For her

Felicity could feel the eyes of everyone observing her. It was very unnerving, especially while she was walking in high heels and a long dress, two death traps that could make her fall any moment now.

She knew what the plan was, but it didn't make her feel any better. She just hoped Oliver wouldn't be all that mad when he wakes in his hospital bed to find a moody nurse taking care of him, instead of her.

She didn't belong here, in the middle of the Russian elite, but if there was one thing she learned from all those years as Oliver's partner was that there was a only a tiny amount of things she couldn't do when rightly pressured. And walking into a party for the Russian elite was definitely not one of them.

Everything had been good and easy until the accident.

It shouldn't be like this. At first there was not even a mission, they were only in Russia to visit QC's branch and nothing more…

Then, how did they found themselves in something like this once again?

They had landed in Russia twenty-four hours ago, ready to meet with some businessmen and keep tabs on the work, however, after Anatoly knew about their visit, they were almost obliged to come to one of his parties. Oliver wanted to bail, but when they found out who was going to be there, their plans changed suddenly. In a minute a normal business trip turned into a mission to take down the master mind behind the human traffic of young girls that lately grassed Starling City. Apparently, the Russians were eager to have some American girls in their land. They had searched the man for a long time, unable to track his whereabouts, at least quick enough to get him before he flew, however, when they discovered he was going to be in this party the plan was created.

For all that, it should be Oliver in here with her, if a crazy man hadn't crashed against their car, sending him to the hospital.

"Are you okay?" she heard Diggle asking through the coms and she whispered a yes. "Don't forget, you have to find Dimitrov and put the tracker on him, nothing else…" Dig said and Felicity rolled her eyes, like she would forget her own plan.

They had to come up with a different plan after Oliver's accident. At first, he would walk into the party, as one of the guests of Anatoly, be polite and charming, while Felicity walked hanging in his arm and Diggle waited with the rest of the Russian elite's security men. But now, she was the one that had to walk and be the perfect little woman of Oliver Queen, without Oliver Queen.

"Oh, Felicity!" she heard a voice calling and turned around to see Anatoly walking towards her. She smiled at the man. Even if he was a mafia boss, she still really liked him, with his quick talk and protectiveness of Oliver.

"And where is my friend?" he asked after their normal greetings.

Felicity thanked Oliver's lessons and quickly explained her situation in an almost perfect Russian.

"In the hospital…" she replied simply and saw the man eye her with surprise. "A madman crashed against our car… Oliver broke his arm and had to be taken to surgery to take care of that…" Felicity replied.

It had been incredible difficult to let him in that hospital bed. She had waited for the surgery to end to see him, sleeping with a peaceful expression on his face, and only then she had left to complete the mission. He would be so angry! But it was their only way to reach the man and damn be her if she let him kidnap and hurt any more girls. He was almost a ghost, and these kind of parties were the only way to find him and where he hide during his businesses in Russia. They were lucky enough to be there at the same time as him.

"I hope he is alright…" Anatoly said and Felicity smiled back.

"Yes, he is, but since you were expecting us, he made me come. He didn't want me to lose the fun of a Russian party…"

"Easy there, don't say too much…" Diggle advised and Felicity's expression froze.

"Well, I never thought Oliver would let you by yourself in the middle of us…" Anatoly said, and Felicity tried to come up with a better story.

"Actually, he didn't…" she whispered, like it was a secret. "He was out cold… and I sneaked out… I wanted to see how it would be… but I didn't thought you would like to know one of your Captains was outsmarted by a woman…" Felicity said, trying to regain the control of the situation.

"Oh, women… they make us think we are in control and then take the rug from under our feet…you are the evolved race, I assure you!" he said, laughing loudly. And then he sobered quickly. "But I know you are not the dumb woman you are trying to portray. If you are here I bet you have something to do, and I advise you to be quick about that, I can't be with you always, and even if Oliver is a captain, there are only a handful of Bratva men here, and we might not be able to be as quick as we would like to." Anatoly said in a rushed whisper, and Felicity knew she had to be quick.

