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I couldn't find a reliable timetable anywhere, so I drew up one of my own, which probably deviates horribly from canon:


Monday:Herbology, Potions, Break, Transfiguration, Free Period, Lunch, History of Magic, Free Period

Tuesday:Herbology, Potions, Break, Double Charms, Lunch, History of Magic, Transfiguration

Wednesday:Herbology, Free Time, Break, Charms, Free Time, Lunch, History of Magic, Transfiguration

Thursday: Transfiguration, Free Time, Break, Double DADA, Lunch, Double Charms

Friday:Double Potions, Break, History of Magic, Free Time, Double DADA

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Midnight:Astronomy

House Structure:

Herbology & History of Magic: With Hufflepuff

Potions & DADA: With Gryffindor

Transfiguration & Charms: With Ravenclaw

Astronomy: Monday with Ravenclaw, Wednesday with Gryffindor, Friday with Hufflepuff

It may interest you to know that you cannot have Astronomy at midnights only on a five-day schedule without having some three-house classes. Thus, some houses have Astronomy on the weekend.

Third Year Electives:

You may choose two (and only two) electives at the end of Second Year. These are added to your schedule in place of the free periods for Third through Fifth Years (three lessons per week.)

Possible Electives: Arithmancy,Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, Study of Ancient Runes


I have not yet structured the timetable for Sixth and Seventh year. I will do so when the story gets to that point.


Curfew is at 8pm for Y1-2, 9pm for Y3-5 and 10pm for Y6-7.

Notes on General Structure:

I actually found it rather tricky to build this schedule. I managed to make it work on a premise of 'four classes per week' with the canon three of Herbology (though I added two Astronomy classes, because seriously, one per week?), but I actually ended up with five Charms periods per week. However, I see that as a good thing, since Charms is actually the most useful class of magic for your average working wizard. You're more likely to summon a form than turn a desk into a pig. You're more likely to charm a quill to copy a document than turn it into a hammer. Things like that are what prompted me to use the extra period for Charms.

Anyone who likes this timetable, please feel free to use it in your own works.


Just a little short chapter today, to tide you over until I can get everything in order (so much stuff to do, sorry about the lack of updates.)



Dumbledore was not happy. The Hat had been kept out of the boy's mind (how, though? It could get around Occlumency…) and he had refused to show it anything other than personality traits. The way he rationalized those was interesting, and the description might prove helpful if he needed to play on Harry's emotions, but he still knew nothing of where the boy had been these past years.

Of course, the fact that he was in Slytherin was also a major problem. Many people had expected the Boy-Who-Lived to go to Gryffindor like his House line. Add that to the fact that he was evidently not going to stand for anything from Dumbledore, and the Master Manipulator had a real mess on his hands. He'd just have to salvage it. And if there was one thing that Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore was good at, it was twisting any given situation to his own advantage.


When the evening meal concluded, with much staring and muttering from the various Hogwarts students who couldn't believe that the Boy-Who-Lived had been Sorted into Slytherin of all places, a hook-nosed man in black strode down from the Head Table. His robes billowed around him, and Harry smirked slightly as he noticed a small charm around them causing the effect.

When he reached the end of the table, he stopped, sneered at the Gryffindors (and some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws) mobbing the door, and turned to the Slytherins. He spoke quietly, but with surprising strength, and something about him just commanded attention. "I am Professor Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts and Head of Slytherin House. You will follow me, in silence and in rank, to the Slytherin Dorms, where the Second through Seventh years will retire. The First Years will await address by the prefects in the Common Room."

Snape turned, and billowed out of the door. The Slytherins followed in neat lines as they were led to the dungeons, and then down again, stopping by a piece of wall between two pillars embossed with snakes. They seemed to move in the flickering torchlight, and Harry recalled that Salazar Slytherin had been a Parselmouth. He smirked as he realised that he could probably open any door in the Dorms with a simple Parsel command.

When the First Years – or 'firsties' as the uppers years seemed to have taken to calling them – had settled in the armchairs and couches around the fire, six individuals came and stood in front of the grate. Each of them had a green badge in the shape of a shield with a silver 'P' embossed on it – the prefects. There followed a speech about unity, keeping one's disputes inside the dorms, presenting a united front and all the generic garbage he'd already come to expect of Hogwarts.

Idly examining the room, his attention was caught by a regal-looking man in a portrait. He sat in what could only be called a throne, made of silver metal with green cushions. The back of the throne was styled to look like two rearing snakes with the cushion between. The arms were likewise serpentine in fashion. The robes the man was wearing were incredibly ornate, in green, as ever, with silver edging. His shaggy mane of black hair tumbled down his back, several braids around the edges woven with silver ornaments, pulled back to keep his eyes clear, while the back was loose and thick, almost like a lion's mane. His eyes were a green Harry had only ever seen in the mirror, and slitted. His incisors seemed thin and elongated. This could only be Salazar Slytherin, the Lord of Snakes, and – yes – there was a ring on his finger, a silver serpent eating its own tail, and an emerald eye. The man smirked slightly, revealing what were definitely fangs, and nodded to him, hissing §Well met, Brother of the World Serpent.§

Everyone jumped, so fortunately his reaction was concealed, but one of the prefects sighed. "That's Salazar. He only ever talks in Parseltongue, so don't bother going over. I'm guessing he's waiting for his Heir to show up, since Parseltongue is the Slytherin Family Magic."

Harry spun his head to look at the prefect so fast that he almost got whiplash.