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A sixteen year old blonde woke up only to see he was in a strange bubble made out of some sort transparent energy that the he could not identify. After exemining the bubble, the blond boy starts looking around, trying to see what's outside the bubble. But what he sees shocks him greatly. The closest way to describe it what he saw outside, was that it looked like entire place was a grey, stormy sky. A sky a person sees when it's about to rain.

Looking around some more, the confused blonde also noticed that there are many strange, pale blue tears all around the place.

The boy finally can't help but ask. "Where am I?"

He was shocked when he actually hears an answer. "Do not worry, Uzumaki Naruto, you are safe in the bubble."

Naruto starts searching from where the voice had came and when he looks up, he is taken aback to see all the nine bijuu looking at him with both sadness and humor in their eyes.

"Kurama! You're alright and so are the other bijuu!" The blonde teenager yells in joy. Than he starts panicking. "Wait, crap! Quick! We need to go back to the war!"

The red nine-tailed fox sighs before he starts speaking while looking at the other bijuu. "You see what I worked with for almost sixteen years? Oi, kid did you forget about what you did to Madara?" Kurama asked in annoyance.

Naruto stops panicking and after taking a deep breath, tries to remember what had happened. "Okay, I saved Guy-sensei from that bastard after meeting that old geezer in my dreams. What was his name again? Sage of six paths or something… I think. Then… well…... I can't seem to remember what happened after that." Says the boy with a sight.

A blue flame, taking the form of a two-tailed cat smiles at the boy. "You have defeated Madara with a jutsu that had send him here, where he was quite literally, teared apart in the most painful way. But unfortunately, the jutsu you used had also sent you here, into this realm along with him." The cat finished talking with a somber tone in her voice.

Then the one tailed tanuki started speaking. "It's only thanks to all ours combined efforts that you have survived from sharing the same fate as Madara."

The four tailed monkey continued. "We used what little chakra we had left to create this chakra bubble to protect you from the effects of this place."

After hearing all this, the blond tries to remember what jutsu had he used. It didn't take long for the blond to remember what he had done.

"The space and time jutsu!" shouted Naruto.

He starts remembering how despite him and Sasuke gaining a huge power ups, it wasn't enough to defeat Madara when he somehow managed to gain the second rinnegan eye and turned the scales of war into his favor once again. Out of desperation, Naruto used his father's special hiraishin jutsu to get behind Madara and get him into a tight hold.

He remembered how Madara laughed at his efforts and was about to use kamui to escape the blonde's hold. But that was exactly what Naruto was waiting for. When Madara's kamui started appearing Naruto used the Haraishin jutsu at that very same time. Naruto can't explain it properly, but the two jutsu somehow reacted to one another and created some sort of tear in the air that was slowly sucking both of them in.

Madara had started panicking when he saw the tear and Naruto capitalized on it by throwing himself into the tear while still holding Madara.

The last thing that the blond remembers is how his vision turned white upon entering it and hearing Madara screaming.

Kurama seeing that Naruto finally realized what happened, started speaking with a mocking voice. "I see your tiny brain has finally started working again."

Gaining an angry look, Naruto shouted. "Oh, just shut up you overgrown furball!" Taking a few calming breaths the blond asked. "Okay, so how do we get back?"






The ominous silence that assaulted Naruto made him quickly realize the sad thruth."There's no way back...is there?" Asked the blond while looking down with golden hair bangs shadowing his eyes.

Kurama nods. "Yes, this place is in between dimensions. The tear that you opened has closed when you entered this plane and you can't use it to get back home." Before the blond can start speaking, he is cut off by Kurama. "I know what you're going to ask Naruto and the answer is no, we can't open the tear again. You see, the plane we are in is like a limbo between different dimensions. The tears you see around here are like doorways that lead to other worlds. Some, may be similar to our world, some are completely different. There are billions upon billions of these tears all over this plane. If we tried to open the tear again, there is only one in a billion chance that it will lead you back to your original world."

Before Naruto can speak, he is again cut off by Kurama's grave voice. "This is not the only problem we are facing. Naruto, our chakra is fading. Me and the other bijuu can't hold this protective bubble for long."

