Gilbert grinned at the door, waiting for his little brother to come out. The boy had said he had a surprise for the older, and that he had to wait in the living room. If it had been anyone else, Gilbert would have annoyed them until they told him, but this was Ludwig, he loved his brother more than anything.

"Bruder, close your eyes!" The child called in German from the other side of the door. "Are they closed?"

"Ja, Lutz!" He called back, shutting his eyes with a smirk. He heard his brother move into the room, obviously wearing some kind of cape judging by the dragging sound.

"You can look now, Bruder!" Gilbert's eyes snapped open, and his mouth dropped at what the boy was wearing.

He child was wearing a red cape across his shoulders, on his head was a blue Prussian tricorn hat with a single white feather sticking out of it. He wore a blue coat, the buttonholes adorned with golden thread. Underneath was a black vest, the white collar of the shirt underneath peeking out between the collar of his coat and his neck. A white handkerchief was folded neatly at his throat, tucked neatly into his shirt collar. A pair of tan pants clung to his legs, the ends stuffed as best they could into a pair of black boots. They stretched up to his knees, the heels an inch or so high.

"L-Lutz!" Gilbert grinned at the kid, watching as he drew a sword from his belt.

"Surrender now, to the great Kingdom of Prussia, or I will be forced to conquer your vital regions!" The blonde shouted, surprising and shocking his older brother. "Also, if you refuse, you will have to, um, face the consequences!"

"And what would those consequences be, my little conqueror?" The child flushed, his mind racing to come up with an answer.

"Well, they, they are, um," he stuttered, tensing a little. "You will be confined to your room! For a day and a half, and you will receive no supper or beer!" He lowered the sword to his brothers chest, the tip hovering a mere inch from the albino's heart. "You will be allowed one five minute potty break at midnight. And I will cut off your communications. In short, you will be under siege in your bedroom." The child nodded officially, his brother simply staring at him. Then he burst into laughter, making the younger's eyes widen in shock. "Hold your tongue! You have two options, so pick one!" He hollered.

"So," Gilbert stood, scooping the boy into his arms. "Imitating your awesome older brother, are you?" Ludwig struggled to get out of his brother's arms.

"Let me go! I'm trying to practice so I can be able to take over countries too! I want to help our country as well!" He wailed, tugging on Gilbert's arm.

"Ja, ja, you can do that later." He let loose a yawn, flopping down on the couch. "Now, you should sleep. I'll teach you the proper chant tomorrow."

"Ja, Bruder." Ludwig nestled closer to his brother, asleep with in. Gilbert watched his chest rise and fall with each breath, and the small noises that would most likely lead to snoring. They child murmured in his sleep, something about wurst and pasta.

"Schlaf gut, kleiner Löwe."

Bruder is German for Brother.

Ja is German for Yes.

Schlaf gut, kleiner Löwe is German for Sleep good, little Lion.

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