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"Bethie…oh Bethie...it's time to wake up…" Bethany slowly opened her sleepy eyes to see that there was an orange-banded mutant turtle inches .from her face.

"Aaah!" cried Bethany as she instinctively moved to her back, accidently hitting Mikey in the face.

"Ow," whined Mikey as he rubbed his face while Bethany breathed heavily. Bethany heard some other people laughing.

"That was priceless! Did you get all of that Donnie?" she heard someone that sounded a lot like Raph ask. Bethany looked away from the ceiling and saw that Donnie and Raph were in her room as well, both laughing hard.

"Yep," answered Donnie as he turned off his video camera.

"Why in the world did you have the camera on in the first place?!" exclaimed Mikey.

"Because I knew your method of waking her up would be priceless," answered Donnie with a wide grin. Mostly wide awake, Bethany sat up in bed, and rubbed her eyes.

"Is…dinner ready yet?" she asked, a bit peeved that Mikey scared her like that.

"Yep, Thanksgiving dinner is a go!" exclaimed Mikey excitedly. Then Bethany smelled it. The delicious smell of mashed potatoes and the sweet potatoes dish, as well as the mouth-watering aroma of turkey. Bethany breathed it in the wonderful smells like she could feed on them alone. Yes…this is going to be a great Thanksgiving.

"Come on guys! Master Splinter, April, Katara, and Minnie almost got everything on the table!" exclaimed Yakko, as he ran into the room and jumped onto Bethany's bed, with Tigger close behind.

"Yeah, the hot chocolaty icy cream is going to be super melted!" exclaimed Tigger as bounced onto Bethany's lap. Bethany couldn't help but chuckle at their excitement. She may not have been able to spend Thanksgiving with her parents because of the distance, but she was still very glad to have been able to spend it with her friends.

"If that's so, then get off her bed before I eat all of it!" threatened Raph with a smile.

"Ah! I think he means it! Let's go bros!" exclaimed Mikey as he grabbed Yakko and Tigger's hands and ran out of the room. As her remaining turtle brothers laughed, Bethany quickly got of bed.

"Got a good nap Bethie?" asked Donnie as she walked towards them.

"Yep," answered Bethany cheerfully. She didn't get that much sleep last night because the movie she and her roommates saw ended later than she thought it would, causing her to arrive in Leo's world later. Bethany smiled at the memory.

"Good, because you're going to need all your energy if you want to eat your fill before Mikey eats it all," said Raph as the three of them left the room that she used when Bethany visited.

"Or she could just enchant Mikey's chair to hold him back till we ate our fill," suggested Donnie. Raph gasped.

"Can ya please do that?" asked Raph hopefully. Bethany couldn't help but laugh.

"Can you please do what?" asked Pumbaa, with Timon on his back, gazing curiously up at them.

"He wants to know if I will be willing to have Mikey's chair hold him back from eating," answered Bethany as she headed towards the table.

"What?!" exclaimed Mikey fearfully.

"That doesn't sound nice," added Piglet.

"If you do hold Mikey back, can you please do the same to Tigger?" asked Rabbit.

"Hey!" exclaimed Tigger.

"Don't worry guys, if I know Bethie, she won't do it. Right?" asked Katara for assurance as Bethany sat down next to Pooh and Leo.

"Nah…not unless they deserve it," answered Bethany with a grin that said, I-won't-but-I-just-want-to-tease-ya-guys.

"We won't!" chimed Tigger and Mikey together. Master Splinter chuckled as he and Alfred put the giant turkey at the center of the table.

"So I didn't get a chance to ask you…how was the movie last night?" asked Master Splinter.

"Oh it was very good," answered Bethany cheerfully.

"How were your roommates?" asked Leo in his protectiveness voice. Bethany rolled her eyes as she took the pitcher full of cranberry juice from Wonder Woman.

"They were just fine," said Bethany. And they were. After the battle a few months ago, Bethany went back to her apartment, expecting to that her roommates never knowing that she was even gone. But boy was she wrong.

Bethany smiled at the memory of them hugging her as soon as she walked through the door, crying with relief as they told her that they were beginning to be afraid that she had been kidnapped. Luckily, they hadn't called the police yet, nor did they have her parents' phone number, so they couldn't alarm them. Ever since then, they have become her friends, though Leo didn't exactly trust them, due to their lack of acknowledgement of her existence earlier. But Bethany knew they were truly sorry and did value her friendship. Besides, even if they did betray her, she knew that her turtle brothers would avenge her no matter what.

"That's good," chimed in Pooh. Suddenly there a commotion behind them. Bethany turned around and saw Aang, Mickey, Wakko, Dot, Merry, Sokka, Roo and Pippin run towards the table.

"I'm going to win!" exclaimed Sokka.

"No you're not, I am!" exclaimed Wakko, who pulled out a trampoline and jumped on it, making him jump over Sokka, who was in the lead.

"Go Wakko go!" cheered Yakko.

