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His lips are like fire to her soul as each kiss ignites a glorious inferno of passion within her that she never knew was part of her. This is the side of herself that only he brings out whenever they are together; but tonight, he seems determined to exceed all levels of her sanity, caressing her skin as his hands slide under the shirt she is wearing and grinning into the kiss when he hears her soft moan. Reaching out, she begins to unbutton his shirt first before moving for his belt and fumbles blindly with the clasp, not willing to break the kiss just yet. Within seconds all their clothes are on the floor and he's lifting her in his arms, carrying her to his bed. For a moment they break apart to take a breath and she stares up at him as she notices the scars across his chest, daring to reach out to touch the biggest one of them all. This was the wound that tore through his heart... it is nothing but a reminder of that incident now and she runs a finger over the rough skin. His only reaction to this is to gaze at her in awe as he realizes that this was not what he had thought the woman in his arms would do when she finally saw the remnants of all the wounds marring his body. Their eyes meet again and she smiles; there is no need for her to say anything because he understands everything she wants to tell him without words, just as they have always understood each other in the past. He knows that she still loves him, scars and all, nothing would change that truth, so he reaches down to capture her lips with his own once again. She responds in return by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer to her, finally parting her lips as the kiss deepens while he continues to explore every inch of her glorious body with his fingers; trailing from her cheek down to her shoulder and finally reaching her waist where he settles his hands before doing the same with his mouth, leaving gentle kisses on her neck first and then... she feels those soft lips on her stomach... her hands are tangled in his hair... she knows where the next kiss is going to be...

"Phil... oh! Phil!" His name falls from her lips as her eyes close the moment she feels him move lower towards her waist.

"Oof!" Skye is suddenly jerked awake as she feels a bump coursing through the Bus. "A turbulence?" She asks herself as she sits upright in her bed, realizing what the disturbance with the plane could mean. It takes her even less time for the thoughts to come rushing back to her... the dream. With her. And Coulson. Together. In bed. "Oh!" Her eyes widen and she covers her mouth with one hand. Images of what she had just dreamed flow through her mind as she remembers everything, all the while trying not to freak out over the fact that they... it was a good thing that she happened to wake up when she did.

"Skye?" A knock is heard from outside her bunk. "Are you awake?" Its him. Skye inwardly groans as she recognizes the voice; for a moment she debates whether she should open the door and let him know that everything is okay. The other option seems ridiculous to her and so, almost automatically, she finds herself getting up from her bed and walking over to step outside and come face to face with the man of her dreams. In her dreams. Coulson.

"Hey A.C, what happened?" She hopes her voice sounds normal enough and not laced with the ecstasy she swore she never heard herself ever speak even in her dreams before tonight.

"We seem to have come across the freak thunderstorm that May warned us about earlier this evening. She's trying to fly the Bus around most of the clouds but its likely we might hit another mild turbulence in a few minutes." Coulson explained to her before continuing, "I just wanted to check on you and the others to see if everything was okay."

"Oh. Yeah... yeah, I'm fine. I was out like a bulb; didn't realize we went through a turbulence until that tiny bump just now. I'll be okay." Skye rambled as she tried not to fidget, wrapping her arms around her shoulders casually.

"Alright, well I better go and see FitzSimmons. Ward is co-piloting with May so hopefully we'll get out of this soon. Goodnight Skye." There it was. That smile of his, soft and caring just like he was. Skye had to mentally whack herself before she could start shaking her head from thoughts like this while Coulson was still in front of her.

"Goodnight A.C." She whispered as she saw him heading away from her bunk towards Fitz and Simmons'. Without waiting for anything else she slipped back inside her room and locked the door, breathing deeply as she sank to the floor not bothering to walk back to her bed just yet.

Holding her head in her hands, Skye tried to control her thoughts and focus them away from her dream but no matter what she tried, flashes of everything kept coming to her - those kisses against her neck, the feeling of his hands under her shirt, hearing her own voice moaning his name. Her eyes snapped open at that last memory as Skye knew that she could feel her cheeks turning red.

"What am I doing?" She asked herself, wondering if talking aloud would help her figure this out easily or not. Leaning against the cool metal door, Skye sighed as she let all the images wash over her mind.

This was the first time she had ever dreamed about Phil Coulson. Of course the thoughts had always been there; she'd only recently managed to accept that her weird behavior around him lately was due to the fact that the innocent crush she continued to harbor for him ever since day one, was slowly turning into something slightly more serious. It was a silly thing to think about at first. Skye having feelings for Coulson? If it didn't feel so real to her she might have even laughed at her own theory, but she couldn't. And that was when she realized that all the emotions she was experiencing were only increasing towards him. In spite of all this, over the last few weeks, nothing had really happened in terms of her saying anything to anyone on the team about this nor had she dreamed about him. Until tonight.

"Why?" Skye wondered, secretly hoping that Coulson was already back in his office and not walking past her bunk this very second. "The office!" She gasped as it hit her. That was where everything had started.

Almost reflexively, Skye glanced up to her bedside where a small digital clock was visible from her view on the floor. The time was a quarter past 3 in the morning. It had already been several hours since her last encounter with him but obviously that seemed to have stayed in her mind which somehow warped itself into a dream. And now that she remembered, it was no surprise about what she imagined. Skye had gone to Coulson's office at 10 o'clock to ask him about their next mission; why she didn't wait until morning to speak to him with the rest of their team present was something she doubt she would ever find out. Being the ever-so impatient hacker that she was, Skye figured getting some of the details beforehand was okay with Coulson; it would give her something to work on mostly. A knock on the door, one innocent knock had led her to step inside his office and come face to face with... Coulson obviously. At the same time Skye thought in that second this wasn't him.

