Yellow's P.O.V.

"Fight or flight," Red repeated. "A natural response to a stressful situation. You can choose to fight, which I usually prefer, but in this case...flight. Hold on tight, Yellow."

And then, he took of in a dead sprint. carrying me tightly in his arms. He forgot that I couldn't hold on tight though, since I was kind of paralyzed, and I felt my body slipping from his grasp.

"Don't drop me!" I screamed in a panic.

His grip tightened even more and he pushed me back up, positioning me securely. He struggled to open his front door, but finally managed to escape. Red slammed the door right in Bruno's face, buying us a few seconds before the buff elite started chasing after us once more. Red started taking off full force, kicking up dirt as he flew by. His eyes were locked straight ahead, he didn't even so much as glance at me. He was in the zone. He had a specific goal in mind and he wasn't going to stop until he accomplished that goal. That look in his eyes was all too familiar...

One day during school, I once again found myself crossing paths with Red. Today though, things were different. Red had this fiery look in his eyes. His fists were clenched, and his back was straight, making him appear to look taller. He looked very serious, which seemed highly abnormal considering his usual open and cheerful personality. Green and Blue stepped back, but I found myself slowly inching closer, my feet padding ever so lightly on the ground. Him and everyone around him were so quiet that my walking was the only sound that was able to be heard.

I came to a stop at his side and I looked up at him. He did not look back at me. It didn't seem like he was even aware that I was beside him. I waved my hands rapidly in front of his face, but he didn't so much as blink. I then tried tapping him, then lightly pushing him, but he was not disturbed. Finally, I spoke up.

"Red? Red!"

He finally snapped out of it, sucking in a breath of air and facing me. "Oh. Sorry, Yellow. I was completely focused..."

"Um...focused on what?" I questioned, looking around to see what could have caught his attention. It was only then that I noticed the piece of paper in his hands.

He held said piece of paper up. "I'm studying for a test coming up after lunch. For math. I really needed to study since I barely remember the material. Uh...sorry for zoning you out. When I have a goal in mind, I can't focus on anything except accomplishing that goal. Some day, I'll make it my goal to become a champion. I'm going to make it for sure."
That dedication of his would help him with many things. Red was able to finish at the top of the class in all his subjects, he excelled in battle, was committed to the high school relationships he got into, and now, he was completely dedicated to protecting me.

My heart was racing. Partially because of the embarrassment of being held in this fashion and partially because all the running was giving me a nervous rush. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. It felt like we'd been running for a while now, yet he had not slowed in the slightest, even with my extra pounds weighing him down. Sweat trickled down his face, but his breathing was regular and his eyes were fixed straight ahead.

I glanced back for a moment to see how Bruno was faring. Unfortunately, the man happened to be much more muscular and had better endurance than even Red, so he was gaining on us.

"Red! He's going to catch us!" I screamed, starting to hyperventilate. I was launched into a panic attack, my mind running wild.

I had a perfect picture in my mind of Bruno catching us, then murdering Red before my eyes. Then, he'd drag me back to Lance's hideout where I'd endure hell once more. Everything suddenly felt hopeless. My faith in Red was starting to drain away. This was the end...

"Stop giving me that look," Red hissed, face pinched up in anger. "Stop making that face! I see that look in your think it's hopeless, don't you? You don't think we're going to make it! Let me ask you something Yellow, do you love me?"

I blushed and awkwardly answered, "Yes. I thought we already established that..."

"Okay," he said with a nod. "If you love me, then do you trust me?"

I paused for a moment. "...I trust you."

"Then trust me now," he whispered. "I'm going to get you out of this. It isn't over until it's over, Yellow. So have some faith. I'm going to find a place where we can hide for a while..."

"We can't hide. There's a tracking device in my arm! I told you this!"

"Just. Trust. Me."

And so I did. I completely hushed up and put my life in his hands. It would be a lie to say that I had ridden myself of all the doubts though. No. My heart still pounded. But being in his presence, bouncing around in his arms, watching him sweat, knowing how much he cared for me, it soothed me in an indescribable way. A piece of advice. If you don't trust your life to the one you love, you don't love them at all. If you're willing to sacrifice yourself for that special someone, and if you have complete trust in them, then I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. And Red wouldn't disappoint me.

Bruno seemed completely in his element, not even breaking a sweat in this dead sprint. But though he may have brawns, he is inferior to Red as far as brains go. So as soon as Red dashed out into the forest and started winding down a complicated path, Bruno started to lag behind, getting entangled in the greenery and even managing to trip on a large tree root.

"Nice one!" I snickered, laughing hysterically.

Never in all of my days of being kidnapped had I seen Bruno fail so badly. He always seemed perfectly composed and he never messed up anything he did. I never expected to see him trip and fall flat on his face like that. And I had Red to thank for that hilarious scene.

He chuckled in return and smiled at me. "It's nice to hear you laugh like that. Your starting to become the normal Yellow again. I haven't heard any swear words in a while, you're smiling, and I noticed all your blushing you adorable little girl."

