Things change.

It almost sounds like a bad way to end a series that already had a perfectly good ending, yet it is true. Time changes everything, children grow up, friendships are made, they evolve, they flourish and sometimes they break.

Things have changed since Tokyo. Robin and Starfire dating was the most obvious of changes. Yet something else changed too. Robin, Starfire and Cyborg had not noticed it for three months. Raven noticed it in two days.

It was quite subtle really, no more wishing for a good morning or for good nights, when she sat at the table for breakfast (or in her case, just tea) he would just move himself to the couch. No more jokes, no more "Watcha reading", when the team had to split up, they were never in the same group anymore, meditation wasn't being interrupted anymore and for some reason, not that she would ever say it out loud, she missed being called Rae the most.

First, she liked that he did not bother her. After that she became suspicious, was he planning another one of his pranks? Did he break something and was afraid? Was his brain taken over by Slade, so he could finally end the Titans? She tried to feel his emotions in order to find out what was wrong, but to her surprise he managed to block her out. She was getting worried now, not that she would admit that of course. Who told you that?

Today something would change. This has been going on for to long. Raven thought whilst walking (floating) out of her room. Today I will find out why he is avoiding me.

-Scene break-

Beast boy was having a bad day. First he fell out of the top of his bunkbed. When he regained conciousness, he slipped on one of his soy milk cartons, causing him to fall headfirst against the wall, spilling the sour soy milk everywhere. After showering and decontaminating his room, he went to get some food. To his great annoyance, he came in and found Raven sitting at the kitchen table.

"Good morning, Beast boy." Raven said, carefully blowing her still hot tea. Beast boy did not acknowledge her presence, and walked to the kitchen to fix himself some cereal.

"You have been avoiding me for months now, Garfield. Isn't it time you got over yourself and tell me what is going on?" Raven stated matter of factly, using his real name to show how important this question was. Beast boy stiffened and stopped walking.

"You really don't know what's going on, Raven?" He said gritting his teeth, trying desperataly to keep his anger in check.


"You mean that after three months, you still don't know what you did?"

"I would not be asking if I knew, moron."

"Thats what's wrong Raven! Everytime I say something or do something you insult me! Either you insult me or you're hitting me. So I'm done Raven!" He couldn't keep his anger in. He was feeling like this for over a year, the way she acted in Tokyo was the last straw. And over the years Raven has taken many straws from him.

"Done with what?" Raven was getting worried now, not that she showed it.

"Done with trying to be your friend, Raven. I give up. I tried for years, but it's obvious you don't want me to be your friend, so I give up."

"But, I thought we were friends." Her voice broke slightly, this was going out of hand.

"We're not friends, Raven" Beast boy said walking out of the common room. "And I don't think we ever were to begin with."

After the door closed, Raven couldn't keep her emotions in check anymore. Every piece of equiptment exploded. The couch was flung across the room, every glass in the whole tower broke. The whole kitchen was a wasteland

Raven lost one of her closest friends, and it was all her own fault.

-Scene break-

One week later

Timid was not happy.

Granted, it is kind of obvious that Timid isn't happy. Timid is Timid, so happy wasn't in her job perscription, Happy is happy, but even she couldn't smile anymore. Thinking about how Happy was doing made her even more sad.

Timid always liked Beast boy, or as she called him, Beastie. He made her feel less like herself and a little more content. She wanted Raven to apologize to Beastie, but Raven was to prideful for that and with a quick Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Raven broke of contact with her emoticlones to be alone. But just because she broke contact, doesn't mean they would just sit still.

Something must be done. Timid thought. There has to be a way to convince Raven to apologize to Beastie. Or maybe one of my sisters could convince her. So she ventured out of her maze... And quickly ran back into it after hearing something rustle. No! She thought. This is Beastie I'm talking about, I must do this!

And off she went! First she went to Brave's Dojo, hoping the Green cloaked emotion would support her quest, and maybe give her some courage to actually continue it. But alas, Brave has closed her Dojo to sulk, so Timid couldn't enter. Maybe Knowledge knows something. It is her job to know things after all.

-Scene break-

In the center of Raven's mind lays a library. In that Library are books that tells everything Raven knows, all her dreams and wishes, everything has ever thought even things she's forgotten. In that library lives Knowledge, with Wisdom as roommate.

"Isn't t-t-there something that we could d-do?" Stuttered Timid.

"I'm afraid not little sister" Wisdom spoke gently. "This is something Raven has to find out for herself, she wouldn't learn anything if we intervened."

"But sh-she's not doing anything ab-bout it!" Timid said, trembling. "We ha-have to do something. Before it sp-spirals out of control ev-even more."

"We said no, Timid. Besides, it is not like we can escape Nevermore."