"Skye?" His voice certainly sounded the same and his face looked the same to her. It was still Coulson. For the most part.

Her eyes had widened in surprise when she entered the room to find him standing with his back to her, unbuttoning the sleeves of his shirt. And then he turned around when she hadn't said a word; his jacket was lying draped across the desk and a quick glance to the floor showed Skye that his shoes and socks were also lying there. The moment she glanced back to where he stood, watching her carefully, she noticed that his shirt was open. Not completely, no... but the top three buttons were and he wasn't wearing anything underneath. It lasted only a few seconds but for some reason, seeing Coulson only a few feet away from her like this made her think of only one thing. What it would be like to see him without that shirt on. As soon as the thought entered her mind, she almost gasped out loud; this was when she realized that everything was really happening - she was in Coulson's office at a time when he was definitely changing his clothes for bed and she had walked in halfway to see him almost shirtless and she really wanted to know what that would be like.

"I... umm... sorry. Its nothing. Nothing at all A.C." Skye even recalled the nervousness in her voice as she had immediately turned around to leave. "Goodnight!" She had said as she nearly ran out and made straight for her bunk, almost bumping into Ward, May and FitzSimmons one after the other.

And now here she was, awake from that very vivid dream which Skye pretty much guessed would not be the only one she would be having about Coulson. Sighing to herself again, she got up from her place on the floor and stumbled into bed as she stared at the ceiling of her bunk, thinking about what all this could mean.

"You already know what this means." A voice in her head spoke up. Clearly there was part of her which was determined to get these feelings sorted out tonight itself.

"How on earth am I supposed to know what all this could possibly mean?" Skye wondered out aloud, asking herself the question before realizing what she was doing, "Oh great, now I'm having a conversation with my mind. This keeps getting better and better." Squeezing her eyes shut, she hoped that maybe there was a chance of her falling asleep soon enough without having to worry about the dream coming back to her.

"Think Skye! Think! Meeting Coulson twice in one night. The dream. Your feelings. Add it all up." She could literally hear her mental mind yelling at herself and so Skye resigned almost immediately to listen to her own suggestion. The sooner she actually knew what was going on, it would be easier to figure out what her next step was going to be.

This time when she relaxed her mind and made sure her eyes weren't open, Skye always knew she could think best like this, she thought back... not just to what had happened a few hours ago but everything that she had experienced ever since she had come face to face with Phil Coulson; the day he had found her in L.A hiding out in the van. The moment she sat with him in Lola was really when Skye knew... in her heart and in her mind... that things would be different from then. In spite of not knowing what she was getting herself into, at least not that day itself, she hadn't felt anything but a sense of... hope. Hope for things to finally change in her life, hope for some happiness and some good to experience, hope for finding a place where she could be herself and still belong. Coulson had given her this chance and while she may have faltered at the beginning, it was realizing how much her betrayal had hurt him which in turn hurt herself just as much, that she knew it would never happen again.

"Feelings... think about the feelings." She repeated to herself, knowing that she was purposely distracting her thoughts from the main objective.

"Don't forget to think about why you're avoiding this topic." There it was. Her rational mind speaking up again and giving Skye the push she needed.

"I'm avoiding thinking about this topic because I'm scared!" She answered herself instantly as if the words had been lingering on her tongue ever since the beginning of this... self-intervention thing she was going through.

"Scared of what?" Another nudge. Another question which was bringing her one step closer to the truth of this matter about her feelings for Coulson.

"Scared of... of what the feelings might turn out to be! That it's silly and not possible and not even something serious. And that he isn't going to feel the same way obviously because he's my boss and he's older than me and he definitely hasn't even considered the fact that..." She stopped rambling then and sat upright, barely noticing that her breaths were slightly uneven now.

"That...?" Skye was pretty sure she could hear her inner-voice actually sound like it was filled with glee and grinning all over with just that one word which was making her realize just what 'that' meant.

"No. No no no..." Skye was starting to piece things together at last. The realization, the understanding, the revelation that she was having. It needed to stop. Before it was too late and there was nothing she could do about it. There was no way she would even think about... it was just a crush. Or maybe an attraction. Nothing more than an infatuation! Surely it couldn't be...

"Love." The four lettered word was finally spoken and there was no going back from this. "Oh my god." She had said it out loud; obviously there was no other explanation for everything she was feeling and thinking but the one thing. "I love Coulson." Skye whispered and then noticed a sense of peace filling her as she finally admitted to herself that this was the truth.

For the next several minutes she remained seated in bed, not noticing that the plane was starting to go through another wave of turbulence just like Coulson had warned her about. She just sat and let the feeling of being free from the constant confusion over the last few days settle in. Skye didn't know what she would have expected from herself when she finally accepted that she loved Coulson but given her reaction as of this moment, it was definitely better than anything else. By now, she knew it was mainly because of the dream... her first real dream about him, which led her to confronting herself about these feelings. She was aware that the voice in her head was part of her that already knew she was in love; and now that Skye was past this first stage of acceptance, she smiled to herself when she settled down to sleep at last knowing it would be a pleasant night ahead. Plus she had stopped talking to her mind so that was a bonus. Unfortunately, the second her head touched the pillow, there it was... the unmistakable serious inner-voice.

"This is just the beginning for us Skye! We have to figure out what to do about the fact that you love Coulson! Are you going to tell him? Are you not going to tell him? What if he says he doesn't feel the same way or maybe he does?"

The only thing Skye did in response to all these new questions that suddenly were sprung upon her was to grab the second spare pillow she had borrowed from Simmons and covered her head with it, blocking all thoughts and voices for tonight. All she wanted to do was sleep and enjoy a few hours of blissful happiness. Perhaps she would end up having another dream about Coulson again; with that hope in mind and a grin on her lips, Skye finally drifted off.

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