None of them wanted to be half-bloods.

Being what they were could be considered a dream come true. The powers, the skills, the beauty. It seemed like something out of the average human's fantasies.

But there was more to their heritage than all of that.

Being a half-blood is dangerous, horrifying, and just downright troublesome. Add in the factor that being a half-blood practically doomed you to die a painful and merciless death, and it was truly a pleasure to live such a life.

Please note the sarcasm.

If all your life you've noticed strange things happen around you, whether it was of your own accord or something beyond your control, pass it off as nothing. Make yourself believe it never happened; it was all a hallucination. Whether your parents realized something was wrong or not, play along if they go on and seem to ignore the strange happenings. Follow their lead and try to live a normal life.

Believing in the unnatural is the first step to becoming a target for those who roam around for tasty little heroes to feast on. We recommend that you keep to yourself and try to be as human as humanly possible.

Less you become a beast's next meal.

Prologue for my side series rewrite of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians". This story will not be my first priority, but really just a side project. So expect chapters randomly and far in between unless I get so much Writer's Block with my other story that I writer 2 to 3 chapters for this one.

- Jolly Writer 2.0