Naruto sat on his behind as he sighs. "So uh...what now."

An eight tail octopus with ox horns took this opportunity to speak, "We bijuu have to go back to the elemental nation, the juubi will once again be separated from being overused by that Uchiha idiot. We have to make sure that we keep the order nature in check."

The cat bijuu spoke once more, "So since we can't get you back home we can send you safely to a new world by using one of the tears present in here."

After some thinking, Naruto stands up and stretches. Then he gives the bijuu one of his famous bright smiles and says. "Well, while it's sad that I can't get back home, It's still better than nothing. I'm just happy that my friends and elemental nations are no longer in danger." Naruto throws his fist in the air and shouts "Alright let's do this!"

Kurama smiles as they made the bubble slowly drift away from their sights, "Naruto….. please know that I'm sorry for the life you had to endure... the beatings... the glares... the alienation and harassment. You never blamed it on me once and now all I can do is this."

Naruto eyes slowly closed as he felt tears running down his cheeks, "Sayonara partner, and don't worry I won't ever hold anything against you." Than he start talking to himself. "So long my home...baa-chan, Sakura-chan, even you Sasuke-teme and everyone else. I hope you will move on and continue to live with happiness in your lives"

Naruto felt the bubble turn into a shroud and surround his body like a blanket. Then he felt like his body was falling incredibly fast.


Unknown location, near a forest

Naruto opens his eyes to see a beautiful blue sky! "Ba ba...goo?" Naruto tried to speak only to notice that his voice came out like that of a…. of a…. of a baby!

"HOLY MOTHER OF RAMEN" shouted Naruto in his mind.

He move his left arm to his vision only to witness small baby-like fingers. Okay…. baby noises check... baby hand check. There was absolutely no doubt. He was a freakin' baby!

He tried to yell, but only a cry of a baby came out instead. Naruto started panicking. He was a baby again, in the middle of nowhere with a strange woman in front him giving a him creepy smile... wait...

Naruto comically froze still as he looked at the most strangest but at the same time most beautiful woman he ever saw. (and he thought that the mizukage from kiri was hot) She had long, waist length, pale blond hair that was only few steps away from being white. Her skin was so pale that it looked like she had never been out in the sun before. She had a gorgeous body, with all the right proportions. A body that puts to shame all the females he has ever seen in his life. Naruto blushed when he saw her clothing. A long, blue dress that left the front of her body almost completely open except for her breast. She wore what almost looked like panties but Naruto didn't dare to look long at her nether regions. She wore thigh long, blue socks on her legs and on her hands she wore forearm length gloves. Naruto also noticed that for some strange reason there appeared to be stonelike crack marks on some places of her body and clothes. It's as if she was made out of stone. Then Naruto looked at her face. What greeted him was a very cute and at the same time beautiful face. What Naruto really took notice of was her eyes. They were yellow eyes that have a strange uneven lines, almost like slits, in the middle of each of her pupil.

After examining her appearance, Naruto noticed that she, for reasons he couldn't even begin to understand, was giving him a creepy smile. Almost like the one Orochimaru gives when he sees something interesting. Naruto could feel a deep chill running down his small spine.

The woman walked up to him and picked him up. She then started examining his body herself and making sure to not miss anything. When she was done, she looks at his face while still having the same creepy smile. Naruto was surprised when she kissed his forehead and started rubbing her cheek against his own. She then stops and touches his chest with her hand. Naruto noted how her touch became very cold and noticed that faint blue lines started to go all over his body. Naruto started feeling very cold, as if he was thrown into a freezer. It got so cold it was almost impossible to bear and closed his eyes shut because of it. But as quickly the feeling came it also as quickly left.

When Naruto opened his eyes he saw that she was still looking at him with that creepy smile. "Mmmm...Naruto..." She suddenly said in a distorted voice.

The once shinobi of Konoha eyes widen as the strange woman somehow knew his name, "Ba de?!" Naruto tried ask her a question but cursed when nothing but baby sounds came out.

She starts walking forward as Naruto hears loud roaring noises coming from the direction they were walking. Suddenly she stops and lays Naruto down as she smiles again at him but this time not with the creepy but a more...sweet and warm smile. When she placed Naruto on the ground, she took few steps back and then slowly faded away from existence. Naruto noted how the surroundings near her wear distorting a little as she faded.

