E/O Challenge

Challenge word: nail

Length: 100 words

Missing scene from 9.19.

Dean found Sam dozing on Jody's couch, laptop open to a Google search of the Mark of Cain. Sam stirred as Dean shut the laptop, gently moving it aside.

"I have research to do, Dean," Sam said groggily.

"You need sleep. You lost a lot of blood today."

"I'm fine." But his eyes didn't meet Dean's.

"One night of sleep, Sammy. That's all I'm asking."

"One night." Sam stretched out on the couch and was asleep almost immediately.

Dean slowly traced the Mark on his arm with one of his fingernails.

"No amount of research can help me now, Sammy."

A/N: My drabbles seem to have taken on a bit of a theme with this whole Mark of Cain thing. I'm filling in the blanks (to my satisfaction) all the things not being said onscreen. That's what fanfic is for, right? As always, thanks for reading! Those of you who always comment, I thank you you even more. :)