I couldn't help but blush at his comment. In all the time I'd been kidnapped, I'd only had Lance around to compliment me. Hearing it from him was always very creepy and unsettling, however. To be able to be called adorable by the guy I'd been crushing on forever (who was now my boyfriend) was just pure perfection. I felt so giddy and happy.

In all the romance, I almost forgot our main goal. "You said you had a plan, so where are you taking me?"

Red nodded and his face once more became serious. "There's a small cave I found out here one time, hidden by the trees and leaves, hard to locate. Even with that tracking device of yours, they still might get confused. Once we reach our destination, we're going to need some help to hide out and manage ourselves for a while. I'm going to call Green and Blue."

All the color drained from my face and my stomach flipped. "Um...shouldn't we ask for help from the police instead?"

Red's face contorted into an enraged mess. "The police can't help us. They've been looking for you for years and they haven't even found the slightest lead as to where you were. They can't help us find and take out Lance. They can only be relied on after we've beaten the shit out of the bastard and contained him...Besides, if the police are involved, they'll take you in and ask you a lot of questions. It'll be a mess. And...I won't get to really see you either if the police are privately questioning you."

"I don't think I need that emotional rollercoaster just yet," I whispered. "If they forced me to bring up all those old memories...I'd break down."

"So no police?"

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I shook my head. "No way..."

"Let's hurry to that cave and get some rest then. You look exhausted. There are huge bags under your eyes."

"You don't get much sleep in such an environment," I sighed, shivering vigorously. "When you know someone's watching you. When you know he could do something to you in your sleep. When all the memories of the day come flooding back into your head and you just can't take life anymore..."

"Shhh," Red whispered soothing, squeezing me tighter. "It's okay. I'll protect you. I refuse to let Lance take you away from me. Okay?"

I then involuntarily began to cry. All I could do was scream his name. "Red! Reeeeed!"

~The Fallen~

We were now safely secure inside the cave and I was leaned on Red's shoulder, now done with my episode. The wind blew strongly into the cave and I shivered, my long sleeves not thick enough to offer any warmth. You could almost see our breath as we puffed out.

"I'm sorry about that," I whispered. "I just broke down. I can't help myself."

"It's okay," he responded, beginning to lightly stroke my hair. "I think you needed a good cry. You've endured a lot. I can't even imagine the scars you must bear. You're a real trooper."

"I'm not a trooper at all," I hissed, bringing my knees to my chest and lying my head on them. My ears tingled from the bit of body heat that was offered. "I wanted to badly to die. Commit suicide. I couldn't though, since I was constantly supervised. I prayed almost every night to be taken by death's sweet embrace. I wasn't offered that relief though. If I had even been offered the slightest chance to end it all, I would have."

He was silent for the longest time. I almost thought he fell asleep. I heard him suck in a long, deep breath of air and slowly release it. He grabbed my hand, just holding it for a while. Then, he at least turned to me, tears in his eyes. "I'm so glad you stayed..."

"I am too. Now that I have a reason for living."

"I'll call Green and Blue in the morning," said Red with a yawn. "For now, how about we try and get some sleep? Some real sleep. I'm not going to bed until you do."

"It's too cold for me to fall asleep here," I whined like a little kid. "And the ground is hard."

Red then did a thing I never expected him to do. He grasped my sides and started pulling me on to him. I squealed in protest, unsure of what he was doing. He sat me down on his lap and wrapped his arms tightly around me. He leaned my head back on his shoulders, his breath warm on my neck. My heart was really pounding now. I'd been forced into sitting on Lance's lap before, but the feeling wasn't the same.

His body was warm, his arms seemed very muscular, and I could almost hear his heart beating. Holding me was a man who trully cared about now. He wasn't that pervert. He was my Red. And I was his Yellow. With him holding me like this, sleep was almost automatic.

~The Fallen~

Lance's P.O.V.

"What do you mean you lost them?!" I spat out in a fury, slamming down my fist on the table where I was sitting. "I implanted a tracking device in her! And why would she run off with Red anyway?"

"I really can't find them, sir. My apologies," Bruno sighed, bowing to me. "And as for why she ran off with him, well, he was actually carrying her, seemed that she wanted to go along with him. They did go to the same school. Didn't you say they might have once had...romantic connections?"

Yellow and Red in love. The thought boiled my blood. Why would she possibly cling to him after she had claimed to love me? I'm going to strange that bitch. Her life is going to be a living hell when I capture her. And I'll remind her who her master is. Oh, yes.

"Don't say such things to me! I won't allow Yellow to betray me...why would she? GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, BRUNO!"

"Calm down, youngster," an old voice called out. I turned around, finding Agatha behind me. Appearing from the shadows as usual. "No need to throw a fit. Allow me to handle this. I'll drag her back to you."

"Are you sure you can manage?" I growled. "If Bruno failed, what makes you think you've got what it takes?"

"Such a rude way to be speaking to your elder. I'm much older, and therefore, wiser than all of you. And you know how sneaky I can be. A task like this is a breeze."

"If you're so sure, then I only expect to see positive results..."

Agatha began to chuckle madly as her body seemed to vanish. "I never disappoint."

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