"Hey what about me?!" cried Dot as she passed by Merry.

"Don't worry, I'll cheer for ya. Go Dot go!" cheered Yakko. Suddenly, Pippin tripped and fell onto Roo, who crashed into Mickey, and thus causing a domino chain till all the racers were down on the ground. While Bethany and all the others roared with laughter, Batman got up and looked at the fallen racers.

"Sokka won," he judged.

"Yes!" exclaimed Sokka cheerfully under the pile of bodies.

"You guys better get up now. The food's going to get cold," commented Frodo, who was sitting by Gandalf. The racers then quickly got up and rushed towards the table.

"You're alright Aang?" asked Katara.

"Oh I'm fine," answered Aang as he sat next to her.

"What about me? You're not going to congratulate your brother?" asked Sokka, sounding a bit peeved.

"Oh congratulations Sokka," said Katara.

"Yeah congrats," chimed in Toph.

"I'm proud of you," said Suki as Sokka sat next to her.

"Oh Mickey, must you always compete?" asked Minnie.

"Um…maybe," admitted Mickey as he sat next to his wife.

"Good race," complimented Gandalf.

"Thanks Gandalf," chimed both Merry and Pippin as they sat between Bilbo and Frodo.

"You gave them a run for their money sibs," said Yakko, his words cheering up his siblings.

"The same here Roo," said Tigger, along with the other inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood to Roo. As Bethany looked at her friends, her heart felt like it was about to burst. It's still hard to believe…that only a few months ago I was a very lonely girl. But now, I have a lot friends, both here and in my world. I'm never going to be alone again.

"Okay, now that everyone's here, we can get started on dinner. But first, there's something I will like to say," said Mickey, standing up in his chair. Everyone, from Bethany to Casey, looked at Mickey.

"A few months ago, Cartoonland was facing its greatest peril. Many of us were kidnapped, and when the rest of us found out what…ha…happened to you, we were discouraged. We were beginning to think that nothing will save Cartoonland. That is, till Bethie gave us hope." Everyone then turned to her as Bethany felt her face grow hot.

"While the rest of us were about to lose hope, you didn't. You refused to believe that Roger will win, and that we will all die. Because of you, we regained our hope and our will to keep on fighting. And it is because of the bracelets that you gave the witches that our loved ones have returned. Thank you Bethie. Thank you so much for being a true friend to us through thick and thin."

"Hear hear," chimed both Timon and Pumbaa as they raised their glasses.

"Hear hear," chimed everyone else. Her face still a bit red, Bethany wiped away the few tears that fell out of her eyes. I'm…so glad that I decided to go through that portal. Or that I decided to climb that tree. Or that I decided to go to the park that day. I'm…so blessed.

"Well…thank you," said Bethany. "Though, I do admit it was because of Bon Jovi that we had hope…but I do have to say…thank you. Thank you so much for giving me a chance…for being there for me…for believing in me…and…giving me a place in your hearts. Thank you, thank you so much. I love you guys."

"We love you too nee-san!" exclaimed Mikey as everyone else clapped.

"That goes for us too Bethie!" cried Wakko.

"You will always have a place in our hearts Bethany," commented Gandalf.

"Yes, we will be friends forever and ever," added Pooh. As everyone cheered and said similar things, Bethany wiped a few more tears off her cheeks as Leo put his arm around her shoulder.

"You're okay?" he asked with a warm smile. Bethany nodded as everyone started putting delicious food on their plates. How could I not be okay? I am surrounded by friends and family. I am finally accepted by people other than my parents. I have found a place where I belong.

"Hey Bethany, didn't you wanted to play a song during our meal?" asked Wonder Woman with a smile. Bethany gasped as she remembered.

"Oh yeah!" she cried as she got out her IPod, and played the specific song. Right away, Our Thanksgiving Day started to play. Pooh and his friends gasped when they heard the song that they sang during one of their Thanksgivings.

"What a splendid evening, what a lovely feast," Pooh sang.

"There's food enough to calm the most ferocious of beasts," sang Wakko.

"I wonder why we worried," sang Leo as he leaned over Bethany's shoulder.

"And scurried all around," sang Mickey.

"Looking for the very thing that we've already found," sang Timon as Yakko, Wakko, and Dot quietly cheered their Uncle Timon on. Then, by the courtesy of Bethany by creating a floating T.V. screen that had the lyrics on them, everyone started to sing, even Batman.

"Friends, near and far away

Sharing all today

Gathering to say we're thankful

Friends, friends in every way

Make each and every day

Our Thanksgiving Day"

"There's so much more than more here," sang Dot.

"It's altogether true," sang Gandalf and Batman.

"And being all together is the best thing to do, Hoo-Hoo-Hoo! With…" sang Aang.

"Friends, near and far away

Sharing all today

Gathering to say we're thankful

Friends, friends in every way

Make each and every day our Thanksgiving Day," all of them sang.

"Make each and every day

Our Thanksgiving Day," sang Bethany with all her heart.

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