And with that, the yellow and lightblue[1] cloaked emotions went back inside to read.

-Scene Break-

Timid really felt like crying now. She could already see it playing like a film inside her mind: Beastie couldn't be around Raven anymore, resulting in him leaving the Titans. Beastie leaving would also cause Cyborg being lonely, losing his best friend like that, and he would leave too! And leaving Raven alone with the city's most favored couple, Raven would be the third wheel! Destined to be alone forever and ever! She had to do something!

"Ghandi-wannabe was wrong, you know." A voice suddenly spoke from behind the Grey Rae. "Somebody escaped Nevermore once." Timid turned around, and saw her orange cloaked sister scratching her behind.

"Really? Who did?" Hope arose in Timid. Someone knows how to escape this prison! And if that someone was willing to help, apologizing to Beastie would be possible, which in turn would make everything all right!

"She has four eyes, sharp teeth and a red cloak. Take one guess, Trembles".

Timid gulped and squeeked "Rage."

-Scene Break-

What was she thinking? This is suicide! She should be in her maze, where it was safer. Why was she going to her most feared sister? Even Brave felt uneasy around the four-eyed Emotion. Not that she would ever admit it, Brave wasn't afraid of anything. According to herself atleast. The only plus side was that she wasn't in the alone anymore. To her great surprise (and relief), Rude offered to go with her, stating that she felt guilty for supplying Raven with mean quips and nasty insults towards "The Grass stain" as she called him.

"Hurry up, Slowpoke! Azar, you're just as fast as you are brave aren't ya?" Rude said. "I can see Red's gate over there. Hurry so we could get this over with, I'm dying for a nap."

*Tick tick tick*

Timid knocked (or rather, ticked) softly on Rage's gate. Rude sighed."You call that knocking? Watch and learn, Sniffles." Pushing the frightened girl aside and banged her fist on the gate. *BANG BANG* "Open up Four-eyes! We need to ask you something!" Rude yelled, not stopping the onslaught of noise. "Y-you sh-shouldn't do that, Rude. You know our sister has a T-temper" Timid said, wrapping her cloak around her to protect herself from Rude's incoming insults.

But before Rude could lay it on her, red tendrils appeared out of the ground. Wrapping themselves around Rude's body, and to Timid's relief, her mouth. "SILENCE!" Yelled a demonic voice from behind the gate. "Who dares to enter my domain?" Timid squeeked and tried to run away, but after turning around, she runs straight into Rage herself!

"Well, well, well, if it isn't tiny Timid. What brings you to the darkest side of Rae-Rae's mind?" She spoke with demonic joy, enjoying how her little sister squirmed in her presence.

"Ru-Rude told me you know how to esc-escape N-nevermore. I want to know how t-to do it so o-one of us will ap-apologize and Bea-Beastie will forgive us a-and we will be fr-friends again and we w-won't be alone forever and ever!" Timid rambled. She was scared out of her mind, but she knows it was worth it. Everything for Beastie. She thought.

"And what makes you think I will tell you?"

"B-because I know you c-care about him too. Y-you're free of our F-f-fathers influence, you're just like us, only angrier." Timid spoke. Rude chuckles softly within her bounds. This is blackmail gold! Rage retalitates by punching in the shoulder.

"I-its not like I l-like him or anything, stupid!" Rage stutters, How did she figure that one out? "Fine." She concedes, that piece of information could ruin her rep! "But you will have to be the one to go, little Timid."


"I can't go because apologizing is not in my nature, I am RAGE after all. Rude can't go because she's... Herself. Besides, apologizing is your kind of thing anyway, right?"

Before Timid could object, Rage speaks the magic words and she's teleported away from Nevermore.

"Go forth, little sister[2]. Go forth and make my Beast come back to me."

"Sooooooooo, you have a thing for the Green bean, huh?" Rude asked cheekily



-Scene break-

*Tick tick tick*

Even with Beast boy's advanced hearing he wasn't sure he heard something. He yawned and looked at his alarm clock. Who's awake at 3:56. He jumped of his bunkbed, landing on his feet. (Animal powers activate! Cat's balance achieved!)

*Tick tick tick*

Beast boy opens the door. He slurs. "Wha do y-". Whatever he was trying to say was forgotten, when he was glomped to the ground by a trembling and crying purple-haired girl. His ears were being assaulted by a million "sorry's" and "forgive me's" and even a "don't leave me".

"I'm sorry for what Raven did and said to you, I really am, please forgive her!" Timid says, bawling her eyes out. She did not like the outside world, it was larger than Nevermore and scary lights and scary sounds. But before she could leave, she had to apologize. Timid was inconsolable, numerous attempts by Beast boy to try to talk to her were washed out by the volume of Timid's crying. Carrying the in fetus-laying girl inside and lays her down his bed.

