Expect canonical Sonic errors, okay?


No complaining about canonical errors!1!1!11

Gordon Freeman was a R&D (Research and Development) Scientist working in the Black Mesa Research Facility. He was running late, and this tram's speed was so slow it rivaled that of a snail. He impatiently tapped his foot until he reached the security platform. The security guard, Barney Calhoun, walked up to the tram and unlocked it.

"'Ey, Gordon. I see you're running late?" He teasingly said.

"Oh, shut up." Gordon replied.

Calhoun raised his hands in defense and they walked over to the giant metal blast doors and Calhoun unlocked them.

"See ya, Gordon." He said.

"See ya too."

Gordon walked into the main lobby, and everything looked like a wreck. The computers were all blue screened and there was a scientist yelling at another scientist. Gordon sighed and kept walking to the locker room. He looked around for his locker; he always forgot where it was. He located his locker and opened it to reveal a thermos of soup and a picture of his wife. Oh, and the HEV Battery. That will be important. Gordon thought. He walked to the left to see three glass tubes; they held HEV Suits, or Hazardous Environment Suits. He tapped on the keypad in front and the middle tube opened to the orange and black color schemed suit. He donned it and he inserted the battery into the front through a hatch. The automated voice said, "Power Levels sixty percent." He smiled as he walked down to the test chamber for today's big experiment. He walked down a few hallways to an elevator; it led directly upwars into the test chamber. Two scientists awaited him, and they scolded him for being late.

Gordon cut them short.

"Yeah, I'm late, let's just get to the experiment..."

The scientists agreed and let Gordon in, where three more scientists explained the procedures to him, and he was let into the chamber.

After the nescessary preparations, the overhead machinery was at full speed and fully functional; the beam of energy shot down in the center of the room, blinding Gordon for a few seconds, he recovered from the blast and climbed the ladder up to the button sending in the testing material, which was a cart containing some sort of green crystal-like diamond object.

Plutonium? Uranium? He guessed in his mind. He slowly moved the cart into the energy beam, which made the entirity of the cart to explode into Gordon, causing him to fly backwards into the door. He got up and banged the door with his fists shouting "LET ME OUT OF HEEEERE!"

The room lit up with greenish lightning; Gordon would be awestruck if his life wasn't in danger. Eventually, a bolt of lightning hit him and his vision flashed white.

He found himself in a meadow; he began looking around him.

Am I dead?