After she was gone, Naruto simply sweatdropped, 'Really? I just found out that I'm a baby, I was taken from the middle of nowhere to somewhere else and plus that woman did something strange to my body.' Before he can think about anything else he heard the same roaring noise he heard few moments ago coming closer near his position and then a stop into screeching halt.

"Papa wait! there's a baby on the side of the road!" a young girl's voice was heard. When Naruto looked at where the voice came from, he sees a smilling two year old girl approaching and picking him up in her arms.

She turned around to face a brown haired man with a prickly beard on his care free face. Naruto guessed that he was her father. He hears the man saying. "Arnett, let me see the child."

Naruto felt how Arnett reluctantly gave him to the man's arms. After examining the baby, the man smiles at Naruto who just stares at the girl's father, "Hey buddy, what's your name?" He says.

Naruto sweatdrops but decided played along with the man and made a bunch of baby noises, "Ba goo goo!"

Arnett giggles, "Papa he can talk!" she took the baby back in her possession, "Hey, hey can say Arnett! Arrrrnett!" she stretch the last word trying to make the baby say her name.

Naruto giggles (sadly he couldn't chuckle) and smiles, "Wanett!" he spoke. With a new voice box and no teeth made this simple task rather difficult.

The girl squeals as she hugs the boy, "Aww, papa can we keep him?"

The man slowly takes the child off his daughter's hands. "Hmm..." he turns away and spoke in a whisper, "You know what little guy? You made my little girl smile for the first time since her mother passed away, may God rest her soul, so I'm glad to welcome you to our family." the brown haired man smiles as Naruto became silent.

A family... something he always wanted to have and still does... along with an infinite supply of ramen! He couldn't help but give a bright smile and start laughing which came out as giggles since he was still a baby.

The man then grabs Arnett as she giggles and after looking at some of the babies asian features he says "Arnett say hello to your new little brother, Naruto McMillan!"


United States on the road to San Francisco

A twelve year old boy who had blond hair that instead of being short and spiky in his previous life, now was long and straight and with blue eyes was sitting on the passenger seat in old pick-up truck. He wore a white long sleeved T-shirt and baggy, dark brown pants. He was reading some articles from the newspaper. "Hmm…. looks like there is going to be a talent show in San Francisco for children. Any child that isn't bellow ten years and isn't above fourteen can participate. During the competition the children can demonstrate what special talents they have. WOW! The winner of the talent show receives 2000 dollars grand prize! Step on it dad! I'm gonna make it to that competition and win that prize while also showing how awesome I am!"

Keith McMillin, who was driving a truck, chuckles as he yells out, "Don't worry about it son! We will get in time for the competition! So relax and enjoy the ride!"

A fourteen year old Arnett smacks her father's shoulder playfully, "C'mon dad. Naruto spends most of paychecks to buy those silly dolls! (Oi it's Gundam Models sis! – Naruto voice could be heard in the background)" The young woman sitting next to Naruto had grown up to be quite beautiful if you ask his honest opinion. Arnett has long red hair, with parts of her sideburns curling to the inside. Her ponytail barely reached her back. She still doesn't have much of chest to look at but is well on her way in gaining one. Her being dressed in some plain farmer clothes doesn't make her look any less cute.

Naruto sighs."Don't forget that the competition has two thousand dollars in cash. Besides, this is the closest thing to fighting I'll get. While I may not fight anyone, at least I can show off some of my awesome combat moves!" though he closes his eyes has a slight smirk on his face as he knows that this little competition was just for some light practice to control of his movements better. A work out, one might say. After he wins this, he'll start doing some real training in order to accomplish his goals.

He pulls out his cellphone and after looking at it he thinks to himself. "Arnett's birthday is coming up soon. Hmm, I think after the talent show I'll buy her a gift." he set himself into a more comfortable position on the truck seat as he held his hand right hand to his side hidden from anyone's view. Faint blue lines and small trails of voltage energy dance upon his fingers. "Come...Yamato." In his hand a glowing katana appears. "Volt Weapon..." Naruto whispers.