"Thank you. I will follow your advice." Felicity replied, her hand touching his arm softly.

She stepped back and directed her attention to the rest of the party, searching for her target.

"Mr. Dimitrov!" Anatoly said suddenly and Felicity couldn't stop the thought he knew from the beginning what she was really doing in this party.

"Let me present you, Mrs. Queen, one of my closest friends' wife." Anatoly said and Felicity had to stop herself from correcting him.

Dimitrov nodded his head and they traded polite greetings. Using the passage of a man walking with drinks, she stepped closer to Dimitrov, barely touching his arm, but close enough to plant a bug inside his pocket.

After that it would be easy for Diggle to follow him and put the fear of god into him, right before making sure he would be arrested for his crimes.

When Felicity and Diggle finally ended their mission and where ready to get back to the hospital, for the first time that night she checked her phone, but before being able of really eyeing the screen, it started ringing. Sara's face appearing in her phone.

"Hi, Sara!" Felicity greeted happily, after putting her phone on speaker.

"Where in the hell are you and Dig?" Sara asked harshly.

"Oops." Felicity whispered and she heard the other woman sighing."Did he call?"

"Yes, 22 times, after calling you 225 if I remember the numbers correctly." Sara replied in a harsh tone and Felicity noticed that the number was indeed correct, on the back of her screen. "What the hell were you thinking? It was dangerous!"

"Do you know what they say about the kettle and the pot?" Felicity answered with a sigh. Sara was the last person that could really give her a speech about dangerous behavior.

"Cut the crap, Queen!" Sara said.

"Smoak-Queen!" Felicity replied and she heard the other woman sigh.

"Well, since you pulled such an Oliver stunt you are all Queen tonight… Let me be the Smoak part today, okay?" Sara said and Felicity smiled at her friend's words.

"He was kidnapping young girls…I couldn't let him get away with it…" Felicity whispered and the silence on the other side told her Sara understood where she was coming from.

"Emilia is safe… She is sleeping right in front of me, being all cute like her mother…" Sara said and Felicity felt her heart tug inside her chest.

"And Thomas?" she asked and Sara's tired sigh told her all that was to be told.

"That bad, hum?"

"I took him to Verdant…" Sara started and Felicity cut her with a shocked "What?"

"Calm down, it was in the middle of the day, no crazy teens jumping around or loud music… I had a meeting with Thea and I didn't want to leave the kids with my dad or Laurel, they are having too much work already, so I took them with me, I have to enjoy the time with my goddaughter, you know? But let's say that by the end, Roy was definitely needing a shrink…"

"Did you give him popcorn?" Felicity asked and Sara's silence was answer enough.

"He gave me those eyes!" she tried to defend herself and Felicity laughed. "But now he is crashing on the sofa, hopefully for a few more hours… and Emilia is being an angel, like always…"

"I can't imagine the pain a parent goes through when something happens to their kid…" Felicity said, sobering.

"I know why you did it, and I would have done the same thing… But, please, you have to take care of yourself a bit more. You have two kids and a husband that would die if something happens to you!" Sara begged and Felicity looked at Diggle. He was wearing the same stoic expression she had, but she could see how the words impacted on him.

"We are going back… Dig did all the dangerous work…" Felicity said and smiled at her best friend that winked in reply. They were not brother and sister by blood, but they sure were by any other means.

"Tell him I'm mad at him as well!" Sara said, with a lighter tone.

"She showed me those eyes as well…" Dig replied and the woman beside him rolled the said eyes.

"Don't forget that Thomas likes the chocolate milk and Emilia the orange juice! Oh, and when they are eating put Lilo and Stitch on, it will be easier for you to control the damage… and kiss them for me, okay?" Felicity asked.

"See you tomorrow…" Sara said.

"Ready to face the lion?" Dig asked and Felicity bumped her fist in his shoulder.

"Let's do this!"

In the end it took only four words from Felicity for Oliver's anger disintegrate.

"It was for Emilia…"