with that too?" demanded Kim.

"No!" echoed the twins.

"We had..."

"... Nothing to do with that. We just provided..."

"... Access to the diary and your room."

"Do you... do you know where she is?" asked the redhead hesitantly.

The twins nodded their heads. "Well?" prompted Kim when no answer was forthcoming.

"The Hero's Diner..."

"... Near Bueno Nacho."

"The diner is here in Middleton?" The twins nodded.

So, Shego was under her nose the entire time. How could she have missed something like that? But then, its not like she was in that area often anymore. With Ron being so busy, the need to visit Bueno Nacho was simply not there. When she socialised it was usually at the mall. Nonetheless, how could she not know her own town, thought the redhead?

Kim felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Kimmie, I'll handle the twins, who will be in so much trouble once I finish with them. You go and find Shego and sort this out with her. I know its something you've been waiting to do for a long time. Honey, just tell her how you feel." Anne's blue eyes expressed great understanding.

The hero looked at the older redhead gratefully. Kim loved her mother even more at that moment. She could always count on her mom. She would deal with the family sitch and humiliation later.


Kim found Hero's Diner with ease. It was on the same block as Bueno Nacho just as her brothers had described. She couldn't believe she had never taken notice. It wasn't like Middleton was a huge town. The redhead ordered a large hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and a muffin. She sat near a window close to the entrance. It gave her the opportunity to study the room.

The diner was half filled with hipster college students that Kim knew from her campus. The decor was tastefully done in simple mint and white tones, natural brick offset with black fittings and upholstery. It was slick but warm. The staff looked quite alternative for Middleton but fit in quite well with vibe of the diner.

There were large framed prints of superheroes on the walls. There were the usual culprits, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Sitting next to them were their nemeses, the Joker and Lex Luther. There was one frame Kim count not place. It was a stylized action picture of a redheaded woman and a blonde male. Their faces were not clear but the drawing seemed familiar. She tried to place the faces in the picture. She leaned forward to take a closer look.

Kim did a double take.

"Yes, that's you and the doofus," said a familiar husky voice. Kim whipped her head to come face to face with the green skinned woman she desperately wanted to see and be friends, and maybe more with. The black haired beauty took a seat across from the redhead, placing a plain large envelope on the table before her.

"Hey Princess, how's tricks?" asked Shego casually, like it was only yesterday since they saw one another.

"Sheggggo..." sputtered Kim. She couldn't believe the former villainess was sitting opposite. Shego's long legs were crossed before her and her body language was calm and relaxed, the antithesis of her fighting demeanour. She looked good. No, Kim thought, she looked fantastic. Gone was the unitard, and in its place were a stylish and fitted and somewhat revealing black blouse, pants and boots. The firm arms were stretched out along the length of the booth, the generous bosom was thrust out in the redhead's direction. Kim couldn't help but stare.

"So, my little business partners tell me that you're looking for me and that they're grounded. For a very long time I might add," Shego said with a smirk.

"Is that how they knew where to find you?" asked Kim. She still couldn't get her head around the fact her dweeby brothers were in cahoots with Shego.

"Sure. That and the fact Drakken and I own this place. Well a chain of them. He works on the R & D and the menu. I let him rant and vent, and when he's done I can get back to running the rest of the show. Once I broke him out of thinking of me as his sidekick, we actually make a pretty good partnership"

Kim's heart sank at that news. "So it is true," she said in a despondent voice.

"What's true, Princess?" asked Shego with interest, her head tilted to the side.

"That you and Drakken got married after the Lowardian Invasion. You know, after you both took the pardons," said Kim dejectedly. She could barely look at the green skinned woman.

Shego stared at the hero blankly for the longest time before bursting out laughing. It wasn't a nice laugh like a chortle. It was a roaring almost maniacal laugh, like Shego was mocking the younger woman. Kim had never heard it from Shego before, Drakken perhaps, but never Shego. And she didn't appreciate it. She lifted her head higher and looked directly at Shego, her despondence quickly vanishing.

"What the hell is so funny?" demanded Kim.

The green woman pointed at the hero. "You! You thought I married Drakken..." and with that the laughter continued. Tears were rolling down the sculptured green cheeks. Green fists banged on the table. "Princess, why the hell would you even think that?"

"... After the Lowardian invasion, you and Drakken looked close... intimate even. You didn't raise your voice with him, you weren't sarcastic, and you looked sooo happy being around Drakken and him touching you. And then you just vanished. Its like you rode into the sunset in the hovercraft.

"Each time I asked Dr Director about you, she was really cagey and on the rare occasion she did respond to my questions, she basically said that you and Drakken were working through your issues together and moving forward."

"Princess, did it ever occur to you that Betty was referring to Drakken and I working out our issues with Global Justice and wanting to move on with our lives?"

Kim mumbled her response, "No."

"Here's the thing. Betty made us Global Justice slaves for a while, and once we were free, she didn't want us publicising the fact we got off extremely lightly with our pardon. She didn't want it to be known that the same people we'd be competing against in business were the same ones we were ripping off not long ago."

The young hero simply stared at Shego, not knowing what to say. In the end it was Shego who spoke next. "You honestly thought that Dr D and I tied the knot?"

"Well, yes. Obviously," said Kim feeling very silly now.

Shego's maniacal laughter resumed along with the tears and fist thumping. Kim didn't appreciate being mocked so openly. She started to get angry and then she thought about the information the green woman had just volunteered. How had she misread the situation so completely?

