Warning: Yaoi (boy on boy loving), Lemon, Mpreg (mention and eventually), Fluff, OCC. You know the usual stuff nothing new.

Hello my lovely beautiful people. Yes it is I Lady TigerDemonOwnz and I just got some inspiration. I read this really good story on wattpad called The Boy Who Lost His Sight, and I'm basically doing a remix slash different story of the story. P.S. I couldn't get help from a friend.

Okay who's ready for my first Bleach Fanfiction. I'm so excited so everyone.

Co-Writer: phoenixreal

My Light in My Darkness


"I remember it like it was yesterday."

Flashes of a car speeding to forward them. Lights all around blurry and fuzzy like little stars flickering here and there. Then darkness engulfed everything all around. Voices yelling and screaming.

"Grimmjow! Nelliel! My babies, Kami no my babies!" a hoarse voice yells into the depths of the night.

"Move out the fucking way…The fuck you mean I can't see them…I don't give two shits. Those are my children." a deep voice yells, but there was a crack in the voice, and there was pain in it. Why was their pain in a voice that shouldn't have pain?

'What happened? Why am I in so much pain? Why can't I see? Nel is she ok?'

That what I remember asking myself as I regained consciousness. All around me I hear people yelling, frantic, but wait are they going away? Paramedics are around me. I feel myself getting pulled out of my car onto the ambulance. 'Where's Nel' that's all I could think of in my head, then I finally asked "Where's my little sister at? Where is she at?" I ask frantically.

I then felt a hand on my shoulder, but when I looked up to see but I realized I couldn't see, I was just surrounded by darkness.

And then that was the start of it.

"Grimmjow," it sounds like my mom, why does he sound all sad. "You and your sister got in a car accident. But…" My mom paused taking a shaky breath "But she didn't make it honey." I practically smell the tears going down her cheeks. In the background I hear my dad tell my mom 'It's ok.'

Soon I felt that I was getting moved again and got put in a wheel chair. I heard the door move and I could tell by the smell of the clean air and disinfected spray I was in the hospital. I heard the doctors say 'Let's get him in a room'. I got to the room and moved to the bed with the help of the nurses, when the nurses left five minutes later after asking me questions and cleaning my wounds, the doctor came in saying 'Hello Mr. Jaegerjaquez.' In the soft spoken voice she had. She checked me over until I heard an 'uh oh'.

After she told us news of my conditions. I knew that the world I knew came to an end from that day on.

Now let me fast-forward this to the real part of this story. Where this story is going to be told in a different perspective then mine.