Suddenly, Timid felt something small and a bit wet against her cheek.


She opens her eyes and sees a green kiten next to her, trying to lick the tears away. On instinct she puts him to her chest and starts petting his back, causing him to purr.

After seeing she calmed down Gar morphed back into himself.

"You're the grey emotion, right?"

"M-my name's Timid" Timid mumbles softly.

"Mind if I called you Tammy?"

She blushes. "N-not at all, I would l-like that."

"Why are you hear, Tammy?" The green mean animalmachine asked. "Did Raven send you?" He asks with a hopeful tone.

"N-no, she didn't. I came by myself" Seeing Beast boy's ears droop, she quickly adds "Don't feel bad th-that she didn't come h-herself. It's not in her nature to apologize."

"Why is it not in her nature?" Beast boy is confused, why wouldn't it be in her nature?

"D-demon's don't like to apologize, Half-demons don't either. It g-goes against their nature." Timid said. "I'm a h-human emotion, It is in my job to make s-sure she is does, b-but she has been ignoring h-her emotions since the d-day of y-your argument."

"So you're telling me the reason Rae isn't apologizing is because she can't?" Beast boy spoke. No wonder she hasn't apologized yet! She can't. Not without Tammy atleast.

Timid, now known as Tammy, happy that he called Raven Rae, nodded.

"Okay, lets go." Beast boy said with a grin.

"G-go where?"

"I'm going to Raven to forgive her, you coming with?"

"W-wait!" Timid squeeked. Azar this is going to be embarassing. She thinks.

"What?" Beast boy looks at 'Tammy' with a puzzled face, why can't they just go? Truth be told, he missed being around the Amethyst-eyed empath. Now he had a reason to talk to her, without seeming accepting her recent behaviour.

"W-well, Raven does not know that I escaped Nevermore, and I d-don't think she will be ack-accepting forgiveness when she finds out." Timid mumbled red-faced. "C-can you wait until Raven g-goes for her morning tea? That w-way I can sneak back into the m-mirror without her noticing."

"That sounds reasonable, but what can we do until morning?"

And for the first time since Beast boy has met her, Tammy smiles. "Well, I've never had a cat before, and I wouldn't mind having one for one night."

-Scene break-

Raven is in the common room, reading a book with her morning tea in hand, trying very hard to actually read the book instead thinking about the Beast boy problem, when he barges into the room with a smileon his face, that has not been seen Tokyo. And to her, while she will never confess to it, great delight, he begins to talk to her.

"Hey Rae, watcha reading?"

"A book" She mumbls, looking at him, with hopeful eyes.

"Thats expectedly boring... So, wanna hear a joke?"

"Well, truth be to-" Raven tried to say, but she was interupted by a giggling Changeling.

"What did the fisherman say to the card magician?"


"Pick a cod, any cod!"

Beast boy can't hold in his laughter anymore and rolls from the couch onto the floor. "That has to be your worst joke yet, Garfield." Raven says. Her face shows no emotion, but if you look very closely, you see her lips turned upwards slightly and her eyes hold a certain twinkle. And inside Nevermore, after a long week of silence, Happy's laughter can be heard again.

"Not that I dislike your company, Garfield. But why are you talking to me again? I have not given you a reason to do so." Jump city's Mistress of Magic asked softly.

"Its not in my nature to hold a grudge, Rae." Garfield smiled. "M'lady, may I refill your tea?" He said, changing the subject with style.

"I'd rather try some of your tofu, Gar." Now Raven did show her smile. A smile that showed how everything was right in the world again.

The only weird change was that for some reason, Timid wanted everyone to call her Tammy from now on.

The End.

Authors note.

So yeah, I did it. I made a fic. Woohoo for me, I guess.

I would like some feedback, y'know, what did you think, what did you love/hate. Don't flame guys, I'm a real softy for that kind of stuff.

Keep in mind that I'm as Dutch as Holland's king (which is ironic since our king is 50% German.) So mistakes happen.

[1] Wisdom's cloak color.

According to comics Sloth is brown colored. So I chose against going with brown. In my view, Wisdom is a matured version of Raven, so her cloak would be blue, but lighter to show she's more at peace with herself.

[2] Tiny Timid/little sister.

I think all the emoticlones see Tammy/Timid as a little sister. Shy and a bit held back, she reminds me of a child, that did something wrong. Hence the little sister comments.

Naming Emoticlones was one of my pet peeves, so was tsundere Rage and my own headcanon was that all emoticlones had different names for BB.

Special thanks to Writerzero,TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne and Ex3451 for inspiring me, read their fanfics. Do it now!

Maybe I'll write a sequel, I don't know, it took me like months to get this one out of my mind.

I'm out, haunting your reviews most likely.