Naruto than releases the katana to make it disappear before his dad or Arnett could notice it. He turns to the passenger seat window and looks at the scenery passing by. He starts remembering his past ten years in this new world with his new family.

The first year of his new life was probably the most awkward and the most embarrassing in both of his lives. Being a baby meant that there were many things he couldn't do for himself and many things he didn't have control of in his body. Like the need to go potty! The biggest terror of his first year! Having to wear diapers again was bad enough, but having them being changed was worst. Him being a baby with an adult mind didn't make things better. He prayed every single day to grow up faster. But fate decided to keep torturing him like that. He personally blames Neji for this, may God rest his soul. Damn bastard is most likely laughing from beyond the grave at Naruto's predicament.

It was a big relief when by the end of the first year his body has grown strong enough that he could start walking on his own. No longer he had to endure Arnett's giggling or his dad laughter when he went poopy!

He was also happy that during the second year, he could finally talk properly. Of course he still limited his speech. It would be quite hard to explain why a two year old child was talking like a grown up. During the second year Naruto also came to a realization that he no longer could use chakra. He was at quite scared when he tried to get a feel of his ckakra reserves and only to find that he didn't have a drop of it in his body. He managed to calm down long enough to think over the situation. It was easy to conclude why he had no chakra. It's mostly because chakra ,in this world, doesn't exist at all. It would be stupid to think that every different world has chakra where there are literally billions of worlds out there. Each has different origins and their own unique energies. The closest thing Naruto could find comparison to chakra was the ki energies he read about in the books of the new world. But there weren't any accurate ways or descriptions on how drawn on it or even use it. He also guessed that it was because of these reasons Naruto was turned into a baby again. His body needed to adapt in having no chakra or he could have complications in the future. This of course didn't mean he gave up on being a ninja.

While his body doesn't have any chakra, it doesn't mean he's harmless. Far from it. Naruto remembers how his best friend Lee could also not use chakra, but that didn't stop him from becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Naruto started doing some light training in secret. He didn't push himself too far thou as he was still just a child and going overboard might lead to a severe injury or trauma. He continued doing light training till he reached year four of his life when he decided to step up his training and started doing the exercises he was thought during his ninja academy years in his previous life.

This again continued until he reached year six of his life. His dad decided to enroll him into an elementary school. Despite Naruto not being at kindergarten the knowledge he possessed was more than enough to get him admitted to a school. It didn't come to a surprise when he was declared a young prodigy there. It's only natural that he was considered one. He's a child with an adult's mind after all. Only two years passed and Naruto had skipped two grades. At age eight he started going to middle school and even there, again, he was declared a prodigy. He continued his schooling and training but at times he skip school for few months. Not because he hated it. But because he wanted to help his farther with his truck deliveries along with Arnett. Of course his farther tried to protest but the combination of puppy dog eyes from Naruto and Arnett where more than enough to break his will. This routine continued till Naruto reached age nine. The year Naruto first discovered his new powers.

It happened the next day after his 9th birthday celebration party. He was given some money as a birthday gift from one of his dad's friends so he decided to do some shopping at the nearby mall. Arnett had also decided to tag along with him. After spending all day having fun at the mall, they decided to go home as it was starting to get dark. While walking trough one of the back alleys close to home, they were ambushed by a small group of four men. They were simple thugs and seeing two kids walking all alone made them look easy targets for stealing some money. One of the thugs grabbed Arnett while another went for Naruto. Thanks to the years of training, Naruto managed avoid being grabbed and instead delivered a swift kick to the man's groin. The thug collapsed from pain and it was clear that he won't be getting up for a while. Naruto then went to engage the other two men.

While Naruto was pretty strong for a kid his age, the two men were stronger. One of them managed to blind side Naruto and hit him hard on the head. Naruto collapsed on the ground but was still conscious. He heard Arnett screaming his name but was cut off when she was hit on the head as well and lost consciousness. While still on the ground, Naruto heard the thugs saying they will have some "fun" with Arnett for all the trouble they went through. At that moment something snapped in Naruto. He didn't want to see his family get hurt by some low-live thugs and the need to save his sister brought a sudden rush of power. It exploded out of Naruto's body and froze everything in place. Naruto was surprised how everything within ten meter radius was still. As if everything was frozen in time. When he looked down at his hands, he noticed them being covered in strange metallic gauntlets. Naruto decided to put aside all of the confusion and quickly punched the frozen men in the groins, HARD, picked up Arnett and escaped from the scene. It was fortunate that when Naruto excited the alley his powers stopped working so no one noticed them. He saw a police patrol car passing by and reported them of assault on him and Arnett. Of course he left out the details about his new discovered powers.