"So, you're not married to Drakken?" asked Kim hopefully when Shego had started to settle down.

Shego wiped the tears away, careful not to smudge her makeup. "No, Kimmie. I have never been married, to Drakken or anyone else. God, I couldn't imagine anything worse than being married to Dr D. He would drive me crazy, Princess. Talk about mother issues!"

"Oooh." The hero didn't know how to respond. She realised she spent far too much time thinking about the marriage scenario that it didn't occur to her that it might never have happened.

"So, what was it that you wanted?" Shego's face was back to normal. She just stared expectantly at the younger woman.

Kim had to think to why she was there. And then it all returned to her. She pointed a forefinger in the green woman's direction. "I have a bone to pick with you!"

Shego leaned forward. "Really? Do tell." And the smirk was back.

"What the hell were you doing in my room and to my Pandaroo? And not just once! At least four times, Shego! Four times! He's not happy. Truth be known, neither am I. You violated my privacy!"

A beautifully sculpted eyebrow raised as Shego continued to study the redhead. "How do you know I was there?"

"Wade. And the Tweebs came clean about the diary. Why, Shego?" The green woman stayed silent while she seemed to be deciding on how to proceed. As far as Kim was concerned, it was too long a wait.

"Your brothers are interesting little fellows, Princess. Annoying but very helpful, for the right price. Anyway, I digress. One of them told me you were a fan of Cuddle Buddies and wanted an Otterfly for the longest time. So I bought one for you."

"I did want one, but not like that."

"Like what, Kimmie?" the intense emerald eyes were laughing.

"You know... in those positions with Pandaroo and Otterfly," was a deeply embarrassed reply.

"What's wrong with them? Tell me you never thought about trying them yourself," said Shego suggestively.

"Nothing is wrong with it. Its something very private and I don't want to talk about it." Kim could feel her flesh starting to heat.

"So little Kimmie has thought about trying out naughty positions? What's the matter, you haven't found the right body to act them out with?"

Kim felt her face go instantly red under Shego's intense scrutiny.

"Princess, have you ever thought about what's holding you back?"

The blush continued to heat the redhead's body. She felt like she was overheating. She could not believe she was having this conversation with her former nemesis. "Maybe."

"Admit it, Kimmie, you want to be Pandaroo, to my Otterfly... " Shego stood up and made her way over to Kim's side of the table. A green finger ran across the underside of Kim's burning face as she gulped.

"You should have said so, Kimmie... It wasn't like I was hiding or anything. This diner is named after you. After all, you did help make us, and it may be quite belated but I'd like to thank you up close and personal."

Kim's olive eyes looked up. She studied the older woman carefully. She was desperately trying to gauge Shego's sincerity. She could not see anything untoward in that emerald gaze. She watched as Shego leaned down and moved closer. Kim felt like there was a great pressure bearing down on her chest and gigantic butterflies floating around in her stomach.

The former villainess' face was inches away. Kim could see the black lined lips and the sheen of the distinctive lipstick. Kim didn't dare breathe. Shego finally bridged the gap between them and slowly kissed the hero on the lips before standing once again. Kim didn't react, well she couldn't. She had lost the ability to think at all. Had Shego really just kissed her? She must have as the hero could taste mint that she knew wasn't there moments ago.

Before she could even string a coherent sentence together, Shego spoke; her voice was low and extremely husky. It was very enticing to the younger woman. "I'll pick you up tomorrow night at eight sharp. Dress in something hot and sexy. You can tell me all about your penchant for teddy porn. If you can't wait until then, well here's a little something to tide you over."

Shego slid the envelope over to Kim's side of the table. The green beauty winked at the young hero, "Ta-ta Kimmie. I'll see you tomorrow night. And don't bother bringing that box with the green bow. I have plenty to keep us occupied.'' With that comment, Shego slowly, but saucily walked off towards the manager's office, her hips sashaying with great effect.

Normally Kim would have blushed herself out of existence if anyone stumbled upon her dirty little secret but she was dying to know what was within the plain envelope. The redhead tore herself away from Shego's great and shapely behind and reached into the envelope, pulling out the contents.

Within were a series of 5"x7" matt photographs of what could only be described as selfies. Selfies, that documented Shego's visits to Kim's room. Selfies, with Pandaroo and Otterfly. Selfies with one very hot and partially nude Shego sprawled over Kim's bed. Selfies that teased the hero, the hint of a very erect dark green nipple peeking through and contrasting against Otterfly's pale blue wings, and the smooth, taunt green flesh of a perfect navel and pelvis from behind Pandaroo's distinctive tan legs and tail.

Kim flush reached the atomic level, as did her libido. She could not help it, knowing it was completely illogical, but she for a moment she was jealous of her precious Cuddle Buddies. They had experienced what she only just recently admitted to herself she wanted desperately. They were definitely going to sit out the next round. Shego was hers and only hers now, as were the raunchy photographs in her hands, an accompaniment to her special box.

The redhead realised there was no way in the world she would be able to wait another day. She had been looking for the former villainess for far too long to let her slip away now. That was over twenty-four hours of anticipation, and there was no way she could count down the tens of thousands of seconds until then. Kim was a hero but not a saint. The control involved was beyond her in that instance.

The redhead took a moment to compose. She gathered the photos she had been drooling over and ensured her limbs could move on command. She leapt from her seat and raced to the manager's office. The door was firmly shut. Kim started banging loudly on the black wooden door with her free palm.

"Shego! Open up right now. Don't make me kick it down!"

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