The event left Arnett shell shocked for a few months and she was scared to even go outside the house. But Naruto and along with his dad managed help Arnett get over the incident. After a few more months, she was back to her normal self. But this event had also made a big impact on Naruto as well. Not only he discovered that he had new powers but he also had a shot of reality as well. The world might be different but there are still bad people in it and there still many lurking dangers in life. He knows this very well. He was a ninja after all.

For one year Naruto practiced with his new powers. It was fortunate that he managed to find out what they are. The explosion of energy Naruto had during the robbery, was actually a freezing field. It the same ability that NOVA use and some special people called limiters. The gauntlets Naruto had summoned were called "Volt weapon" that only special female soldiers called Pandora can summon. It wasn't that hard to find really as the knowledge of NOVA, limiters and Pandora was pretty common. During the same year, Naruto had also discovered that after his first use powers, he became much stronger and faster. His speed was that of Lee with his weights on. Naruto could punch a wall and leave a pretty big crack or dent in it. He also had much more endurance. His stamina was almost to the level he had when could still use chakra and Kurama was sealed in him plus his super regeneration was back. That itself was a pretty big deal. With these new enhancements Naruto could start doing some serious training without having to fear of going overboard.

Another thing he discovered was, that he could actually summon more than one type of Volt weapon. He found out about this when he tried to summon the gauntlets again but instead summoned a spear. Being intrigued by this, he dismissed the weapon and tried summoning it again only this time he received a bladed tonfas. Another attempt produced him throwing knifes similar to the kunai he used to use back in his old world. Some more attempts, Naruto found that he could summon a katana, a sword and a shield.

These new discoveries made Naruto pretty ecstatic as now he had better means in protecting his family. But this also gave a rise to a big question on how he got them. The only explanation Naruto could come up with was when that strange lady did something to his body when he was just a baby. But then another question arose. Who was she?

Was she some special Pandora?


If Naruto remembers correctly, Pandora don't look the way the mysterious woman looked plus those eyes where kind of a giveaway that she wasn't exactly human.

Than was she a NOVA?

Most likely yes.

But if she was, then why did she give him those powers? What were her reasons? Why give them to the child that might her enemy in the future?

No matter how much Naruto thought over this matter, he couldn't think of any possible motives she had and decided to give it up for now, but he will get his answers and getting into the genetics academy will be the first step towards them.

But he can't do it now. He still needs to prepare himself plus he has to keep his abilities hidden, even from his family. Naruto is no fool. He knows that even in this world, there are people similar to Orochimaru or Danzo who would jump at the chance capture and experiment on someone like Naruto. Not only he would be putting himself in danger, even more importantly, he would be putting his family in danger. For once in his life Naruto needs to stop rushing into the unknown without preparing himself properly.

Naruto is brought out of his memories when he hears his sister and farther engaging into an argument. Something about how Arnett is still far from matching her mother in beauty and personality. Naruto can only laugh at how those two sometimes argue like small children. Every moment he shares with family is precious to him. They are his precious people that he will protect no matter what! Even if he has take on some thugs, the government or NOVA! No one will harm them as long as Naruto draws breath.

He decided to take a nap, knowing that there is still a long road ahead till they get to San Francisco. "Not like we're going to pick up any hitchhikers anyway." Naruto muttered to himself, but just when he closed his eyes, he hears his sister yell out in shock. Naruto stood up from his seat in alert, preparing to summon his Vold Weapon and only blush when he sees two girls dressed in bikinis hitchhiking. Naruto then thinks: "Okay, I've been proven wrong before, but God, when are you going to finally give me my lifetime supply of ramen? Didn't I have enough troubles with girls in my past life!?"

Chapter End

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